Paula Bennett takes back taxpayer money from bludgers sneaking off overseas


If you are alive care of the tax payer, you need to let WINZ know if you are going for a trippy-poo overseas.  We take a dim view of you spending a week at Surfers’ on our money while we are slogging our guts out earning the taxes to pay for your lifestyle.   Read more »

If we can’t keep fraudulent students out, what hope do we have of detecting Jihadis among “refugees”?

Fakers to the left of us, fakers to right…we are stuck in the middle.

Would-be students from India are lying on their immigration applications, misrepresenting their financial situation in order to get student visas.

A high number of fraudulent applications have been received at Immigration New Zealand’s India office from people applying for student visas.

Some people were misrepresenting their financial situation in order to get student visas, the office’s November newsletter about the student market said.

Students have to prove they have enough money while studying in order for their visa to be approved.    Read more »

Question for Mr Key: do you trust your security screening more than the USA does its own?

John Key

By the time you read this, the number may have changed, but close to half of the US state governors have come out saying they will not accept any Syrian refugees after the Paris attacks.

The announcements came after authorities revealed that at least one of the suspects believed to be involved in the Paris terrorist attacks entered Europe among the current wave of Syrian refugees. He had falsely identified himself as a Syrian named Ahmad al Muhammad and was allowed to enter Greece in early October.

In announcing that his state would not accept any Syrian refugees, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted Monday on his personal account, “I demand the U.S. act similarly,” he said. “Security comes first.”

“American humanitarian compassion could be exploited to expose Americans to similar deadly danger,” referring to Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris. Read more »


Why is Labour supporting 16 rapists, 34 pedophiles, 22 murderers, 64 druggies…and a partridge in a pear tree?

You really have to wonder at the complete stupidity of Kelvin Davis and Andrew Little in advocating on behalf of 16 rapists, 34 pedophiles, 22 murderers, 64 druggies, 83 robbers, and 241 scumbags convicted of violence offences.

Of the 585 ‘Kiwi’ criminals awaiting extradition 367 have previously spent a year or more in jail for violent offences including rape, sex offences against children, murder and assault. There are 83 crims who were convicted for robbery, breaking and entering and theft, of such a serious nature that they too ended up in prison for more than a year.

The rest are non-violent offences which are unspecified. Just 80 out of the 585, but they too have spent more than  a year in prison.

John Key was absolutely categorically right about his claims that Labour are cuddling up to rapists and other assorted violent offenders.

Prime Minister John Key says he did not go too far by accusing the Labour Party of supporting rapists, child molesters and murderers.

MPs on both sides of the House took offence at Mr Key’s outburst in the House yesterday, which came during questioning on Christmas Island detainees. Opposition MPs said many New Zealanders had been detained for petty crimes, and some had not been charged with any crimes at all.    Read more »

Problem solved: Xmas Island rioters will now stay in Australia

It seems they prefer to be in an Australian prison as opposed to living a free life in New Zealand.

Detainees who took part in a riot at the Christmas Island immigration detention centre face criminal charges after causing more than $1 million worth of damage.

The unrest was sparked after a small group of Iranian detainees staged a protest over the death of escapee Fazel Chegeni Najad, an Iranian Kurdish man, on Sunday.

Riot police stormed the centre yesterday after others joined the unrest, setting small fires around the complex, building barricades and threatening to use weapons.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said five detainees sustained minor lacerations and injuries in the scuffles, and confirmed tear gas was used.

Mr Dutton emphasised that the vast majority of detainees were “hardened” criminals including rapists and murderers, adding a significant number of them were from New Zealand.

He said those who damaged commonwealth property would be prosecuted once identified.

That could also include any asylum seekers who took part and potentially harm their chances of being grated visas. Read more »

Message to Labour: “grow up you pathetic losers!”


Whaleoil stalwart George lets go

What a woefully pathetic opposition this country has.

When their crim-hugging member builds a bonfire with damp wood they weren’t expecting JK to throw petrol on it and light the match.

We have had to listen to their rhetoric about poor crims whose only crime was a parking ticket or a little mischievous shop lifting. What absolute dribble. You were told in no uncertain terms by JK the truth of the matter. Your response was offensive outrage and a cowardly exit from the house.

I will tell you what is offensive. Read more »

Where does the Media Party sit on the Christmas Island issue?

Yesterday, late afternoon and evening, I lifted all the relative headlines from the major news outlets to have a bit of a compare.   I didn’t cherry pick.




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Comment of the Day

Commenter Ghost says:

These same people seem to be missing the point as well, a newspaper this morning has one on the front cover saying they feel abandoned by New Zealand. These are the same people that left New Zealand for another country, to live, work (well some of them) pay taxes, create a new life… apart from New Zealand. And now we are expected to protect them from their own stupidity?

He raises a good point, one that Kelvin Davis, the Media Party and other opposition politicians fail to grasp.

The people on Christmas Island who happen to be Kiwis are the same ones who are appealing their deportation to New Zealand on the basis they have no ties here, no family, and are for all intents and purposes Australians.

They left New Zealand, abandoned the country – for want of a better term – for a better life.   Read more »

Does New Zealand need to introduce a Values Contract?


ACT’s Free Press moots:

The New Zealand Values Statement
Several weeks ago Free Press argued that New Zealand should require new immigrants to sign a New Zealand Values Statement modelled on the Australian Values Statement.  We noted that people want to come to New Zealand precisely because we have an open, liberal, tolerant society, and it’s not much to expect people who want citizenship to sign up to these values. Read more »

Cry Baby of the Week


Some people really need to learn to shut their gobs instead of running off to the Media Party and crying a river of tears about their self-inflicted predicament.

A family ripped apart after a relative was deported from New Zealand says Australia is not the only country treating people inhumanely.

South African-born accountant Gavin Jardine was kicked out of the country in September after serving more than three years in prison for stealing $380,000 from his employer.

A New Zealand resident since May 2008, Jardine appealed his deportation on the grounds his wife and children, who were oblivious to his offending, were settled in the country.

But his appeal was dismissed by the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, who said the Jardine family’s circumstances were “not exceptional” and they could keep in touch through the phone and internet.

Kiwis being sent home after committing crimes in Australia have been making headlines, but scores of people are kicked out of New Zealand as well each year.

Figures provided under the Official Information Act show that 447 people from 54 different countries were deported after committing a crime between 2010 and August this year.

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