Revolutionary new ACT refugee policy claimed by Winston

Winston Peters is a bit upset…he says Act has stolen his immigration policy:

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not for New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, who has accused ACT of stealing its policy on refugees.

The Government on Monday announced it would increase the refugee quota from 750 to 1000 from 2018.

It’s been labelled “miserly”, “disappointing” and “less than the bare minimum” by all sides of the political spectrum to address the refugee crisis, which is the worst since World War II.

It also lead ACT Party leader David Seymour to suggest those refugees should sign a statement of commitment to New Zealand’s values, much like Australia and Belgium do.

But hold on, Mr Peters says. That’s been New Zealand First’s policy for years.   Read more »

Orlando terrorist’s dad turns out to be politically active himself


Seddique Mateen

The Afghan-born father of Omar Mateen, the man police identified as the gunman who killed 50 people at a packed gay nightclub in Florida, is a fringe political commentator who rails against Pakistan and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

Seddique Mateen, who public records indicate is the father of Omar Mateen, had an occasional television show on a US-based Afghan satellite channel for about three years, and has continued to post political commentaries on his Facebook page as recently as Sunday (local time).

Omar Khatab, the owner of the California-based satellite channel Payam-e-Afghan, said in an interview that Seddique Mateen occasionally bought time on his channel to broadcast a show called Durand Jirga, which focused in part on the disputed Durand Line, the frontier between Afghanistan and Pakistan demarcated by the Indian subcontinent’s former British rulers.

That puts his earlier comments about his son’s actions in a whole new context.  Read more »

Hey, Duncan, Read this before you open your gob about Kiwi jobs again

Duncan Garner gobbed off that filthy foreigners were taking Kiwi jobs.

He should read a bit more widely.

A challenge caused by the industry’s expansion is the need for more infrastructure — more coolstores at ports, more transport and more reliable workers.

With more kiwifruit coming in the next few years, McBride says the industry, like the apple and wine industries, have come to rely heavily reliant on the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme under which workers from overseas – in particular the Pacific islands – harvest and package the crop. The industry could not grow without these workers.

“We also work with WINZ to help NZ folk find employment in our industry, but this is challenging because so many of the people we get are unreliable. One orchard I manage employed 72 people through WINZ, but only three made it,” he says. “A lot of plant and fuel got stolen. We tried really hard but… these people don’t really want to work.”

Read more »

Garner has no idea: Kiwis won’t accept the same working conditions

The people who come to work here are already displaced from their homes, whereas someone who lives in Auckland is hardly going to say yes to a job that has them sharing a house with 18 other workers at the back of a winery while working for minimum wage and being in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do during the weekend.

So no, Duncan, they aren’t displacing New Zealand workers.

And now Little’s point about foreign workers taking Kiwi jobs rings true.

With 38,800 foreigners coming in on work visas over the last year, surely some of them are displacing New Zealanders who could do the job. Are we really that desperate for foreign workers?

Tens of thousands of New Zealanders remain out of work – yet there are jobs in rest homes, on farms and in orchards that we simply refuse to do or aren’t being hired to do?

Is it because we won’t work 18 days straight? Is it because we won’t work for the minimum wage?

All of those things. Mind you I have worked more than 18 days straight…when was the last time you did that Duncan.  Read more »

Growing economy means we must accept misogynist immigrants, suggests Woodhouse

Michael Woodhouse (by Simon Wong)

Don’t like immigration?  Then get off your arse, move to where the work is, and take the jobs on offer… or risk having people come live next to you that will not appreciate your wife and daughter running around in shorts and a T-shirt.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse says despite record immigration, there are fewer people gaining permanent residency than when Winston Peters was Foreign Minister a decade ago.

Mr Peters, a longtime critic of immigration, wants immigration cut to between 7,000 and 15,000. The past 12 months has seen a net migration gain of 68,100 — the highest on record, with 124,700 arrivals and 56,000 departures.

Labour leader Andrew Little has called for a reduction in the number of work visas, which accounted for just under a third of all arrivals, saying they’re taking jobs away from Kiwis.

Mr Woodhouse says it’s not as simple as Mr Little makes out. Read more »

61 out of the 66,000 immigrants have agreed to live outside of Auckland

But hey that’s a five fold increase we are told. Still 61 out of 66,000 is bugger all.

It appears Winston Peters is right, immigration is fuelling our housing shortage and no one, except 61 people wants to live anywhere else other than Auckland.

A government policy to encourage immigrants to settle in the regions has led to a 45 percent increase in skilled workers being approved for residence visas outside Auckland.

The number of business people applying for visas to set up companies in the regions has also gone up, from five to 62.

But the number of people successfully applying for skilled migrant visas to work in Auckland has also increased.

Prime Minister John Key announced last July the government would triple bonus points for immigrants with a job offer in the regions, on the condition they stay there for at least a year.   Read more »


Winston Peters is having an awesome week, now he is getting stuck into Muslim immigrants

Winston Peters must really be loving this week.

To round off a fantastic week where the Greens made Labour completely toxic and his party are the main beneficiaries he has launched into Muslim immigrants.

Muslim countries “treat their women like cattle”, says NZ First leader Winston Peters, who is calling for every migrant to New Zealand to be formally interviewed on entry.

He made the comments on current affairs show Q+A, also calling for immigration numbers to be cut to between 7000 and 15,000 a year.

Peters said it was not race-based.

Of course it isn’t race based, Islam isn’t a race.

“They could come from anywhere in the world, as they have, and some have been brilliant people who have come into this country as both refugees and immigrants.

“But here’s what we want. We want them to salute our flag, respect our laws, honour our institutions and, above all, don’t bring absolutely anti-women attitudes with them, treating women like cattle, like fourth-class citizens.”

Women in New Zealand needed to “wake up to what’s going on”.   Read more »

Will the left’s collective heads explode with what the Dalai Lama just said?

It appears that the Dalai Lama is channelling Donald Trump with his comments over illegal immigration to Europe.

James Delingpole writes:

How brave, wonderful and brilliant of the Dalai Lama to have admitted in a newspaper interview that Europe has too many refugees.

It’s even better, almost, than the Queen emerging as a closet Brexit fan.

If Donald Trump had said something like that (as of course he does all the time) half the world would have dismissed him as a malevolent, heartless, rabble-rousing troll.

But it’s much harder to do that with the Dalai Lama. The thing he’s famous for more than anything is really, really caring about stuff – the world’s poor and oppressed especially.

If you were to ask Benedict Cumberbatch or Juliet Stevenson or Kate Moss’s nearly-father-in-law Richard Curtis  or any of the other numerous members of the Wankerati who want to welcome more refugees into Europe what they thought of the Dalai Lama I can guarantee they’d have nothing but kind words to say.   Read more »

Then comes the third stage, the issue of beating

As part of our general attempts to look into Islam in a way that it can be accepted and integrated into New Zealand life, I offer the following for further study.

As you can see, if we, as a country, allow people who hold these kinds of values to come to live here, how do we expect there to be a peaceful integration?

Our politicians must be made aware that unrestrained and unfiltered immigration of Muslims who share these values should not be allowed; they should not be able to reside in our country.


– Pete


Winston goes for the non-Asian youth vote – no, really

The quality of life in New Zealand is being eroded and young Kiwis are the ones bearing much of the brunt.

Inequality exacerbated by the inexorable rise of house prices, especially in Auckland, is continuing to grow.

The dream of every young New Zealander – home ownership and a decent job – is becoming more and more elusive and difficult.

Many are scratching by in casual and part-time jobs when full-time jobs are what they need.

They are locked in a competition for both jobs and housing – not just against fellow Kiwis – but also against recently arrived immigrants.

Immigration is running at 100 year highs fuelling a house market that is already over-heated by foreign investors and a pitiful response by the government to supply.

A quarter of a million people are coming in on visas each year eager to secure a job. With migrants, many are heavily in debt and desperate for money.

They will accept any work conditions here knowing that back in their home countries loan sharks are holding their families over the barrel. Read more »