I bet Tony Abbott is pissed off he didn’t think of this

Tony Abbott is going to be seriously annoyed with David Cameron.

Cameron has come up with a really good idea for dealing with illegal immigrants.

Foreign workers will have their wages seized by police and face deportation without appeal if they are in the UK illegally, David Cameron will announce today as part of a “radical” crackdown on immigration.

The Prime Minister will vow to make the UK a “less attractive place to come and work” by using next week’s Queen’s Speech to announce a series of laws to “root out illegal immigrants and bolster deportations”.

Mr Cameron will also unveil plans to make it a criminal offence for businesses to recruit abroad without advertising in the UK first.

He will give councils powers to evict migrants and force all banks to check bank accounts against databases of people who could be in the country illegally.

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Mayor to Woodhouse – no point forcing immigrants into regions

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said yesterday he was considering changing the immigration scheme to give extra points to those willing to settle outside Auckland.

He said the changes could be in place in the next few months.

The Otorohanga District suffered a major blow this week with the announcement that more than 130 jobs were to be cut at Waikeria Prison.

The mayor, Max Baxter, said it was sad news for the area so any help to bring in jobs and investment was welcome.

But he said simply sending immigrants to his area would not sustain the local economy.

“There have to be incentives for business to come to the regions. As soon as you’ve got business in the regions, then you’ve got the opportunity for people to move out of the main centres,” he said. Read more »

Labour: National is stealing our immigration policy

The Government is set to give skilled migrants, investors and those planning to bring businesses to New Zealand extra points if they settle outside of Auckland.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse told The Nation it could happen within months.

Labour says it’s a good idea, but the Government is lacking a regional development plan to support it.

Skilled migrants and those applying to live in New Zealand under entrepreneur visas already gain 10 points in the immigration points system if they say they intend to settle outside of Auckland. That could soon get a boost.

“Those entrepreneurs, those innovators who could make a contribution to regional development, it is possible for us to bump up the points settings to incentivise that,” says Mr Woodhouse.

Immigration researcher Paul Spoonley says too many skilled migrants go to Auckland and incentives are about more than just points. Read more »

Labour repeats policy idea from last year and touts it as new policy

The Labour party clearly don’t understand that there is something called Google…which enables people to search the internet for things.

Like announcements made last year which are the same as the announcements made this year.

This is what they had to say in June 2014:

The Labour Party says if elected to government it will entice immigrants away from Auckland by increasing incentives for them to accept jobs or establish businesses in regional New Zealand.

Labour also says it will manage inward migration to reduce peaks and troughs in net migration, thereby taking pressure off an overheating housing market.

The party’s immigration policy was released by immigration spokesman Trevor Mallard on Saturday morning. Here’s the full policy document and Mallard’s statement here.

“Around half of permanent arrivals to New Zealand move to the Auckland region. If our policies were based on the development of some of our most promising regions this could be a trigger for attracting some migrants to these centres,” the policy statement says.

“This approach holds greater promise if a particular industry or types of industries were clustered in a region for the recruitment of highly skilled migrants and businesses specifically for that region. In this way immigration can be a critical input into regional development and a brake on growing our cities even bigger.”

Labour says over time new industries could be located in provincial centres, and existing industries there could be supported by smarter immigration and investment policies.

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Want a zero percent morgtage? How about converting to Islam?

Whaleoil has been beating the “beware Islam” drum for some years now.  Well before ISIS/ISIL/IS, Islamic terrorism, Islamic “lone wolves” and all the other drama.

My point is, and has been, that Islam is going to change our society.  And the more people that follow the Islam doctrine are allowed to live here, the more we will have to adjust our own society to suit their needs.

I’m fully aware we’ve been seen as foaming at the mouth, “racist” (Islam is not a race people), xenophobic (Islam is not a country people), and just generally vile.

But all I have done is show what has happened overseas.  And if you don’t want what happens there to happen here, we have limited time left to do something about it.

And perhaps it is already too late…

Auckland woman Sara Jawadi is lobbying banks to provide an interest-free home loan product for Muslim customers, Radio New Zealand reported on Thursday.

Paying or receiving interest on loans is forbidden in Islam, although interpretations vary.

28-year-old Jawadi, who moved to New Zealand 11 years ago, said many Kiwi Muslims had to choose between their religion and financial stability.

“I’m not going back to Iraq anytime soon, and I want to create some sort of stability for my family,” she told Radio NZ.

“With rent, you’re not guaranteed that you can stay in that place for too long … we’re sort of trying our best to find an alternative.” Read more »

Did you come live in NZ recently? You could be “absolute crap”

Northland MP Winston Peters says the Government is allowing “absolute crap” to settle in New Zealand, a day after Statistic New Zealand announced immigration figures are at a record high.

New Zealand had a net gain of 56,275 migrants in the year to March, 75 percent up on the previous 12 months and a whopping 2250 percent on the year before that.

The gain is being driven not just by an increased number of people moving to New Zealand, but 13 percent fewer leaving. It’s expected annual net migration will surpass 60,000 by the end of the year if nothing is changed.

It’s somewhat odd that now we have solved the problem of people running away for greener pastures, we don’t have enough green pastures to go around at home.   Read more »

Daniel Hannan: Follow Australia and ignore ‘Mrs Lovejoys’ on immigration

Daniel Hannan has spoken out on immigration and called for Europe to deal with illegal migrants in the same way Australia does.

A prominent British politician has urged European leaders to ignore the self-righteous “Mrs Lovejoys” who decry tough border protection policies and instead adopt Australia’s turn-back-the-boats policy.

The Simpsons character Helen Lovejoy, the wife of a reverend, is famous for her catchphrase: “Won’t somebody please think of the children?”

Rather than writing social media posts expressing compassion for migrants attempting to reach Europe by boat, Conservative politician Daniel Hannan says Europeans should learn from countries like Australia.   Read more »

Katie Hopkins upsets the luvvies with her hard hitting immigration column

I love Katie Hopkins, she has my type of brutality when it comes to confronting difficult topics of discussion.

Right now the United Kingdom is under siege from illegal immigrants…she confront this…by suggesting gunships not rescue boats would be a better idea…and describing illegal migrants as cockroaches.

No, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad.

I still don’t care.

Because in the next minute you’ll show me pictures of aggressive young men at Calais, spreading like norovirus on a cruise ship.

Watching them try to clamber on to British lorries and steal their way into the UK, do I feel pity? Only for the British drivers, who get hit with a fine every time one of this plague of feral humans ends up in their truck.

Understand this, these two populations are the same. The migrants harassing Brit truckers at the port are the same as the vagrants making the perilous trip across the Med.

And there is no stopping them. 170,000 came last year.

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Is her citizenship being cancelled?

Some people are just scumbags.

They way they treat workers is appalling.

A woman who illegally hired foreign sex workers to work at an Auckland massage parlour has been jailed.

in the Auckland District Court on Tuesday, Naengnoi Sriphet, a joint citizen of Thailand and New Zealand, jailed for 27 months after being found guilty of five offences under the Immigration Act relating to providing false or misleading visa information.

An investigation by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) found Sriphet brought two women from Thailand to work for her in Auckland.

According to their visas, they worked as “massage therapists”.

However the court found she encouraged and facilitated at least one of the women to work as a prostitute.    Read more »

Rock stars we are

The New Zealand economy is still a rock star, according to Paul Bloxham, the man who originally coined the phrase.

In a New Zealand economics comment, Mr Bloxham, the chief economist for HSBC Bank Australia, said despite lower dairy prices and lower growth in its major trading partners, New Zealand’s economy continued to be supported by a construction boom and the story had further to run.

As a result, interest rates were at high levels when compared with the rest of the developed world and the currency was high.

The New Zealand dollar was nearing parity against the Australian dollar for the first time in 42 years. Some early signs of domestic price pressures picking up suggested the New Zealand Reserve Bank was unlikely to cut rates this year, in contrast to current market pricing, he said.

Mr Bloxham said there were a range of indicators showing the New Zealand economy was still booming.

The broadest economic indicator of gross domestic product, or GDP, showed growth was broad based across industries with 15 of 16 sectors showing expansion over 2014. Overall GDP was running at a well above annual trend of 3.5%. The more timely indicators confirmed the strength had continued into 2015. Read more »