Machiavellian Fatwa against KFC

The fatwa that has been issued against KFC in India is Machiavellian in its intent. All KFC has to do to address the halal issues raised in the fatwa is to discriminate against its employees by firing all non-Muslim staff and replacing them with Muslims.

A Fatwa has been issued against KFC by a dargah in Bareilly as it says that the non-vegetarian items sold there was not halal.

It is compulsory for Muslims to eat only halal and the food which is not halaal is not fit for consumption as it is considered food obtained via sinful means.

The Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat has lashed out against the KFC outlet based in Bareilly and said that many in India are not following the Islamic tenets while serving the food.

As per The Indian Express, the Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat also had issues with the way the food was being processed at KFC. It said that if the meat is even processed ‘away from the eyes of Muslims’ then it is also haram!

He further said that if the meat is not prepared by a Muslim then also it makes it unfit for Muslim consumption.

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Winston blames National for the next wave of Indian overstayers

Winston Peters has never met a foreigner he likes, or one he’d not insult.

Thousands of Indian students are likely to go into hiding rather than return home, Winston Peters is warning.

The NZ First leader says the government’s 2013 decision to allow foreign students to work led to many of them taking out huge loans in their home countries, with repayments depending on wages earned in New Zealand.

“They can’t return home to repay loans and will go underground, providing more cheap black market labour for unscrupulous employers who are already exploiting foreign students,” he said on Friday.

“The Government created this human disaster in their rush to boost the international student industry.”    Read more »

Maori should adopt this idea quick smart

Bathing in the holy waters of the Ganges.

Bathing in the holy waters of the Ganges.

Maybe this is why Maori are making a play to control water?

The Indian government believes it has found a new revenue source: It will bottle and sell water from the holy, and filthy, Ganges River online.

For years the government has been racking its brains to save the national post office given email, mobile phones and courier services have almost killed letter delivery revenues.

The plan is to sell water from the holy river through a government portal to Hindus who can have a bottle of Gangajal (Hindus call the Ganges “Ganga” and “jal” is water) delivered to their homes by the postman.   Read more »


The Genocide of the Hindus, a story you haven’t heard about

I know very little about Pakistan. I recently learned during my visit to New Zealand’s largest mosque that many Ahmadiyya Muslims have been killed there and their worldly goods stolen without repercussions but other than that I knew nothing about the country.

Pakistan was carved out of India to create a Muslim country. In 1971, Muslims murdered 2.4 million Hindus and raped 200,000 Hindu women but in the West very few of us know about this attempted genocide.So why is it that we are so ignorant of these historical facts?

…The Israeli’s and Hindus are the largest victims of perpetual Islamic invasions and violence lasting for more than 1,000 years. Muhammad Ali Jinna, a member of the Indian National Congress and later of the All-India Muslim League (a Khilafat movement that also germinated the Palestine conflict), demanded a two-state partition, creating the Lahore Resolution, which formed the separate creation of Pakistan.

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While Little boasts about visiting Iraq, Key works on more trade with India




President Shri Pranab Mukherjee of India has arrived in New Zealand for a three-day visit […]

Mr Key has said the visit would be a good opportunity to continue to talk trade.

In 2011 Mr Key launched the NZ Inc India Strategy, a plan for India to become a core trade, economic and political partner for New Zealand. Read more »

No rest for “Working for New Zealand” Key as he preps for FTA talks with India


The left mocked National’s slogan during the election.  Yet it has turned out to be the most accurate and delivered-on political promise in recent history.

Pushing a Free Trade Agreement will be top of the agenda when the Indian President makes his first trip to New Zealand this weekend.

Shri Pranab Mukherjee and his delegation will arrive in Auckland on Saturday for a number of events, including talks with Prime Minister John Key.

Mr Key says the visit will be a good opportunity to continue to talk trade and to “discuss where we’re going”.

“India has demographics very similar to China,” he says. Read more »


Now this is a gang that I can support

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.47.37 PM

The 400,000 member strong Gulabi Gang or Pink Sari Gang — the all-female grassroots group that fights for women’s rights and against corruption in India — was founded by a woman who was denied the right to go to school as a child. 53-year-old Sampat Pal started the organization, which is named for their official pink sari uniform, to use the mass power of women to force action on violence against women and children — crime that is often ignored by law enforcement and local officials. At one recent protest, where a large group of Gulabi Gang members appeared to support a women who had been abused and abandoned by her in-laws, Pal proudly announced: “ Look at the strength of my ladies — they have come from everywhere.”

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Introducing the new multicultural toilet

What do you do when toilet training fails? When my children were slow to learn, I put them in pull ups, which are a wonderful in-between option between big boy pants and disposable nappies.



If I hadn’t trained them they would have gone on the floor, the grass outside or in their beds at night. Toilet training is a pretty standard part of our Western culture. The design of our toilets has always been pretty standard too. Apart from the occasional building that has a bidet, we westerners have stuck with a simple and comfortable flush toilet like this one.

download (1)

Western countries up until now have never thought to change their toilets to suit the different customs of people from other countries. Instead, people from other countries have been expected to learn how to use our western toilets and up until now they all have. This has changed in Germany where they have been forced to design a multicultural toilet, not because they are wanting to be tolerant, but because toilet cleaners are refusing to clean toilets used by the refugees who appear incapable of following even simple pictorial instructions. Are they really that stupid or are they refusing to conform to western standards?

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India gives Greenpeace the arse card


It looks like India is sick of the charlatans from Greenpeace, they have yanked their charitable status forcing the eco-terrorists from India.

Greenpeace says its charitable registration to operate in India has been revoked.

The environmental campaign group says that the decision effectively shuts it down in India.

The government of Narendra Modi has previously accused Greenpeace of flouting tax laws and having an anti-development agenda.

The pressure group has been working in India for 14 years and employs more than 300 people.   Read more »

After beef to India is Labour’s next big thing going to be pork to Iran?


Andrew Little is showing almost daily what a complete tool he is.

His latest brain fart is to suggest that we ignore the US for beef exports and instead send our beef to India…you know where cows are sacred.

Mr Little has suggested trade negotiators and exporters of dairy and beef products should turn away from the TPP region and instead focus on India and Indonesia.

It appears the pretender to the prime ministership is unaware New Zealand already has an FTA with Indonesia as part of the historic Asean-CER deal, launched by Helen Clark in 2004 and completed by Mr Groser in 2009. As a result, bone-in meat is already tariff free and boneless cuts will become tariff free in 2020.  For dairy, almost all tariffs are now below 5% and falling.  Tariffs on wholemilk powder, butter and cheese are zero.

Maybe Mr Little thinks a Labour trade minister would have done better but, even were that so, it’s hardly an argument not to take what the TPP has put on the table.   Read more »