Introducing the new multicultural toilet

What do you do when toilet training fails? When my children were slow to learn, I put them in pull ups, which are a wonderful in-between option between big boy pants and disposable nappies.



If I hadn’t trained them they would have gone on the floor, the grass outside or in their beds at night. Toilet training is a pretty standard part of our Western culture. The design of our toilets has always been pretty standard too. Apart from the occasional building that has a bidet, we westerners have stuck with a simple and comfortable flush toilet like this one.

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Western countries up until now have never thought to change their toilets to suit the different customs of people from other countries. Instead, people from other countries have been expected to learn how to use our western toilets and up until now they all have. This has changed in Germany where they have been forced to design a multicultural toilet, not because they are wanting to be tolerant, but because toilet cleaners are refusing to clean toilets used by the refugees who appear incapable of following even simple pictorial instructions. Are they really that stupid or are they refusing to conform to western standards?

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India gives Greenpeace the arse card


It looks like India is sick of the charlatans from Greenpeace, they have yanked their charitable status forcing the eco-terrorists from India.

Greenpeace says its charitable registration to operate in India has been revoked.

The environmental campaign group says that the decision effectively shuts it down in India.

The government of Narendra Modi has previously accused Greenpeace of flouting tax laws and having an anti-development agenda.

The pressure group has been working in India for 14 years and employs more than 300 people.   Read more »

After beef to India is Labour’s next big thing going to be pork to Iran?


Andrew Little is showing almost daily what a complete tool he is.

His latest brain fart is to suggest that we ignore the US for beef exports and instead send our beef to India…you know where cows are sacred.

Mr Little has suggested trade negotiators and exporters of dairy and beef products should turn away from the TPP region and instead focus on India and Indonesia.

It appears the pretender to the prime ministership is unaware New Zealand already has an FTA with Indonesia as part of the historic Asean-CER deal, launched by Helen Clark in 2004 and completed by Mr Groser in 2009. As a result, bone-in meat is already tariff free and boneless cuts will become tariff free in 2020.  For dairy, almost all tariffs are now below 5% and falling.  Tariffs on wholemilk powder, butter and cheese are zero.

Maybe Mr Little thinks a Labour trade minister would have done better but, even were that so, it’s hardly an argument not to take what the TPP has put on the table.   Read more »

A tragedy? Sure. But I can’t help feel he dodged a bullet at the last minute


Still has some bugs to work out then

Normally losing your brand spanking new wife to suicide would be a tragedy, but I think this guy won the lottery

A newlywed wife whose husband complained she spent too much time on social media hanged herself after he confiscated her phone.

The woman, identified only as a 20-year-old named Aparna from the Kerala region, became upset following a row with her husband about her constant use of Facebook and WhatsApp. Read more »


It’s plain Greed. And the stupid pay their stupid tax

People who have $275k to invest in the first place are plainly not stupid.  But they are greedy.

Greedy enough to believe in the Indian Tooth Fairy.

An Auckland businessman has gone to police after paying $275,000 to a witch doctor on a temporary visa who skipped the country hours after receiving the cash.

It appears all the other astrologers offering to rid New Zealanders of black magic are also on the run.

The astrologer businessman Amir Ahmadian visited to get investment advice in Papatoetoe has vanished, gone without a trace back to India, with $275,000 of his money.

“They say you are going to get $22 million, which we do for you as an investment, within seven days,” says Mr Ahmadian.

He is one of hundreds of Kiwis sucked in by the influx of “witch doctors”. Promised prayers by 100 gurus in India, he handed over the $275,000 expecting a hefty return on investment.   Read more »


Dried frogs, holy water and a bat – is Michelle Boag back from holiday then?

Some people pack amazing things in their luggage.

Dried frogs, holy water and a bat are among a range of unusual items intercepted at New Zealand airports and ports.

Recent figures from show 176,700 visitors arrived in New Zealand in May, an increase of 10 per cent on May 2014.

Ministry for Primary Industries staff intercepted 6733 items of biosecurity interest from passengers during May. Of these, 5803 were declared.

Some of the notable interceptions included dried frogs declared as food, some undeclared fruit fly-infested chillies, a tiger tooth and a vesper bat which was intercepted in a sea container at the Tauranga port.

Staff also intercepted plant cuttings, a bulb, a tuber and seeds after a bio-security dog sniffed out the plants near a man’s groin.   Read more »


Face of the day

Lekha Namboothiri

Lekha Namboothiri a Hindu, donated her kidney for free to a Muslim Man too poor to pay for it and was rewarded with abuse.

Have you ever heard of an organ donor being abused by the recipient? Unfortunately today’s face of the day Lekha Namboothiri had exactly that happen to her. She gave selflessly and did not care what religion the recipient was. Lekha is Hindu and the recipient of her kidney was Muslim. Unfortunately he considered a Hindu kidney to be ‘haram’ even though by taking her kidney his life was saved. Considering his disgusting treatment of her since his life saving operation I think he should give it back and then hurry up and die. What do you all think?

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UPDATED: Face of the day


Asha* and her daughter in the garden in southern India. She is determined not to give in. ARUN JANARDHAN/Indian Express

Today’s face of the day Asha* cannot show her face. She has no status in Indian society without a husband and like another case from 2008 she has been told to marry her rapist under the misogynistic, Islamic law of Sharia. * UPDATE: I assumed this, I cannot confirm that this case was tried under Islamic law like the other case mentioned in the article.


Three words, no rape victim ever wants to hear, have thrown a young woman in a remote part of India into turmoil.

Having tried to put the rape of 2008 behind her and to get on with raising the little girl born nine months later, 21-year-old Asha* has been troubled by memories and disturbed by the judge’s shocking suggestion: marry your rapist.

“When the judge took his pen and wrote this, did he think even once of my plight?”, she asked an Indian Express journalist in a video interview in the garden of her one-room home.

The judge in question, Justice P Devadas of the Madras High Court, has been hearing the bail appeal of V Mohan, the man convicted of raping Asha. On June 23 he agreed to the bail request on condition that Mohan try “mediation” with Asha. Mediation in a rape case is aimed at marriage.

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So tell me again why we should care about climate change?

New Zealand produces 0.2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions…just two tenths of a single percent. Compared tot he United States (15.6%) and China (22.7%), the European Union (10.9%) our emissions are tiny.

The United Kingdom only produces 1.4% of the worlds emissions.

India though produces 5.7% of the world’s emissions….and they have told the rest of the world that they have no intention of doing anything at all about emissions.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has indicated that he will not submit to Western pressure on cutting CO2 emissions.

In the lengthy run up to the international climate conference (‘COP21’) in Paris later this year, Modi’s comments will be sure to cause consternation amongst climate campaigners. Indeed, since his investiture last May last year, the Guardian has expressed concern that he might be (gasp!) a climate sceptic.

As the third largest CO2 emitter behind China (1st) and the U.S. (2nd), climate negotiators are keen to secure some kind of meaningful agreement to reductions from India at the Paris negotiations. However, Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has pursued a development agenda that is at odds with Western hand-wringing. The BJP has opened upthe nation’s coal mining industry in a bid to meet domestic demand. It has also taken onenvironmentalist groups such as Greenpeace, regarding the latter as inimically hostile to India’s economic success.   Read more »

That’d put a stop to it for a while

The Indian Police have a unique way in dealing with illegal loggers…they shoot them.

The Indian police and forestry officials on Tuesday fatally shot 20 loggers whom they suspected of illegally cutting down endangered red sandalwood trees, whose wood can be sold in China and Japan for hundreds of thousands of dollars a ton.

Government officials offered varying explanations of the killings, which were condemned by activists and political figures as an excessive use of force.

Excessive use of force? Oh come on they had axes.

A police official said that a team of law enforcement officers had intercepted “a large group of smugglers” and demanded that they surrender, and that the loggers had “retaliated with firearms and axes,” wounding six officers. The police then opened fire with rifles, killing nine people in one location and 11 in another, said R. P. Thakur, the senior police commander in the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh.  Read more »