Crusher needs to lift her game

 Print Email Facebook Twitter More Indonesian minister who revels in destruction of illegal fishing boats creates job surge for small-scale fishers Pacific Beat By Jemima Garrett Updated Mon at 9:35pm Illegal fishing boats destroyed by Indonesia PHOTO: Thirty-eight illegal foreign fishing boats seized by Indonesia were blown up by the navy in August. (AFP: Rudi Hartono)

PHOTO: Thirty-eight illegal foreign fishing boats seized by Indonesia were blown up by the navy in August. (AFP: Rudi Hartono)

Now that Judith Collins has returned to Police and Corrections Minister I think she is going to have to lift her game.

She has some serious competition from an Indonesian minister.

A penchant for dynamiting illegal fishing vessels has made flamboyant Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti Indonesia’s most popular, and restored tens of thousands of jobs to small-scale fishing along the way.

When she was appointed to President Joko Widodo’s cabinet 14 months ago, commentators thought Ms Pudjiastuti and her illegal fishing crackdown would not last.

In Bali last week, she told delegates from 40 nations attending Pacific fisheries negotiations that depletion of Indonesia’s fisheries were so bad that businesses worth $4 billion had closed down.

Between 2003 and 2013, the number of households earning their primary income from fishing dropped by half to 800,000.
“Shrimps and fish in small villages decreased every single year until one day everything stopped,” Ms Pudjiastati said.   Read more »

And the TPPA just got bigger

Andrew Little was demanding the government sell beef to Hindus and that we look at a FTA with Indonesia when we already have one.

Well, his wish sort of came true. Indonesia has told the US it wants in to the TPPA as well.

Indonesia’s president says his country will join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal, but cuts short his US visit to deal with Indonesia’s worsening haze situation.

Joko Widodo made the comments to US President Obama at the White House.

Indonesia, south-east Asia’s largest economy with a population of 250 million, will join 12 countries in the world’s largest free trade area.   Read more »

Anthony de Malmanche chooses the devil he knows over a possible death sentence

He must have had the word that his hosts won’t react well to an appeal, and he is to consider his current sentence favourable.

As cock tax goes, that one has to be a record breaker – he never even got to have sex with the woman once.

A Kiwi jailed for 15 years in Bali after being convicted of smuggling methamphetamine into the country for his online girlfriend will not appeal.

Antony de Malmanche, from Whanganui, was arrested on December 1 last year after he was caught with 1.7kg of methamphetamine in his backpack when he arrived at Denpasar Airport.

He claimed he had been set up as a drug mule – by his girlfriend Jessy who had met online.

The 53-year-old avoided the death penalty after a trial in Bali earlier this year but was jailed for 15 years.  Read more »

So what if they were paid, at least they aren’t here

Labour really does need to finally admit that people smugglers are trying to send ships and illegal immigrants here.

They have denied it for so long I don’t think they can actually see what has been revealed in the past few days.

An Indonesian police officer says he’s certain that wads of US dollars were paid by an Australian official to the crew of an asylum-seeker boat.

The investigation has broadened to Jakarta where police from Indonesia’s Anti-People Smuggling Taskforce are now trying to track the people who recruited the five crew, who were allegedly given US$5000 (NZ$7150) to take the 65 New Zealand-bound passengers back to Indonesian waters.

Local police have handed their initial findings to national police and Australian media.    Read more »

Shameless media manipulation to get Abbott, with zero evidence

If you think our media are bad, then have a look at the carry on in Australia over unproven allegations that Abbott’s government paid a people-smuggler to take his boat back home.

And our media are playing the stupid opposition game here too, asking John Key what he knows about it….which of course is nothing.

Andrew Bolt sums up the extreme hypocrisy of Labor and the media.

Am I missing something here?

All Question Time, and during a censure motion as well, one political party was raging against giving incentives to people smugglers and putting them in business.

That party was Labor, which itself offered so many incentives to people smugglers when it was in government that 50,000 people came over, paying some $500 million for the trip and costing us $11 billion..

The party they were attacking, on the other hand, is the Liberal Party, which in government has had just one boat arrive in a year and a half, and is now accused – without any proof – of paying people smugglers to turn one boat back to Indonesia.

And reporters are buying this astonishing hypocrisy? Are worrying about “incentives” and “pull factors” when no boats are actually coming, after denying Labor had offered incentives and “pull factors” when boats were arriving every few days?    Read more »

Labour misses the boat…literally

Labour and Andrew Little really are dead set spastics.

Andrew Little has come out on the side of illegal boat people trying to sail their way to New Zealand.

The asylum-seekers who were shipwrecked after attempting to reach New Zealand have apparently called on the Government to help.

The group of 65 are now in a detention centre at Kupang in West Timor, after being turned back by Australian authorities.

Now photographs and a letter have been circulated, apparently by members of the group.

Some photographs were taken on the open sea, with one apparently showing an Australian Navy vessel.

Another shows a group with a sign that reads, “Please try to understand our painful life New Zealand Government and save our life. Please”.

Read more »

Guest Post – Thoughts on executing drug traffickers

Like most I have been watching this Indonesian thing with interest and have to say I do wonder about those commenting, are they truly that stupid, do they really believe what they say? I wonder, maybe they all work for the Herald?

Anyway I guess like most I don’t support the death penalty, our own courts have shown just how many times they have stuffed up justice in NZ, some of those poor innocent sods would be dead if we had had the death penalty so it’s good to know if your wrongly convicted (normally due to police pressure to make someone pay) then you have a longer shot of freedom. 

So back to this storm in a tea cup problem with Indonesia.

Lets start with some facts.

Indonesia has had, like some other countries, a rule on the books for many many years – you traffic and get caught with drugs you will be executed – period.

Indonesia is a country run with a very heavy hand by the ruling family, and they like many others with the death sentence use it to good effect (ok agree with drugs it a losing battle but hey at least they get some of scum who trade in this area)

So a country has a legal rule – execution for drug running.

Then some idiots like the Bali 9 and others come along and decide to try to use the country to bring in or out drugs.   Read more »

Awesome! Bali holidays to get cheaper and less Aussies too

Apparently the Aussies are all expressing faux outrage because some drug smuggling ratbags got ventilated.

They want to boycott Bali now.

Australians outraged by the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are cancelling their travel plans to Bali.

Melbourne father Malcolm Sheridan had been planning to visit the popular tourist destination with his family in June, but he’s now keeping his travel plans local.

Mr Sheridan said it was the only thing he could do to send a message to the Indonesian government.

“It’s quite barbaric what’s happened over there,” he told AAP on Wednesday.   Read more »

Islamic Beauty Competition ( No really )

Screen shot from

Screen shot from

It turns out that Islamic women want to be seen as beautiful just like Western women. I say this because a beauty pageant in Indonesia was created for them by a news reader who lost her job because she refused to read the news with out wearing her hijab.

She has found a way to combine the supression modesty of Islam with the dogma teachings of Islam. That’s right, it is a beauty contest where only the face can be judged and you have to also be proficient in your knowledge of your political ideology religion in order to win. Oh and you must wear a hijab. Apparently she wanted to show the world that Islam is beautiful.

It was a beauty contest where the women were being judged not only on outer beauty and religious knowledge but on ‘ inner beauty’ as well as part of the contest was to test their charity and compassion. In order to do that they completed a number of activities including visiting a home for the elderly.

Read more »

Tony de Malmanche’s lawyer is tugging on the heart strings

Diimex, via Stuff

Diimex, via Stuff

Long term readers will know I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to meth dealers, traffickers and manufacturers.  The stuff is evil.  It destroys.  That’s all it does.  And Anthony is finding that out.

The Whanganui man who may face the death penalty for allegedly smuggling 1.7kg of crystal methamphetamine into Indonesia hopes the comfort of a mattress and pillow awaits him at the notorious Kerobokan Prison in Bali.

Tony de Malmanche, a 52-year-old invalid beneficiary with an extensive mental health history, has struggled with harsh living conditions in his crammed police cell since his December 1 arrest with the drugs in his bag at Denpasar International Airport.

Should he die for this?   Yes.   1.7kg of “alleged” meth out on the market would have killed more than one person.  I have no problem with the idea that he has to die – it’s the way they do it over there.

That’s not stopping his lawyer from trying to get you on his side.

“He’s looking forward to having a mattress and pillow (in prison) because he’s only had a thin rubber mat to sleep on up ’til now,” his Tauranga-based lawyer, Craig Tuck, said today.

“I understand the jail, although harsh in our standards, has a lot more going for it than a police cell.”

[H]e would shift in a few days to the prison, which offered better living conditions than the police cell he shared with 27 others.

“It’s been very difficult for him to sleep and the heat has been intense.”

Prisoners were offered two small bowls of rice, a few anchovies and a slice of carrot as typical daily rations, although Tuck’s team supplemented his diet with groceries twice a week, a common practice by inmates’ families or friends.

However, some less fortunate prisoners with little support were very skinny, he said.

“I’ve seen some sights there where it’s just dead people walking.”

Last weekend’s execution of five foreigners and one local woman convicted on drug offences in Indonesia – including one who smuggled only 300gm of methamphetamine – plus its plans to shoot another 60 inmates had added significant pressure to the New Zealander’s dire situation, he said.

“He’s at a real risk,” Tuck said of de Malmanche’s chances of facing a firing squad.

To be entirely honest, the death penalty may be kinder on him than a life sentence in Kerobokan, the jail Schapelle Corby withered away in on the basis of some weed in a boogie board.   1.7 kg… it’s not looking good for Anthony, and the amount of domestic sympathy that this lawyer will raise will have exactly zero effect on the Indonesian justice system.


– Deirdre Mussen, Stuff