ISIS using chemical weapons now?

VICE News reports:

Kurdish peshmerga forces in northern Iraq were attacked with rockets filled with what they say was a chemical agent on Tuesday — believed to have been chlorine and launched by Islamic State (IS) militants.

“We have indications that there was an attack with chemical weapons,” a German defense ministry spokesman told AFP, adding that the incident left many Kurdish fighters suffering from “respiratory irritation.”

US officials described the reports to the BBC as “plausible,” and told the Wall Street Journal that the attack likely used mustard gas.

Earlier on Thursday, Kurdish officials said their forces were attacked near the town of Makhmour, not far from Erbil. Germany’s military has been training the Kurds in the area, and the German officials said some 60 Kurdish fighters had suffered breathing difficulties from the attack — a telltale sign of chemical weapons use.

Confirmation of chemical weapons use by IS would mark a dramatic turn in the international efforts to rout the extremist group from the roughly one-third of Iraq and Syria that it controls.   Read more »


Just find them, lock them up, then export them

We have some ISIS loving scumbags in NZ…

The Security Intelligence Service (SIS) is monitoring would-be Kiwi “jihadists” who openly talk about emulating barbaric Islamic State acts on New Zealand soil.

The chilling revelation by SIS boss Rebecca Kitteridge came in an interview before Thursday’s release of the IS hitlist urging its worldwide network of supporters to kill those named on the list.

The list included the name of an Auckland man.

Kitteridge was seen leaving Parliament’s multi-storey Bowen House on Thursday morning within hours of the hit-list being published.

Her office has not yet responded to requests for comment but Bowen House is where the minister in charge of the SIS, Chris Finlayson, is based.

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No Ron Mark, we haven’t underestimated ISIS

by George

Ron Mark wrote an opinion piece “Have we underestimated ISIS?”

His primarily theme was to question the merit of the deployment of our troops tasked with the training of the Iraqi combat forces.

Who are the “we” who have underestimated ISIS” Ron? New Zealand, USA, the whole wide world? I would imagine greater minds than yours have a pretty good idea what ISIS is about. I would imagine their understanding of ISIS would go something like this.

ISIS is full of psychopathic maniacs who rape, murder and mutilate in the insane belief that after death their God will have an endless supply of virgin children and women available so they can continue the degradation of this human sub-species in which they actively abused and humiliated when they were alive. They are a gang of maniacs submerged in evil, without conscious or morals. They will target any living soul anywhere in the world who does not embrace their demented philosophy. They are not only a military enemy but a enemy who would rather die a martyr than live in peace and the more innocent victims they take with them, the greater the honour.

No Ron, I don’t think any of us have underestimated ISIS. Read more »


The BBC are wog loving, terrorist hugging, liberal elite scumbags

The liberal elite, wog loving, terrorist hugging, wombles at the BBC don’t want to upset ISIS.

The BBC Director General has refused to ban the term Islamic State in its reports.

In response to 120 MPs signing a letter asking for it not to be used, Tony Hall has said any alternative name would be “pejorative” and the broadcaster must remain “impartial”.

Seriously…the BBC thinks they are impartial?

Surely they jest?

Lord Hall of Birkenhead made the comments in a private reply to MPs.

In the letter, seen by the Times, he wrote: “The BBC takes a common sense view when deciding how to describe organisations, we take our cue from the organisation’s description of itself.   Read more »


ISIS atrocities continue

Another harrowing video shows prisoners chained together with explosive necklaces

Another harrowing video shows prisoners chained together with explosive necklaces

ISIS has released new videos showing the executions of people for unspecified crimes.

They are doing this to celebrate Ramadan…the religion of peace shows its true colours.

Vile jihadis fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have brutally murdered five prisoners by locking them in a metal cage and lowering them into a swimming pool.

Filmed in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, the sickening seven minute long video uses expensive underwater cameras to film the terrified men as they sink below the surface with no hope of escape.

Shortly afterwards the cage is lifted back out of the water, with the dying men – who are understood to have been accused of spying – seen foaming at the mouth as they lie motionless on the floor of the cage, piled on top of one another.   Read more »

The most ungrateful migrant in the world

Not many people get a second chance in life, but some get spectacular chances.

And then they blow it.

South London’s leafy district of Kennington is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. In this quiet area famous for its Georgian architecture, the average house price is more than £1 million.

It is full of young families, good schools, council housing and NHS doctors’ surgeries. Residents are proud of its strong, diverse, multi-cultural community spirit.

So one would imagine that when, in 2008, teenager Alaa Esayed found refuge here with her family from Iraq — where they had faced persecution, suicide bombings, terrorist attacks and constant fear — she would have treasured her new haven.

Offered sanctuary, housing, free education and healthcare, she and her family were at last being given an opportunity to thrive and prosper.

Instead, Esayed, who is now 22, used their Kennington home as a base from which to launch a jihadist hate campaign that has seen her dubbed the Twitter Terrorist.

From her bedroom, she posted images to Twitter of beheadings, mutilated corpses and any atrocity she could lay her hands on to promote the jihadi cause — 45,600 tweets in total, and an average of 58 a day. Read more »

Bizarre rant from Armstrong on Iraq deployment

I’m getting a bit sick of John Armstrong and his prognostications on defence matters.

New Zealand’s 100-plus contingent of military training specialists plus support personnel have barely arrived in Iraq. Yet the folly of this military (mis)adventure is already rapidly becoming apparent.

Last week’s fall of the city of Ramadi after Iraqi forces capitulated to Islamic State fighters, despite heavily outnumbering their enemy, has shifted the front-line in this sectarian struggle worryingly close to Taji, the huge military camp within which the New Zealanders are based alongside Australian counterparts.

Unless the Isis (Islamic State) advance is halted, the New Zealand Government is going to be faced with a major dilemma at some point in the not-too-distant future: pull the training team out of Iraq and lose face, plus earn black marks from the Americans and the Australians; or stick it out for the sake of good form and loyalty to allies and gamble on things not deteriorating with the risks this brings, including the possibility of casualties.

National’s predicament was neatly summed up by New Zealand First MP and former Army officer Ron Mark in an entry on his Facebook page last Friday.

“Latest update from the US on Isis. Taji is only 91km from Ramadi. The same distance I drive from Carterton to Wellington to attend Parliament. Isis could be in artillery range of our troops in 30 minutes.” He added a question for Mr Key: “What’s our plan, John?”

I’m not sure listening to a former truck mechanic on military matters is wise.  Read more »

Defence force trainers settled into Taji

Photo/ Supplied

Photo/ Supplied NZDF

The NZ Defence Forces have confirmed the troops are in Camp Taji and commenced their training operations.

New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) trainers and supporting Force elements are now established in their base in Taji and have begun the task of training Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in a range of military skills to help in the fight against ISIS.

This week, the combined New Zealand-Australia Building Partner Capacity mission officially took over the training of ISF personnel rotating through the Taji Military Complex, previously carried out by a US Army unit.

The training focuses on basic operational skills such as planning, weapons training, basic manoeuvres and the profession of arms.    Read more »

Another bad day for a bad wog

The Americans are starting to make in-roads into the leadership of ISIS, killing another top scumbag with a Special Forces operation.

America claimed a “significant blow” against Isil on Saturday when Special Forces soldiers launched a rare strike inside eastern Syria, killing a senior commander.

Elite troops based in Iraq carried out the cross-border raid, which killed a terrorist leader going by the nom de guerre Abu Sayyaf.

His wife was also captured and a female slave from the Yazidi minority rescued. About a dozen Isil fighters were killed, but no American soldiers were hurt, said a US official.

“The operation represents another significant blow to Isil [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant],” said Ash Carter, the US defence secretary. “It is another reminder that the United States will never waver in denying safe haven to terrorists who threaten our citizens and those of our friends and allies.”

Raiding with Special Forces will have hurt ISIS mentally. They think they are impregnable within the areas controlled by them.

US Special Forces have struck inside Syria before, but only on hostage rescue missions. Last year, they tried to save James Foley, an American journalist, by raiding a location in Raqqa, the unofficial capital of Isil. But all of the hostages had been moved and Foley was murdered a month later.

The latest operation appeared to be the first in Syria where the aim was to kill or capture an Isil commander.

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I know girls, let’s go be ISIS brides, what could go wrong? …oh wait

It appears that the three girls who had a rush of shit to the brains and thought it would be a good idea to abscond to Syria to become jihadist brides for ISIS soldiers have discovered that life under the burqa servicing animals that wear uniforms of sorts isn’t the life for them.

Problem is they will now probably be killed.

Three British teenage girls were reported to be on the run from Isis (Islamic State) raising fears it might be the London schoolgirls who fled there earlier this year.

An unofficial monitor in Iraq claimed the terror group was hunting for three British jihadi brides who had fled after being married off to Isis militants.

They were said to be aged around 16 and that Isis was “thoroughly searching for them” in Mosul.

The report, from the Mosul Eye Facebook page, said the identity of the girls was not known, raising fears the girls could be Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, both 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, who left Bethnal Green in February to follow a friend to Syria.   Read more »