SAS wanna-be Ron Marks once again touts bad intel

The man who likes to fail to correct anyone who says he served in the NZSAS is tilting at windmills again.

NZ First’s Ron Mark believes more troops are being trained for deployment to Iraq, but the Government says it doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“We understand preparations are being made to deploy an extra platoon of infantry, about 30 personnel, to assist with security at Taji,” Mr Mark told reporters today.

About 150 Defence Force personnel are based at Taji camp near Baghdad, helping train Iraqi forces to fight the Islamic State.

Mr Mark questioned Prime Minister John Key in Parliament about the extra platoon.

“I have no knowledge of that at all,” Mr Key said.   Read more »


Brownlee MIA when it comes to NZSAS

Gerry Brownlee in Iraq

DEFENCE MINISTER Gerry Brownlee hasn’t made a single visit to the Army’s special unit forces base at Papakura since being appointed to the role nearly a year ago.

It’s an astonishing revelation, according to Labour’s defence spokesman Phil Goff, who says he would have thought a visit to the Papakura military camp would have been top of Brownlee’s priority list given the NZSAS were the premier combat unit of the New Zealand Defence Force.

The NZSAS was accorded Regimental status in 2013 and presently has the responsibility of conducting domestic Counter-Terrorism operations, overseas Special Operations missions and performing the disposal of chemical, biological, radioactive and improvised explosive devices for both the military and civilian authorities.

But it appears Brownlee, who was appointed Defence Minister in October last year, has little interest in any of the work being carried out here.    Read more »

Dan Hodges on the Left’s response to the “refugee” crisis

Dan Hodge is a former leftist who has seen the light and he rips into the left-wing for their response to the so called refugee crisis and also the whinging that has emerged after David Cameron unleashed drone strikes on the bad wogs in Syria, some of whom are British citizens.

I’m not sure if Reyaad Khan or Ruhul Amin – the two ISIS fighters killed by an RAF drone strike – were personally responsible for throwing two gay men off a roof in Homs two months ago. Perhaps they were part of the mob that waited below to throw rocks at their broken bodies.

Maybe it was them who doused Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh in petrol, locked him in a cage and burnt him alive. Or they were behind some of the rapes Angelina Jolie talked about in the House of Commons yesterday, rapes of girls as young as seven that she said were being used by ISIS as the “centrepoint of their terror”.

Anyway, we’ll never know now, because they’re dead. And I’m glad they’re dead. I wish all the Isil butchers were dead. Drones. Smart bombs. The tip of a bayonet. It doesn’t really bother me how. The more of them we can kill, the better.

At least, that was my initial reaction when I heard about their deaths. “Good”, I said to myself, “they got what was coming to them.”

That wasn’t the reaction of quite a few other people. Over at the Stop The War Coalition, they took a short break from masterminding Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign to post up an angry statement declaiming “UK government rides to war killing its own citizens and on the backs of refugees”. In the Guardian, Gary Younge wrote “Britain can now add extrajudicial killings to torture, rendition and occupation as tools in defence of “Enlightenment values”. The human rights group Reprieve took to the air waves to complain “the fact that David Cameron has bypassed parliament to commit these covert strikes is deeply worrying – as is his refusal to share what legal advice he was given.”

Each to their own I suppose. Well, kind of.

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Winston Peters is a cunning, cunning bastard

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

Winston Peters is a cunning, cunning, bastard.

He quietly followed along on the “refugee” issue, and said we should consider lifting the quota without saying when…that then put immense pressure on John Key, faced with the baying hordes of the Media party and the liberal elite on Twitter he had to act.

John Key was forced, snookered even, into acting and in the process annoying a large swathe of the electorate …and then along comes Winston who had this to say:

New Zealand should take only women and children refugees from Syria and tell the men to return home and fight, NZ First leader Winston Peters says.

Asked about the Government’s decision to bring in an emergency intake of 600 Syrian refugees over three years, Mr Peters reiterated his position that more refugees should be settled – but only if immigration levels were significantly reduced.

“I think we can do better, but we can’t do that while we’ve got mass immigration. And if we’re going to do it, let’s bring the women and children and tell some of the men to go back and fight for their own country’s freedom, like we are,” Mr Peters said.

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Kiwis support our troops in Iraq

A new poll shows that support for Kiwi troops in Iraq has increased.

New Zealand’s deployment of troops to train the Iraq Army continues to have strong public support, says the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey.

In the poll, 59 per cent of respondents said they supported the deployment of 121 troops to train Iraqi soldiers in the fight against Islamic State – up from 57 per cent in May. Just over one-third said they did not agree with it – the same level as in May soon after the troops arrived in Taji.

Prime Minister John Key said the level of public support reflected the view that New Zealand had to play its part in the world and help the people of Iraq defend their own country. He did not believe high public support would justify deepening New Zealand’s involvement.

“Like every response, there’s a proportionate response and I think we’re in the right place.”

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ISIS using chemical weapons now?

VICE News reports:

Kurdish peshmerga forces in northern Iraq were attacked with rockets filled with what they say was a chemical agent on Tuesday — believed to have been chlorine and launched by Islamic State (IS) militants.

“We have indications that there was an attack with chemical weapons,” a German defense ministry spokesman told AFP, adding that the incident left many Kurdish fighters suffering from “respiratory irritation.”

US officials described the reports to the BBC as “plausible,” and told the Wall Street Journal that the attack likely used mustard gas.

Earlier on Thursday, Kurdish officials said their forces were attacked near the town of Makhmour, not far from Erbil. Germany’s military has been training the Kurds in the area, and the German officials said some 60 Kurdish fighters had suffered breathing difficulties from the attack — a telltale sign of chemical weapons use.

Confirmation of chemical weapons use by IS would mark a dramatic turn in the international efforts to rout the extremist group from the roughly one-third of Iraq and Syria that it controls.   Read more »


Just find them, lock them up, then export them

We have some ISIS loving scumbags in NZ…

The Security Intelligence Service (SIS) is monitoring would-be Kiwi “jihadists” who openly talk about emulating barbaric Islamic State acts on New Zealand soil.

The chilling revelation by SIS boss Rebecca Kitteridge came in an interview before Thursday’s release of the IS hitlist urging its worldwide network of supporters to kill those named on the list.

The list included the name of an Auckland man.

Kitteridge was seen leaving Parliament’s multi-storey Bowen House on Thursday morning within hours of the hit-list being published.

Her office has not yet responded to requests for comment but Bowen House is where the minister in charge of the SIS, Chris Finlayson, is based.

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No Ron Mark, we haven’t underestimated ISIS

by George

Ron Mark wrote an opinion piece “Have we underestimated ISIS?”

His primarily theme was to question the merit of the deployment of our troops tasked with the training of the Iraqi combat forces.

Who are the “we” who have underestimated ISIS” Ron? New Zealand, USA, the whole wide world? I would imagine greater minds than yours have a pretty good idea what ISIS is about. I would imagine their understanding of ISIS would go something like this.

ISIS is full of psychopathic maniacs who rape, murder and mutilate in the insane belief that after death their God will have an endless supply of virgin children and women available so they can continue the degradation of this human sub-species in which they actively abused and humiliated when they were alive. They are a gang of maniacs submerged in evil, without conscious or morals. They will target any living soul anywhere in the world who does not embrace their demented philosophy. They are not only a military enemy but a enemy who would rather die a martyr than live in peace and the more innocent victims they take with them, the greater the honour.

No Ron, I don’t think any of us have underestimated ISIS. Read more »


The BBC are wog loving, terrorist hugging, liberal elite scumbags

The liberal elite, wog loving, terrorist hugging, wombles at the BBC don’t want to upset ISIS.

The BBC Director General has refused to ban the term Islamic State in its reports.

In response to 120 MPs signing a letter asking for it not to be used, Tony Hall has said any alternative name would be “pejorative” and the broadcaster must remain “impartial”.

Seriously…the BBC thinks they are impartial?

Surely they jest?

Lord Hall of Birkenhead made the comments in a private reply to MPs.

In the letter, seen by the Times, he wrote: “The BBC takes a common sense view when deciding how to describe organisations, we take our cue from the organisation’s description of itself.   Read more »


ISIS atrocities continue

Another harrowing video shows prisoners chained together with explosive necklaces

Another harrowing video shows prisoners chained together with explosive necklaces

ISIS has released new videos showing the executions of people for unspecified crimes.

They are doing this to celebrate Ramadan…the religion of peace shows its true colours.

Vile jihadis fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have brutally murdered five prisoners by locking them in a metal cage and lowering them into a swimming pool.

Filmed in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, the sickening seven minute long video uses expensive underwater cameras to film the terrified men as they sink below the surface with no hope of escape.

Shortly afterwards the cage is lifted back out of the water, with the dying men – who are understood to have been accused of spying – seen foaming at the mouth as they lie motionless on the floor of the cage, piled on top of one another.   Read more »