Green Taliban are looking into this: the Iraqi Patriot Missile Defense System

Has he forgotten his campaign slogan?

Barack Obama reckons that the US cannot turn a ‘blind eye’ to Syria.

Has he forgotten his campaign slogan?

barack-obama-yes-we-can-2 copy

In his weekly address to the nation,¬†President Obama¬†said: “There’s a reason governments representing 98 per cent of the world’s people have agreed to ban the use of chemical weapons.¬† Read more »

Land of the free is governed by a pack of ratbags.

It looks like the Seppos no longer trust their politicians and feel like they are governed by a bunch of unaccountable ratbags.

This is a particularly bad time to sell the American people a war, and make no mistake: we are being sold, and this ‚Äúmilitary action,‚ÄĚ in another time and place ‚ÄĒ and in some quarters, here and now ‚ÄĒ would be called an act of war.

mericans are not only weary of war, they’re weary of the politicians who commit us to it.

According to¬†Gallup, only 10 percent of Americans now have a ‚Äúgreat deal‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúquite a lot‚ÄĚ of confidence in Congress, a record low since Gallup started tracking the measure in 1973.

Only 36 percent have the same level of confidence in the presidency.¬† Read more »

Will Shearer leave parliament?


David Shearer must be a broken man, even if he is on full pay while on gardening leave. TV3 revealed that his supposed caucus mates let him leap in front of the proverbial bus so they could knife him the next day.

Betrayal wouldn’t be too strong a word for what they did to him. Read more »

Sledge of the Day

I have finally been catching up on parliament this week and saw this contribution from Mark Mitchell in the general debate.

Great to see a back bench MP un-afraid to call out a senior MP in this manner.

Even better is the reaction from Labour over it…I’m told that they are not out to get Mark for this. I don’t think he will losing any sleep over it. If ¬†Muqtada al-Sadr’s¬†Mahdi Militia couldn’t get him in Iraq at Nasiriyah¬†in 2004 then I doubt the Labour party can.

Start at 2:11.

The Female Fighters of Kurdistan – Part 3

Part 3 of the Thomas Osborn documentary about the Female Fighters of Kurdistan.

Part one and Part Two were blogged earlier.

The Female Fighters of Kurdistan – Part 2

I have found this little documentary fascinating. Part one was blogged earlier.

This is part two of the Thomas Morton documentary on Vice.Com about the female fighters of Kurdistan.

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The Female Fighters of Kurdistan – Part 1

Thomas Morton of has a video series of the female fighters of Kurdistan:

From Boudica of the British Celts to Corporal Klinger, few things unsettle the male mind like a lady in arms. The Kurds of Northern Iraq have long recognized this principle and incorporated it into their quest to build a Kurdish homeland in the overlap between Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. Fighting alongside their male comrades in a region not exactly known for its progressive stance on women’s rights, the female Peshmerga guerillas of the Kurdish Liberation Movement built a reputation for themselves in the 70s and 80s as demure diaboliques with the deadly poise of Leila Khaled or Tania-era Patty Hearst.¬† Read more »

Argies might talk tough, but Poms do tough

David Cameron is manning up against the Argies:

Britain is prepared to defend the Falkland Islands with military force if Argentina launched another invasion, David Cameron has said.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, the Prime Minister said troops would be deployed in the event of another attempt by Buenos Aires to re-take the islands.

He made the UK’s “extremely strong” position clear after Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the Argentine president, renewed her accusations that the islands were stolen by Britain.

In an escalation of aggressive rhetoric, she took out advertisements in British newspapers claiming that the islands were forcibly stripped from Argentina in “a blatant exercise of 19th century colonialism”.

Her position has hardened since last year’s 10 year anniversary of the Falklands War and the discovery of potential oil resources off the coast of the islands.

Mr Cameron this morning said he would fight to keep the Falklands in the same way Margaret Thatcher launched forces to protect the islanders in 1982.

Asked if Britain would defend the islands, he replied: “Of course we would and we have strong defences in place on the Falkland islands, that is absolutely key, that we have fast jets stationed there, we have troops stationed on the Falklands.

Cameron needs to park a couple of Astute Class subs in and around the vicinity of Buenos Aires.

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Face of the Day

General Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. has died:


Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., the hard-charging US Army general whose forces smashed the Iraqi army in the 1991 Gulf War, has died at the age of 78, a US official hsa said.

The highly decorated four-star general died at his home in Tampa, Florida, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The cause of death was not immediately known.

Schwarzkopf, a burly Vietnam War veteran known as Stormin’ Norman, commanded more than 540,000 US troops and 200,000 allied forces in a six-week war that routed Hussein’s army from Kuwait in 1991, capping his 34-year military career.

Former US President George H.W. Bush, who built the international coalition against Iraq, said he and his wife “mourn the loss of a true American patriot and one of the great military leaders of his generation,” according to a statement released by Bush’s spokesman.