Cunning Winston

Winston Peters is rat cunning.

There is plenty of mileage in his latest attack against a so-called refugee who fled a war torn country only to go back there for a fight and winding up dead, leaving us with 12 children’s hungry mouths to feed.

A New Zealand refugee with 24 children who was killed in Iraq has been accused of disrespecting his adopted country by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

Mr Peters also questioned the refugee status of Kadhem Chilab Abbas, from Napier, who died at the hands of Islamic State (Isis) forces on April 17 while fighting for a civilian army.

Mr Abbas left behind 24 children, 12 of them in New Zealand.

Mr Peters told reporters at Parliament this afternoon that the Iraqi-New Zealander was one out of tens of thousands of immigrants who had failed to respect New Zealand’s “way of life” after settling here.    Read more »

So what? Are we supposed to give in to the head hacking bullies?

Radio NZ and Fairfax are making much of the fact that government documents say that if we went into Iraq to combat ISIS then we would become a target.

They don’t overtly say it, but they are implying that we shouldn’t.

The Government was warned sending troops to Iraq could make New Zealand a target of Islamic State but on Tuesday a 100-plus contingent slipped away with little fanfare.

A Cabinet Paper revealed by Radio NZ said the risk of doing nothing was even greater than the risk for troops deployed and if Islamic State became stronger the threat to New Zealand would increase.    Read more »

With all the bickering, we forget the human dimension

Arwa Damon and Hamdi Alkhshali from CNN reports

The call from Faleh Essawi, the deputy chief of the provincial council, who we were supposed to be meeting up with, came just as we were about to hit the bridge — the only safe route from Baghdad to neighboring Anbar province.

“ISIS has taken the east of the city, it’s not accessible,” he says, sounding frantic, rapidly rattling off the neighborhoods and areas ISIS fighters had just stormed into.

Moments later, we see the impact: An endless stream of humanity, shell shocked, and exhausted. Parents cradle babies in blankets, some struggle under the weight of their belongings, some carry small plastic bags, while others nothing but the children clutching at their hands.

Cars are not permitted to cross this bridge across the Euphrates. The government feels that restricting vehicles will decrease the likelihood of explosives making their way into Iraq’s capital. Read more »


So what, bad wogs have hard names

The media and the left-wing are in a frenzy because John Key can’t the remember the name of the bag wog that leads ISIS.

So what.

Prime Minister John Key was unable to name the head of the Islamist terrorist group Isis – but nor could the Australian Defence Minister.

Mr Key anticipated he would “get it wrong” when asked by a reporter in Auckland today to name the head of Isis – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

But he attempted it anyway and duly met his expectations by saying something like “al-Jaberi or something – whatever.”

The questions was prompted by an appearance of Australian Defence Minister Kevin on ABC’s 730 programme on Tuesday night, on the eve of a new deployment of 70 Australian Defence Force personnel to train Iraqi troops to fight Isis.

He tried to avoid it by saying that Isis was a combination of group. There Is not just one individual involved in this.”

That’s right, loads of them…kill them all.    Read more »

Why do New Zealand journalists want to have the nitty gritty on national security matters?

As the first New Zealand troops prepare to deploy to Iraq, the first pictures have emerged of them training to deal with what might go wrong there.

It’s such a dangerous mission that the New Zealand Defence Force is being deliberately vague, leaving reporters to rely on detailed information coming from the Australians.

But when it comes to vague – the governments of both countries have something in common. Neither their Defence Minister, nor our Prime Minister, can name of the leader of our number one enemy – the most wanted man in the world.

Pictures of New Zealand soldiers training with Australia for the Iraq mission were taken last week in Brisbane. Twenty-six New Zealand troops and 59 Australians left Brisbane airport for the Middle East this afternoon, Channel 7 reports.

Although the New Zealand Government won’t confirm that, they say it’s officially a secret.

“Some are going to be leaving relatively soon, but for security reasons the advice we’ve had from Defence is to not say exactly when,” says John Key.

It’s certainly not a secret in Australia – Prime Minister Tony Abbott called a press conference to announce today’s departure. The Australian Department of Defence has even released footage and interviews of our troops training.

New Zealand troops will be based at Camp Taji, 30 kilometres north of Baghdad, where troops will be at the base by May.

“It’s going to be staged, we’re sending people over at a series of times,” says Mr Key.

The poor journalists have to rely on the Australians for any details.    Read more »

There was once a time when media understood operational security

The media are hankering after the identities of Kiwi troops being deployed to Iraq.

One can only assume that they want to put these soldiers and their families in even more danger. Instead they turn it into a story about the NZDF being secretive.

The media disgusts me.

The Government is keeping a tight lid on the identities of the soldiers being deployed to Iraq to ensure the safety of both them and their families from what it calls a barbaric terrorist group with “broad tentacles”.

The New Zealand Defence Force’s reconnaissance team has already arrived in Iraq and next month Kiwi troops were expected to be deployed to train Iraqi soldiers in the fight against Islamic State (IS).

While the threat to soldiers and their families shouldn’t be a worry on a “daily basis”, Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee told TVNZ’s Q+A it was enough of a concern to warrant protecting the identities of all those being deployed. Read more »

ISIS tough guys dress as women to flee battlefield near Tikrit


Tough guy ISIS fighters near Tikrit have been captured fleeing dressed as women.

As Islamic State-driven violence rages on in Iraq, people are using any means possible to escape, and for some that means dressing in drag.

On Monday, the Iraqi army arrested 20 male Islamic State members dressed as women in the northern city of Baquba, according to spokesman Ghalib al-Jubouri.

The arrested used a number of creative ways to pull off a realistic female disguise, as seen in the pictures originally posted on Instagram.

Underneath the robes and veils, the men put on makeup, wore dresses and some even wore women’s bras. Others chose not to shave their facial hair, though still applied eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush.

The men were desperately attempting to flee the fighting in Tikrit, which Iraq’s military only managed to take back from Islamic State six days ago.

ShowImage-1 Read more »


Andrew Bolt: The Left’s sinister silence on Islamism

Andrew Bolt has noticed the same thing I have…the left wing is silent on Islamism.

WHAT will it take for many in the Left to openly condemn the Islamic State? Why this silence in the face of evil?

In January, the Islamic State threw two men off a tall building in Iraq for the “crime” of being gay.

In February, they threw another gay man off a building, this time in Syria and, when he somehow survived, had a crowd stone him to death.

IS is in a war against gays — not just against Jews, Christians and any Muslim thought insufficiently devout.

But what have our main gay representatives — largely Left-leaning — said in response to such savagery against gays?

The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby? Silent.

Victoria’s Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby? Not one press release.

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong, openly lesbian? Nothing.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown, our first openly gay senator?

Also nothing.

Current Greens leader Christine Milne? Not a tweet.

Indeed, not one of the 150 floats in Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian mardi gras on Saturday flew a banner of protest against this deadly persecution or the brand of faith which inspired it.

Yes, the faith. Many Muslim countries do permit gay sex, yet it is also true that all seven countries which punish homosexuality with death are Muslim, with the Koran damning gays as “people transgressing beyond bounds” who should have “rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)”.

So why no protest from the gay Left?    Read more »

How can Labour and the Green Taliban possibly be against acting against this? [GRAPHIC IMAGE]

Eight dead bodies hang from a metal frame in the Iraq’s Kirkuk province in Islamic State’s latest public display of barbarity.

The gruesome images which emerged on social media show the men’s limp bodies suspended from their feet off a tall structure in the town of Hawija.

The notorious black flag used by Islamist groups like ISIS is displayed above them as horrified onlookers inspect the scene.

Some of the deceased men appear to be wearing military fatigues but it is not known if they were Iraqi soldiers.

An ISIS fighter believed to be Abu Al-Rahman poses triumphantly in one of the pictures – giving the one-fingered salute in front of a bloodied victim’s corpse.

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Argggh…the stupid…it burns [GRAPHIC IMAGE]

The stupid is strong in this one.

How stupid can you get? Clare Curran opposes forces being sent to Iraq but wants Kiwi journalists to provide news for her because she is so anti-American she loathes journalists doing their job if they are Americans?

She carries on after that slapping too…just to reinforce her stupidity.

Does this stupid bint not know what happens to aid workers…