The ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ says destroy them

Don’t listen to me, listen to someone who is daily witnessing the horrors of Islamic terrorism and the totalitarianism of ISIS.

There used to be 1.5 million Christians in Iraq but now there are only 260,000, he says. Some are calling it genocide. Surely he no longer believes that negotiations with Isis could work? White stares at me from behind owlish spectacles. “Can I be honest? You are absolutely right. You can’t negotiate with them. I have never said that about another group of people. These are really so different, so extreme, so radical, so evil.”

So what is to be done? “We must try and continue to keep the door open. We have to show that there is a willingness to engage. There are good Sunni leaders; they are not all evil like Isis.”

But surely there is only one logical conclusion to be drawn? He sighs, and answers slowly. “You are asking me how we can deal radically with Isis. The only answer is to radically destroy them. I don’t think we can do it by dropping bombs. We have got to bring about real change. It is a terrible thing to say as a priest.

“You’re probably thinking, ‘So you’re telling me there should be war?’ Yes!”

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We need to be tolerant, they are just a bit misunderstood…oh wait

Right now there is a campaign to try and have the Human Rights Commission prosecute me for hate speech because I dared to suggest that ISIS are evil sons of bitches and we really should be trying to kill them before their poisonous hate death cult is imposed on us and our way of life.

I consider that we are in a war, and ISIS are but one manifestation of totalitarianism and religious intolerance intent on enslaving us. They must be fought, and they must be destroyed sooner rather than later because we will eventually have to fight them and their dogma whether we like it or not.

Apparently believing in freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of sexual choices, and equality is now hate speech because I want to defend it through pre-emptive force against those who will take it from us.

Ironically those who are the loudest campaigners against me on Twitter are self described gays, lesbians, luvvies and liberals. They decry my freedom of speech and opinion and want it shut down and the people they are protecting quite literally would throw them off tall buildings if they have their way…and all because we should be tolerant and subservient to other cultures.

Well screw that. This is what happens to those who speak out against ISIS.

Two activists who campaigned against Islamic State in Syria have been shot in the head and beheaded in the southeastern Turkish town of Sanliurfa, the founder of the group they worked for said.

Turkey has been forced to confront Islamic State elements operating within its borders, after two suicide bombers, suspected members of an Islamic State cell, killed more than 100 people in an attack in Ankara.

Both men killed in Sanliurfa worked for Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, a campaign group founded in April 2014.    Read more »

Big Gerry and his Big Ticket Body Armour

Gerry Brownlee and his custom tailored ballistic vest that cost three times the standard vest worn by Kiwi troops

Gerry Brownlee and his custom tailored ballistic vest that cost three times the standard vest worn by Kiwi troops

KEEPING DEFENCE Minister Gerry Brownlee safe from enemy fire has come at a weighty cost to the taxpayer.

A day after Whaleoil confirmed Brownlee had been caught out telling a big fat lie over a cancelled trip to the Papakura Army military base, we can now reveal the custom-made body armour the Minister wore during a secret 48-hour visit to Taji, near Baghdad cost three times more than standard issue armour.

The custom body armour was made with input from specialist tailors who spent some considerable time with Brownlee measuring him up for the custom vest in his office.

Brownlee’s coy about his weight, but it’s likely he tips the scales at well over 150 kilograms.

A New Zealand Defence Force spokesman confirmed in a response to questions under the Official Information Act the body armour the Minister wore during his June visit to Taji was not the standard sizing available to New Zealand Defence Force personnel.

The spokesman wouldn’t confirm the cost of Brownlee’s body armour due to commercial concerns, but said it was three times more expensive than body armour outlets supplied to usual personnel.

However, it was made adjustable and would be made available for use by others who required non-standard sizing.   Read more »

SAS protect media while given the chance, media don’t reciprocate

The Media Party got some SAS protection and instead of being grateful they are moaning up a storm.

There was indeed a ‘boy’s own adventure’ aspect to it. It was the most intriguing trip of my life. The warnings of scorpions and rabid dogs. Guns are a rare thing in New Zealand and at first it was a shock to see such a throng of them.

In Iraq they are like third arms, worn everywhere bar the shower.

It was also a novelty being accompanied by the SAS, although of course they never admitted to being SAS. They are secretive and their identities protected. No photos, no full names. They follow orders, the media do not. They don’t like questions and the media ask them. They are allergic to the media.

They are allergic to media, because mostly media are wankers when it comes to soldiers…and when the shit hits the fan they have to protect the same arseholes who spend their time bagging them.

This time the media had its own allocated protection. We never found out what he’d done to deserve it, perhaps it was some form of training to withstand interrogation. It was certainly training in tolerance. It was unclear whether his role was to protect the media or to spy and ensure we did not go rogue. It was likely a combination of the two. We took it upon ourselves to expand his skill set. He became a gun-toting nanny. He got water, made wakeup calls, found toilets, carried gear, walked us to Ali’s shop for the limited amount of retail therapy on offer at Taji, checked for snakes.    Read more »


Decapitation strike kills a few, but top bad wog escapes

This is what I would call a good start.

A number of senior leaders in Isis have been killed in an air strike after the Iraq’s Air Force claimed to have hit a military convoy carrying the jihadi leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Iraq.

A military statement had earlier claimed the strike had taken place in the Iraqi province of Anbar but admitted it was unclear if al-Baghdadi had been killed.

Local residents and several hospital sources told Reuters that the Isis leader was not among the casualties from the convoy air strike.

It is thought Iraqi jets targeted the convoy as it was travelling for a meeting close to the Syrian border in Western Anbar today.

The location of the meeting was also targeted by the Iraqi Air Force, who claimed ‘many of the group’s leaders were killed and wounded’.    Read more »

David Shearer’s hypocrisy on Iraq

David Shearer got a few headlines this week by saying that the danger around John Key’s visit to Taji in Iraq has been exaggerated by the media.

Unsurprisingly, people paid attention to what Shearer said. After all, he’s been to Iraq since the U.S. invasion and has a long career working in conflict zones, so you’d think he’d know what he was talking about.

Interestingly enough, Shearer’s claim that Iraq wasn’t that dangerous is a relatively new claim by him. You see, back in May, Shearer claimed that Kiwi troops in Iraq were at quite high risk, pointing out that it would be easy for ISIS to fire rockets  at planes coming in and out of Taji, as well as the base itself. In fact, back in 2008 a rocket attack hit a compound he was in, killing two of his colleagues.

Taji base is big enough to have a landing strip, which is the preferred mode of transport given how vulnerable the road network is.

Kiwi troops would have several rings of security around the base – a level of security that is intense but necessary, Shearer said.

In Taji rockets would be getting fired at planes and because of the size of the base it’s an easy target to fire rockets at and then disappear, he said.

“The third threat would be the people you are training turning on you and the fourth one, my understanding, is that there’s likely to be militia coming onto the base as well.”

“Although they’re fighting the same fight that we are, they’re not necessarily very welcoming of foreigners being in Iraq.”

“I’d say it’s a very dangerous situation.”

Shearer said the situation had been made worse by Prime Minister John Key advertising that troops are there working alongside the United States and Australia as part of a “deal with the club”.

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John Key on Iraq: “goddamn damn awful place”


John in a Kepler Vest

John Key dropped into Iraq for a sleepover, mostly to prove that he wouldn’t send people if he wasn’t himself willing to go.

The secret trip was full of delays and complexities that included the prospect of Mr Key staying in Iraq for an extra night – a major security risk.

The final flight out even bypassed the Iraqi authorities to go direct to Dubai.

The first dust storm meant Mr Key could not get from Baghdad to the Kiwi base at Camp Taji and had to return to Dubai and delay the trip by 24 hours. Read more »


Brownlee happy to meet with Aussie minister, but his guts aren’t big enough to check in on the NZSAS

Gerry Brownlee can find his way to Devonport Naval base but so far has not managed to find Papakura Base.

Gerry Brownlee can find his way to Devonport Naval base but so far has not managed to find Papakura Base.

Gerry “Pie-eater” Brownlee has plenty of time to meet the new Aussie defence minister but hasn’t yet managed to find the time to visit his elite troops in Papakura.

Defence ministers from New Zealand and Australia will meet in Auckland tomorrow to discuss international security matters.

Gerry Brownlee will host Australian counterpart Kevin Andrews at the Devonport Naval Base for their annual catch-up.   Read more »

SAS wanna-be Ron Marks once again touts bad intel

The man who likes to fail to correct anyone who says he served in the NZSAS is tilting at windmills again.

NZ First’s Ron Mark believes more troops are being trained for deployment to Iraq, but the Government says it doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“We understand preparations are being made to deploy an extra platoon of infantry, about 30 personnel, to assist with security at Taji,” Mr Mark told reporters today.

About 150 Defence Force personnel are based at Taji camp near Baghdad, helping train Iraqi forces to fight the Islamic State.

Mr Mark questioned Prime Minister John Key in Parliament about the extra platoon.

“I have no knowledge of that at all,” Mr Key said.   Read more »


Brownlee MIA when it comes to NZSAS

Gerry Brownlee in Iraq

DEFENCE MINISTER Gerry Brownlee hasn’t made a single visit to the Army’s special unit forces base at Papakura since being appointed to the role nearly a year ago.

It’s an astonishing revelation, according to Labour’s defence spokesman Phil Goff, who says he would have thought a visit to the Papakura military camp would have been top of Brownlee’s priority list given the NZSAS were the premier combat unit of the New Zealand Defence Force.

The NZSAS was accorded Regimental status in 2013 and presently has the responsibility of conducting domestic Counter-Terrorism operations, overseas Special Operations missions and performing the disposal of chemical, biological, radioactive and improvised explosive devices for both the military and civilian authorities.

But it appears Brownlee, who was appointed Defence Minister in October last year, has little interest in any of the work being carried out here.    Read more »