Oh they’ll turn up soon enough

Sweden has lost 14,000 illegal immigrants.

But don’t worry they are from the ‘religion of peace’ so I’m sure there is nothing untoward in 17 battalions worth of fighting age men missing in Sweden.

Truth Revolt reports:

Of the 21,748 people who have been given deportation orders by Sweden’s Migration Agency last month – the largest number in history, by the way – 14,140 are registered by police as “departed” or “wanted,” the Swedish website The Local reports.

“We simply don’t know where they are,” said Patrik Engström, the head of the national border police.

It is unknown how many of the missing are still in the country or may have left for elsewhere in Europe. The rest of the illegals are either in refugee centers, in custody, or living in separate accommodations they have arranged for themselves, awaiting deportation.   Read more »

Devoy lashes back at Garner: Bad race relations is a White Men problem

Islamic shill Susan Devoy has lashed out at Duncan Garner after he criticised her in his column yesterday.

The ironic thing about people who send me letters about how useless I am and that our race relations are OK, is that most of them are from Pakeha men: as Duncan Garner proved in his latest opinion piece.  I get many letters and emails: some polite, many abusive or threatening.  The personal attacks aren’t new and I’ve got pretty thick skin, for a simple squash player.

But as well as the haters I also get the opposite: messages of thanks and support from people who are grateful I stood up for their right to live in peace and dignity.  They aren’t powerful  or famous people but their voices mean more to me than those who think it’s PC gone mad to actively work at peaceful race relations.

Super Diversity isn’t coming, it’s already here. We are home to more than 200 ethnicities – more cultures than the UN has member states. More than one million of us were born overseas and these trends will continue. New Zealand is one of the most ethnically diverse nations on the planet, to ignore our differences is a naïve and hopeless response to an issue the entire world is grappling with.

Race relations in our country are far from OK.  A third of all complaints we receive are about racial discrimination but we know many people never bother complaining. If we aren’t careful the future we leave our children will be vastly different from the peaceful New Zealand we grew up in.

It’s not OK for Muslim Kiwis to be singled out, abused and discriminated against because of violent extremists. Neither is it OK to blame Jewish Kiwis for an unfolding tragedy thousands of miles away.

It’s not OK for Maori New Zealanders to be racially profiled shopping at their supermarket or walking down the street.

It’s not OK to put an advertisement on Trade Me that says No Asians, No Indians or Europeans Only. This year I spent the day with some of the toughest Kiwis I’ve ever met, elderly Jewish women who survived the Holocaust. One remembers how advertisements for jobs and houses increasingly declared: No Jews. They told me hate starts small, in prejudice and intolerance and they were right.

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is an ex-Muslim who is warning Europe to ‘deport anti-democratic Islamists’

Muslim blood letting


Sonny Bill Williams tweeted the photo above to his followers.  It is him in the process of having blood sucked out of his body using a number of suction cups, as recommended by Muhammad no less.

Sunday Star Times reporter Adam Dudding decides to go try it out for himself…   Read more »

Reality check: Islam = Sharia. Sharia = Islam


Finally, an Islamic leader with guts


I’m liking what I hear more and more from King Abdullah of Jordan.

He is standing up to Daesh where other leaders in the region are quietly acquiescing.

President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton can’t bring themselves to publicly acknowledge that Islam and  “Muslims” are inextricably linked to terrorism. Remarkably, however, one Muslim world leader has no problem in speaking openly about the war “within Islam.”

Speaking at a press conference in Kosovo Tuesday, Jordan’s King Abdullah admonished that we are about to enter a “Third World War” if the civilized world does not “act fast to tackle” ISIS and other interconnected terrorist threats.   Read more »

Terror. The product of Terrorism. And it is working well

The French Army was last night protecting water facilities around Paris amid fears of a chemical attack by Islamic State terrorists.

Scientists were carrying out tests on the city’s water supply after equipment used to guard against chemical products, including protective suits, was stolen from a Paris hospital.

In other developments yesterday:

  • Brussels was in lockdown over the threat of an imminent Paris-style attack. The country terror threat level was raised over ‘precise information of possible multiple gun and bomb attacks’. Armed police and soldiers patrolled the streets, shops were closed, sporting events cancelled and the underground metro system closed.
  • Six British men of Pakistani origin were arrested last night while travelling through Belgium in three old ambulances. They were thought to be travelling on an aid convoy – possibly destined for Syria – and police searched the vehicles. One of the men is known to British police, it was reported.
  • Police raided a property in the Brussels suburb of Moolenbeek, described as the ‘jihadi capital of Europe’ and home to three of the Paris gunmen. Officers confiscated three guns.
  • Police commandos arrested four people in a suspicious vehicle at the Place du Grand Sablon in Brussels.
  • Turkish authorities detained a Belgian man of Moroccan origin on suspicion he scouted out the target sites for the Paris attacks. Paris Water president Célia Blauel confirmed that water samples were being analysed and six vital sites were under armed guard.

Basically, we are now jumping at our own shadows.    Read more »

The innocence of a child in a perverse world

via KXAN

via KXAN

A seven-year-old US boy has been praised for extending a hand of friendship, filled with a US$20 note (NZ$30), to his local mosque after it was defaced.

The Islamic Centre in Pflugerville, Texas, was vandalised on Monday because of anti-Muslim sentiment that had sprung up in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The perpetrators smeared faeces on the building and littered the area with torn pages from the Koran, media outlet KXAN reported.

Oh the conflicting feelings that have come to a focal point here.  Do I approve of the defacing of the mosque with faeces?  No.   Do I think it’s OK to rip the Quran up?   No.    Is this kid’s heart in the right place?  Yes.

But.    Read more »


Europe remains on edge: Belgium at highest threat level

Belgium has raised its terror alert to the highest level in the capital Brussels, with the OCAM national crisis centre warning of an “imminent threat” a week after the Paris attacks.

“Following our latest evaluation… the centre has raised its terror alert to level 4, signifying a very serious threat, for the Brussels region,” it said, as Europe tightens security after Islamic State militants killed 130 people in the French capital.

“The analysis shows a serious and imminent threat requiring specific security measures as well as detailed recommendations to the population,” said OCAM, which is part of the Belgian interior ministry, in a statement.

The centre urged citizens to avoid crowded areas such as concerts and transport hubs in Belgium’s capital, which is also home to the European Union and NATO headquarters.

Strike at the heart of the European Union.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.   Read more »


How do Americans see Islam?