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Today’s face of the day, Shawn Ahmed, is an openly gay liberal Muslim in Canada with a huge online following. Shawn made an attempt on Twitter to bridge the gap between the gay community and Islam after the Orlando terrorist attack

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What happened next led him to comment that he felt broken.

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She didn’t show solidarity with the gay community, she showed it with Islam

I have had it up to here with our representatives showing solidarity with the side of oppression rather than the victims. The ignorance expressed is gob smacking. Susan Devoy has shown herself to be devoid of any rational thought. Is she really this ignorant or is it deliberate?

The headline for the article about Susan Devoy says that NZ politicians need to be as brave as migrant children. I totally agree. They need to have the courage to look at the indisputable evidence and act to protect our gay community, our Christian community, our Jewish community, our women and our children from an ideology that is clearly extremely dangerous to them. If she wants to talk about bravery, let’s talk about the Christians who are not safe inside UN-run refugee camps because of how Muslim refugees threaten, hurt, rape and kill them. If she wants to talk about bravery then let’s talk about the people speaking out against Islam who live with constant death threats, and the cartoonists who were slaughtered for offending the religion of I will blow you all to pieces peace.

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The Australian National Imams Council confirms that the punishment for homsexuality is death

Imam Yusuf Peer. Picture: Chris McCormack

In the last three days Australians have heard two Australian Imams expressing their views on the gay community. Both Imams hold executive positions within the Australian National Imams Council so we can reasonably expect their views to be representative of Islam rather than their personal opinions, as they have been chosen to speak on behalf of the Muslim community in Australia.

A group called Muslims for Progressive Values in Australia are trying to undo the damage the two Imams and their President, Shady Alsuleiman have done, by claiming that the three men’s view is not the official Islamic view. While I appreciate them wanting to make Islam seem like a progressive religion it clearly isn’t. If it was there would be no need to form a group called Muslims for Progressive Values now would there?

There are ‘ progressive’ christian groups who think abortion is okay but that does not mean that they can legitimately claim that what the Pope and two of his bishops say about abortion is not the official Catholic view. Likewise the progressive Muslim group have no authority to claim that the Australian Imams council is not telling the truth. They should be honest and say that they do not believe that as they are ‘progressive ‘ but yes, that mainstream Islam does believe that homosexuals should be killed.

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That didn’t take long; London’s Mayor censors women’s bodies


I am sure that this has nothing to do with Islam’s attitudes towards women and everything to do with feminism.

London’s first ever Muslim Mayor is set to ban images of ‘unrealistic’ scantily clad women from ads on public transport, which could see the city adopt some of the most censorious policies in the Western world.

Sadiq Khan argued for the move by appropriating the language of feminism, claiming that alluring images of beautiful women could make them “ashamed of their bodies”.

Ironically, the policy is likely to please both the misogynistic Islamist and prudish, third wave feminist, whose ends appear increasingly similar.

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Stephen Franks on tolerance

Stephen Franks writes about some trips overseas working in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. He compares that experience with that of working Pakistan and in Turkey.

70 years of Soviet atheism has given Uzbekistan what Turkey is losing (officially secular state power co-existing with a mild Sufi Islam).

They’ve stayed mostly secular, despite infiltration and threats from neighbouring countries. They beat out a determined mainstream Islamist challenge 10 years ago, with no apologies for seeing it as a life and death matter.

It is challenging to one’s liberal beliefs to work out how the relative freedom and security of such countries could survive with the religious tolerance demanded by “Western” values.

10 years ago I did a job in Pakistan. Its intellectual life is dictated by the risk of prompt death for anyone who challenges Islamic orthodoxy, even if the mullahs represent only a small percentage of the population , and few of the qualified people who keep the country running.   Read more »


An Ex-Muslim woman’s thoughts on the Florida massacre

As many of you know I follow a number of ex-Muslim blogs and facebook pages. I prefer to learn about Islam not only from those who have studied Islam or who are Muslims themselves but also from apostates. The blog post below was written by a woman who has spent the last year learning to cope after being cut off by her entire family because she no longer wanted to follow their family religion. It has been an extremely painful journey for her.

Orlando killings- is Islam to blame?

This blog is going to be a bit different to my usual. This one is my thoughts on what happened in Orlando. I wouldn’t usually post anything about things like this, but I am deeply saddened by what has happened and  I am also angry. I am reading many posts on Twitter, about what provoked this man to do what he did. A lot of people are saying religion can’t be blamed and that Islam isn’t homophobic. I am not saying Islam is 100% to blame, but I don’t understand how anyone can deny it does promote homophobia.

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Orlando Imam – “gays must die” said just days before the Orlando killings

Can we stop calling this a failure of gun control yet?

Or the case of mental disorders?

Or remaining silent on the impact of Islam and the responsibility of their religion of hate.

The video above was made just days before the Orlando killings and the Imam clearly says gays must die.

Just weeks before the Islamic terror attack that left 50 young men dead at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, Muslim scholar Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar spoke at thelocal Husseini Islamic Center, calling for the death of homosexuals.

In a rant targeted towards homosexuals and women, Sekaleshfar said that killing homosexuals was the “compassionate” way to deliver Allah’s justice. 

Death is the sentence. We know. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about this,”Sekaleshfar calmly said in April. “Death is the sentence.”  Read more »

Let’s cut through the BS and get to the heart of the matter

It is time to do a thought experiment.

If I told you that I was clearing out the garage and I came across some old things that I owned and no longer wanted, and I threw them into an incinerator because they were flammable, rather than give them away, would you think that I had done something immoral or dangerous?


Now, what if I told you that they were two old books?


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Instead of writing pointless letters, our politicians should review our immigration policies

John Key wrote a letter to Barack Obama…how sweet. That won’t bring back 50 dead people killed by a Muslim extremist.

Neither will the liberal media ignoring the fact that this scumbag, a Muslim, who claims he works for ISIS, shoots up a bar full of people and the only thing they can talk about is gun control. There’s a real joke.

Prime Minister John Key has written to US President Barack Obama expressing New Zealand’s condolences for the Orlando massacre victims.

“No innocent person should have to worry about such violence when going about their daily lives, or be persecuted for their beliefs or lifestyle,” he said on Monday.

“Our thoughts are with the victims of the atrocity, their families and friends, and those that responded to the tragic attack.”

Labour leader Andrew Little has also condemned the attack by 29-year-old Omar Mateen, who shot dead 50 people in an Orlando nightclub and wounded at least 53.   Read more »

Gay Pride Parade in Middle East city trouble free


Contrary to popular belief Tel Aviv is in the Middle East.

In my almost-30 years, I’ve never felt such freedom and seen so many different people gathered around the same values as during the celebration of Gay Pride in Tel Aviv. Joyful, colorful, powerful, sometimes a bit terrifying, but, for me, at certain moments, painfully touching. Although I knew what the day would be like, I wasn’t expecting to have such a visceral reaction to it.

More than 200,000 people, both locals and foreigners—and among them an estimated 35,000 tourists—make the city’s authority-funded Pride event the biggest of its kind in the Middle East.

Young and old, gay men, lesbians, straight people, trans women and men, gender benders, couples with children; all possible body types, different nationalities, ethnicities, and religions: there was room for everyone. And this year the huge street party’s theme was “Women for Change,” promoting women’s role in the LGBT+ community.

“Dear friends, we have been marching for years, and we will keep on marching in a search for equality,” veteran Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai told the crowd before the start of the march. “We will keep on walking the streets of Tel Aviv in the hope that pluralism, tolerance, and the liberal values of this city will spread throughout the country, Middle East, and the whole world,” said Huldai, who has run the city since 1998.

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