Welcome to The Islamic Republic of Swedestan

This video is a MUST watch.The guy deserves a medal for being radical enough to tell the truth in today’s incredibly hostile world of Political correctness.




LGBT March in Sweden going ahead without left Wing support

Stockholm Pride Festival

Stockholm Pride Festival

I have never understood Left Wing and Liberal support of Islam. They tend to be strongly against religion particularly Christians yet have this incomprehensible soft spot for Islam.

Left Wingers have an important part in our society. They have historically stood up for minority groups, women’s rights and human rights. They believe not only in equality but sometimes go so far as to attempt to give one group more rights than others in an attempt to address what they see as an imbalance. So called positive discrimination is one of their buzz words for example.

I am right wing but I appreciate the need for balance in a society.

In Sweden as has been written about before the Left Wing are now at a cross roads. They have been forced to choose between the LGBT  community and the Islamic community. They have chosen Islam. This is shocking. It is a total betrayal of all that they stand for. The very people that historically they have protected they are now throwing to the wolves.

This is a historic moment. The wilful blindness to all that Islam stands for is incomprehensible. Once Sweden becomes an Islamic caliphate all the groups that the Left wing have traditionally represented will be thrown under the bus. They will have helped Islam achieve the Nanny State that they have always dreamed of but it will be a Nanny State under Sharia law.

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Rushdie on Islam: ‘We have learned the wrong lessons’

Salman Rushdie, one of the first victims of Islamic attempts to destroy freedom of speech speaks about the wrong lessons we have learned in combating Islam.

Salman Rushdie believes that if The Satanic Verses had been published today, the members of the literary elite who rounded on Charlie Hebdo in the wake of the French satirical magazine winning a PEN prize for courage would not have defended him.

In an interview with the French magazine L’Express, the novelist said that “it seems we have learned the wrong lessons” from the experience of The Satanic Verses, which saw a fatwa issued against him by Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989, sending him into hiding. “Instead of realising that we need to oppose these attacks on freedom of expression, we thought that we need to placate them with compromise and renunciation,” he said.

Speaking about the decision by PEN’s American branch to award Charlie Hebdo with a freedom of expression courage award in May, which led to more than 200 writers putting their names to a letter protesting the decision for valorising “material that intensifies the anti-Islamic, anti-Maghreb, anti-Arab sentiments already prevalent in the western world”, Rushdie said the conflict had left “deep divisions” in the literary world. He would never have imagined that writers such as Michael Ondaatje, Peter Carey and Junot Díaz “would have taken this attitude”, and he had written to one of the key dissenters, Teju Cole, about the situation, he revealed.    Read more »

Swedish left wing outraged over gay pride parade that wants to march through Muslim areas

This is so totally awesome…really it is.

The cultural left in Sweden is in a state of confusion after a right wing nationalist group organised a gay pride march through a Muslim neighbourhood.

Jan Sjunnesson, former editor-in-chief of Samtiden, the newspaper of the right wing Sweden Democrats, is organising Pride Järva – which he says will feature men kissing – to go through the Stockholm districts of Tensta and Husby. According to some estimates, these areas are up to 75 per cent Muslim.

Organisers said there was no dress code, adding: “You could take the opportunity to tan your belly and legs in the sunny weather.”

However, angry left wing and gay rights activists have taken to Facebook, denouncing the planned pride march as “right wing”, “xenophobic” and “pure racism”.

A counter-demonstration is now planned, with organisers claiming Järva Pride “pits two oppressed groups against one another.”   Read more »


Why is the new Policewoman’s religion relevant to the story?

In the below article the woman’s ethnic background and ability to speak Hindi is relevant to the story as the point of diversity is that she will be able to translate for people who speak Hindi and her ethnic (Fijian Indian) background will help people from a similar background relate to her.

I have seen these kind of articles before about new policemen and women from other ethnic backgrounds who are held up as an example of diversity in the police force to match the diversity in the community. Not once however have I ever seen a police person’s religion brought up. Religion has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. I challenge readers to find a similar report where they talk about a cop being a Catholic, a Jehovah’s Witness, a Seventh Day Adventist or a Hare Krishna and how that will help them to relate to people from that religion in the community.

The headline screams..

‘Muslim policewoman now living the dream’ not  ‘Fijian born Indian policewoman living the dream.’

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Muhammad up close and personal

We learn about the life of Jesus from the Bible and we learn about the life of Muhammad from the Qu’ran, the Hadith and the Sira.

Muslims believe the Qur’an was verbally revealed by God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibril),[3][4] gradually over a period of approximately 23 years, beginning on 22 December 609 CE,[5] when Muhammad was 40, and concluding in 632, the year of his death.


So what does the Qu’ran tell us about Muhammad?

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More on John Key celebrating the end of Ramadan




Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 9.32.42 AM

John Key has hosted a celebration for the end of Ramadan. His supporters on Facebook say that this is normal and he has hosted other religious events so it is no big deal. I admit that my knee jerk reaction to hearing about it was this is appeasement and sucking up to an ideology in the hope that they will not bring Islamic terrorism to our country.

Mark Van Boxel had the same knee jerk reaction as me commenting that..

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Face of the day

Yellow-necked Mouse (Apodemus flavicollis) juvenile

Yellow-necked Mouse (Apodemus flavicollis) juvenile

Today’s face of the day has friends who are totally shocked that such a nice mouse could do such a thing. The people who were interviewed at the mosque he attended said that he attended irregularly and must have picked up his extremism elsewhere.

A stampede at a mosque in which 80 people were injured was caused when a woman spotted a mouse, officials say.

The rush happened in Casablanca’s Hassan II mosque during Monday evening prayers when a mouse scurried over a woman’s foot, prompting her and others to scream.Dozens of women then panicked and ran out of the mosque, eye witnesses report.

The men, who traditionally worship in another part of the mosque, overheard the screaming joined the rush to get out, fearing a terror attack.

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Lessons learned from Reclaim Australia

Screen shot 2015-07-19 at 8.09.46 AM

Screenshot -Reclaim Australia Facebook

I have learned one very big lesson from the Reclaim Australia rallies this weekend. Protesting is what Left wingers do best, it is their preferred mode of communication. The elderly and Mum and Dad protestors wanting to protest peacefully at a permitted rally are no match for young left wing  protestors willing to hide their faces with scarves and be violent.

The permit was for Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front but the counter protest that was not permitted had much larger numbers. One thing left wingers are great at is using social media to organise a self righteous mob with the sole intention of intimidating and shutting down another groups right to peacefully gather and make speeches.

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Face of the day


George Christensen is the National party MP for Dawson.

Today’s face of the day is George Christensen  an Australian federal politician who represents the seat of Dawson for the Liberal National Party of Queensland. Rallies are being held all around Australia this weekend by the Reclaim Australia Movement and the United Patriots Front. George Christensen was invited to attend the rally and is going despite being attacked and intimidated for accepting the invitation.

My acceptance of an invitation to speak at a Reclaim Australia rally in my home town of Mackay this weekend has obviously upset some of those who lean to the left.

In typical keyboard warrior fashion, a petition hit the stratosphere almost instantly urging Tony Abbott, the prime minister, to stop me from attending this rally.
My response to such a pathetic attempt at intimidation? Hell will freeze over first.

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