The shocking law in Victoria Australia that no Media will talk about.


On a facebook page called Pollie Watch Victoria I came across the below screenshot taken by Mark Cory.

Apparently it is screenshot of an amendment to the crimes act put forward by a sitting member in order to to legalise sex with children as young as 12 by inserting a loophole. According to the page these amendments have so far passed through both houses with zero scrutiny as no questions have been asked.

If this is true then this is a shocking scoop and it is very surprising that the story has not yet made the Mainstream Media.

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We elect our traitors – does that make it feel any better?

When you remember that every refugee who gets official status also gets the right to reunification with the rest of the family, the question of Germany becoming New Syria and Europe converting into New Pakistan becomes just a question of time, and a pretty short time besides.
A man does not leave his wife and children “in the hands of a ruthless enemy” and runs away; if he does, then there is another name for him, and this name is neither “a man” nor “a refugee”. Could these strong young guys could not find their side in the fight or not find weapons to defend their country and their families? Come on, there are eight factions in Syria, and they are all are armed to their teeth.

Just three years ago Angela Merkel solemnly declared that the policy of multiculturalism failed. The theory was great, harmonic, liberal, humanistic… But in practice, it failed.

What facts or circumstances made European leaders make a round about turn and start calling all European countries to open their doors, borders and wallets for millions of immigrants from Africa and Middle East?

[Bringing with them their adamantine unshakable notion of what culture is, and their fixed belief that theirs is superior to the culture of the host.] Read more »

Face of the day

Eva Brunne Bishop of Stockholm

Eva Brunne
Bishop of Stockholm “World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space,”

Today’s face of the day is one of those people who make you want to bang your head against a wall. She has taken the Christian habit of turning the other other cheek and turned it into an art form. She is Sweden’s first openly gay bishop and she wants to appease an ideology that punishes homosexuality with death. She wants to take down the symbols of Christianity to appease an ideology that massacres Christians.Not only that but she wants to make room in a Christian building for Muslims to practice their supremacist and Infidel and Kafir hating ways. Her naivety is terrifying. This is Sweden the rape capital of the world. How could she not notice what Islamic immigration has brought to her country?Does she really think that appeasement will save her and her church?

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Yes it’s satire but

Yes it is satire after the break but in real life Australian PM Malcom Turnbull did say this….

“It is a shocking crime. It was a cold-blooded murder, targeting the NSW Police Service,” Mr Turnbull said.

…“It is also important that to remember that the Australian Muslim community will be especially appalled and shocked by this.

“As Commissioner Scipione and the Premier have noted, we must not vilify or blame the entire Muslim community with the actions of what is, in truth, a very, very small percentage of violent extremist individuals.

“The Muslim community are our absolutely necessary partners in combating this type of violent extremism.”

And Opposition leader Bill Shorten did say this…


With both Australian leaders so sympathetic towards the very ideology that is responsible for terrorism in Australia you have to ask, just how close to the truth is the below satire?

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Face of the day


Today’s face of the day has given the politically correct on campus the metaphorical finger.Unlike the malleable and easily led younger university students Caroline Powell is a mature and more worldly wise 39 year old who knows discrimination and double standards when she sees it and is not afraid to stand up and be counted.

A student asked not to wear her cap in Bromley College says she won’t agree unless Muslim women remove their headdresses as well.

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Think you are entitled to your opinion? Think again.

Did you ever think you would see the day when Social Media would label disagreement with someone else’s opinion  as abusive and harassing behaviour?

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 10.11.46 am


…The chilling language was discovered just days after top feminists went before the United Nations and called on the global body to pressure governments to censor content critical of radical feminism.

Twitter’s official page for reporting harassment and abuse gives users a number of options that characterize the nature of the “abuse”.

One of the options is Twitter posts that are, “Offensive, disrespectful or in disagreement with my opinion.”

Users are then invited to provide the user ID of the account holder they are reporting, as well as further evidence of such “abuse”.

Obviously, the notion that merely disagreeing with someone’s opinion constitutes an act of “abuse” or “harassment” is completely anathema to free speech. The mere fact that this option exists should set alarm bells ringing for those who have warned of an authoritarian purge that threatens to silence voices of dissent on social media.

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Another “lone wolf attack” in Australia…but it isn’t Islam…oh no…not Islam at all

There has been another “lone wolf” attack in Australia, this time against Police:

NSW Police have confirmed that a 15-year-old boy was the lone gunman who shot dead a police employee outside the state’s headquarters in Sydney’s west.

The teenager shouted religious slogans before firing one shot in the back of the head of a police finance worker as the employee was heading home on Friday afternoon.

The police employee has been named as Curtis Cheng, a 17-year veteran of the police force. Police say the shooter is of Iraqi-Kurdish background and was born in Iran.

“We believe that his actions were politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism,” NSW police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione told reporters in Sydney.
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“Islam is the only religion that’s at the moment positively dangerous”

New Zealand is in such a wonderful position, still, where we can escape this fate.

But not if we continue to be blind to Muslim immigration.  Richard Dawkins at least is prepared to say it how it is.

Evolutionary biologist and writer Richard Dawkins says he suspects religion is “dying” in New Zealand and that’s a good thing for science and education.

“…Science is advancing all time and religion is not, and religion is slowly dying,” Professor Dawkins told TV3 show The Nation today.

“It’s dying much faster in some countries than others. It’s dying very fast in western and northern Europe, I suspect in New Zealand as well.”

Prof Dawkins said human understanding of science, and of phenomena such as evolution, improved when religious groups were less influential.    Read more »


What does sport, gender reassignment and Islam have in common?

Getty / via The Telegraph

Getty / via The Telegraph

Eight of Iran’s women’s football team are actually men awaiting sex change operations, it has been claimed.

The country’s football association was accused of being “unethical” for knowingly fielding eight men in its women’s team.

Mojtabi Sharifi, an official close to the Iranian league, told an Iranian news website: “[Eight players] have been playing with Iran’s female team without completing sex change operations.” Read more »


Face of the day

Carla Whitlock

“One of acid attack fugitive brothers ‘was already on the run from police for another crime,’” by Patrick Hill, Mirror, September 26, 2015

Today’s face of the day is the face of Britain when English culture and Islamic ideology colide. Carla was not disfigured by a race or a culture. She was disfigured by a new convert of an ideology that we are repeatedly told is a religion of peace. An ideology where honour killings and acid attacks amongst other horrors is as common as female genital mutilation. Islam has nothing to offer the Western world besides subjugation and misery.

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