I believe him but New Zealand’s Immigration and Protection Tribunal do not

The problem with progressives is that they have drunk the Halal Kool-aid. They really believe that Islam is just another religion. Muslim activists inside the West have been very successful at convincing Liberal feminists to turn a blind eye to the inequality and separatism between the genders. They have even convinced them that the hijab is a symbol of feminism and that even the full face mask is a woman’s fashion choice rather than a symbol of oppression.They have convinced western Gay Activists to defend them despite homosexuality being punished with imprisonment, flogging and execution in Muslim countries.

In New Zealand, a Muslim man has been unable to convince the Immigration and Protection Tribunal that he will be punished for being in a relationship with a non-Muslim woman if he is sent back home to Bangladesh.His evidence was described as being “vague, mobile and implausible.” While acknowledging that there is Islamic extremism in Bangladesh the tribunal thought it unlikely that he would be a target of it despite his haram tattoo. While it is quite possible that the man was unable to provide concrete evidence of the threat towards him I wonder how many Muslim women murdered by family in so-called honor killings would have been able to provide hard evidence before they were killed? In fact, families often lie to the woman to make her think that all is forgiven so that they can lure her back.

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The enemy of Islam is Information

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?


Gang rape by migrants are so common that this one only gets attention because she is in a wheelchair

It happens over and over again. They know the truth in Sweden, in Germany, in France and in Austria. They know that Rape culture really does exist. A culture where men are taught to have no respect for women and who consider rape of women and children acceptable in a ” sexual emergency.


A DISABLED woman was gang raped in a Swedish refugee centre after asking to use the toilet, sparking violent protests.

The victim had shared a taxi home with a man after going for dinner in a restaurant in Visby, Sweden, when she said she needed to use the toilet.

Believed to be in her thirties, the woman was then offered to use the one at her fellow passenger’s home.

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Hard-core Socialist leader admits that his country has a problem with Islam

 It takes an awful lot to open a Socialist’s eyes because they prefer to see the world as they want it to be rather than as it is. Despite that tendency President Hollande in France has shocked the media making comments more shocking to them than Trump’s ” You have got to grab them by the pussy. ”

French president Francois Hollande has admitted the country ‘has a problem with Islam’ and warned France’s national symbol will one day be a woman in a burka.

Hollande also branded ethnic minority football stars as ‘guys from the estates, without references, without values, who leave France too early’, it emerged today.

The words were all part of a more general attack on people from Muslim backgrounds whom the Socialist Mr Hollande views as a major difficulty for his country.

French president Francois Hollande has admitted the country 'has a problem with Islam' and warned France's national symbol will one day by a woman in a burka

In explosive revelations made by investigative journalists, the Socialist Mr Hollande emerges as every bit as right wing as his hated opponents from the National Front and Republican parties.

The media have shown their true colours with that statement. It is clear that ANYONE who dares to name the elephant in the room will be smeared as right-wing even if they are a Socialist President. Clearly being Socialist and left-wing comes with an expectation of blindness, deafness and intellectual impairment. Socialists are not allowed  to recognise that not all cultures are equal. Socialists are not allowed to admit that one culture is well on its way to destroying and dominating the culture that took it in with loving arms.

…But his hypocrisy has now been exposed by authors Gerard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme,

…He reveals that he no longer supports mass immigration, saying ‘I think there are too many arrivals,’ and says: ‘It’s true there’s a problem with Islam, it’s true. It’s not in doubt.’

Mr Hollande says of Marianne, the mythical female symbol of the French Republic: ‘The veiled woman of today will be the Marianne tomorrow.’

The kind of left-wing leadership that the French Media want is the kind of leadership shown in this video. They want a leader who in the face of disaster stays in denial right up until the very end.



No wonder the Poms voted for Brexit, now they aren’t supposed to mention the religion of bad terrorist wogs

The EU is trying to silence and censor British media:

European human rights chiefs have told the British press it must not report when terrorists are Muslim.

The recommendations came as part of a list of 23 meddling demands to Theresa May’s government on how to run the media in an alarming  threat to freedom speech.

The report, drawn up by the Council of Europe’s human rights watchdog, blamed the recent increase in hate crimes and racism in the UK on the ‘worrying examples of intolerance and hate speech in the newspapers, online and even among politicians’, although the research was done before the EU referendum campaign had even begun.

The suggestions sent to Downing Street urging the UK Government to reform criminal law and freedom of the press and in a brutal criticism of the British press, the report recommends ministers ‘give more rigorous training’ to journalists.

But UK ministers firmly rebutted the remarkable demands, telling the body: ‘The Government is committed to a free and open press and does not interfere with what the press does and does not publish, as long as the press abides by the law.’

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The UKs most hated word is not fit for publication

When words like ' Islam' topped the rankings in the United Kingdom, the organizers were forced to call off the #OneWordMap initiative.

According to its blog, despite thousands of people taking part, Oxford Dictionaries was forced to axe its #OneWordMap initiative due to ‘severe misuse. (Photo: Pixabay)


The Oxford Dictionary ran a campaign in the UK to find out which English word was most hated. The politically correct did not like what they found out so the campaign was abruptly cancelled. As always when people try to hide the truth there will be a backlash to get the truth out. I think we in New Zealand should be aware of what this hated word is. We should not only know what it is we should ask searching questions about why it is that this word has inspired so much hatred. I am glad that the word that is hated is not personal and does not refer to an individual. This hatred is not directed at people but at the ideas and laws that this word represents.

If you want to find out what this word is that was so hated and politically incorrect that the campaign was halted, click read more.

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Australian Muslim Activist decided to prove that the poll results were wrong

I wrote recently about a poll in Australia where the question was posed, “Do you support banning Muslim Immigration?”. The not surprising result (given what has been happening in Australia) was that 49% Australians said ” Yes.” Like with Brexit a lot of Lefties were not happy with the result of the poll and blamed the result on the fact that only 1,000 people were polled. A second poll was taken but it got exactly the same result.

What’s happened next was fascinating. Mariam Veiszadeh, of “Islamaphobia Register of Australia” infamy, refused to believe the results so commissioned her own poll on Twitter. She proposed exactly the same question and more than 40,000 people have responded to the poll.

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Where is the concept of forgiveness in Islam?


A Jordanian writer has been shot dead outside court where he was due to face charges for sharing a caricature on social media that was seen as insulting Islam.

The gunman was arrested at the scene, state news agency Petra said. A security source said he was a 39-year-old Muslim preacher in a mosque in the capital.

Writer Nahed Hattar, a Christian and an anti-Islamist activist was arrested last month after he shared a caricature that depicted a bearded man in heaven smoking in bed with women and asking God to bring him wine and cashews.

In the cartoon, the man also asks God to clear his dishes and put a door on his tent and knock before entering. Read more »

Muslim Activist calls Lesbian Jew out on her ignorance of Sharia law

Some Mothers do Ave Em

Some Mothers do Ave Em

Sally Kohn: Liberal political commentator

Sally Kohn: Liberal political commentator

I would describe Sally Kohn as a well-meaning but ignorant liberal political commentator.  She reminds me of a line in the TV show,” Some mothers do Ave Em.”  One character asks the mother of the main character Frank Spencer, “What would happen if you gave someone who was not very clever, lots of praise and confidence in themselves?”  The audience, of course, knows exactly what happens, because that is exactly what Frank Spencer’s mother has done.

In the case of Sally Kohn  she has not only convinced herself that she knows what she is talking about, she has convinced mainstream media as well. Liberal Media are eager to have a lesbian Jew on their show because she has the right kinds of opinions. Unfortunately what she lacks, are the facts to back up her opinions about Sharia law. On paper, she looks really good as she is an American lawyer.

Political commentator Sally Kohn has made several statements regarding sharia law, which were not only offensive but dangerous. In using her voice to propagate this liberal apologist position, she is doing a great disservice to progressive reform-minded Muslims like myself. Her words are an affront to me, a female Muslim activist, as I have made it my life’s mission to educate others on this topic and to wrestle back my religion from the clutches of extremists who wish to make sharia the law of the land. And I would be happy to debate her on this topic.

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