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Today’s face of the day is a young sufferer of Leukemia, a cancer that will no longer be a guaranteed death sentence thanks to the Israelis.

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McCully is a disgrace, not fit to hold a ministerial warrant any longer


Murray McCully has become a disgrace, well, more of a disgrace than he has been in the past.

He has become an Arab apologist and anti-Israel mouthpiece with no respect whatsoever for Israel.

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Murray McCully has fronted Auckland’s Jewish community criticising Israel’s policies in its region.

Speaking at the Auckland Hebrew Congregation, “Peace in the Middle East” McCully placed a great deal of the blame for the lack of progress in the plans for peace on Israel’s settlements policy according to reports received today.

McCully refused to accept that attacks by Palestinians on Israelis were acts of terrorism…saying that Israelis and others could call them terrorism but he would not. At the function organised by the New Zealand Zionist Federation the Foreign Minister said that New Zealand had contributed to a mine-clearing operation on the West Bank the aim of which was to clear land for Palestinian agriculture. He told the audience that after the area had been cleared Israel took a portion of it to build a road denying   the Palestinians the right to use that strip for farming…an action which displeased the New Zealand government.

McCully appealed to the Jewish community to contacts friends and family in Israel to seek their cooperation in persuading Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “to cease his settlement activity”.

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BSA says Jerusalem is not in Israel any more and news organisations must report this new fact

Is Jerusalem in Israel?

Well no, according to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Honest Reporting explains:

ONE News New Zealand aired a broadcast in October concerning the wave of Palestinian terrorism in Israel. Setting the scene, the correspondent stated:

Road blocks are in place and thousands of police and soldiers are patrolling across Israel as it tries to stop a wave of violence. In the latest attack, a Palestinian stabbed a 70 year old woman before he was shot dead.

The report than showed video footage of a terrorist being shot next to the Damascus Gate of the Old City. The caption on the video read “Jerusalem.”

The broadcast sparked a complaint to the BSA by the Wellington Palestine Group. It believed that viewers would be confused into thinking that the scene of the incident and, in fact, the whole city of Jerusalem might actually be located in Israel.    Read more »

Face of the day


PHOTO-facebook Nadiya

Today’s face of the day is Nadiya. The words below are hers.

“Today we celebrate Israel’s 68th birthday. As a Muslim American, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you, Israel, for providing safety to my Jewish relatives who fled the Soviet Union’s antisemitism. Thank you, Israel, for providing me with my emergency asthma inhaler, which has saved my life many times. Thank you, Israel, for providing the world with countless innovative technologies that we use daily.

Thank you, Israel, for providing an eternal home to all the world’s Jews. Thank you, Israel, for being the only democracy in the Middle East.
Thank you, Israel, for standing firm in the face of violent hatred and incitement. Thank you, Israel, for flying your flag proudly for 68 years. Thank you, Israel, for inspiring me to stand up against antisemitism in the Muslim community. I stand with you, now and forever. Am Yisrael Chai!
Attached is a picture of me from the Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration at my university. From, Nadiya.”


Calling out Corbyn over anti-Semitism

As predicted, with revelations of Jerney Corbyn’s own anti-Semitism, there are now calls for Jeremy Corbyn to denounce his ‘friends’, as he calls them, in Hamas and Hezbollah.

Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah ahead of the local elections next week as members of his inner circle were accused of “vilifying” Jews.

The Labour leader, who has previously called the controversial groups “friends” has launched an inquiry into antisemitism after he was forced to suspend MP Naz Shah and former Mayor Ken Livingstone last week.

Mr Corbyn faces growing pressure from his own MPs amid rumours of a coup to remove him from office if the party does badly in the local elections.

Last week the Labour leader claimed his party does not have a problem with antisemitism and today Diane Abbott, a close ally, warned it is a “smear” to say the party has an issue with anti-Jewish remarks.

It came as Len McCluskey, boss of the union Unite, said the anti-Semitism row has been whipped up in a bid to oust Mr Corbyn.

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This is the guy inquiring into anti-Semitism in the Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn has initiated an inquiry into anti-Semitism in the Labour party.

He has his own anti-Semitism problems.   Read more »

Shhh…don’t tell anyone but Gerry Brownlee is in Israel

Gerry Brownlee in Israel

Gerry Brownlee travelled to Israel after his visit to Iraq. He’s also tried to keep it very quiet, with it not even being reported in NZ media.

Pity, he went for a visit with ‘Bogie’ Ya’alon though and the Israelis know how to use Facebook.   Read more »

A good question: Is Rachel Smalley above criticism?

Shalom.Kiwi writes:

Rachel Smalley is a New Zealand journalist and broadcaster who presents a regular morning radio show on Newstalk ZB and writes for the NZ Herald. In 2014 a complaint against her was upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority over an opinion piece about the Israel/Gaza conflict that contained substantive inaccuracies.

Apparently wounded by the censure she received in 2014, she has used the Naz Shah anti-Semitism scandal in the UK to illustrate what she sees as a wider problem of the censorship of criticism of Israel, in an opinion piece titled “Is Israel above criticism?”.

As she puts it:

Why is it that a criticism of Israel is so often viewed as a criticism of the Jewish faith? You can criticise any government in the world, any regime, and state, and it goes unnoticed – except Israel. You cannot criticise Israel without being attacked for it.”Rachel Smalley

It’s a common complaint, that you can’t criticise Israel for fear of being labelled anti-Semitic. Except that it’s just not true. There is plenty of criticism of Israel, from Israeli citizens and people around the world. Much of the criticism is legitimate and necessary for a flourishing democracy. As a journalist who has been censured by the Broadcasting Standards Authority, Smalley should understand there is a line between what is legitimate and honest and what is not.

It seems Smalley is confused. The example Smalley produced – of outrage provoked by a Facebook post shared by UK Labour MP Naz Shah advocating the deportation of Jews from Israel to America along with the words “problem solved” – was not mere criticism of Israel, it was pure anti-Semitism. How else to describe the expressed desire to ethnically cleanse the Middle East of Jews? Not only was it uncomfortably reminiscent of other “solutions” to the “Jewish question”, it also denied the ancient and enduring connection of the Jewish People to the land of Israel. Jewish peoplehood, as opposed to the misconceived idea of Jews as a faith group only, is a concept apparently unknown to Rachel Smalley.    Read more »

Rachel Smalley doesn’t understand the most fundamental concepts

Whaleoil faithful Isherman writes:

Rachel Smalley is having a little cry this morning over the UK Labour MP Naz Shah being stood down, over posting comments that the State of Isreal should be moved into and inside the US…”problem solved”, as she says. Of course, this type of sentiment has become all too common in the Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn, and they have been forced to act.

But Rachel thinks this amounts to shutting down of any criticism (legitimate or otherwise) of Israel, and that any criticism of Israel is automatically equated with anti-Semitism. She says…”Israel is a country it seems, that is above criticism”.

Hardly Rachel, you will find, if you take your blinkers off for a moment, it’s probably the most criticised country anywhere. But worse that that, she is apparently ignorant of the country itself.

“Is it because in New Zealand, we live in a secular state, so to us State and religion don’t go hand in hand”

Newsflash deary…Israel is a secular state…always has been. Read more »

Andrew Little attracts Jew haters to his social media page

It appears Andrew Little has lost more support due to visiting a Jewish Community Centre.

After Mr Little posted about his visit to the Jewish Community Centre in Auckland this week it prompted a spate of other Facebook users to comment, including one who said “they didn’t learn much from the Holocaust in the way they’re treating Palestinians … shame on them”.

When another user challenged whether all Jewish people should be blamed for Israel’s actions, the first replied “death to them all” followed by an obscenity.

The comments have been slated by Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy and have since been deleted by Labour, which says in a comment below the post: “We condemn the anti-semitic comments posted on this photo and are actively removing any hateful comments.”

Mr Little said as soon as his staff became aware of it, they began to remove the comments.

They would continue to monitor the page. “We do not tolerate hate speech.”

Labour’s move to remove the comments was also criticised on his page – one person wrote, “if anyone sides with Palestine you delete it? Gutless racist National lite”.

Although I’d love to get stuck into Andrew Little at any opportunity, this is really about the feral underclass that inhabits the Internet.   Read more »