Hamas get military weapons ideas from Iran and North Korea


It is well known that Iran supplies Hamas with weapons, but it appears that they are also sharing weapons technology and designs with the North Koreans.

Hamas claimed recently it has created its own tank, repurposing parts of another tank captured from Israel Defense Forces two years ago

The vehicle was put on public display during a parade last week at the funeral of seven Hamas members, killed during a tunnel collapse near the Israeli border.

A Hamas leader told the assembled crowd: “The Tufah neighbourhood (in Gaza) has a long story with enemy tanks, and therefore, we are preparing ourselves for the day we shall meet those tanks … Let the locally-produced vehicle move forward.”    Read more »

Those cunning Israelis, now they are training vultures to spy for them


You have to say the average Arab appears to be completely retarded.

A vulture that flew in Lebanon has been accused of spying.

The vulture flew into the Lebanese village of Bint Jbeil, near a nature reserve in Israel’s Golan Heights, where it was caught by locals who were suspicious because it has Israeli tags, CNN has reported.

Locals who spotted the bird noticed it had a transmitter and a metal ring with Israeli makings. The metal ring on the bird’s leg indicated it was from Tel Aviv University.   Read more »


How dare those Israelis support gay rights

The poor Israelis can’t do anything right. The  “progressive left” criticise everything they do, even when it totally agrees with progressive-left values. They have demonised the Israelis so much that they appear incapable of acknowledging anything good that they do.

At a gay rights conference Friday dedicated to advancing and supporting “allied movements for justice and equality,” hundreds of demonstrators showed up to obstruct a Jewish reception hosted by an organization that builds connections between LGBTQ communities in North America and Israel.

…protestors filled the hallway holding signs that read “Cant Pinkwash away your guilt” and “Pinkwashing isn’t pretty.”
The term “pinkwashing” is used to suggest that Israel promotes its tolerance of and protections for LGBTQ individuals as a way to downplay or obscure its treatment of Palestinians.

They choose to ignore the fact that many gay Palestinians have fled Palestine for the safety and acceptance of Israel. I challenge the same activists to call Palestine out for its abuse of gay Palestinian men and women.  It seems that all gay activists are equal but some are more equal than others.


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Palestinians tell their kids to kill but world outraged at Israelis who defend themselves

What was the security guard supposed to do when he was attacked by a knife wielding Palestinian who happened to be 13?

I’d shoot too.

A 13-year-old Palestinian girl was shot dead on Saturday by an Israeli security guard she tried to stab at a settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Israeli police said.

Hours later, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas came out against Palestinian groups he said were encouraging youth to take part in an almost four-month long surge of violence with Israel which has raised concern of wider escalation a decade after the last Palestinian uprising subsided.

Finally, Abbas has come out against Palestinian terror attacks…but note, only if they involve children.

The fatal incident on Saturday followed two stabbings this week inside settlements carried out by Palestinian teenagers, according to Israeli authorities.

“There are people who want them to go, this is not acceptable. This is a generation we want to build. They send him (youths) there to be wounded or killed,” Abbas told reporters in Ramallah.

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Face of the day

Farhana Rahman

Farhana Rahman

Today’s face of the day, Farhana Rahman, is a young Muslim woman from New York. Recently she posted a Facebook status about Israel and its citizens after she returned from her second trip there.

Muslim me went to the heart of Israel, and exploded- with emotions. And with sentiment.

Because everyone loved me. Everyone went out of their way to love me. No one could dare say that my online friends in Israel aren’t real friends. Because yes they are. It’s insulting for me to even refer to them as my friends. It is also insulting for me to refer to them as my family. They are a part of me. My lifeblood. They collectively transformed me into a much better version of myself.

Many wonderful people traveled far and wide to see me. I didn’t want to bother anyone by asking for their time in my last-minute trip, but that didn’t stop them. They put their workloads and beautiful families aside, and came to see me and spend time with me in all crazy hours. I ended up falling for each of them even more than before, because they were all genuinely delighted over the fact that I was there. Probably even more delighted than I was.

I don’t use the term ‘friendship’ lightly. I know I am saying it a lot here. I am far from popular, that’s for sure. But here’s how the culture in Israel works: If people know you, they love you. Well, you obviously have to be a good person. But anyway, everyone lifts everyone else up. You know those stereotypes of Jews only helping Jews and that’s why they are all successful and blah blah? Well I am solid proof that they wholeheartedly help people outside of the tribe as well.

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The unacknowledged Angels of Syria are the last people you would expect

There is a country that has done much to help Syrian refugees that we hear nothing about. They have provided practical and non judgemental help. You will never learn what they do from the Media so here is what Syrian man, Aboud Dandach had to say about how they helped Syrian refugees.

Dandach writes, “At a time when numerous countries in the Arab world and Europe have turned away those fleeing the conflict in Syria, Israeli and Jewish organizations and NGOs have, often at great risk to themselves, been at the forefront of efforts to provide assistance to Syrians. In a world where the refugee issue has been exploited by opportunistic political parties in Europe and the United States, Jewish groups have offered assistance to Syrians in need unreservedly and with no expectations of any manner of reciprocation.

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Record numbers of Jews are fleeing Europe

Europe is no longer a safe place for Jews, and record numbers are fleeing as Islamic immigration increases tensions and anti-semitism.

With the rise of Islam, so too has anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic attacks spiked worldwide, and particularly in Europe. It comes as no surprise then that a new report shows that immigration to Israel, otherwise known as “Aliyah,” among European Jews is at all all-time high.

TruthRevolt previously reportedly the fact that Jews are fleeing France in record-numbers, but the Jewish Agency indicates that while French-Jewish migration remains the highest of all others, the UK, Italy and Belgium are also seeing record migration levels of its Jewish citizens to Israel.

The Jewish Agency, which works closely with the Israeli government and acts as a link to Jews around the world, told The Associated Press that 9,880 western European Jews immigrated to Israel in 2015 — the highest annual number ever. The figure is more than 10 percent over the previous year and over double the 2013 level.   Read more »

Malaysia won’t be punished for excluding Israel from sailing event

Windsurfer Noy Drihan. (photo credit:AMIT SHISEL/ISA)

Windsurfer Noy Drihan. (photo credit:AMIT SHISEL/ISA)

What are the point of rules and regulations when people simply ignore them and suffer no sanctions?

That is the position now that World Sailing has refused action against Malaysia for their anti-semitic blocking of Israeli sailors competing.

World Sailing has declined to punish the Malaysian Sailing Federation after two Israeli athletes withdrew from last month’s Youth World Championship due to conditions imposed by government authorities.

World Sailing says an investigation found that requirements by the Malaysian government breached World Sailing’s “no-discrimination” regulations.   Read more »

Don’t you just love the left-wing?

The left-wing will throw anyone under a bus if it suits their long-term political agenda…even help arrange for the torture and death of people.

In Israel two prominent Israeli left-wingers have been busted entrapping Palestinians selling land to Israelis and dobbing them in to the Palestinian Authority.

Key activists in two of Israel’s best-known left wing NGOs were caught on camera admitting that they entrapped Palestinians interested in selling land to Israelis and then reported them to the Palestinian Authority, despite knowing that these Palestinians faced near-certain torture or murder at the hands of the PA’s secret police.

The story was first reported yesterday by Uvda, a prestigious Israeli television news magazine that is the local equivalent of 60 Minutes. The two activists are Nasser Nawaja, a Palestinian and a prominent field researcher for the human rights group B’Tselem, and Ezra Nawi, a Jewish resident of Jerusalem and a key figure in the pro-Palestinian, pro-BDS group Ta’ayush. They were secretly recorded by members of another NGO, called Ad Kan, who then delivered the tape to Uvda’s reporter Omri Assenheim.

“He’s not the first to call me, he’s maybe the fourth,” Nawi bragged on tape, while speaking of a Palestinian real estate agent who contacted him with offers of land for sale to Israelis. “And right away I send their pictures and their phone numbers to the Palestinian security services.”   Read more »

There are several New Zealand journos I’d like to see demonstrate a stab-proof vest

I’d like to see several NZ journalists demonstrate a stab-proof vest like this Israeli reporter did.

This would probably rank high on the list in terms of bad days at work.

An Israeli reporter was accidentally stabbed on the job Wednesday while demonstrating a protective vest.   Read more »