Amnesty International: Hamas committed war crimes as well

No surprises here other than it is Amnesty International who has recognised that Hamas committed war crimes during last year’s Gaza war.

Amnesty International has published a damning report on Hamas’s conduct during last summer’s Gaza war, accusing it and other Palestinian armed groups of committing “war crimes” by firing rockets and mortars into Israel.

The report, released today, is the first by the human rights group to target Hamas after a series of publications accusing Israel of waging attacks that constituted war crimes.

Six civilians were killed in Israel by rocket and mortar attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza during the 50-day conflict in which 66 Israeli soldiers also died. Some 2,250 Palestinians were killed, at least 1,585 of them civilians, according to the United Nations.

Both sides must be held accountable, Amnesty says. “The violations by Palestinian groups, some of which are war crimes, do not in any way justify violations by Israeli forces; nor do Israeli violations justify those of Palestinian armed groups,” the report says.    Read more »

The UN…. UN-just, UN-acceptable, UN-accountable and UN-balanced.



All pretense of fairness and justice is gone at the UN as their political agenda is clear. They do not care about women’s rights, they only care about scoring political points. They should be disbanded as they are not fit for purpose unless their purpose was to provide high paid jobs for has been liberal politicians.

Any organisation that can make a claim this ridiculous and and claim it is a statement of fact cannot be taken seriously by any reasonable person.

What have they said?

They have named the country that is the number one violator of women’s rights in the world today.

Who do you think they chose? An Islamic country? Nope think again.

How about a country ruled by a dictator? Nope think again.

How about a communist country? A totalitarian state perhaps? Nope not even warm.

What about a democratic country where women have the vote and equal rights? Surely not….

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Bibi vs Obama, and how Obama lost Israel’s elections

Charles Krauthammer comments on Obama losing the Israeli elections and the petulance of Obama.

There was a big victory for Netanyahu personally and I think the reaction of the administration is now reaching levels where it has become unseemly, the pettiness and the petulance with which they are discussing the election. A presidential spokesman congratulates Israel on holding an election rather than, as did the prime minister of Canada, of the UK, congratulating the winner.

Look, it is clear that Obama loathes Netanyahu more than any other world leader meaning more than the Ayatollah in Iran or Putin in Russia. And he did everything he could to unseat him but he failed. I think the message here is this was an election between Bibi and Obama. That was on the ballot because Obama was essentially saying if you want to reconcile with the United States, if you want your ally behind you you are going to have to get rid of Bibi.   Read more »

I wonder if Obama and the Liberal media will get upset over this

When Benjamin Netanyahu supposed that there wouldn’t be any sort of solution to the Palestine issue while Fatah and Hamas refuse to recognise Israel as a sovereign nation and continue to wage war against civilians, you would have thought the sky was falling in.

I wonder what they are going to say about senior Fatah member stating that female suicide bombers were their role models.

Amal Hamad, a member of the Central Committee of President Abbas’ supposedly moderate Fatah Party, appeared on the official P.A. TV Station on March 8 to talk about the service of female suicide bombers. He intoned, “We must highlight these Palestinian role models, who were on the frontline of the confrontation with the Israeli occupation.”   Read more »

Face of the day

I had never even heard of today’s face of the day until a reader brought her to my attention. Unlike faux celebrities who are in the limelight because they are rude, like Natalia Kills and Willy Moon this amazing lady did amazing, life changing things in secret and most of us until today will have never have heard about her bravery and sacrifice.


Judy Feld Carr


Who is she? She is the woman who saved Syria’s Jews.

Over a 28 year period, Judy Feld Carr secretly brought to freedom 3,228 Jews prohibited from emigrating from Syria. Working with smugglers, bribing government officials, she removed most of that community from veritable bondage. In addition, she clandestinely smuggled out of that country, priceless ancient articles of Jewish worship.

Judy Feld Carr receiving the Presidential Award of Distinction of the State of Israel.

Judy Feld Carr receiving the Presidential Award of Distinction of the State of Israel.

Until the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and the Israeli Intelligence Organizations, publicly acclaimed her activities, the world, including the Jewish world, had no inkling of this Canadian Jewish woman’s covert life. She is the subject of a best selling Canadian book by historian, Dr. Harold Troper, “The Rescuer” now in its second edition. The rescue was the best-kept secret in the Jewish world.

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Did Bibi really renounce a two state solution?

The western liberal media and the Obama Administration have been attacking Benjamin Netanyahu because he supposedly renounced his previous support for a two state solution regarding Palestine.

But did he?

After spending much of the past five days bemoaning Benjamin Netanyahu’s “hard turn right” NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell finally asked Israeli Prime Minister about his supposed no two-state solution comment.  Bibi told Mitchell what those who actually read his statement already knew, “I never changed my policy or retracted my speech six years ago, calling for a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish State.” Despite what the Israeli Premier said, Mitchell kept clinging to her interpretation.

Mitchell began by going straight to the point:

MITCHELL: Congratulations on your victory. But — there’s always a but, critics and analysts here and around the world are saying at what cost? Your hard turn right on the Palestinian issue, what you said about the Arab voters coming out in droves they say are costing you, costing you support around the world.

NETANYAHU: Well, neither one is — the premises in your questions are wrong. I never changed my policy. I never retracted my speech at Bar Ilan University six years ago, calling for a demilitarized Palestinian State that recognizes the Jewish State. What has changed is the reality. Abu Mazen, the Palestinian leader, refuses to recognize the Jewish State and made a pact with Hamas that calls for destruction of Jewish State, and every territory that is vacated today in the Middle East is taken up by Islamist forces. We want that to change so we can realize a vision of real sustained real peace. I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution, but for that circumstances have to change.

Almost as if she didn’t hear what Netanyahu had just said (or didn’t care) Mitchell asked: Read more »

Obama comes out all postured over another country’s democratic elections

Obama has become all postured over another country’s democratic elections, threatening Israel because of comments made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the campaign.

What business is it of his to now be commenting on internal politics of another country.

Obama administration officials have been describing a weaker and colder relationship between the United States and the Jewish state in light of Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in Israel’s March 17 elections.

Netanyahu’s campaign rhetoric — his statements in the days leading up to the election against a two-state solution and his election day comments on Arab voters — particularly angered the administration, prompting officials to say they would examine its future steps.

On Netanyahu’s personal Facebook account on Tuesday, the prime minister warned Jewish citizens in a video, “Arab voters are coming in droves to the ballot boxes. Left-wing NGOs are bringing them in buses.”

Those election day comments drew ire at home and abroad, and White House spokesman Josh Earnest called the statements “deeply concerning” on Wednesday.

You don’t see Obama being deeply concerned over non-democratic nations like Saudi Arabia executing people…or other countries…but a democratic nation holding elections and getting a result you don;t agree with is somehow terrible? What did Obama ever say about Iran’s leader calling for death and destruction of Israel…that’s right, nothing…

“It is divisive and I can tell you that these are views the administration intends to communicate directly to the Israelis.” Earnest said. “It undermines the values and democratic ideals that have been important to our democracy and an important part of what binds the United States and Israel together.”   Read more »

Netanyahu and Likud triumph in Israeli elections, and boy is Obama pissed

Yet again the liberal media, instead of reporting facts, reported what they wanted to happen…and that for Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud to take a bath int he Israeli general election.

Unfortunately for them Israeli voters can see through their overt campaigning and returned Likud and Netanyahu.

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, shunned by the President of the United States and buffeted by an Israeli left willing to pull out all the stops to oust him, pulled off a shocking electoral upset. According to all three exit polls done by the major Israeli news channels, Netanyahu’s Likud Party either tied or beat the Zionist Union party, a coalition of Labor, led by Israel Herzog, and Hatnuah, led by Tzipi Livni.

More importantly, the various right-wing parties held a slight edge over the left-wing and Arab parties in Knesset, giving Netanyahu the best shot of forming an electoral coalition. According to the Jerusalem Post, “The two main possible coalitions are a national unity government of 77 or 78 seats or a right-wing government with 63-66.” Netanyahu tweeted, “Against all odds, a great victory for Likud. A major victory for the people of Israel!”   Read more »

Obama removes Hezbollah from terror list, whose side is this chump on?

The US Government has removed Hezbollah, and Iran from the international terror organisations list.

Hezbollah has more than 100,000 rockets in storage ready to use against Israel and is funded and controlled by Iran.

Breitbart reports:

The U.S. intelligence community’s Worldwide Threat Assessment removed Iran and its proxy Hezbollah from the list of terror threats to the United States.

The annual assessment of the intelligence community, which is released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, led by General James Clapper, backed away from years of precedent when the decision was made to remove Iran and Hezbollah from the terrorism threats list, The Times of Israel reports.

Outside of the politically correct verbiage and categorization issues (such as replacing the term “jihadist” with “violent extremist”), the report reveals that the intelligence community believes Tehran presents a persistent, significant threat to the United States.   Read more »

Israeli elections are harder to pick than a broken nose

Many pundits are making all sorts of extreme picks for Israel’s elections.

Their electoral system is difficult to come to grips with, but we must remove personality and politics and just look at the numbers.

FiveThirtyEight has provided perhaps the best assessment so far of the state of play in the Israeli elections.

There are two phases to the Israeli election that starts Tuesday. The first: electing some politicians. That’s the relatively easy part to forecast. The second: Figuring out who’s going to govern with whom.

That is what’s really hard to predict.

In the first phase, no party is likely to win a majority of the 120 seats in the Knesset, the country’s parliament. But the two main parties are still jostling to hold the most seats. Likud, the party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is in a tight race for the most seats against the Zionist Union, the center-left leading opposition party.

Based on a local regression of polls since January, it looks like the Zionist Union will win the most seats: about 25, to Likud’s 22. In the following table, we’ve placed confidence intervals around the individual party estimates1 based on poll performance in the prior two elections.


Predicting the voting may be the easier part, but it’s not easy. This year, Israeli law restricted polling as of the Thursday before the election, and no pollster could release results of new polls after Friday. That leaves any shifts in public opinion that occurs over the weekend in pollsters’ blind spot, especially because some parties and candidates save big ammunition for the final days before balloting. Just before the 2013 election, a video emerged in which a candidate for Bayit Yehudi, a right-wing religious party whose name means Jewish Home, speaks about the prospect of the mosque on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount being blown up. (Some people interpreted the remarks as support for the idea.) The resulting furor over what the candidate called a joke cost the party seats — including that candidate’s.

The major potentially vote-shifting news Monday was Netanyahu’s pledge to oppose establishment of a Palestinian state.

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