Jim Anderton

Selection results for National and Labour

Wayne Walford

Wayne Walford, National candidate for Napier

Three people won selection over this weekend. Two from National and one from Labour.

In Whangarei National selected Shane Reti ahead of incumbent scum List MP Paul Foster-Bell, showing that a strong local presence usually sees off a carpet-bagger pretending to have local roots.

The Herald profile for Shane Reti states:

He worked in general practice in Whangarei for 17 years, and was a member of the Northland District Health Board for seven years, before being awarded a Harkness Fellowship to Harvard, in 2007. …

In April this year Dr Reti was called on by the NZ Embassy in Boston to visit the city’s hospitals with NZ Honorary Consul Simon Leeming, to see if any of the dead or injured from the Boston Marathon terror blast were New Zealanders or Australians.

Dr Reti said he was to the right of centre in his political leanings, believing in strong fiscal responsibility. “But I also believe in a social safety net, so that makes me egalitarian. I also believe in reward for hard work, which makes me centre right,” he said.

In Napier National selected Wayne Walford to replace Chris Tremain’s sudden departure.

Walford is a former CEO of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce. He is currently a business mentor and trainer, and has an MBA from Waikato. He has a womble profile on Linkedin as well as a hippy pony-tail!

Amazing people and brilliant organisations have lead me to a point where working with people, empowering potential and adding value to organisations through people spin my wheels, and fast.  Read more »

Sorry, not buying the narrative as media attempt to beatify a leftwing tax-dodging ratbag

Many commentators, especially those of the left persuasion are framing the narrative that Matt McCarten is an organiser extraordinaire and will be able to “get out the vote”.

I think they are misguided. Even John Armstrong falls for this hooey:

One question is on everyone’s lips: is this move a “game-changer” for Labour?

McCarten’s campaign skills should help draw voters back to Labour in its metropolitan strongholds. The real test is whether his input can break National’s stranglehold on provincial New Zealand, as well as broaden Labour’s appeal among lower middle, middle and upper middle income earners.

Given the country’s present conservative disposition, the initial impact may be the reverse. Regardless, winning over those voters to Labour’s cause is likely to require him to compromise personal beliefs, something that has not been part of the McCarten fabric.

I think this is lazy commentary and accepting the framing without any credulity of the claims. The people I have spoken to over the years who go to the dark Alliance days tell me of a man who thought he was the supremo but who never actually delivered. Some of those old New Labour types will quietly be scoffing into their beers and wines and looking at the beatification of Matt McCarten with incredulous eyes. Read more »

Trotter’s Forlorn Hope


“The Devil’s Own” 88th Regiment at the Siege of Badajoz. Watercolour en grisaille by Richard Caton Woodville Jr. (1856-1927)

Chris Trotter writes an impassioned post about the ‘game changer’ appointment of Matt McCarten as Chief of Staff to David Cunliffe.

It reads more like a forlorn hope.

“MATT McCARTEN? CHIEF OF STAFF! SERIOUSLY?” How many times have those words been spoken in the past 48 hours? Sometimes with barely suppressed excitement; other times in barely suppressed fury; but most of the time in a tone of utter disbelief that the speaker made no attempt to suppress at all.

The New Zealand Left suddenly finds itself in the position of the dog who caught the car. For years, slagging off the Labour Party as a bunch of neoliberal sell-outs has been one of the Left’s favourite pub and parlour games. But now, with one of this country’s most effective left-wing campaigners just one door down from the Leader of the Labour Opposition, the Left, like the bewildered pooch for whom the fun was always in the chase, has finally got what it wanted and must decide what to do with it.

That bewilderment had better not last too long. Because unless David Cunliffe and Matt McCarten start talking with unprecedented clarity about what’s wrong with New Zealand, what changes need to be made, and how Labour proposes to make them, then the Right’s political narrative – that Labour under Cunliffe has executed a lunatic lurch to the extreme Left – will be the story that sticks.  Read more »

Apparently there was a by-election yesterday

As expected after holding the seat for nearly 100 years Labour has retained the Christchurch East seat in a by-election.

Labour has cruised to a comprehensive win in the Christchurch East by-election.

Former social worker Poto Williams, who moved to the area from Auckland only nine months ago, was regarded by some as a surprise pick to contest the seat for Labour but staged a strong campaign, spearheaded by former long-serving Christchurch MP Jim Anderton.  Read more »

Trotter on the Man Ban

I have been waiting for Chris Trotter to deliver his thoughts on Labour’s “Man Ban” and it was worth the wait.

Chris Trotter is one of my most respected left wing commentators…he is also one of the few left wingers I can tolerate a beer with..or in his case usually a fine red wine.

Chris explains his thoughts on Labour’s “man ban”.

MIDST ALL THE CLAMOUR of its detractors, the true significance of Labour’s “Man Ban” has eluded most commentators.

Yes, the proposed rule change has undoubtedly damaged Labour’s election prospects.

Yes, there are many more important issues the party would have preferred the news media to focus upon.

Yes, it is further evidence of a party with no reliable political grown-ups in charge.

Yes, Labour’s opponents will dine out on it for months.

And, yes, it’s the only thing the 2013 Annual Conference will be remembered for.

But, the “Man Ban” is also proof of something else: that the distance separating Labour’s rank-and-file from Labour’s Caucus has grown as wide as the gulf that once separated the “old” Labour Party from the “new”.   Read more »

Is the Press trying to tell us something?

With the countries worst kept secret about to be revealed The Press thought they should hold a little survey.

This is the image that thy presented with the survey…Keeping Stock noticed and wondered if perhaps they were trying to tell us something.

Why wouldn’t you vote for a radiant, beaming Ms Dalziel, against the taciturn, tired and grumpy looking Bob Parker?

Has The Press already annointed Ms Dalziel as its candidate of choice, even though an official announcement will not be made until Saturday? Is this a subtle (or perhaps a not-so-subtle) message from the editorial staff of The Press that a fresh face is just what Christchurch needs?

Dalziel Parker poll Read more »

Who is to blame for the Milk scandal?

There is a great deal of press regarding the DCD milk scandal…but who is to blame?

Of course it is easy to blame the useless repeaters intent on massive headlines…which of course I did. But the real root of the issue lies with smelly hippies and the green taliban.

They have been intent on demanding our farmers be clean and green…look at this list of Labour and Green luminaries that implored the use of this ‘technology’

The Labour Party:

“We have been gratified by the support we have received for Eco-n from the Government with the very positive visit by the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Jim Anderton.

Mr Anderton’s visit was followed by a visit from Associate Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor.”

Ravensdown Annual Report 2006

and;  Read more »

Why bother?

ᔥ Stuff.co.nz

The Anglican Church says it will review a report that claims Christ Church Cathedral can be saved.

The church’s Cathedral Project Group said today it had received the Great Christchurch Buildings Trust (GCBT) report.

The trust, headed by former MPs Jim Anderton and Philip Burdon, yesterday gave The Press an engineers’ report that it claimed showed the cathedral could be safely restored.

Acting dean Lynda Patterson said: “We will review this brief report against the considerable work already undertaken in relation to safety, heritage values, financial implications and the need to reinstate the Christchurch Anglican cathedral for the worship of God and Christian mission in the community.”

She said the Cathedral Project Group had taken the trust engineers on site several weeks ago.

It’s rooted. Spend money on Christian endeavors like helping the needy not building wasteful monuments. It is just a silly building…and not even a very good example of a small provincial city cathedral.

The lies the left tells

Most of the left wing blogs plus plenty of people on Facebook have been spreading around this image. Even Clare Curran has spread the lie.

Unfortunately for them, and this includes Martyn “DBD” Bradbury, John Key never directly said those words. They should not be in quotes.

The Listener article from 2005 expressly doesn’t use quotes and so John Key never actually said those words. Here is the context:

It might be sick, but it also might be why Key’s children – Stephanie, 12, and Max, 10 – go to private schools. Mostly, he says, that decision was for educational reasons. Their schools have smaller classes and are better resourced than most state schools. But he acknowledges that the connections children make are also important.

The article was talking about access to high paying jobs through connections made at school or universities such as Harvard. The context is important.

Now I was excoriated by the left for making a video of Jim Anderton after a mainstream news organisation wrongly reported that Jim Anderton had said it would take an earthquake for him not to be elected Mayor of Christchurch. Let’s see if they will apply the same rigourous standards to themselves as they applied to me, even though my video came out a whole day after the mainstream media had reported the event.

I would suggest that Martyn Bradbury, one who constantly harps on about the Anderton issue will merrily use the image above and never correct it. Let’s see if Clare Curran corrects her post.

It is not your cathedral

ᔥ Stuff.co.nz

Jim Anderton and various other busy bodies have had a rally to tell the Anglican Church what they think should be done with a rooted cathedral. They conveniently ignore that they don’t own it, the Church does.

The rally came on the day an opinion poll showed the fate of the Anglican cathedral has divided the region, with 54 per cent of those polled favouring demolition and 42 per cent calling for it to be saved.

Former MP Jim Anderton told the crowd that 100 engineers had confirmed the Cathedral could be saved and restoration should go ahead regardless of the cost. If the city could afford to spend money on a new rugby stadium it could afford to restore the city’s most iconic building.

Long-time heritage campaigner and former city councillor Anna Crighton said the Anglican Church should take heed of both the New Zealand Historic Places Trust’s and the Christchurch City Council’s call for a pause to demolition work.

“Pause, consult the experts and let the public … have a say about their Cathedral,” Crighton said.

Jim Anderton wants to spend council money on a private building and Anna Crighton thinks the whole of Christchurch owns the cathedral…newsflash folks….it ain’t yours to decide.