John Banks

Integrity shines through ‚Äď and so does corruption.

A reader writes:

I am fascinated at the response of members of the Mana Party to Hone’s approach to Dotcom to form an alliance to get more seats in the house.¬† This is the first absolutely blatant attempt to rort the election system for personal gain we have ever seen.

And delighted at Sue Bradford’s response in rejecting the¬†concept outright.¬† While I don’t agree with Sue Bradford’s policies in trying to right the wrongs of the world, I do respect her integrity and her desire to do the right thing.¬† Sue has integrity and it shines through, even while her ideology distresses some.¬† I can remember a leading ACT MP who sat next to her in the House for some years saying how he had learnt to respect her and to listen to her arguments, even if he disagreed with her solutions.

Do we want¬†the current ¬†attempt to avoid the justice system holding him to account to wreck our political system which in spite of what the cynics say, is actually based on integrity?¬† Most of our politicians are honestly trying to do their best for their constituents and their country.¬† Corruption in its true sense of the word is rare in New Zealand, in spite of the way the opposition parties throw the word around. ¬† Read more »

Time to re-open the Darren Hughes affair

Labour and a journalist challenged Police refusal to release the full john Banks file and the Ombudsmen ruling that they should release the file.

The Herald reports:

The Ombudsman has ordered the release of MP John Banks’ statement to police over donations to his Auckland mayoral campaign.

However, the former Act leader’s statement will not be released publicly until after he has stood trial for allegedly filing a false electoral return for his failed 2010 campaign.

Police investigated alleged irregularities in Mr Banks’ campaign donations but no charges were laid.

[...] ¬†¬† Read more »

I’d say Act is rooted now

In a strange decision Act has pretty much decided its own fate today with the election of Jamie Whyte as leader and the interminably boring, yet very clever, David Seymour as it’s Epsom candidate at this years election.

The Herald reports:

Writer and philosopher Jamie Whyte is Act’s new leader and David Seymour will be the party’s candidate in Epsom at the election later this year.

The decision was made by the Act board today and is due to be officially announced at 3 pm.

Dr Whyte is expected to take over in about a month at the party’s AGM.

Dr Whyte, aged 48, has recently returned to live in New Zealand from abroad and has only recently become active in the party.

Mr Seymour, aged 30, first stood for Act in 2005 in Mt Albert against former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Last election he stood in Auckland Central.¬† Read more »

Unconditional Love and Education, an emotional and brilliant speech

My preference in politics is for what I call gut politicians, those that do what is right because it feels right and is right. I am not one inclined to support academic politicians or poll driven fruit cakes.

John banks is a friend, and someone I am proud to call a friend. Now you may scoff, but John Banks has been a friend of my family since 1972…and you don;t ever go dog on your mates.

This speech by John Banks is probably the best speech he has ever made, or ever will. I admire him greatly for sharing his tragic story of his upbringing.

You can mock him all you like but until you have walked a mile in his shoes you have no right. Too many politicians on the left have never seen poverty or lived poverty, mostly they are the liberal elite and professional politicians. They have no solutions and oppose everything that could be done to make improvements, particularly in education.

Gut politicians are the best politicians. John Banks one of those.

The left will mock but what do they know. Just listen to them mocking as he speaks. This is why I despise the left wing.

John Banks is a politician of guts and integrity, I am proud to call him a mate.


McCarten right on ego-driven campaign vehicle of Dotcom

Matt McCarten must be the Herald on Sunday’s idea of balance on Kim Dotcom.

But you know you must be in trouble when even tax cheats won’t say nice things about you.

In any case Matt McCarten, who would know more than most people about how difficult it is to get a party up and running is scathing of Dotcom and his party, on top of that he reveals that Dotcom has employed an American campaign strategist as well. I can’t wait to hear Trevor Mallard burst forth in a fiery exchange about the Americanisation of our politics by rich money men perverting our democracy.

Bob Jones was the last non-politician to successfully form a political party to unseat a prime minister. Dotcom wants to do the same. The difference is that in 1984 Robert Muldoon had had three terms and was tired and deeply unpopular. Jones’ call for free-markets against Muldoon’s “state socialism” was a siren call that gained him 12 per cent of the vote, ending National’s reign. None of those factors apply today.

The first commentator to get it right about Bob Jones.

Cynicism suggests Dotcom’s motivation is more about ego and self-interest.

If the Internet Party elected enough MPs to become the critical component in forming a government, does anyone not believe granting Dotcom immunity from extradition to the United States would be a backroom coalition bottom line? Having Key humbling himself before Dotcom after the election to keep his job would be worth a couple of million dollars. After all, Dotcom is spending far more on lawyers, with uncertain success.¬† Read more »

Keall hauled, indeed


Serial litigant set to vex Len Brown

In many regards I have some sympathy for Len brown now that serial litigant, bankrupt and convected fraudster and blackmailer Graham McCready is pursuing him in a private prosecution, but what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

If it is good enough for John Banks to stand trial over some dodgy aspects of donations then it is time to look into Len Browns ongoing misfeasance over donations, undeclared gifts and dodgy opaque trusts.

Former accountant Graham McCready has Auckland Mayor Len Brown in his sights for his next legal endeavour and plans to file papers against him next week for corruption and electoral fraud.

“I think there’s a case there and I think it’s a very important case and should be filed,” he said.¬† Read more »

Gallery journalist advocates political corruption

The headline may seem a bit over the top but how else are you to read Tracy Watkins’ comment any other way other than endorsing political corruption.

John Banks – In the dog box

With the exception of his stand against animal testing, John Banks’ return to national politics has gone from bad to worse since he stepped up as ACT’s reluctant leader after winning Epsom. Banks thought he had seen off the threat of prosecution over anonymous donations to his Auckland mayoral campaign but hadn’t reckoned on serial litigant Graham McCready.¬† Read more »

Fran O’Sullivan on Len Brown being above the rules

Fran O’Sullivan from the NZ Herald doesn’t hold back as she discusses Len Brown’s propensity to fail to abide by the rules.

If he had any skerrick of honour left, Len Brown would by now have tendered his resignation as mayor to the people of Auckland.

It is absolutely clear that Brown has obtained multiple private benefits by virtue of his position as Mayor of Auckland.

It’s now time for Auditor-General Lyn Provost to open up a much wider inquiry to satisfy Aucklanders – and New Zealanders at large – just where Brown’s abuse of his position stopped.

Brown is hopelessly compromised by the Ernst & Young (EY) report, finally released after lengthy “negotiations” between the mayor’s office and Auckland Council chief executive Doug McKay on just what would be made public from the review into the possible use of council resources during the mayor’s two-year affair with Bevan Chuang.¬† Read more »

Ambrose to sue PM for defamation

Bradley Ambrose the ratbag who recorded the conversation between John Key and John Banks secretly is attempting to sue the PM for defamation.

The Herald reports:

Bradley Ambrose, the freelance cameraman who recorded the so called “teapot tapes” conversation between Prime Minister John Key and Act’s John Banks is taking defamation action against Mr Key.

Mr Key acknowledged the court action today while speaking to reporters in Hamilton.

“We’ve been aware for some time now that he’s likely to file proceedings for defamation and we’ll be defending that action.

“I’m not really going to go into any great comments about it. It’s a matter that’s before the courts so we’ll just leave it there.”¬† Read more »