John Banks

Judge runs out of patience, McCready gets his beans on costs application

Graeme McCready, serial litigants, bankrupt and convicted blackmailer and tax fraudster has got his beans today after Wylie J ran out of patience with his grandstanding.

McCready was seeking $45,000 in costs and sent a demand to Wylie J for costs.

Wylie J. has lambasted the fool.

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If the Herald is in contempt then perhaps Kevin Hague and Tariana Turia are as well

Earlier I broke the news that the NZ Herald is facing a possible contempt of court charge after they published a poll.

The text of the article, which the Herald has taken down also quoted two MPs.

Given the trouble that the NZ Herald appears to be in it may be that Kevin Hague and Tariana Turia are also in trouble.

Green MP Kevin Hague favoured a conviction, though he said it was rightfully for a judge to decide, not a politician.

“It seems to me that the magnitude of the offending, and Mr Banks’ repeated denials of any culpability, indicate that a conviction would be appropriate.”

But Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said Banks did not deserve a conviction.

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NZ Herald in contempt of court over John Banks article?

The other day the NZ Herald ran a story about poll results regarding the sentencing of John Banks on 1 August.

The article has been taken down but remains on Google.


This has potentially landed them in a spot of bother with Wylie J issuing a minute concerning their apparent contempt of court.¬† Read more »

That is what you should not do, so let that be a lesson to you.

A Classic story book called ‘The Bike lesson ‘springs to mind when watching recent media reports of donation’ scandals . ‘

It seems to me that a new version of the book called,’ The Donation lesson,’ needs to be written for the edification of both future and current politicians.

In the original book a well meaning Papa bear attempts to teach his young son how to ride his brand new bike. Every attempt ends in disaster but the ever resourceful Papa bear uses each accident as a lesson for his son. Each time he says, ‘ Now that, small bear is what you should not do, now let that be a lesson to you.’

Now that, Small bear is what you should not do...

Yes. That, is what you should not do…

So what lessons should present and future Politicians take from all the Political accidents so far?

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Stephen Franks on Labour’s Liu Legal problems

Stephen Franks has highlighted Labour’s little legal problems with the Donghua Liu revelations.

Since the link between Donghua Liu and David Cunliffe surfaced early this week there has been widespread speculation that Labour breached the law in failing to declare two campaign donations made by Mr Liu in 2007.

Though Labour maintains it has no records, the Herald has reported that in 2007 Mr Liu contributed $15,000 for a book signed by Helen Clark, and an unknown amount of money for a bottle of wine.

Under the current law, a candidate donation can include:

‚Äúwhere goods or services are provided by a candidate under a contract or arrangement at a value that is more than their reasonable market value, the amount of the difference between that value and the reasonable market value of those goods or services.‚ÄĚ

Corresponding terms govern party donations. Assuming the second donation was for more than $1500, they would capture both of Mr Liu’s transactions. The candidate or responsible party agent who knowingly failed to report them could face up to two years imprisonment (section 207I of the Electoral Act 1993).

But¬†until 19¬†December 2007 the law governing donations was different. Until then the Electoral Act 1993 defined ‚Äėdonation‚Äô to include goods or services provided¬†to¬†the party at an undervalue, but did not expressly capture a sale at an overvalue.

This loophole was partly closed by the Electoral Finance Act 2007 but untl then it was arguably legal not to report the alleged Liu donations if they were provided by way of auction price.

The fact that the law was changed to capture the second transaction increases the strength of the case that parliament realised there was a legal loophole under the old provision.

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Fran’O on cash for favours

Fran O’Sullivan dives the murky depths of large and undisclosed political donations

Business people have been directly hit up over the years to support campaigns by key politicians for election to public office. Not just Banks within Auckland. But also current mayor Len Brown, who managed to impress enough donors – primarily from business – to kick in $581,900.95 in donations to back him against Banks for the 2010 mayoral contest.

Business people will have been treated to the absurd platitude that it’s all about “supporting democracy” from various bagmen; or have used similar words themselves when justifying why their company or organisation has donated to a particular politician’s campaign.

Others will simply be out to buy influence. And quite open about it too by being very direct indeed that they support a particular politician because their policies will be good for business – particularly theirs.

Many simply believe a particular candidate is the best bet for Auckland’s progress.

Of course you want your candidate to win. ¬† But that doesn’t always equate to buying a specific policy or having someone look the other way. ¬†Not always. ¬† Read more »

No cup of tea needed – ACT gifted Epsom


Brook Sabin reports

After the National Party’s Epsom candidate Paul Goldsmith dodged The Nation’s Epsom debate, he went very quiet.

And Mr Goldsmith admitted that, once again, winning the seat is not his priority. That means he is out to lose and the infamous Epsom cup of tea deal is being done again.

When asked why he was a no-show at the Epsom debate, he answered the National Party was doing the best job it can.

Why only do this in Epsom then? ¬† Cup of tea deals could be done in other safe National electorates. ¬† Read more »

ACT’s Letter on Banks and Hone

Banks and Hone?  How does that possibly link together?

Commentators say that John Banks never fitted ACT. We would say that John’s time as an ACT MP has not been happy for him, but he has been very loyal to the party.

John’s achievements have been remarkable -partnership schools are an astonishing success.

Pupils from deprived backgrounds, who the state schools were failing, are achieving wonderful NCEA results.

Labour and the Greens, and their funders the teacher’s unions, hate partnership schools because they can no longer impose arcane teaching and employment rules in the new schools.

The children attending the new partnership schools know that they and their families owe a lot to John for their chance to succeed.

John can watch with pride as the partnership school community expands each year.

As Minister of Small Business, John worked tirelessly to cut red tape, the bane of every New Zealand entrepreneur. And even his enemies concede, John was a good constituency MP.

John Banks never cut corners and worked very hard. ¬† Read more »

BREAKING: John Banks to resign from parliament

In a statement just released to WOBH John Banks has advised that he is resigning from parliament:

Hon John Banks

Member of Parliament for Epsom

Press Statement 

Sunday 8 June 2014

John Banks to resign from Parliament.

‚ÄúFurther to the of the decision of the High Court at Auckland last Thursday,¬†¬†I will¬†¬†resign the seat of Epsom effective from¬†5pm¬†this Friday¬†the 13th¬†of¬†¬†June 2014,‚ÄĚ Mr Banks said.¬† Read more »

Don Brash on John Banks

Don Brash posted this on Facebook about John Banks, and notes the hypocrisy of the left wing, especially the Labour party.

So the court has found John Banks guilty. Three observations.

First, I have known John Banks for 30 years and have not found him to be anything other than an honest man.

Second, it is a huge tragedy for a man who has overcome great personal difficulties; served with distinction as a Member of Parliament, as a Minister, and as the mayor of Auckland; and helped to raise three Russian orphans.

But third, when I contrast what John Banks was found by the court to have done with what Helen Clark‚Äôs Labour Party did in 2005 ‚Äď without the slightest attempt by the Police to call her to account ‚Äď the offence of which he has been found guilty is utterly trivial.¬† Read more »