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George is his usual erudite self:

A man is employed by a television network to host a prime time current affairs programme with the mandate to increase ratings. The outcome of this appointment results in a steady decline in this company’s prime objective. So much so he was fired and his show canned.

I know! Let’s make him New Zealander of the year.    Read more »

Bitch fight! John Campbell needs to have a girl do his fighting for him?

Rachel “Kevlar” Smalley went troppo on John Campbell being hired by Radio New Zealand.   And instead of John responding, or better, just ignoring the intellectual giant that’s Smalley, one of his ex girlfriends went into bat for him.

Radio New Zealand head of content Carol Hirschfeld says Rachel Smalley’s column about John Campbell’s appointment at RNZ is “muddled” and “self-promoting”.

Smalley, a Newstalk ZB host, said in a column Campbell’s new job meant “introducing yet another white male broadcaster to prime time, at the expense of a strong, capable, experienced female interviewer”.

Campbell will front a drive-time news and current affairs programme starting in September. That will replace Checkpoint, whose host Mary Wilson has been announced as the station’s new director of news programming. Wilson’s appointment means she will be Campbell’s boss, RNZ said on Friday.

Smalley really rates herself, and I blame ZB for enabling her.  She isn’t half as smart as she thinks she is and boosting her as headline talent is going to bite ZB on the arse.   Read more »

Typical, some lefty twat makes out something is good, then it ends up costing a fortune

What do you mean my idea cost Samoa $1.5 million?

What do you mean my idea cost Samoa $1.5 million?

Samoa will be wishing they’d never enlisted the aid of John Campbell to push for an All Black test match in Apia.

Samoa Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegao says the country’s rugby union lost $1.5 million hosting the All Blacks.

The All Blacks played their long-awaited test in Apia on July 8, winning 25-16.

The fixture was hailed as a huge success in terms of the match and the hosting logistics with Samoa coming to a standstill for the All Blacks’ trip. But the massive costs of the historic visit to the island nation by the world’s No 1 rugby team have been revealed.   Read more »

John Campbell is gone, but the rot continues to show

John Campbell took crusading too far, ultimately it cost him his job as he continually pimped the poor, ran his left wing campaigns and it turns out made stuff up.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has upheld a complaint about a Campbell Live episode about unresolved Canterbury earthquake insurance claims four years on from the first earthquake.

The episode was broadcast live on the fourth anniversary of the September 4 earthquake from a Christchurch school hall, with an audience of several hundred residents who had unresolved insurance claims.

The authority upheld the Insurance Council’s complaint that the programme breached standards of balance and accuracy, because it did not include the insurance industry’s perspective and was misleading about the industry’s and the Insurance Council’s willingness to take part in the programme.     Read more »

What next for John Campbell?

Campbell’s last show on Friday night attracted a record 532,000 viewers – 484,000 watched live and 48,000 delayed on TV3+1. It was TV3’s biggest rating show of the year.

That invites the retelling of this joke…

Guy goes into TV3, says, “I’d like to see John Campbell”.   Lady at the receptio desk says “Sorry, he no longer works here”.  Next day, he turns up again, and asks for John Campbell.  Not entirely sure if he’s the same man, the lady explains again “sorry, John Campbell no longer works here.”   Next day, he’s back.  Same thing.  Now the lady is sure it’s him.  “Listen Sir, I’ve already told you John Campbell no longer work here – stop asking@”.  The guy replies “Oh, I know – it’s just that I’ll never get sick of hearing you say it.”

The fact that his last show was his highest rating show of his career is being spun as something wonderful – something that somehow tells Mediaworks they made a mistake.  In reality, it’s bloody embarrassing of course.  Most people tuned in the same way as people slow down to rubber-neck at an accident scene.

So what next for John “the protector of the nation’s integrity” Campbell?

John Campbell for mayor?

Two days out of his job at TV3 hosting the now-defunct Campbell Live, and one career adviser says he has the qualities to launch a tilt at the Auckland mayoralty.

A mayor needs to be well rounded. It’s all very well being good with the people, but do they understand a balance sheet and the economics of running a city?”

His early working life as a share trader showed he was someone with “a good analytical mind”, she said. “I think he’d have the skills for a politician.”

Other paths included diplomacy, celebrity speaking, media relations, lecturing or leading an organisation that needed someone with “presence and influence” at the helm.

There’s the Herald for you – already pushing for Campbell to stand for Auckland mayor.

Because, you know, being self-righteous and media-savvy are all the qualifications you need to run a billion dollar city.

Frances Harre said there were “so many doors that could open for John” that he should step back and think about what he wanted to do.

That could include working for another broadcaster or widening his options based on his interests, including his love of music, she said.

He also had the skills and connections to work for a non-governmental organisation, to become a columnist or find a job at the United Nations, Harre said.

“This is his life, his career, his future. He’s obviously a courageous and brave individual and he can use those skills to move on and think about what’s important.”

A columnist.  So the Herald is pitching a job now?   Why not?  They had Lucy Lawless and Kim Dotcom running the place – even John Campbell is overqualified.

Personally I would love for John Campbell to run for Auckland mayor.   He’ll be at the other end of the camera and the blistering attention that it brings on every aspect of his life.

I suspect he’s too smart and will realise that Keeper turned Poacher isn’t a move for him.


– Cherie Howie, Herald on Sunday

Hey John

Click play, then continue

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Message from one luvvie to another: HTFU

My good friend Brian Edwards has written an open letter to John Campbell.

Now, before you start raging at the screen, it is well worth a read considering Brian Edwards explains how many times he got the sack and for why.

Shit happens, John. I’ve been “let go”, sacked from more broadcasting jobs in New Zealand than I care to remember. And, more than once, with absolutely no warning.  To add insult to injury, the sackings generally occurred at a time when the show was enjoying both public acclaim and ratings success.

He then lists them… and for someone of his advanced years there are a few times he has been sacked.

Top of the Morning (1994-1999)


The latest radio survey had just come out.TOTM, whose previous incarnation had a cumulative audience of around 80,000 when I took over the slot in 1995, now had an audience of 340,000. It was the highest rating Saturday morning radio programme in the country, not to mention outrating almost every other programme on National Radio. We had every reason to expect a warm reception from the boss.

We were called in separately to be told the news. I’d been sacked.

To this day I have absolutely no idea why I was sacked as host of TOTM. Poor ratings? Get real! Poor listener response? Ditto! My role as media advisor to Helen Clark, the newly elected Prime Minister? Hardly, TOTM was a politics-free zone with the exception of one personality-style interview – with Jenny Shipley!

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The left can stop whining about John since Rachel is coming to replace him


Martyn Martin, Tiso and all the cry babies can rest assured that another journalist that won’t be influenced by National will take over the “real and honest investigative reporting” reins at TV3.

So calm down you lot.

Perhaps John Key will be taken down by Heifer Smalley?   As they say, if you want the job done properly, send a woman.

I’m quite amused by the possibility of 3 dumping Campbell for Smalley.   Campbell may not have been to the management’s liking, but at least he can’t be accused of being a lightweight.

Mediaworks management realistic about John Campbell

MediaWorks management viewed Campbell Live’s crusading journalism as a liability that stretched audience patience, company sources say.

The show’s ongoing coverage of Pike River, where 29 men died in a 2010 explosion at a West Coast coal mine, was specifically singled out by management as having led to viewer “fatigue”.

The term “fatigue” struck a sour note last night with Bernie Monk, spokesman for families of the dead mine workers.

“I can’t believe that would be one of the aspects of getting rid of John,” he said.

“Sure Campbell Live covered a lot of it but TV One did a hell of a lot too and they are still willing to do that.

“Campbell Live was a great ally in getting the truth out and I felt he was never over the top or on a crusade by any means.”

The review by management – which concluded on Thursday with host John Campbell leaving the network and the show facing replacement within the next six weeks – also considered Campbell Live over-emphasised charitable fundraising and coverage of the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake, GCSB spying and child poverty.

They’ve labelled it the “GCSB”, but it was of course Campbell’s obsession to bring John Key down at the behest of Kim Dotcom and with the help of stellar performers such as Wrongly Wrongson. Read more »

John Campbell to join Red Radio?

The excuses keep on coming.  Apparently John Campbell’s show failed because it didn’t have enough people too lazy to change the channel after watching an Aussie Soap 2 hours earlier?

Are these people even hearing what they’re saying?

Martin Gillman, partner at MG Communications, said the departure of the veteran broadcaster is a sad day for journalism.

“He’ll be greatly missed. I think he’s the nicest person in broadcasting, so it’s tragic that he’s going.

“He’s become the scapegoat for a bigger issue at MediaWorks, which is the fact that the 6pm to 7.30pm slot is not performing as well as it needs to.”

MediaWorks’ revenue is directly proportionate to the size of the audience it can deliver, Mr Gillman said.

For quite some time now the audience for 3News, and as a result Campbell Live, has been waning, he said.

Mr Gillman believes the company is right to do something about Campbell Live’s time slot.

“One of the reasons the audience is flagging is because the news audience wasn’t delivering a good audience into the 7pm slot.”

While it might sound bizarre, the problem stems back to the loss of Australian soap opera Home and Away, Mr Gillman said. Read more »