John Campbell

Was David Fisher or John Campbell unavailable?

Kim Dotcom has announced that he has tainted another journalist and is bringing (paying) Glenn Greenwald over to speak at the Auckland Town Hall.

Was David “tainted” Fisher or John Campbell unavailable for the big man?

Or it it simply¬†that Fisher is no longer useful, he’s been¬†used and abused and is now¬†too well known as being in his pocket. The¬†illusion of independence is no longer there and therefore he is of¬†no use to Kim.

Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom says he has enlisted heavy-hitting US journalist Glenn Greenwald, who blew open secrets about mass spying by the US Government, to help embarrass Prime Minister John Key immediately before the election.

Mr Greenwald will travel to New Zealand for an event at the Auckland Town Hall on September 15, when Dotcom says he will release information that is highly damaging for Mr Key and National.

The general election is five days later. ¬† Read more »

John Armstrong is the next Herald journo to turn on Dotcom

It appears only David “Tainted” Fisher is still sticking by his master. ¬†Whereas before the Herald appear to have been collective fans of Herr Dotcom, which then turned to a cautious silence, the accumulated public lash back has built to a crescendo where being seen to be in Kim Dotcom’s camp is no longer a career boost.

John Campbell and David Fisher are now lone voices in the face of a farce that is quickly spinning out of control.

Armstrong is over it too

The time has come for Kim Dotcom to put up or shut up, for this intelligent, canny but highly manipulative individual to front with his yet-to-be-made public disclosures which he boasts will blow John Key out of the water – and though Dotcom does not say it directly, presumably bring a rapid end to Key’s days as Prime Minister.

Dotcom must now prove far beyond any reasonable doubt that Key has lied repeatedly when challenged as to when exactly he became aware or was made aware of the former Megaupload mogul’s existence.

Time for word games are over. ¬†Armstrong doesn’t just want to smoking gun, he wants the corpse as well as video taped footage.

Key will stand or fall on the strength of Dotcom’s case. The time has come for the country to hear it and appraise it. The time has come for Dotcom to cut the babble and prove Key is the one talking nonsense when he insists that until the eve of the police raid on Dotcom’s Coatesville mansion he did not know of Dotcom, let alone that Dotcom was living in his Helensville electorate, or that Dotcom was the subject of a FBI investigation even though the intelligence agencies for which Key has ministerial responsibility had known for at least 15 months before the raid that was the case.

If the Prime Minister has not been telling the truth, then, as Dotcom and his supporters argue, it is a matter of paramount importance even if what they are arguing about could hardly be more trivial.

It follows that New Zealanders are surely entitled to know whether or not Key’s word is devoid of trustworthiness. And they should be told today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. And most surely not when it is most politically advantageous for the Internet Mana leadership – Dotcom, Laila Harre and Hone Harawira.

Actually, I think John is a little over dramatic. ¬†John Key will not fall. ¬†Assuming that sufficient hard information exists about John Key knowing about Dotcom before he has publicly stated he did, how many National voters will consider this enough of a reason to walk away from a booming economy, a don’t-rock-the-boat stewardship of our lives, and being one of the most liked people in politics? ¬† Read more »

Problem solved, cancel his permanent residency

I’m not sure that either the NZ Herald or Laila Harre are being particularly helpful with David Fisher’s latest shock, horror, Dotcom piece today.

Note the Herald got an oh so convenient privacy waiver from Kim Dotcom. I’ll bet he wouldn’t give a privacy waiver to any other media organisation other than John Campbell.

Apparently there was ‘pressure’ to let him in.

The SIS tried to block Kim Dotcom’s residency application but dropped their objection 90 minutes after being told there was “political pressure” to let the tycoon into New Zealand, secret documents from the spy agency reveal.

Last night the leader of the Dotcom-funded Internet Party, Laila Harre, said she “wouldn’t have been comfortable” granting the tycoon residency if she had been the Minister of Immigration.

Documents declassified and released through the Official Information Act show the Security Intelligence Service describing Dotcom as a “bad but wealthy man” who was under criminal investigation by the FBI.

I’m not sure the game they are playing here…are they saying he should never have been let in?

I agree, but this problem can be easily fixed. Review and then cancel his permanent residency…then we don’t need to worry about extraditing him, he will have to leave anyway.

Problem solved.¬† Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

The Importance of Goodwill for Politicians

This photo shows something that hardly anyone notices.

Politicians need good will to survive, and without it they are nailed. This picture may not be accurate in that Cunliffe’s sins are far worse than any of Keys, but Key gets away with things because people like him.


No one likes Cunliffe. He is known as an arrogant and unpleasant man like many, many politicians. ¬† Read more »

John Campbell needs a woman?

Rachel Glucina reports

Is trouble brewing behind the scenes at MediaWorks about the state of current affairs on TV3? A well-informed source tells The Diary there is a level of concern at “very senior levels” about daily current events show¬†Campbell Live¬†and whether adding a female co-host could be a solution.

There’s worry, too, about weekly current affairs show¬†3rd Degree, with stories deemed too long-winded and scarce for the midweek primetime slot. But insiders say the 60-minute local programme is resource-strapped.

Ratings are the golden measure of television and with TVNZ’s¬†Seven Sharp¬†trouncing its rival in the 5+ demographic, programmers at TV3 are concerned about the effect the 7pm show has on ratings for the rest of the network’s nightly viewing.

Eye candy may help some, but TV3 still have their heads in the sand as to the real problem.

Campbell Live is a show that repetitively champions causes that the public can’t get behind. ¬†The two biggest clangers being the Len Brown mayoralty and the GCSB is the Devil issue.

By cuddling up to the very issues that are turning voters off and causing them to run, not walk, to National in spite of having Labour leanings, Campbell Live are just feeling the fallout of people not hearing¬†their stories told on TV3 news and current affairs shows. ¬† Read more »

Face of the day

John Campbell is face of the day for actually sticking it to David Cunliffe on Campbell Live last night.

John Campbell

John Campbell

After his appalling cuddle fest with Len Brown my hopes were not high. Len Brown practically was offered a hanky by Campbell who was oozing sympathy for the Mayor who had sex with his mistress ( who he provided a reference for ) on council time, in council rooms and on a council funded phone. He spoke to him in a soft, gentle voice and at no time pushed him hard for answers.

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Campbell Live Hypocrisy

Finally the truth has come out about John Campbell and from his own mouth.

In the feature on John Campbell in the Weekend Herald Canvas Magazine he admits his show is no longer journalism but advocacy.

Inquire, as I did, about his current state of mind and he says, eventually, “I find I’m galvanised most by a fear of failure.” Ask if his self-esteem is tied up in being journalist and he says no, it’s tied up in other things like “am I good man?” And if you happen to wonder what his biggest weakness is, he pauses for a while and then says, “I think my biggest weakness is that when something really matters to me I can be a bit Don Quixote about it. And I expect if I’m charging at the windmill I’ll look back and there will be a whole lot of horses, all these other people who want to join me … ” he laughs. “And from time to time, that’s just been disastrously wrong.”

In retrospect,¬†Campbell Live’s GCSB campaign is an example of this, he says. “I thought people would give a shit about the GCSB story. I thought people would understand why it was important. I was completely and utterly wrong.”

His other weakness, I’d have said – apart from sometimes losing his temper at just the wrong moment as he did with John Key during that now notorious interview about the GCSB bill – is that, even at 50, he still lives in fear of appearing an, er, “merchant banker”.

“I do worry about that. And I think I ought to, in the job I’ve got. People like me have so much power, or, more specifically, our voices are so omnipresent, that the notion we hold forth without any sense of there being other ways of seeing the world, is preposterous. It is a w**k!

“When I first became somebody who was starting to appear on the TV reasonably regularly, the [TV3] head of news and current affairs at the time – the late Rod Pedersen – took me out for lunch and told me not to become a w**ker. It was great advice.

“When the bill came, he made me pay. I’ve often thought it was worth every cent!”

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A reader emails about Westie life

A reader emails about Westie life:

Hi again Cam,

I feel I need to background my earlier contribution.

My point was and I hope it is crystal clear to your readers – there is absolutely no excuse for grandstanding over anyone’s sad demise but to add a ‘Barry White’ moment to it is even worse.

I understand Len Brown’s point, however badly made, about tipping more resources into this geographical area. ¬†As usual though it was a badly thought out misfire.

But let’s look at that shall we in some more depth.

I’m very qualified to speak on this point as I grew up in Henderson and the surrounding suburbs and my family have a long association with West Auckland for over 150 years. ¬†When I grew up there it was a great place and one of the best kept secrets in Auckland. ¬†The families of this area were hard working and community orientated, not in a superficial sense but in the way that you helped your neighbours and looked out for each other. ¬†That is still true for 95% of the people that live and work in West Auckland.

I still live in the north west and I’m proud of the heritage of this area and I like the people. ¬†West Auckland has produced some of this county’s finest writers, artists, designers, winemakers, sports and business people.

It is a myth that everyone here is poor and or deprived or started out that way. ¬†Yes, there are pockets of that – but it is not as common as is portrayed in the media. ¬†It is not filled to the brim with “Westie boguns” – that is a subset certainly, but there are just as many of those residing in Birkdale.

What has ruined the place is the combined force of welfare dependency and bureaucracy. ¬†In the Renaissance and much further back – the most important institution in a town had the largest and often the tallest building. ¬†It was a status symbol – a physical embodiment and reflection of political and cultural dominance. ¬†In most cases this was the church or local laird’s residence. ¬†It didn’t take much observation to work out who was in charge if you rode into any town or village on an idle¬†Tuesday.

Have a look at the buildings that dominate the landscape in Henderson – there are three – Winz, the Henderson Police station and the brand new Auckland Council building.

What was a landscape of light industry, small retailers, orchards and vineyards has been transformed over three decades by these forces. ¬†Welfare, crime and rate collection are now the biggest earners. Read more »

Is John Campbell an out of control Diva?


Throng reports

This time last year, Campbell Live had it’s best week ever.

They were even beating Seven Sharp and won four out of the five nights.

Contrast this to 2014 where this week, TV3 only managed to pull in a little over half of TV One’s average audience.

While Campbell Live managed to claw back their numbers on the previous week, the 14% increase in their average audience to 248,184 viewers per night still resulted in the biggest single year on year fall to date.

What I can’t get my head around this this: ¬† why is Campbell Live allowed to continue when it clearly isn’t producing shows that are satisfying the public? ¬† Read more »