John Campbell

It was all a Whaleoil conspiracy, apparently

Breakout the tinfoil hat folks, apparently our screenshots of abusive comments were comments planted by us, or at least some of them were. According to Marion Ogier the commenters didn’t have ‘normal’ Facebook profiles, whatever normal means. Instead of seeing it as typical unmoderated wild-west Facebook, she thinks it was a dirty tricks set up.

Could she be right? Let’s have a look at the Facebook profiles of the people whom we highlighted with our screenshots.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.28.30 AM

I looked for Tim Wikidclownz first. This is the individual who expressed the anti -semitic view that John Key’s mother should have been murdered in the same way that the Jews were slaughtered by Hitler.

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Shhhh don’t mention Whaleoil, Checkpoint censorship goes full retard


There is moderation and then there is censorship. By my definition moderation removes abuse or threatening comments. Sometimes it removes comments that break the rules of the forum. Censorship, on the other hand, is removing views that you do not want seen no matter how polite, logical, or well argued they may be.

Last night I put a comment on the Checkpoint Facebook page  that was critical of the lack of moderation. I was not alone in my criticism as others did the same. This morning my comment has been removed and theirs has been allowed to stay.

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day, John Campbell, represents an organisation that failed to moderate its public forum. It wasn’t until Whaleoil and Whaleoil readers drew the threats towards John Key to the attention of RNZ / Checkpoint that any action was taken. RNZ / Checkpoint is an organisation that is in receipt of state funds. They have chosen to run an unmoderated forum that allows death threats, anti-semitism and personal abuse towards the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Despite what happened, RNZ /Checkpoint has chosen to make no changes  to the way they run their public forum.Yesterday they posted this.

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Why are RadioNZ and John Campbell allowing death threats against the Prime Minister?

Radio NZ and John Campbell posted an interview with John Key on their Checkpoint Facebook page.

Now you might say, “Why am I holding John Campbell responsible for the appalling comments that have been posted there?” But you have to really because he has set about crusading about a stupid little pin on the PM’s jacket.

Because of that, his legion of supporters think he is the man…but what the post unleashed is rather unsavoury and shows a nasty feral underbelly of New Zealand, and now also Radio NZ and John Campbell’s supporters.

First some dildo throwing and allusion to Nazis.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.19.42 AM

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On John Campbell

By Pete

Leading on from our Face of the Day and Metro’s article on John Campbell.

I don’t have anything against JC personally.  He can do whatever he likes, because I can choose not to watch or listen, a choice which I continue to exercise.

Where it all came unstuck was the absolutely ludicrous move by the left of politics to try and turn this into yet another conspiracy about the Key government.  And on that basis, they had to lose that one.  So I take satisfaction they lost that battle, although personally I am not convinced they love him that much either.  He was just another stick to beat the government with.  Politics is ruthless like that.

Mediaworks have done worse since they booted him.  And Radio New Zealand haven’t picked up any of the expected ‘fans’ because the ‘fans’ were nothing but the same social media and media noise that the left of politics mistake for true support.

Let’s also remember that JC joined camp Dotcom and tried to make nothing into something to take John Key down.  That single “smoking gun” episode that John Key knew of Dotcom before he said he did was deeply embarrassing.  (It’s also the only time I’ve seen more than just a snippet of his program for a good decade as I wanted to know what Campbell knew what we didn’t – in the end, nothing).

As an advocacy journalist he is entitled to do that.  Mediaworks, as an employer, are entitled to remove his soapbox.   That’s the end of that, really.   Read more »

Face of the day

John Campbell

John Campbell

Today’s face of the day is sad and broken and did I mention sad? I know this from the selection of photos used in the article about him. He loved his job – there is no doubt about that – but, at the end of the day, he was an employee who wasn’t able to sell enough of the product he had been hired to sell.

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Bryce Edwards writes an obituary for the New Zealand Mainstream media


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Dirty Media – Who feeds Fran?

A newspaper during Dirty Politics liked to use diagrams.

Well here at Whaleoil we like diagrams as well…we especially like this one.

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Dirty Politics and Fran O’Sullivan’s “Unethical Alliance” With Bloggers

In Nicky Hager’s the book all about me called “Dirty Politics”, Nicky Hager traced the whole origins of his my work back to the award-winning hit on Len Brown which resulted not just in gongs for myself but for the New Zealand Herald.


Wasn’t it terrible for a politician to actually be attacked for his political beliefs!

Yesterday I gave you a small taste of NZME. Editorial Director for Business, Fran O’Sullivan’s involvement.  She sent me information about my nemesis Michelle Boag seeking to discredit Boag’s commentary about Len Brown.

As promised I can reveal that also went much further than throwing our mutual enemy Michelle Boag under a large winebox.

On Tuesday night at the left wing love fest with John Campbell and Nicky Hager, Fran O’Sullivan claims she sent an “internal memo” to former Editor Tim Murphy “some months before” the book Dirty Politics was published warning him of what was happening. I don’t quite know how to respond to that given she was still passing me information and complicit in seeking my feedback right up until the book was released.   Read more »

Telling the Truth about Fran O’Sullivan and Dirty Politics

Following on from my post this morning

After Nicky Hager made these claims the usual suspects took to Twitter and protested far too much.


Fran O’Sullivan didn’t rate a mention in Hager’s the book about me called “Dirty Politics”. She should have. In a usual two faced fashion, she chastised Rachel Glucina last night for her ethics when only last week she congratulated her on Twitter for her new venture Scout. Also unlike Fran O’Sullivan, Rachel Glucina never passed me anything back to run hit jobs on her behalf for her own personal vendettas.

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