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Is Simon Bridges really a future National leader? Ctd

The wheels are coming off Simon Bridges’ campaign to be the next leader of the National Party.

Just when Bridges was getting over that shocker interview with John Campbell, he goes and cocks it up last week.

As a result, TV3’s Paddy Gower gives Bridges a right bollocking, wondering how he could forget, or not know, about a 200,000 hectare DOC park being part of an oil and gas exploration permit.

Paddy called it one of the biggest political “brain-fades” seen in a very long time. More telling though was Paddy labelling Bridges a liability.

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What do Winston, Russel, Hone, Clare, Shane and David have to say now?

Kim Dotcom has been busted as a nazi sympathiser.

Don’t believe the lines about him being a collector because he likes to play WWII games. It’s a lie as I have shown already. There is more to come which will prove his lies out.

In the meantime all those politicians of the left who traipsed out to the Dotcom mansion need to now face some serious questioning.

Winston Peters went 3 times to take dictation for questions to ask in parliament on behalf of Kim Dotcom. What does he have to say now?

Clare Curran went at least twice, and spoke frequently to him on the phone as my insiders at the mansion have told me. Labour’s ICT policy was largely written by Kim Dotcom, what does she have to say now?

Russel Norman went out there twice. What does he have to say about an accommodation with Kim Dotcom and the Internet party? He was prepared to cut a deal to prevent Dotcom’s extradition…what about now?

Shane Jones went out there too…and his real close pal who lives at the Metropolis hasn’t yet been revealed but that will prove embarrassing too. What does he have to say?

Hone Harawira was pulling back the covers ready to jump into bed with Kim Dotcom until he was busted. What does he say now?

Then we have the fawning and compliant media. there are many, many questions there now. Why were these details left out of the hagiography, dictated to David Fisher and approved, every word and line by Dotcom? Why wasn’t Kim proud enough of his ownership of Mein Kampf and a Nazi flag that he didn’t mention it for the book?  Read more »

Kim Dotcom: Owns rare copy of Mein Kampf, a Nazi flag & loves Adolf Hitler [AUDIO]

Brook Sabin and Patrick Gower on 3News have broken the story that Kim Dotcom owns a copy of Adolf Hitler’s treatise ‘Mein Kampf’. Dotcom has admitted to owning the book and so that is not in dispute. He also claims he has no Nazi sympathies. That is about to be dispelled.

This story on 3News is coincidentally parallel to our own investigations.

In an exclusive WOBH investigation we can reveal yet another missing chapter in the secret life of Kim Dotcom and provide deeper details about Kim Dotcom and his love for Adolf Hitler.

On May 21 2011 Alex Mardikian sat down for breakfast with Kim Dotcom in Spain.

After his flight from the US via London he was tired but little did he know that his world was about to be shaken by the internet shyster.

On the table with the usual continental breakfast foods was also a book and Dotcom sat beaming, animated, excited to show something to Mardikian. He was awe-struck by the book. Mardikian says he was clearly on a power trip over owning this book.

Dotcom reached across the table and presented a book. It was an old book, and upon opening it Mardikian was shocked and surprised to find that the book was Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

This was not any ordinary copy though, it was a limited edition of the book, personally signed by Adolf Hitler and dedicated to one of the founders of the Nazi party who was incarcerated with Adolf Hitler. The book is dated Christmas Eve 1925 and dedicated to Hermann Esser, who was one of the founders of the Nazi party and also in prison for his part in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch in 1923.

One of 20, rare autographed copies of Mein Kampf dedicated to the founder of the Nazi party

One of 20, rare autographed copies of Mein Kampf dedicated to the founder of the Nazi party

Dotcom was excited, he had only recently bought the book for  £21,600 through an intermediary bidding through Mullocks auctioneers who handled the sale.  Read more »

A reader emails about our media


A reader emails.

This has been pissing me off for a while and I’m not sure what to do about it.

I think we all agree that events over the last few months has bought the realisation to many that our media is no longer an impartial commentator. Alright, I know, many of us already realised this, but, they have now revealed their bias to many who actually thought that the MSM journalists were well trained and impartial.

The fawning and pontification by John Campbell and the MSM over Len Brown while attempting to brow-bash John Key is one example.

The total ignoring of David Cunliffe’s trusts and donors while trying to shoot down Judith Collin’s for a perceived conflict of interest is another.

Then there is the public show of allegiance as many of our supposed ‘impartial Forth Estate’ have shown for the left by either joining political campaigns, becoming party members running for Parliament or just using tax payer funded resources from their places of work to run political campaigns.

This has shown an extreme left wing bias in our MSM. Now, I have no issue with The Herald being a left wing news media as they are not taxpayer funded, however, I’m getting really grumpy with TVNZ and other state funded outlets doing the same.

As made obvious by the increased net traffic to WOBH, many are turning away from the MSM and turning to other sources for information. These sources may well be biased but they wear this bias on their sleeve, unlike TVNZ etc. In fact, it’s this bias that is making commentators and outlets such as WOBH more palatable, we all know what we are getting.  Read more »

Cunliffe makes another ‘mistake’, how many before he is held to account?

Yesterday’s admission from David Cunliffe that he made a mistake attacking the PM for where he lives would mean something – if he hadn’t overlooked his own ‘middle range’ existence repeatedly.

Particularly among audiences where he’s talking with the bros:

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Leaks tell PR nightmare about to get worse for Countdown

unnamed-1Today in the NZ Herald, Countdown’s boss Dave Chambers has a nice little PR puff piece…banging on about how proud he is of the way Countdown conducts its business.

His line “Kiwis like to buy local products, because of the high quality of our nation’s produce” is soon to be proven to be nothing more than PR spin.

All is not well in Countdown land by the amount of information flooding into the tip-line from disgruntled employees, who are seeing Kiwis protesting outside their supermarkets, Facebook hate pages and constant negative media attention.

The buzz from the tip-line is hinting at a massive hit to New Zealand’s dairy suppliers is about to be announced soon. If my source prove out then Dave’s PR woes will only deepen. If he thinks he can laugh off John Campbell and Mike Hosking and bluff his way around Shane Jones’s accusations, this announcement will hit at the core of New Zealand’s heartland.   Read more »

He will apologise over a garden but not his poor behaviour?

Bernard Orsman is back to running soft pieces for ratbag mayor Len Brown.

Today’s effort is about an apology to the Mayor of Fukuoka over the bulldozing of a memorial garden at the Auckland Zoo.

Mayor Len Brown is to apologise to the Mayor of Fukuoka and the local Japanese community for the demolition of a Japanese garden at Auckland Zoo – a gift from sister city Fukuoka 25 years ago.

Mr Brown faced a small but rowdy protest at the first council meeting of the year, but it was a diplomatic issue that got him off to a bad start with official business in 2014.

The mayor refused speaking rights to the Friends of the Fukuoka Friendship Garden, whose pleas to retain the Japanese garden at the zoo he rejected last year.

Mr Brown tried to push the group off to a committee to speak, but they turned up in large numbers, including prominent members of the Japanese community, leading to a backdown by the mayor.  Read more »

Rodney Hide on John Key

Rodney Hide in his regular Herald on Sunday column discusses how out of touch Labour is in their constant underestimation of John Key.

In 2008 they tried branding hims as clueless, in 2010 it was slippery, now they are trying corrupt…none of it will work…and why Kim Dotcom’s stupid political ideas won’t work either.

One of the more common and basic mistakes to make in politics is to underestimate your opponent. It’s an easy thing to do. Your opponents are doing it all wrong and so must be either stupid or crooked and perhaps both.

Your team readily agrees and the trap is easy to fall into. And so it is with Labour and John Key.

Labour continues to dismiss Key as a political lightweight who would sell his own mother, in Labour leader David Cunliffe’s words.

They overlook that Key toppled Labour’s best and strongest leader, has seen off Phil Goff and David Shearer, and who Cunliffe has yet to dent. That’s no political lightweight.

Labour has wrongly dismissed Key’s politics as “smile and wave” when he has, in fact, led the country through the dark days of the Pike River tragedy and the Canterbury earthquakes.

He has simultaneously overseen our transition through the global financial crisis to “rock-star” economic status.

Labour pooh-poohed Key’s credentials in foreign policy. He now has David Cameron’s number on speed dial.

Previous New Zealand prime ministers were ecstatic for our future trade prospects with a two-minute “pull aside” at a formal meeting. Key plays golf with the President of the United States on his holidays.   Read more »

Somehow I just don’t see Campbell taking charge like this

Sex Sells

This is a list of the top 50 posts for the year…there is little doubt as to what was the story of the year.

We have had all manner of media commentators exclaim that the Len Brown story was “too detailed”…but you know what…they all read it.

As a species we are hypocrites.  We pretend to be better than that, but the numbers don’t lie. From Len Brown and Bevan Chuang to Andrea Vance and Peter Dunne…the message is simple to Stephanie Key to Oscar Pistorious…people like to read about dodgy, rooting ratbags, sex and scandal.

But I think it is more dodgy rooting rat bags that sells.

If Len Brown had have just been happy running one up his missus at home there would be no scandal and people could say ‘Ngati Whatua Room’ without laughing hysterically.

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