John Hudson

Is Wiremu Curtis a terrorist, fanatical dreamer or a genuine man of peace?



The full video is available here: TVNZ Ondemand

Recently TVNZ’s Sunday program screened an article on Wiremu Curtis a former Black Power member, also known as ‘Haroon’. Haroon who insisted he was going to the Middle East to get an ‘education’ was allegedly stopped at the airport by SIS agents, and according to Haroon allegedly shown papers that show he had in what he describes in¬†his own words “weapons of mass destructions.”

Now I’m going to be honest, I didn’t actually watch the program when it screened at the time, but after having my attention drawn to it from other sources prompted me to watch it and analyse it a little closer. Immediately things struck me as a bit odd, such as his comment that the SIS showed him papers proving he had¬†“weapons of mass destructions.” It is all well and good asserting these types of comments in the public domain, as the SIS will never publicly comment on operational matters. ¬† Read more »

Brian Edwards on Fair Go

ŠĒ• Brian Edwards Media

Brian Edwards writes about the problems associated with Fair Go…he would know he pretty much invented the show. In his treatise he explains just how bad it is for someone who is the target of Fair Go.

He gives this warning at the end though:

Recently we have had to say to several people who sought our advice on how to deal with a Fair Go complaint that there was really no approach that could guarantee them a successful outcome. The vigilante mentality of reporters who saw themselves as society’s avenging angels meant that they had already been presumed guilty and nothing they could say or do was going to change that presumption.

This is a programme out of control. Maybe it was always out of control. Maybe it’s time to recognise that and call a halt. Yes, some ratbags will get away with murder, but some fundamentally decent people will not be vilified and their reputations destroyed. Maybe that’s a fair trade.

This most certainly applied to the Sunday programme, where John Hudson pursued a story irrespective of the facts with the pre-supposed idea that Hell and in particular Warren Powell and the other directors were bad bastards. They did no research into the backgrounds of those they featured and ignored evidence when it was offered to them by independent third parties.