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Maori to have bigger say in nobbled RMA reform in exchange for first reading support only

It seems it’s RMA reform when you aren’t really having RMA reform.

But what can we really expect when Nick Smith is the minister running this debacle?

The Government will introduce its long-awaited Resource Management Act reforms to Parliament next week after securing the support of the Maori Party.

The reforms to the country’s main planning document stalled two years ago when National’s support partners refused to back them because of their potential impact on the environment.

That impasse has now been broken, and Government planned to hold the first reading of the legislation next week. The most controversial proposals around environmental protections had been diluted, Environment Minister Nick Smith said.

Dr Smith said today the bill would support business growth and housing development while also ensuring more effective environmental management.

Its main changes would be new national planning templates for councils, faster and more flexible planning processes, reduced requirements for minor consents, and stronger national direction on issues such as housing.

Controversial changes to sections six and seven of the Act, which set out environmental bottom lines, have been “pulled back”.

The only change in these sections would be to the management of risks from natural hazards.

Dr Smith said the Maori Party had agreed to back the legislation to a select committee.

He described it as a “compromise bill” because of the environmental concessions, which had “changed the tone” of sections six and seven.

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There is Dirty Politics and then there is Despicable Politics

Green Party MP Jan Logie is still pushing for John Key to apologise over accusing Labour and Greens of putting the welfare of criminals ahead of those of everyday New Zealanders by playing the sexual victim card.

A petition carrying 13,000 signatures calling on Prime Minister John Key to apologise for his “you back the rapists” comment has been handed in to Parliament.

Mr Key shouted the words at opposition MPs during a heated about New Zealand criminals being deported from Australia.

It caused uproar, and several women MPs walked out after saying they were victims of sexual violence.

Mr Key said he was responding to opposition claims that the Government wasn’t doing anything to help the deportees, and explained he meant Labour and the Greens cared more about criminals than the people who needed protection from them.

It wasn’t taken that way, and several women MPs walked out after identifying themselves as victims of sexual violence.

Mr Key didn’t apologise and Speaker David Carter subsequently said he couldn’t order an apology because he hadn’t heard the remark at the time.

The people’s power organisation ActionStation organised the petition.

It calls on Mr Key to “stand up and apologise for the offence your comment has caused to survivors of sexual violence throughout New Zealand, and withdraw the statement”.

It was handed to Green Party MP Jan Logie and Labour MP Poto Williams on the steps of Parliament today.

They were among those who walked out in protest when Mr Key made the comment.

The petition also calls on the Government to fully fund specialist sexual violence agencies to provide core services for victims.

“Today is the international day for the elimination of violence against women – it is the perfect day for us to present this petition,” said ActionStation spokeswoman Marianne Elliott.

Ms Logie said there was an epidemic of violence against women and the silence around it had to be broken.

The whole walkout was a staged political show.  It was staged using the victims of sexual violence and mocking them by trying to smear the Prime Minister as being non-supportive of sexual violence victims.

There’s just one problem:  he wasn’t.

And as we’ve seen by the polls that came out since then, New Zealand clearly heard John Key stand up for New Zealanders and question why Labour and the Greens were dying in the ditch for a handful of hardened criminals.

Using violence and sexual violence against women is normally an iron-clad strategy to shut everyone down.  There simply is no argument to “justify” it in any context.

But Logie and her poisonous friends have totally over-reached here.   John Key was clearly against the criminals who were at the time thought to be convicted of things like murder, rape and paedophilia while Labour and the Greens were criticising John Key for not doing enough to bring these people “home”.

The fact they found 13,000 people to sign this petition shows they are even willing to trivialise sexual violence if it means getting a hit in on John Key.

To borrow some Internet language:  EPIC FAIL


– NZN via 3 News

Media Party: No matter what we say, no matter what we do, voters don’t want Red Peak


The Media Party luvvies have been pushing for Red Peak since forever…but the public aren’t picking up what they are putting down.

The NZ Herald reports:

Two thirds of people want to keep the current flag according to a poll taken just before the first flag referendum voting papers arrived in letterboxes across the country.

In the latest 3News Reid Research Poll, 65 per cent said they wanted to keep the current flag, while 28 per cent wanted to change – similar figures to two months ago indicating the shortlisted flags have done little to budge opinion.

The poll was taken from November 9 – 17, ending just before voting papers for people to rank their preferred alternative designs started arriving in letterboxes last Friday.

Although Prime Minister John Key has campaigned for a change of flag, more than half of National voters wanted to keep the current flag as well as three quarters of Labour voters.

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Cam Slater texting PM=Bad, Other Journalists texting PM=Just fine

Remember last year the massive fuss that the Media Party made because the PM and I shared text messages?

I certainly do, and the PM made a complete balls-up of his response.

Well colour me surprised that the very same journalists who were saying it was dreadful that I text the PM have been busted doing the exact same thing and think nothing of it.

Newstalk ZB’s Barry Soper gets a pic on his iPhone, and more: his request for Key to talk to ZB’s Leighton Smith is turned down by the press secretary. Soper texts Key personally and gets the okay immediately.

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I think we need to do a little bit more than watch them

Fairfax reports:

Several of the New Zealanders under 24-hour surveillance for links to Islamic State want to commit a terrorist attack on Kiwis, says the Prime Minister.

About 40 people are being monitored in New Zealand for their ties to Isis but the most threatening are under constant watch, which means they’re unlikely to be able to get anywhere near executing a terrorist attack, said John Key.

“There’s no question about what their motivations are and that’s the tragedy of the Isis story is that you get some very dysfunctional people, for want of a better term, who want to associate themselves with Isis,” he told Radio NZ.

Those individuals under 24-hour surveillance are being watched both physically and electronically.

Most of those being monitored in New Zealand are on the Isis “periphery” by trying to raise money for the terrorist group, trying to go there to fight or actively engaging through social media.

Some Kiwis are “literally fighting in Syria as foreign fighters and certainly those people are likely to be in very constant review of Isis’s propaganda that they put on the Internet,” Key said.

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Why is John Key doing an Andrew Little?



Key is an idiot. The All Blacks’ logo is silver and a fern, and that is all.  It has nothing to do with the flag.  He is now desperate and doing stupid stuff that we normally expect to come from the left side of politics.

Linking a rugby player’s early death to the design of a new flag is insane!

That is actually very cringe-worthy.

Key really needs to get over his hard-on for the All Blacks and come to terms with the fact that his flag legacy project isn’t going to happen.   He looks solid for a 4th term though, as long as he stops being an idiot.

Majority of Kiwis want New Zealand involved in dealing to ISIS


Are you listening John Key?

Stop listening to the terrorist huggers in the Maori Party and start listening to your voters.

The latest 3 News/Reid Research poll shows a clear majority of voters back New Zealand’s role in the war against Islamic State (IS).

But Prime Minister John Key still says he wants to get the Kiwi troops out of Iraq as planned.

Kiwi troops were sent to Iraq to train Iraqi soldiers to take on IS.

After Mr Key’s visit to Camp Taji and the recent Paris attacks, the mission has the strong backing of voters.    Read more »


Trotter on Labour’s coming shuffle of the deck chairs

Chris Trotter returns to sensibility and explores the shuffling of the deck chairs on the sinking ship Labour.

SOMETIME THIS WEEK (the date keeps changing) Andrew Little will announce his Shadow Cabinet reshuffle. The refreshed line-up of senior Opposition spokespeople will be the electorate’s best guide as to who will be doing what in the next Labour-led government. Barring unforeseen circumstances, and unforgiveable cock-ups, Little’s promotions, reappointments and demotions will be the last such exercise before the 2017 General Election.

Very few New Zealanders will pay much attention to Little’s final choices. Labour’s ranks, thinned by successive and increasingly severe defeats, contains nobody upon whose shoulders the burden of the electorate’s hopes has  yet descended.

Labour has a talent pool as shallow as a carpark puddle in the heat of summer. I was discussing this yesterday at lunch with the boys at church. They looked at National caucus and at Labour’s and came to the conclusion that even if a plane crashed with most of National’s cabinet aboard, there would still be capable people left in caucus to run the show. If Labour’s front two benches got cleaned out who would be left with any skills?    Read more »

Our media is infantile and embarrassing

Another “political” journalist has a go at John Key being seen in a “dressing gown”

Breaking news: We are waiting in the Peninsula for Key to arrive at the 7am stand-up when Sky News’ New Zealand correspondent tells us she and other Aussies came across Key barefoot, in his dressing gown in the hotel lobby on Wednesday night.

(Mate, you’re jokin?) She is serious and starts quoting pieces that Aussie journos have written about it.

Turns out Key had recognised his new best mates from the previous night’s encounter at the bar and they got chatting about politics, as you do in your dressing gown in the lobby, and about how Turnbull was doing.

Key’s verdict on Turnbull is that he is “a bolter”, which in Melbourne Cup terms means a damned good thoroughbred who will last the distance – for up to 10 years as Prime Minister, Key reckons.

It is a relief to the Kiwi journos to learn he was not wearing pyjamas under his robe but togs – he was returning from a swim in the pool and didn’t realise there was a more discreet way back to his room. Read more »


The paper of record surpasses its own standards


What next?

Annette King wears less lacey bras?   Read more »