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If you believe David Cunliffe doesn’t have contact with bloggers then I have a bridge I can sell you

David Cunliffe tells lies.

Yesterday he said none of his MPs talk to me. That was a lie. i can prove it was a lie, but to do so would breach my confidences with them. They can be rest assured that it won’t be me revealing the details.

Now he is claiming that he has no contact with bloggers.

Labour leader David Cunliffe tried to score a point over John Key yesterday by saying he rarely talks to bloggers, but that seems a stretch.

One of his closest advisers (priming him for the televised debates) is Polity blogger Rob Salmond.

Greg Presland, a lawyer friend involved in setting up his leadership fund trust, blogs as MickeySavage  at The Standard.    Read more »

Meanwhile, in the real world of politics… “It’s like a war”


Exciting cloak and dagger stuff aside, we have an election coming, and Matthew Theunissen reports on National’s “courageous” move to launch in South Auckland

The National Party will turn its back on glitzy SkyCity to launch its election campaign at the Manukau Events Centre.

The last three launches have been at the SkyCity Convention Centre in the CBD but next week the party will switch to a Labour stronghold. Read more »

Key’s not my guy either


Prime Minister John Key says a staff member has been “briefing the bloggers” but has distanced himself from Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, saying: “He’s not my guy.”

The comments on Radio New Zealand this morning come after Nicky Hager’s new book, Dirty Politics, revealed Mr Key’s close adviser Jason Ede had worked with bloggers Slater and David Farrar on “attack politics”.

Isn’t “attack politics” a bit redundant?

I receive lots of material from all over the place.  Mostly just press releases or pointers to media stories.   And occasionally you discuss how to go about responding to certain events.

Look “attack politics” would probably be more like publishing the details of a high profile Labour Party person who has been taking more than legal advice from his counsel.   Read more »

Who are you again? Gilmore to take Nats down where Labour failed

I see the idiot Aaron Gilmore still has not realised that no one cares who he is.

Ex-National MP Aaron Gilmore is considering legal action against the party, following allegations in Nicky Hagar’s latest book.

The book claims John Key’s close aide Jason Ede provided damaging material about Mr Gilmore to blogger Cameron Slater.

Mr Gilmore says it could provide the basis for action over his dumping from the party, and he’s now considering his options.

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PM would like to see hard proof

A confident John Key is telling Nicky Hager to put up or shut up

The book, released on Wednesday night, is based on thousands of emails revealing the extent of the relationship between Slater and prominent National Party figures.

Hager said the documents which had been hacked from Slater’s computer were sent to him on a USB flash drive.

After initially refusing to release them, he told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report today he was reconsidering.

“I am considering releasing some of the material which is about the main things which are in dispute so that people can see the documents for themselves,” Hager said.

“I haven’t made up my mind on this yet, because I didn’t expect this to be half as big as it’s been.”

The information in the book contradicted denials from Key. Releasing the emails would let the public see that, he said.

Key said this morning he would welcome the release.

“He really is having a bit of a problem now because most of the assumptions and accusations he’s made are dissolving before his eyes and I think that’s because he didn’t do what a true journalist would do; he didn’t go and check out the facts, he didn’t get the other side of the story.”

As I said before, poor Nicky won’t be sleeping well.  He’s put his reputation on the line for a rushed political hit and is now going to be the one with egg on his face, not his “source”.   Read more »

The three biggest lies of Hager’s book

These are the three biggest lies of the Hager book.

They cannot go with out calling them out.

The first big lie is that the PM’s department “hacked” the Labour party website. This is a lie and one repeated by the NZ Herald and John Armstrong this morning.

Hager’s allegations are many and varied. They are extremely serious. But one stands out. The allegation that one of John Key’s minions hacked into the Labour Party’s database is – to put it bluntly – the modern-day equivalent of the 1972 burglary of the Democratic Party’s national committee headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington.

And everyone knows whose head rolled at the end of that saga.

This is a lie. The Labour party website is extremely well documented, by me at the time. The website was open to the world and anyone could access it. It was not ever hacked. Furthermore it was not the PM’s department that alerted me to the openness of the Labour party website…I had two sources, neither of which are from the PM’s department.

The second big lie is that PM and/or the PM’s office told me about Phil Goff’s briefing from the SIS. They did not.   Read more »

Internet Party vote winning strategy: harassing All Blacks







Pot Kettle black

A writer on the Left has his tighty whities in a knot and is SHOCKED that others are making connections between Hitler and Kim Dotcom and his bought and paid for Internet Party.

His angry response to these connections was to post this.

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Gower on anti-semitic Gibson

Patrick Gower climbs into David Cunliffe over his jew hating candidate in Rangitata.

If Labour’s campaign really was about “vote positive”, then leader David Cunliffe would have axed candidate Steven Gibson for the John Key “Shylock” call.

Cunliffe has instead put him on a “final warning”, missing a golden opportunity to look decisive and find some moral high ground in what is already a dirty election campaign. But he should have just got rid of Gibson.

Gibson is responsible for calling Key “Shylock” – a reference to the Jewish money lender in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

The Shylock comment is off-colour and has anti-Semitic overtones. It is also rude, nasty and incredibly politically naive. It is the worst kind of negative politics.

He went even further on the Facebook post, calling Key a “nasty little creep … with a nasty, evil, vindictive sneer”.

This is not the standard of discourse worthy of someone who wants to be an MP and it is certainly not “vote positive”.

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Effigy burners happy that they are now “famous” [ VIDEO ]

CAUTION:  Raw unedited video; language may offend

It appears to have been Zeth’s party.  Zeth is the one on the ladder throwing the fuel over ‘John Key’.

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