John Key

The flag debate enters the next stage – which four would you pick?

The final four flags will be announced today:

The final four alternative flag designs will be released [today] – as a new poll shows nearly half of voters are open to a change.

Those numbers could shift further after All Black captain Richie McCaw revealed he wants a change to a design with the silver fern – a symbol also favoured by Prime Minister John Key.

“I think it’s great that there is a debate about it. The silver fern is what it means to be a Kiwi and wearing the black jersey, so I am obviously biased in that regard,” McCaw told 3News.

My choices are:

  1. Silver Fern (Black, White and Red)
  2. Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue)
  3. Silver Fern (Red, White and Blue)
  4. New Southern Cross

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Garner isn’t too impressed with Woodhouse either

The Michael Woodhouse fan club is shrinking daily.

Now Duncan Garner has joined the fray, questioning his abilities.

John Key warned his Cabinet crew not to become arrogant and pick up that dreaded disease third-termitis.

Unfortunately, the vaccination hasn’t worked. Some of his crew look a bit green in the gills and have been caught asleep at the wheel in their plush Beehive offices.

The Government’s workplace health and safety reforms are an old-fashioned cock-up.

The man responsible is the minister, Michael Woodhouse, a likeable and decent sort of chap. But apparently hopelessly out of his depth on this one.

Yes, his officials have let him down. But the buck always stops with the minister. That’s what the big salary and the Crown limos are for.   Read more »

Justice Minister Amy Adams opens $51 million Concrete Cancer building


Sometimes, despite all the warnings given, the Government ploughs ahead seemingly with blinkers on.
Whaleoil has ran an extensive investigation into the Concrete Cancer Cover-Up story potentially affecting dozens, if not hundreds of construction projects.
As a quick recap, cement importing company Drymix imported an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 tonnes of high alkali cement from Vietnam and flogged it off onto the New Zealand market.
So-called ‘independent’ investigations into concerns raised on this blog by The Cement and Concrete Association of NZ (CCANZ),  resulted in a highly technical report telling people to move on, nothing to see here. More on that later.

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What is the most powerful entity in New Zealand? Could it be rugby?


John Key is taking his role as All Black fanboy-in Chief to an all new level by attending the selection of the All Blacks World Cup team on Sunday.

Many people probably see this as a bit weird just like that three-way handshake.

But even weirder is that not a single politician is prepared criticise Key for it – not even Winston Peters.

Especially Winston Peters.  He knows there is only hurt down that path.   Read more »

Smart move from Labour – a rare occurance

Either National do spend the money on improving the housing stock, or they don’t.

If they do, it’s a win for Labour, if National don’t they’ll hand Labour a stick to beat it with every time a single thing goes wrong.

A rare master stroke from the Red Team...of course it is housing so Phil Twyford will be involved somewhere and it might still swing in favour of the government.

Labour says money the Government got in dividends from Housing New Zealand (HNZ) should go into fixing its “unliveable homes”.

The Government took $90 million from HNZ over the past year, and even spending a third of that would help better the housing stock, Labour leader Andrew Little says.

“This is a disgrace at a time when children like Emma-Lita Bourne are dying in homes because of damp and cold while others such as Iriah Marama are suffering from respiratory diseases caused by black mould.

“For just $35 million, all of the state housing stock could be brought up to a liveable standard, but instead the Government takes almost three times that in dividends each year,” Mr Little says.

Letters released to Labour under the Official Information Act show the Government repeatedly pressured HNZ for dividends, including one for an immediate payment of $6 million higher than anticipated.

Mr Little says the average state house needs $600 work of repairs while the Government gets $1500 from each house in profit.    Read more »

Michael Woodhouse has got the schools in a spin about Health and Safety

Michael Woodhouse really does have tits for hands.

His Health & Safety debacle keeps on rolling on from one disaster to the next.

Now school principals are talking about having to close down their playgrounds.

Principals have misunderstood proposed changes to health and safety laws which they fear could sting them with huge fines for injuries on playgrounds, the minister in charge says.

School principals say they’ll have to carefully scrutinise sport, camps and outside education under the planned health and safety laws.

They say the Health and Safety Reform Bill – likely to be passed into law tomorrow – singles out principals, who’ll face potential liability of up to $600,000 or five years in prison if things go wrong at school.   Read more »

Poll confirms disaster of Labour’s Chinkygate policy

We're winning I tell you, we're winning

We’re winning I tell you, we’re winning

Labour banked their future on their racist, dog-whistle attack on people with chinky-sounding names buying property.

Unfortunately, contrary to the claims of Andrew Little and Phil Twyford in caucus, this policy is not Labour’s ‘Orewa’. In fact in three polls in a row it is now a confirmed failure.

Don Brash’s ‘Orewa’ speech “resulted in a major surge for the National Party, which had been languishing from an overwhelming defeat at the 2002 election. From 28% in the polls a month before the speech, the National Party jumped to 45% two weeks after it: ten points ahead of Labour.

Nothing of the sort has happened to Labour, and in one poll they actually went backwards.

A newspaper has released their Digipoll this morning and there is a slight, but within the margin of error, increase for Labour, while National remains able to govern alone.   Read more »

He might have had confidence in Woodhouse at the start, I bet he didn’t by the end

Michael Woodhouse has made a complete balls up of Health & Safety legislation and had to suffer actually very good questions from Andrew Little.

John Key may have laughed off some of the questions but the bottom line is this, there is no way that butterfly and worm farming are more risky than dairy farming. Labour can bash National endlessly with this and it is simple for any deadhead, except Michael Woodhouse, to understand.

This is National’s light bulb and shower head moment and there is plenty of time to play on this. Labour can ask day after day after day whether or not butterfly farming or some other innocuous occupation is safer or or not than dairy farming and people will laugh, because it is that ridiculous.     Read more »

Unions consider taking government to court over giving farmers a health and safety “get out of jail free” card


Michael Woodhouse’s bill is a dog, and not fit for purpose.

It beggars belief that National is even bringing in this woeful piece of nanny-statism but they are. What is worse though, is Labour and now the unions are fighting hard on this but from different angles.

Labour won’t vote for it because it doesn’t go far enough, and so risk not putting in place the one piece of legislation that might actually improve worker safety. Their hypocrisy is there for all to see.

The unions, however, are far more consistent….they want the law passed, but they want it extended to every business and are prepared to go to court to enforce it.

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions will consider seeking a judicial review of the exclusion of farming from health safety reforms currently going through Parliament, president Helen Kelly says.

The Government changed a bill reforming health and safety law after it was introduced following intense lobbying from the farming sector.    Read more »

Winston is over National’s Maori pandering

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

In the process of not wanting to rock the boat, we now have an increasing divide between Maori and non-Maori.  

National’s indulgence for Maori separatism is leading to ever more ludicrous claims, this time Tainui for Auckland, which was announced by the Prime Minister himself, says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Imagine how much taxpayer cash Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Chris Finlayson will need to stump up the costs for a Crown negotiator for a settlement like this.

“In all seriousness National is keen to put iwi before Kiwi and that’s not something people voted for.

“Only last month Environment Minister Nick Smith confirmed National was negotiating with many iwi over demands for water ownership. This hitherto had been denied by National.   Read more »