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Why don’t you see this in the media?

Glenn Greenwald may be a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, but he isn’t stupid.  He well knows that this info-war he’s running on behalf of Kim Dotcom is only being done because Dotcom is trying to get his final revenge on John Key.

And, he’s doing it anyway.

Greenwald is happy to interfere in the free and open elections of another country to help out one man’s personal need for revenge.   Pullitzer for Hire.  Clearly.

His partners in this are a man who can’t leave Russia because the western world is going to hand him back to the USA for being a traitor, and a man who can’t leave an embassy because the western world is going to hand him to Sweden to face rape charges.

New Zealand isn’t some corrupt tin pot dictatorship that has to be made to answer to the world community because of human rights abuses.  New Zealand constantly comes at or near the top for being the most friendly, safe and non-corrupt of countries.

And yet, we have people, criminals,  banding together to take down a democratically elected and highly popular government because one man wants to exact his revenge and has the money to hire the guns.

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Tracy Watkins on her high horse

…Key is utterly convinced that he knows what Greenwald has and is busily rubbishing him as “Dotcom’s little henchman” brought to New Zealand to influence the election and “bamboozle” ordinary Kiwis.

Some of Key’s ministers have gone even further, accusing Greenwald of half baked conspiracy theories and being part of a left wing plot.

That is stronger rhetoric than most other foreign leaders have adopted over the explosive revelations from Greenwald and former defence contractor Edward Snowden.

But what Key has so far failed to adequately address is his Government’s failure to front up a year ago to the fact that the GCSB was considering tools that would enable it to expand its surveillance activities at the very time the country was embroiled in a debate about the extent of its powers.

I can’t understand how precious the media are about this.  The whole point of national and international security is that it takes place with the least amount of disclosure possible.   What sort of brain damaged PM would come out and lay out all the tools, the plans and exactly how they go about it?   Read more »

Has Kim Dotcom Pissed Away $4 million?

Where's my four miiiiilion dollars?

Where’s my four miiiiilion dollars?

Kim Dotcom has spent a small fortune on trying to tip out John Key.

It all looks like it is going to provide an absolutely terrible return.

National is still polling at levels before the campaign started, and the key part of any replacement government, Labour, is turning into a minor party.

Kim’s big problem is he picked a pack of perennial losers to give him political advice.  Read more »

Sledge of the Day

John Key, to Mike Hosking

Dotcom is trying to save Dotcom’s butt – his reasonably large one


Patrick Gower on the election

When Patrick Gower isn’t taking stories from me, he is taking stolen materials from hackers.

But today he writes in the Herald on Sunday about the election.

Try to make sense of this: it looks like John Key can’t lose an election that he can’t win.

Yes, Key in an unloseable position in an unwinnable race.

The polls show the left can’t win – they can’t get the numbers together to get a feasible majority no matter what.

The right can get the numbers together to win – but not without some serious compromises. It looks as if it’s not a matter of whether Key wins, but more how he wins.

For several years now the opposition have mocked John Key, along with the pundits like Gower, claiming he didn’t have support partners.

Now it looks like National has plenty of support partners…so many that National may be able to form a government easily with at least 60% of the vote.

Things aren’t so flash on the other side.

Let’s start with the death throes of the left.

The Greens’ tricky, cynical and reheated claim they could work with National was probably the final gasp of the left bloc this week.

It was just Greenwash, really: Russel Norman and Metiria Turei hate Key and everything he stands for, and have spent the past three years bashing National.

Labour’s election campaign is slip, slidin’ away

The election is slip, slidin’ away from Labour.

They are approaching the territory of Bill English, expect a sudden collapse of their vote in this final week as people wake up to the fact that they can’t win.

Voters don’t vote for losers.For the same reason people leave early from a rugby match when their team is getting pasted the voters will abandon Labour.

National is urging its supporters not to split their vote as our latest poll confirms the minor parties are on the rise – and Labour continues to slump.

The poll signals a horror start to the final week of the campaign for Labour as its support slides to 22.4 per cent, putting it on track for an unprecedented trouncing.

It appears to have bled some support to the Greens, who are on 13 per cent. But most attention is around the seeming unstoppable rise of Winston Peters and NZ First.

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Herald editorial calls out Winston

Yesterday’s Herald editorial calls time on Winston’s usual political chicanery.

Winston Peters sounds worried, as well he might be. His party has risen in our poll this week but Colin Craig’s Conservative Party remains poised near the threshold. If the Conservatives gain another percentage point or two they will offer National an option to Mr Peters, should National need another supporting party to return to office. John Key would clearly prefer to deal with almost anyone else.

The 8 per cent or so of voters who are planning to put Mr Peters back in Parliament are probably his perennial admirers and impervious to a public appeal, but here is one. Spare the country, please, another round of Mr Peters’ phony post-election routine. We have all seen it before. He makes everyone wait while he plays out a negotiation for no purpose beyond the pleasure he finds in it.

He thinks he is keeping people guessing but it has become tediously obvious what he will do in the end. If the result next Saturday night leaves him in a pivotal position there is no doubt he will put the winning party in power; he would not dare do otherwise.

The only uncertainty is the number of days or weeks he will want to delay the inevitable. New Zealand’s government should not be put at the disposal of somebody like this. Only his supporters can do something about it.

Winston likes the theatre…there are only two shows he won’t perform…a dogs show and no show.

They ought to consider that Mr Peters is nearly 70. It is well past time to retire him.

He has been in and out of Parliament since 1978, longer than any other MP. He has never come to terms with changes to the economy 30 years ago and at this election he is reaching further back to recall the protected prosperity of the 1950s.

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Face of the day

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald



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This election is far from over – Cunliffe

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since Labour launched its campaign five weeks ago. Everyone thought at the time Labour was a bit mad to launch so early. Wasn’t the party going to run out of things to say? As it happened, Labour has struggled to be heard over the noise created by Dirty Politics. Maybe that early launch wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Not that it has done Labour much good. On the latest polls, Cunliffe just might be able to stitch together a government but he would have to hoover up every minor party within cooee of the Left wing of the political spectrum. And he would need Winston Peters, who has made it abundantly clear he has no intention of being an also-ran in a government that relies on Hone Harawira (or for that matter the Maori Party).

If anything, Labour’s support has flatlined over the course of the campaign. It’s not much to show for five weeks of hard slog, 5am wake-up calls, squeezing into tiny airplanes, snatched evenings at home, hours of prep for the leaders’ debates, and dispiriting shopping mall walkabouts.

Labour’s support has indeed flatlined, with voters now moving their votes from National looking for some kind of strategic advantage.   Risky stuff though.   Read more »

Who’s number one?


No not blogging…the number one country in the world, the hottest country to visit right now?

New Zealand is the hottest country in the world right now, according to Virtuoso — a network of luxury travel advisors and travel providers. Using data from its worldwide travel agency members, Virtuoso tracked the destinations experiencing the largest year-over-year growth, based on $32 billion in client transactions.

It’s no surprise that this Kiwi country topped Virtuoso’s Hot List, given its exposure in movies like “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” — and its untouched beauty. “There is a race towards trying to get to some of the more pristine places because of the rise in mass tourism and globalization,” said Virtuoso chairman and CEO Matthew D. Upchurch.


1. New Zealand (+ 196%)

Far out-pacing the numbers of any other country on this list, with a staggering 196 percent increase in spending, New Zealand swept Virtuoso’s Hot List. And with the upcoming release of the latest installment of “The Hobbit,” expect “Middle Earth” to continue its global domination.

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