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Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail pleads “not guilty”


Well. ¬†Isn’t that going to set the cat among the pigeons?images

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail (left) appeared before the Wellington District Court this morning.

A former Malaysian military attache charged with sexually attacking a Wellington woman has pleaded not guilty and elected trial by jury.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, 38, appeared before a Wellington District Court registrar today and was remanded until February.

Rizalman is on bail with strict conditions including a curfew and restrictions on going to the suburbs of Newtown and Berhampore, and Cuba St in central Wellington.

Rizalman was arrested on May 10 following the alleged attack in the victim’s home in the Wellington suburb of Brooklyn.

He left New Zealand without facing trial after Malaysia invoked diplomatic immunity – apparently in the belief that it did so with the blessing of the New Zealand Government. Read more »

On rape, rape culture and media

When I decided to take Jan Logie and Tania Billingsley to task for their abuse of the media, political and legal processes in regards to the Malaysian diplomat case before the election, I was labelled a rape enabler. ¬†Long term readers will know that’s not correct – ¬†I have a long and consistent history of speaking out against child abuse, domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Then I saw this today.


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Labour’s Helensville candidate busted for anti-semitic Facebook post


Corie Haddock was Labour’s Helensville candidate at the¬†last election, he also¬†works for Lifewise (more on that later)

On 13 November he posted this anti-semitic message on Facebook.


He got busted. ¬† Read more »

The problem with St Helen…she isn’t

Helen Clark wants the top UN job

I’ve noticed a few things about Labour, but the one thing that sticks out is the absolute deference they all hold towards Helen Clark.

I despise her politics, but am mature enough to recognise a superb politician.

Helen Clark took over the labour party when it was in disarray, she withstood a coup attempt and ruled the party with an iron fist for 15 years.

She moulded the party into her likeness and the two became synonymous.

The labour party was Helen Clark and Helen Clark was the Labour party.

That was Labour’s strength and it was also its Achilles heel.

Eventually the voters tired of her and Labour lost to John Key’s National party.

Now this is where it gets interesting.¬† Read more »

Snow job from ministers office, staff react like Malcolm Tucker

It’s official,¬†there is now a decent blogger on the left that is worth reading. He breaks stories rather than talk to his typewriter or listen to his echo chamber.

He has scared a story out of the shadows by calling a ministers office…and the staff of the minister don’t exactly over themselves in glory either. [Listen at 2:34 to a Malcolm Tucker style reaction]

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Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

What is the FIRST thing Andrew Little said his Labour Party will do? Guess

I think it is safe to assume Little didn’t find himself in his post-election interview under-prepared. ¬†He will have thought long and hard about the direction he would like to take the Labour Party. ¬†The changes that need making. ¬†The very things that have been responsible for their continual defeat.

The very first message he wants to send to media, supporters and the public is crucial.

So, given the chance to broad brush the ‘new’ Labour party direction, he was asked¬†“How are you going to beat John Key in 2017?”. ¬†And this was the astonishing response:

“What we won’t be doing is what he has done now for so long, which is give the appearance of a happy-go-lucky chappy but run the vilest, nastiest smear machine we have ever seen in New Zealand politics. We will be calling him out on that.”

They are going to continue the brilliant strategy of attacking John Key’s popularity with the people of New Zealand using the political lame duck that’s Dirty Politics.

Wasn’t Little awake during the general election?

I really hope Andrew Little makes some good positioning statements about Dirty Politics. ¬†For one, I think he should make a clear statement that his party is not involved in it. ¬†This is only something that happens on the right. ¬†And if he discovered that any of his own party were, erm, party to Dirty Politics in any way, they should be outed as traitors and ejected from the organisation. ¬† Finally, he should categorically state that attack bloggers are the exclusive domain of the National Party. Read more »

Is this idiot reading my emails?

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish seems to have hacked my emails.

He has a post about talking points for dealing with Andrew Little.

Time is of the essence now that Andrew Little has been confirmed as Labour’s new leader. You can’t afford to let him settle in, to be effective, to unite the various party factions. He needs to be sabotaged, and there’s no time to waste. It’s your job to run him down at every opportunity.

I have compiled a list of talking points for you to use on your blogs and other forms of media. This should save you from having to trawl through various other sites for mud to throw.

Gallery journalists and dime-a-dozen talking-head pundits: feel free to use as required for your columns and opinion pieces, in place of actual analysis.

Andrew Little talking points:

Beholden to union interests, no real public profile, couldn’t even win his electorate, a return to the bad old days of 1970s industrial relations, alarming hard-left agenda, unionist mates will be expecting payoff now, wonder what deals he’s made, anti-democratic, most members and caucus members wanted someone else as leader, unelectable, John Key will be relieved, dour and unlikeable, will further divide the party.

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Compare and contrast

via RNZ

via RNZ

Guilty of breaking the law, but even then he’s just kidding around.

Mr Brownlee has been stung $2000 for breaking security rules at Christchurch airport while trying to make a flight in July.

He says he accepts the findings and has learned his lesson. Read more »

It’s time for a chat

sycophant-3I note in the comments today in the flag issue that some commenters think I am attacking JohnKey by suggesting his $30 million campaign to change the flag is wrong.

Let me tell you something dear readers…I am sick of this sort of silly accusation that somehow I am against John Key.

I am not nor will ever be in the pay of the National party. I am not even a member.

If you come to this site for a party political broadcast on behalf of the National party, or in the belief that I should operate this site in blind obeisance to St. John Key then you are in the wrong place.

I was brought up surrounded by politicians from Rob Muldoon, to Jim McLay, to Jim Bolger, to Winston Peters, to Jenny Shipley , to Bill English to Don Brash and yes to John Key….plus many supporting characters.

I have witnessed the rise and fall of many politicians. I even helped draft the caucus resolution to chuck Winston Peters from the caucus one windy, rainy Wellington night. They are gone and I am still here.

The one thing that I was brought up with was a healthy disrespect for politicians, and that healthy disrespect was encouraged and nurtured by my mother.

I watched her regularly destroy a politicians argument with reason and logic. She never cared what their position was and never shirked from telling them when they were wrong.

I learned from her that it was ok to go against the ideas and wishes of a party leader. I watched her tell off Muldoon, remonstrate with Aussie Malcolm, mock Jim Bolger and quietly whisper to Jenny Shipley…plus many others.

It is not sacrilege to oppose the flag debate…it is after all a debate…just because I am not on the¬†side of St. John key doesn’t mean I am on the side of evil. I have simply chosen a side of a debate. David Farrar has chosen another side, it doesn’t mean we aren’t friends.

In a vibrant democracy sycophancy must be discouraged, instead reasoned and logical debate must be pursued.

John Key is not infallible, this might be news to some of you, but he isn’t. He actually does make mistakes, and you know what people are allowed to point those out. ¬† Read more »