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Rodney Hide on a dodgy union rorts and National’s lack of courage in taking on the unions

Rodney Hide discusses the dodgy union rort going on in the PSA:

For years government departments have been running a scam for the unions. The amounts involved total in the millions. The scam diverts your tax dollars away from their proper purpose to the union movement. The scam thereby indirectly assists Labour. It’s shonky.

The latest Government outfit engaging in the scam is Parliamentary Service. This is surprising. Parliamentary Service employs MPs’ staff and the many legions of people who make Parliament work. That includes MPs’ electorate agents, their office staff, the librarians, the cleaners and the messengers. To ensure a sound democracy and proper government the Parliamentary Service must be scrupulously fair and even-handed.

And here’s where it has fallen down. Badly.

The service has just settled a new Employment Agreement for all MPs’ support staff. The deal involves a kick-back for joining a union. There’s no other word for it. Staff who are members of the union receive a one-off payment of $1000. Non-union members receive a one-off payment of $500. The result is a $500 bonus for joining the union.

The two unions involved are the Public Service Association (PSA) and the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU). The $500 bonus more than pays the annual membership fee.

Parliamentary Service dresses up the union bonus as reflecting “the significant input of union members to the process of developing and agreeing the terms and the agreement itself”. But that’s phooey. The payment’s purpose is to pump union membership and fatten union bank accounts.

These unions are highly politicised and the Service and Food Workers Union directly affiliates to the Labour Party and pays levies for the privilege. The union even had a vote in choosing David Cunliffe as the new Labour leader.

The union’s webpage runs the banner, “Let’s Change the Government!”¬† Read more »

Time to swing the axe, hard

Wellington sucks, in more ways than one, but it certainly sucks your tax dollars with a burgeoning and expanding public service.

I think it is time National revisits their targets as it is obvious that the state sector bosses think they can continue their empire building.

The Romans used decimation, reducing the ranks by 10% but I think it =needs to be harsher than that.

Wellington is home to more public servants than at any time since at least 2000 – and the capital has the greatest share of the bureaucracy since National took office in 2008.

Although National pledged and then made efforts to reduce “core” public servants in favour of “frontline” workers, the number of fulltime public servants based in Wellington rose by more than 900 in the year to June 30, 2013, to 18,493.

It is the largest number since at least 2000, and probably since major state service reforms of the 1980s.

Figures from the State Services Commission show that the number of public servants grew by 1155 to 44,500 in the year to June 30, with the vast majority of new positions in Wellington.

The rise means the capital holds 41.6 per cent of the public sector, the highest rate since John Key became prime minister.

Break out the axes and the scythes and start swinging.¬† Read more »

RNZAF purchasing new training aircraft

Beechcraft T6C Military trainer

Beechcraft T6C Military trainer

Unfortunately not the re-establishment of the fighter wing, but some new trainers.

Apparently a contract has been signed for the purchase of 6 new Beechcraft T6C to supplement the existing Beech King Air aircraft.

The US embassy posted this photo but it was removed shortly after.

Photo: US Embassy New Zealand

Photo: US Embassy New Zealand

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Is Phil Goff trustworthy?

Based on the evidence to date he is not.

I busted him lying about a briefing from the SIS, then I busted him again for breaching coroner’s suppression orders this year. On top of that it was Phil Goff who leaked the MFaT “gone by lunchtime” quote falsely.

So based on all of that it would appear that Phil Goff is actually un-trustworthy.

He confirmed it again today by misleading media and the public with selective leaks of confidential briefing papers. Once is a mistake, twice is deliberate, more than three tomes is a habit for untrustworthiness.

Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman has accused Labour’s defence spokesperson Phil Goff of misleading the public over defence spending cuts.¬† Read more »

Thaw in US relations

This will unhinge the lefty media and other apologists who have had 30 odd years of hating America…but it looks like we are back on good terms militarily with the USA.

About the only thing that could make this even better would be a US Marines base in Northland somewhere.

In an amiable press conference at the Pentagon the New Zealand Defence Minister, Jonathan Coleman, handed his American counterpart, Chuck Hagel, an All Blacks jersey and a three-decade military chill between the two nations appeared to be consigned to history.

US secretary of defence told reporters, “Today, I authorised a New Zealand navy ship to dock at Pearl Harbor… This will be the first time a New Zealand navy ship will have visited Pearl Harbor in more than 30 years.” ¬† Read more »

Listen to reasoned explanations of the GCSB bill

Christopher Finlayson explains patiently and slowly what the GCSB Bill is actually about.

I makes the ranting and raving of Labour and the Green party and their paid flunkies look like a bunch of deliberate liars.

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Garner v Cosgrove

Last night Duncan Garner fought back against the slurs against from Labour MPs who were backing away like the cowards they are from their destabilisation campaign against David Shearer.

He had Clayton Cosgrove on air and what a nasty piece of work he turned out to be.

Make no mistake, there is a clear attempt to neuter David Shearer by various factions within Labour, but yet have the stones to muster the numbers or to actually confront him with the numbers.

Labour is in disarray. My sources tell me that a loud argument as had in Fraser House (Labour HQ) yesterday because Tim Barnett and Moira Coatesworth refuse to fundraise like Fat Tony used to. ¬† Read more »

What a stupid statement

Jonathan Coleman has said that any drone technology used or developed for the NZ Defence forces won’t be used to kill people.

Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman is downplaying suggestions the military could use so-called “drone” technology to attack and kill opponents in any future conflict.

The Defence Force has earmarked $600 million over the next 20 years to fund a “network-enabled army” that would include unmanned aircraft, robots and sensors to enable troop movements and health to be monitored.

Coleman said no papers had gone to Cabinet yet, but there was money in the long-term capital plan and initial advice was expected this year.

“Rather than have people with paper maps you’ve got to bring them into the digital age otherwise our troops will be disadvantaged in the field.” He said it was not about using drones as the United States had in Iraq and Afghanistan to attack specific targets.

What a stupid statement…the Defence Forces are there to kill enemies…what this fool has just done is tell our enemies that we won’t use any means at our disposal to kill them or their equipment. Before any of you pantywaists start asking who our enemies are…I class anyone who wants to rape and pillage our Exclusive Economic Zone as an enemy…sink a few fishing boats with a missile or two and they will stop trying to over fish.¬† Read more »

Sounds familiar?

Watching Labour completely stuff up the snap debate yesterday I was reminded of a scene from “In the Thick of It”….where Malcolm Tucker is facing an inquiry about leaks…

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Phil Goff says Jonathan Coleman lied…he didn’t

Phil Goff took a point of order against Jonathan Coleman during the snap debate on Peter Dunne.

He declared that it was false for Jonathan Coleman to claim that a police complaint had been laid against Phil Goff for breaching suppression orders.

Phil Goff is the one who is wrong. There is a police complaint against him,

Police Complaint – Breach of Suppression Orders by Phil Goff

I laid this complaint because the Police were very quick to charge and convict me for 9 breaches of suppression orders. If it is good enough for citizens to be held to account for breaching suppression orders then surely it isn’t too much to ask our lawmakers to hold tot he law too.