Jonathan Young

Who is Andrew Little? Ctd – Is he Electable?

Andrew Little has run in New Plymouth twice now, and lost badly twice. Incumbent National MP Jonathan Young gave him a sound beating in 2011 and absolutely destroyed him in 2014.

At the 5.45 mark of his first press conference as leader he was asked about this. “Andrew Little you got whipped in New Plymouth, how can you beat John Key nationwide.

Lets take a look at the results in New Plymouth.

Little Young Margin Little Diff Young Diff Margin Diff
2011 13,374 17,644 4,270 -1,586 3,922 5,508
2014 11,788 21,566 9,778
Labour National Margin
2011 8,761 18,073 9,312 -814 2,896 3,710
2014 7,947 20,969 13,022

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Russell Brown thinks Little is a disaster

Pots, pans and pannier bags blogger Russell Brown rarely, if ever these days, writes about politics.

He has broken habit by writing about Labour’s just completed leadership election.

Unusually for him it is brief, he’s normally a big fan of the tl;dr post.

I’ll be brief (it’s 5am where I am and have to catch a plane) but the Labour’s leadership result and the means by which it was achieved both seem disastrous for the party and for the prospects of the centre-left.

Little didn’t win the support of the party or the caucus, he loses his electorate more badly every time he contests it, and he’s vowing to dump all the intellectual capital built up by David Parker. I can’t see any good thing about this.

Am I missing something?

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Good on ya Winston


Winston Peters has quit the flag committee.

Good on him.

The proposal to change the flag is stupid, and a massive weapon of mass distraction being deployed by John Key.

New Zealand First has pulled out of a committee which will decide how the public votes on the national flag, saying it was an expensive exercise which took attention away from greater priorities.

Leader Winston Peters said this afternoon the flag referendum will “cost us dearly” and take the public’s eye off more pressing social and economic challenges.

“A change of flag might need to be considered but now is not the time. Poverty and housing are at crisis level, it’s no time for a government to be raising a distraction,” Mr Peters said.

His party had rejected the Government’s invitation to nominate an MP for a cross-party committee.

Prime Minister John Key said New Zealand First’s absence from the committee would not “inhibit the process in any way”.    Read more »

I get my “Little” wish, proven loser and scum list MP stands for Labour’s leadership

Well, I wrote that I wanted Andrew Little to stand and win the leadership, the first part has come true.

The proven two time loser in New Plymouth and scum List Mp, Andrew Little, has put his name in the hat for the worst job in New Zealand politics…that of Labour leader.

Labour leadership hopeful Andrew Little would be the first List MP to lead the Labour Party if he is successful in his bid as leader, but says that is not necessarily damaging to his chances.

Mr Little is the last into Parliament on Labour’s List and has now been beaten twice in the New Plymouth seat by National’s Jonathan Young, who increased his majority from 4,000 to 10,000 this election.

Mr Little conceded that was not a good look but the seat had swung to National long ago back in the 1990s. “I beat myself up for a period about that. I’ve kind of got past it. We’ve got a big task ahead of us in terms of rebuild and I think a List MP who doesn’t have the extra responsibilities of electorate and constituency work is freed up a little more to pick up those challenges. So I don’t think it’s an impediment and it’s potentially an advantage.”   Read more »

Nashy bows out

I think Stuart Nash has made a wise decision not to participate in Labour’s leadership spill.

It promised to get messy and it is my belief that no good will come of this battle as the caucus seeks to rid themselves of David Cunliffe.

Napier MP Stuart Nash has ruled himself out of the Labour leadership contest so he can turn his electorate into a “Labour fortress”.

Mr Nash had previously indicated his decision would be influenced by whether list MP Andrew Little was in a position to stand.

Mr Little’s place in Parliament was confirmed on Saturday following the counting of special votes.

Last night, Mr Nash confirmed his withdrawal from the contest and said he had decided against standing after a meeting with his team yesterday. Mr Little’s situation had had only a small bearing on his decision.

“We had a good look at everything and decided there’s a whole lot of work to do in Napier … to turn Napier into a Labour fortress.”


Meanwhile Andrew Little, a man so unlikeable he has been rejected comprehensively by the voters of New Plymouth twice and can’t win an electorate seat is probably going to have a tilt at the leadership.   Read more »

Labour: Desolate, deluded and desperate

The Dance of the Desperates is about to begin, yet another leadership primary to decide who will replace the now drowned captain of the sinking ship Labour.

The desolation of the Labour party shows in the potential contenders for the race.

Speculation is now mounting that the contest won’t just be a race between the cardy wearing, beltway candidate , Grant Robertson and the narcissism of David Cunliffe.

First there are the truly deluded.

Andrew Little thinks the special votes will get him over the line in New Plymouth:

Former union boss Andrew Little did not rule out a tilt at the leadership, but pointed out that his return to the New Plymouth seat was still up in the air – it depends on special votes.

Yeah, that’s a nah for Little Andy. The election night results for New Plymouth show that he was spanked by more than 9000 votes by Jonathan Young. On top of that Labour lost the party vote by more than 12,000 votes. There is no way the specials can save Andrew Little and his claims of returning to a seat he has never held are simply deluded.

It is true that the specials might cost him his list spot in Labour though…perhaps that is what he meant.

From the deluded we get to the desperates:

Other names in the mix include former leader David Shearer, who regrets standing down a year ago and may have another shot.

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Labour gives up on New Plymouth and Rotorua

It looks like Labour has given up on winning back New Plymouth and Rotorua, bypassing them on their taxpayer funded leader’s roadshow.

The Labour Party is bypassing Taranaki in a series of meetings to be held before electing its new leader.

Details of the 12 meetings, spread across New Zealand, were announced yesterday as the Labour leadership race entered its next phase.

New Plymouth had been a traditional stronghold for the party with Harry Duynhoven holding the seat from 1993 until 2008, when National MP Jonathan Young wrested it from him with the country’s smallest majority of just 105 votes.

Mr Young then went on to defeat Andrew Little in 2011.

Labour Party general secretary Tim Barnett said the tight timeframe and having to hold meetings in the six biggest population centres had dictated where meetings were held.  Read more »

Shearer is gone, but who next?

I said yesterday that I couldn’t believe a caucus stitch up hadn’t already been prepared to avoid letting the muppets of the membership hamstring the party with their choice.

I say a deal hasn’t been done because surely if it had they’d have presented that already to the media instead of putting Hipkins to act all petulant and pathetic.

You can’t call the knifing of David Shearer a coup because all they have really done is feed him to the fishes without having worked who the next fish food was going to be.

The word is that the final straw was his secret meeting with John Key so it wasn’t Labour who finished him off, more so John Key who joins Helen Clark as a Prime Minister who has seen off three opposition leaders.

Enough of that, who is next?   Read more »

Techtard of the Day


Clare Curran is the gift that just keeps on giving. Just when you think she can’t get any dumber she comes out and proves us wrong.

The tip line has produced an absolute gem which shows why the ICT sector should be crapping themselves if Curran ever gets the portfolio.

During Radio New Zealand’s financial review appearance Clare Curran showed what a techtard she is.

This transcript exert below is brilliant. RNZ chief executive Peter Cavanagh did well not to start pissing himself laughing.

Jonathan Young: I listen to your programmes every day of the week through my iPad. I don’t use my radio anymore except as an alarm.

Clare Curran: Actually, I just wanted to wave it at you because it is such a great innovation, the app, and I have listened – I used it when I was in the States last year, and it was amazing to be there and to hear the quality of the voice coming through. It’s fantastic. The only criticism I would have of it, and I’m interested to know if this is happening to other people, is that it cuts off. It cuts out after a certain amount of time, and then you’ve got to stick it back on again. So there’s some sort of glitch, but I don’t think it’s just my iPhone.   Read more »

National’s Caucus Issues, Ctd

Steven Joyce’s strategic stupidity with MMP means National has no coalition options and needs to cling to power now at all costs. Backbenchers know this, and know that they have him by the balls because he can’t rely on the maoris without getting it in the arse from the voters.

There are two ways National MPs can cause problems. All of them have the option of crossing the floor, and a few in marginal seats have the option of threatening to resign and bring down the government. The first is a pretty drastic step and would take a seriously pissed off backbencher. The second is a much bigger problem because if there is a by election and National loses the balance of power shifts.

The MPs with marginal seats are:

Paula Bennett – 9
Nicky Wagner  – 47
Kate Wilkinson – 642
Nikki Kaye – 717
Sam Lotu-Iiga – 3021
Chris Tremain – 3701
Jonathan Young  – 4270
Tim Macindoe – 4,418
Anne Tolley – 4774

The ministers, Bennett, Wilkinson, Tremain and Tolley look pretty safe in their ministerial portfolios. If Key gives them the arse they can tell him to stick it and force a by-election. It looks like Comrade Kate might have got a get out of jail free card.

Of the backbenchers if I were Steven Joyce or John Key I would expect my buttocks to clench every time I got a call from any of Wagner, Kaye, Lotu-Iiga, Young and MacIndoe. And I would be prepared with a bribe to keep them from forcing a by-election, because without them there is every chance Labour would win the seat. The power of incumbency is massive, and these MPs will know it.