Judith Collins

Not just rapists and murders but Labour is the friend of North Korea and Iran too

Judith Collins used her column in the Sunday Star-Times to highlight whose side Labour is really on as they campaign for cosy treatment for rapists and murderers.

Kelvin Davis wanted New Zealand to criticise Australia at the UN…like Iran and North Korea did.

The week has been full of attention seeking stunts, starting from the ambushing of the Prime Minister by Labour’s Kelvin Davis whose behaviour in front of TV cameras was exactly that.

A dishonest, disrespectful stunt that only served to underline his inability to sell to the New Zealand public that taking a position that criminals, who have already decided that they don’t want to come back to New Zealand, who have committed very serious crimes are somehow representing all Kiwis.    Read more »

Judith Collins on work ethic and winning

Judith Collins has a column in the Sunday Star-Times today that mocks Labour for hating on John Key being with the All Blacks as they won the World Cup.

She then gets into the mechanics of winning where hard work beats natural talent.

Which then segues into discussing the missing talent of Andrew Little and also his missing work ethic.

We’ve seen the will to win in our Prime Minister. We saw it in Helen Clark. We don’t see it in the current leader of the Opposition, Andrew Little. That’s his problem. So far, I’ve seen nothing that tells me that Little is really serious.

Last weekend we had the Rugby World Cup final. This weekend, it is the Labour Party Conference. I’m sure the usual platitudes will result. They’re all behind the leader, all united, no factions, everything’s great. Except it’s not.

Andrew Little made a strategic error in handing over his Labour Party voters to Winston Peters in Northland. Sure, the result left National groggy – for a while. Sure, it took away a crucial vote for real Resource Management reform, but who are the losers in that? It’s all Kiwis and particularly people in Northland who want to see an even more vibrant economy.

I’m no fan of Winston Peters. He’s got the talent but not the work ethic. Tales of his unwillingness to read the fine print abound. That’s why his goal is 7 per cdent of the party vote not 50 per cent. But, right now, he is a more effective Leader of the Opposition than Andrew Little.

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Mr 8% trying to deflect attention by attacking Judith Collins with a 3 day old story

What do you mean margin of error stuff, Phil said this would work?

Does anyone want me?  Apart from the Unions?


92% of the New Zealand public don’t want Andrew Little as Prime Minister, a number even worse than Phil Goff, David Shearer and David Cunliffe suffered when they were rolled and considered unsuitable to take the Labour Party into the future.

So if you’re Andrew Little, what do you do?  Well, you yabber on about other stuff, like the All Blacks winning, and in this case, that nasty Judith Collins, the go-to-gal whenever Labour need a quick distraction.

The six-month partnership, which is free of charge, allows Collins to drive around with her petrol costs covered in exchange for raising the profile of the dealership.

If Peugeot buyers mentioned her name at the time of sale, part of the money would go towards the Papakura Community Crimewatch Patrol, of which she is patron. Read more »

Taxpayer better off and Key fine with Collins’ Southern Autos sponsorship deal


Key said he was happy for Collins to have the sponsorship as long as she was transparent about the deal and how she would benefit from it.

“If she was doing it and nobody knew about it, that would be a different story, but she’s doing it and wants people to know about it, that’s why her face is plastered on the side of the car.

“Look, at the end of the day, under the rules that Parliament set, there are plenty of MPs that take other income and do other things, and you can do that. You just need to declare it, that’s the main issue.” Read more »

Phil Goff caught on the flip flop again

Phil Goff wants to be Mayor of Auckland. He hasn’t said as much but is furiously raising his profile and getting himself in the news.

He is lucky he has his column in the Sunday Star-Times every second week and this week he chose to suddenly show concern for veterans’ families seeking repatriation of remains, in particular from Terendak in Malaysia.

Goff it seems has come to think it is necessary and whilst veterans’ families will be grateful for his support it was Phil Goff who was Minister of Defence in 2007 when this was last looked at and rejected.

As recently as May this year Phil Goff was also opposed to the suggestion of changing the policy and attacked Judith Collins for it.

She points this out in response to his latest column.

Phil, it is great to now have your support on this important issue, which I raised in my column back in May. Back then you accused me of political point-scoring, so I am very pleased to see your attitude has shifted and you’re now giving this issue the respect it deserves.   Read more »

The hypocrisy and sanctimony of the James Shaw and the Greens

Yesterday the Green Party and their lap-bloggers made a big deal about Judith Collins being the brand ambassador for Southern Autos and their French cars.

James Shaw said this:

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said while it might be legal, it doesn’t mean it’s “tasteful”.

He said MPs often get behind products, for example he said he supports electric cars, but he would not sign a deal to become a brand ambassador.

“I would describe that as a step too far,” he said. “You shouldn’t be using the weight of your office to formally sell for commercial enterprises. It just seems really out of order.”

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Greens and left wing give new South Auckland business massive free publicity

It is no secret that I have an arrangement with Southern Autos in Manukau.

So too does Judith Collins, and the whingers on the left have really got their undies in a bunch.

Why has Judith Collins been bragging so much about her new car?

Well, she’s been crowned brand ambassador for Peugeot, DS and Citroen at an Auckland car dealership.

The former justice minister has been posting promotional updates on social media about driving around in her flash new car.

The partnership, which is free of charge, is for six months. In that time, she gets to drive around with petrol costs paid for, in exchange for raising the profile of Southern Autos Manukau.

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Judith Collins for mayor? Yeah nah

The left wing and some in the Media Party were all over Judith Collins yesterday after her column called for a decent mayor.

National MP Judith Collins says she has no plans to stand for the Auckland mayoralty, saying her focus is getting back into cabinet.

The MP for Papakura wrote a column in yesterday’s Sunday Star Times headed ‘Auckland needs a mayor with strength’, raising questions about any intentions she might have for the Super City role.

Today, Ms Collins told the Heraldthe column “signalled her disappointment with the current mayor (Len Brown) and the fact as an Aucklander I feel very strongly we do need to have a good mayor to replace him.  Read more »

Did Judith Collins just put her hand up for the Auckland mayoralty?

Judith Collins gives Len Brown a right kicking and outlines what is wrong in Auckland.

Auckland needs a mayor with guts. Any takers?

I’ve never had a cross word with Len Brown. In all the years I’ve known him as a lawyer, as a Manukau city councillor, as Mayor of Manukau and then Mayor of Auckland, we’ve never had any unpleasantries. Perhaps that’s his problem. He’s had a lifetime of saying “yes” when occasionally he should have said, “no”. He’s a nice, pleasant person who, unfortunately, has not delivered for the people of wider Auckland.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have listened to the royal commission that Labour set up and left us with. Perhaps we should have gone for the Three Cities option that Sir Barry Curtis and Sir Bob Harvey promoted. But, whatever, this is what we have. A sprawling city the size of London with a population the size of Perth’s.

What we desperately needed in our mayor was strength. Credibility and the ability to dominate the conversation wouldn’t have gone astray, either. The ability to bring all sides together, to inspire, to drive through vision would have been welcome. Instead, we got a Labour ex-councillor who peopled his office and his team with ex-unionists and people whose mission it was to keep him in a job no matter what. It could have been so much more.

I knew Brown was doomed when he stated that he was the second-most important person in New Zealand after the prime minister. Really? When Auckland’s mayor thinks his job is to have a foreign relations policy, you know it’s all over. Where were his advisers? Who was saying, “Earth to Len?”

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When will David, Winston, and Kelvin apologise for their smears?

Winston Peters, David Parker, Kelvin Davis and Eugenie Sage all attacked Judith Collins and her husband David Wong-Tung over kauri logs.

They were all wrong, along with a number of media outlets. The media outlets including Radio NZ have all apologised.

Now Eugenie Sage has apologised.

Apology to David Wong-Tung and Oravida

“On the 19th of June 2015, I issued a press release under the title “Govt. stuck in the mud over swamp kauri allegations.”

“I acknowledge that the press release was capable of conveying meanings that were not intended. Specifically, I did not mean to suggest that David Wong-Tung and Oravida were involved in the illegal export of swamp kauri or that they influenced the government or any member of it to turn a blind eye to any such exports.”   Read more »