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Why did Nicky Hager Leave out the Good Bits?


Nicky Hager was obviously only interested in doing damage to National as he didn’t bring up any of the really interesting stories that he could have.

Stories like the senior politician who is being stalked by a same sex partner.

Or the senior political figure who beat his missus and killed her dog.   Read more »

Face of the day



“It seemed a very odd thing at the time and I presume that someone may have been interested in the information that was on that laptop” Ms Collins said.

It’s one of a series of interesting little break ins around computers, she told the Herald.

She said that included the break ins at Mr Mitchells’ offices in September and October last year in which a laptop and phones were stolen.

Mr Mitchell also told the Herald on Sunday his email was hacked during those burglaries.

Ms Collins and Mr Mitchell’s reports of break ins come as the Government responds to Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics with claims the writer and the left in general are the ones indulging in dirty tricks such as the hacking of blogger Cameron Slater’s website which yielded the messages Hager based his book on.

- hacked from NZ Herald

Nice headline and not a bad story

I have lambasted Kate Shuttleworth before on this blog, but I agreed to an interview with her in Tel Aviv.

She is a freelancer now and based in Israel. I reckon she did a good job on the interview.

The man at the centre of the Dirty Politics firestorm sits on a leafy street in Tel Aviv, Israel, just a block from the shores of the Mediterranean, sipping a blended mint lemonade.

Cameron “Whale Oil” Slater is bleary-eyed, having spent 24 hours on a plane, and now finds himself in a war zone during a ceasefire. It’s Friday in Israel; Saturday back home.

He’s one of a group of international journalists invited to visit by the Israeli government, which has been earning bruising international condemnation over the civilian death toll in the Gaza conflict.

Slater, however, sees the bright side.

“What I am witnessing in Tel Aviv is a vibrant, free and open democracy of tolerance,” he says.

“From the hotel I am staying at 100 metres across the road there’s a gay beach and the gay beach is 200 metres from the Orthodox Jewish beach – I bet you there’s not a gay beach in Gaza.”

He plans to visit the Iron Dome missile defence system and interview New Zealanders serving in the Israel defence force, and fit in some sightseeing at the Dead Sea, Masada and Jerusalem’s Old City.

In Gaza they drag homosexuals behind motorbikes to “teach them a lesson”. In Israel just a few kilometres away they have a special beach…complete with rainbow umbrellas…and yes it is just a few hundreds down the beach from the Orthodox beach.   Read more »

Join the Dots


All the following have occurred recently:


Me.  Hacked

Travis (WO staff). Hacked

A National MP. Hacked and laptops stolen

A journalist = Hacked

A business man = Hacked and office broken into

David Farrar = Hacked and office broken into

Judith Collins = Target in Hager book


Can you find the common denominator here?   Read more »

PM would like to see hard proof

A confident John Key is telling Nicky Hager to put up or shut up

The book, released on Wednesday night, is based on thousands of emails revealing the extent of the relationship between Slater and prominent National Party figures.

Hager said the documents which had been hacked from Slater’s computer were sent to him on a USB flash drive.

After initially refusing to release them, he told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report today he was reconsidering.

“I am considering releasing some of the material which is about the main things which are in dispute so that people can see the documents for themselves,” Hager said.

“I haven’t made up my mind on this yet, because I didn’t expect this to be half as big as it’s been.”

The information in the book contradicted denials from Key. Releasing the emails would let the public see that, he said.

Key said this morning he would welcome the release.

“He really is having a bit of a problem now because most of the assumptions and accusations he’s made are dissolving before his eyes and I think that’s because he didn’t do what a true journalist would do; he didn’t go and check out the facts, he didn’t get the other side of the story.”

As I said before, poor Nicky won’t be sleeping well.  He’s put his reputation on the line for a rushed political hit and is now going to be the one with egg on his face, not his “source”.   Read more »

National tax cuts? Yep: delivered

Things rarely get cheaper these days, so this is good news for everyone:

Motorists will be $135 on average better off from next July after confirmation of cuts to ACC vehicle levies.

Vehicle levies will be based on safety ratings from next year, meaning those who drive safer cars will pay less, while employers will also receive a slight cut.

ACC Minister Judith Collins said today that the average vehicle levy would fall from about $330 to $195 a year from next July.

This included reductions to the licence fee and a drop of 3 cents a litre off the petrol levy, she said.

Dropping the cost on transport levies is actually very significant.  Although it is a small amount per litre, it adds up across all drivers and kilometers travelled.  It takes the pressure off increasing transport costs which will positively effect everything – including groceries.   Read more »

Sounds like he needs a good long stretch not a delay

Filthy pedo Catholic priest Bernard Kevin McGrath is still safely ensconced in New Zealand, but his fate now rests with Judith Collins.

I should think she won’t take too long to decide to put this creep on a plane to Australia.

Still, I think it is a travesty that scumbags like him get to play the system when what they really need is a good long stretch.

The New Zealand government is taking legal advice on whether a former Catholic brother should be extradited to Australia to face child sex charges.

The Commonwealth of Australia has spent more than 18 months trying to extradite Bernard Kevin McGrath, 66, from New Zealand to face 252 child sex abuse charges.  Read more »

The end of the world as we know it has not happened as a result of Family Court reforms

When Judith Collins announced and then implemented Family Court reforms there were howls of outrage from vested interests about how the end of the world is nigh.

Unfortunately the truth is the reforms are working.

Judith Collins has announced:

More parents are resolving their disputes outside of court only months after the Government’s family justice reforms came into effect, Justice Minister Judith Collins announced today.

“Progress to date confirms our reforms are empowering people to resolve their parenting disputes outside of court, minimising the stress children often face when their parents separate,” Ms Collins says.

Since the Government’s reforms came into effect on 31 March this year, 562 assessments for the New Family Disputes Resolution (FDR) mediation service have been completed and another 530 are in progress.    Read more »

Face of the Day

Chloe King

Chloe King

Chloe King

Chloe King

I intend to keep trying to take him down through my blogs I will do it with research, facts and the truth not malicious gossip and flawed arguments.

- Chloe King

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Are right wing women sexier?

Cactus Kate posted the link to this on Facebook, where a liberal-lefty-pro-feminist man  (there is some debate over whether or not he is actually a man) explains why he thinks right wing women are sexier.

Not long ago I was out drinking with a group of friends and we started playing the If-You-Had-To game. The idea is to present players with two people they would never want to sleep with — and then make them choose which they’d sleep with. Here are some of the fiendish alternatives I had to face: Imelda Marcos or Wallace Simpson? Ayn Rand or Yoko Ono? Gertrude Stein or Virginia Woolf?

Then one joker said: Theresa May or Jemima Khan? Everyone laughed at this no-contest choice. Everyone except me. How could I tell them the ugly truth: I’d prefer a night of passion with right-wing Theresa over lefty Jemima any day of the week.

But then I belong to that small, deviant group of liberal-lefty-pro-feminist men who find conservative/right-wing women super sexy. In an age when anything goes — at least in terms of sexual pleasure — ours is a lust that dare not speak its name.

I know this because later that evening, I turned to one of the group and confessed my secret longing for the likes of Theresa May, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin — ideally all at once. I thought my fantasy night of passion would be received with sympathy and understanding. After all, this friend of mine pays a woman in Earls Court to put him on a rack and do things you don’t want to read about. He just looked at me and said: ‘You’re sick!’

Heh..sick for hankering after right wing women?

I can just hear the chorus of left-wing women complaining that, here we go again — judging women in politics by their looks! Well, actually, looks have nothing to do with it. By that criteria, I should be swooning over Jemima instead of drooling over Mrs May. So no, this is not about looks; it’s about the sexiness of a certain mindset and sensibility. What is the appeal of right-wing women to men like me? After all, left-wing men are not supposed to sleep with such women. (We’re meant to find their political convictions too repulsive for that sort of thing.) But politics is rooted in tribalism and dark emotions, as much as reason. To lefty men of my persuasion, right-wing women are the Other; alluring because they are so exotic; exciting because they’re so forbidden.

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