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Labour’s vote winning strategy – voter immobilisation

Jerome Mika, the Labour candidate about to take a pasting from Judith Collins in Papakura has revealed why Labour is going to get wasted on Saturday.

They want to immobilise voters.

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Face of the day

Colin Craig

Colin Craig

According to the latest poll Mr Craig has good reason to celebrate. I know Cam says better the Bad ( Winston ) than the Mad ( Colin ) but on an emotional level I prefer Mr Craig. Winston burnt his bridges with me when he lied about my favourite politician Judith Collins. I hope Colin ends up the King maker simply because I despise Winston.

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One big long sledge by Mike Yardley

Mike Yardley writes one big long sledge against David Cunliffe:

With just 11 sleeps to election day, and as the campaign trail hits the home straight, we seem to be back where we started. Despite all the political histrionics, National remains in pole position with Labour seemingly marooned on 25 per cent support.

The maths would suggest Team Cunliffe needs to be hitting 30 per cent if there is to be any sniff of a sixth Labour-led government taking shape. Last week’s The Press Leaders Debate was a gripping spectacle to observe, once again delivering what could well be the killer campaign frisson, with David Cunliffe’s dismal inability to blow-torch John Key’s strategic query about whether family homes in trusts will attract capital gains tax.

Cunliffe was not only flummoxed, but woefully outfoxed. At the half-time break, his platoon of crest-fallen advisers hastily tromped off backstage, more ashen-faced than Mt Tavurvur.

It was a catastrophe for the Labour leader, who, ironically, throughout much of the debate, was the more composed and commanding performer.

The capital gains tax stuff up has cost Labour dearly. I expect the next polls to show a complete disaster.

But bungles can have brutal consequences, and this was a botch to match the “I’m sorry for being a man” moment. The Press debate also heralded what continues to be National’s central attack catchphrase: “Labour’s Five New Taxes.” An attack line designed to scare the bejesus out of middle New Zealand, the swing voters that decide elections.   Read more »

Interesting ODT article

There was an interesting ODT article yesterday that quoted Julian Miles QC.

Ironically he represented Fairfax, I think, in opposition to my application for an injunction. He is one of the most qualified barristers in the land, especially in areas of defamation and also media law.

When he speaks people should listen.

A lawyer who prevented Cameron Slater from gagging traditional media says he expects the controversial Whale Oil blogger will soon enjoy the same legal protection as journalists.

Julian Miles QC represented three media organisations at a hearing in the High Court at Auckland on Friday and less than 24 hours later spoke at the World Bar Conference in Queenstown.

Mr Slater had sought an injunction stopping further publication of private emails hacked from his computer.

The emails have caused a storm of controversy during the past three weeks, leading to the resignation of Minister of Justice Judith Collins.

On Friday, Mr Slater won an interim injunction against ”unknown defendants” publishing his private emails – referring to the hacker known as Whaledump, or Rawshark, who obtained the information used as the basis for Nicky Hager’s controversial book, Dirty Politics.    Read more »

Two polls herald Labour’s disaster

Two polls this morning show that Labour’s hope that “Dirty Politics” was going to be their salvation was misplaced.

The NZ Herald/Digipoll is really bad news for them.

National’s polling has barely flickered in the three weeks since the Dirty Politics book was launched and the party could still govern alone on 50.1 per cent in the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey.

Prime Minister John Key told the Herald the results reflected “a huge fatigue factor” with Dirty Politics.

Their July poll was clearly out of whack and the poll has settled back to usual levels.

National support

The full numbers for the Herald/Digipoll are:

Party Support

  • National 50.1% (-0.6%)
  • Labour 23.8% (-0.3%)
  • Green 11.4% (nc)
  • NZ First 6.0% (+1.0%)
  • Maori 0.4% (-0.6%)
  • United Future 0.2% (+0.1%)
  • ACT 0.4% (+0.1%)
  • Mana/Internet 3.5% (+0.1%)
  • Conservative 3.8% (+0.5%)

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But… the Facebook messages are fake!




ACT’s The Letter on the realities of media v blogs

The Letter thinks it is highly unlikely Judith Collins was conspiring against her chief executive. The last time a minister leaked against a Chief executive was when Helen Clark leaked to journalists to force Peter Doone to resign. But we agree with John Key that Collins had to go. She has an incurable problem. Judith Collins lacks a quality you need to be Minster of Justice and that is judgment.

I would like to see any politician stand up against a sustained 8 month attack over trivial matters like glasses of milk, a dinner that was always off the clock and the fact she’s been torn down for being a family friend of a blogger who had his emails stolen.   There has always been but one reason for this:  A whole conga line of politicians that visited or otherwise worked with Kim Dotcom.   Judith Collins had to go for Kim Dotcom to get closer to his dream of a quashed extradition.  No other MP has been under as much pressure as Collins has, essentially over very very little.

Green co leader Metiria Turei is being uncritically reported calling for Judith Collins office to be “locked down” to prevent destruction of evidence. A scurrilous allegation, now typical of the Greens. The destruction of any ministerial files is an offence under the Archives Act. The media ought to know the claim is absurd. All ministerial computers are automatically backed up to a separate server under the control of government computer services. It is impossible for a minister’s office to destroy records.

The other parties are being very brave for calling for a “full” inquiry.  Do they really want to open a Pandora’s box that isn’t able to be closed?  Are they that cocky to think they’ll come out smelling of roses?  If anything, it shows the ignorance of what they know is going on in their own party ranks.   Because I can promise everyone this much:  if there is going to be a full bloodletting, I’ll make sure it is done fairly on all sides. Read more »

Journalists whine about delays with OIAs and now they are whining about quick turnaround

Journalists always whine about the turn around time for Official Information Act requests.

They complain that the ministers treat the 20days as stipulated by law as a goal and a delaying tactics.

And yet when a minister who has information to hand and no reason to delay it they now whine it was a quick turn around.

Spare me, these pricks are so slippery when it comes to news.

Judith Collins’ office processed an Official Information Act request in just two days to release an email embarrassing then Serious Fraud Office head Adam Feeley in 2011.

The revelation comes as ripples from the Dirty Politics saga widened during the weekend after a series of bombshells including:

â–  Collins stepped down as Justice Minister after an email handed to the prime minister’s office raised questions about her involvement in what leaked emails appear to suggest was a campaign by Right-wing blogger Cameron Slater and others to undermine Feeley while he was SFO boss.

â–  Prime Minister John Key confirmed there would be an inquiry into Collins’s actions in relation to Feeley, with details of the inquiry to be announced today.

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SSC boss backs Collins view, Key starting to look silly now

When John Key used my email in breach of the Privacy Act to slay Judith Collins, he should have done a bit more research.

It seems the State Services Commission boss supports the viewpoint of Judith Collins.

NBR reports:

“I told the Prime Minister’s Office that Judith Collins had a positive view of Mr Feeley’s  performance through her time as Minister responsible for the Serious Fraud Office.”

“The Commission has reviewed its documentation and sought the recollections of staff responsible for the SFO portfolio at the time in coming to this view.  This includes the period following the date of the email in October 2011 released today by the Prime Minister.  Earlier in 2011, Judith Collins had raised with me the appropriateness of Mr Feeley’s consumption of a bottle of champagne following a media inquiry.   Read more »

Face of the day

This photo was hacked from a comment by a guest on Whaleoil

This photo was hacked from a comment by a guest on Whaleoil

Fall down seven times, get up eight.
Japanese proverb

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.
Walt Whitman