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Labour hypocrites


Labour are all outraged because Maggie Barry told the truth about Jacinda Ardern. Labour though aren’t pure when it comes to sledging women about children. Instead of sledging women for not having children, they instead sledge them because they have children. Judith Collins pointed this out in her speech during the third reading debate on the Families Commission Bill when Labour were attacking Katherine Rich in the house for “abandoning her children”:

JUDITH COLLINS (National—Clevedon): It is great to hear from the Hon Steve Maharey that he is now listening to us and is starting to agree with us. I say to that member over there, Jill Pettis, and her colleague Judith Tizard—who all the way through the last debate on this bill screamed across the House at my colleague Mrs Katherine Rich: “Go home to your kids!”— “Thank you so much, the voice of feminism.”

Judith Tizard even said to Katherine Rich in her speech that at least she had never abandoned her children…of course Judith Tizard had never had any children to care for or even “abandon” as Labour likes to describe working mums.

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Ain’t life a bitch

Steve Chadwick is finding it hard adjusting to life as a constituent after Todd McClay handed her an electoral spanking.

Judy T is Facebooking her and she is whining about having to look for a job and handing back her iPad and laptop. It certainly looks like she is living Labour’s slogan nice and hard.

What was it that Helen Clark said once? Oh that’s right…”Diddums!”

An apology to Judith?

Cactus Kate certainly thinks that Labour should apologise to Judith Tizard and the numbers back her up:

In 2008 the Greens didn’t openly assist at all and Tizard was allegedly deserted by her own supporters but with specials to count, Tizard is outpolling on raw numbers against Ardern 13,180 to 11,823. Even if on specials Ardern passes this mark it is quite clear the vote swapping that was orchestrated in the Labour-Greens dirty deal. Kaye has kicked her arse all over the electorate.

Of more importance, Ardern, in an effort to win the seat for herself by co-operation with the Greens oversaw a disastrous plummet in Labour list vote from Tizard’s 12,166 (34.55%) to Ardern’s 7,125 (26.04%). Such tactics nationwide of candidate over party largely attributed to Labour not picking up extra MP’s and pressuring the National lead.

Labour therefore owe Judith Tizard a huge apology.

Goff Memories – Episode 13

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Has John Key sold out Nikki Kaye?

Under pressure from the right, John Key has changed his policy on emissions from farm animals and is talking about exempting agriculture from the ETS.

Agriculture looks likely to get a free pass out of the emissions trading scheme if National is re-elected, despite generating about half of the country’s carbon emissions.

Labour pledged at the weekend to bring forward agriculture’s introduction into the scheme, but Prime Minister John Key said yesterday that agriculture would not be “thrown to the wolves” if other countries did not get on board.

In doing so he will likely alienate a lot of urban liberals, the type of people that threw out Judith Tizard and replaced her with Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central. The yummy mummies and chardonnay socialists in Ponsonby will likely be re-evaluating their vote for National and Nikki Kaye if National change their commitments to the ETS.

Judith Tizard on…well…Judith Tizard

There is an article in the Herald on Sunday this morning by Judith Tizard. There are:

Forty uses of the word “I”
Ten uses of the word “I’d”
Fourteen uses of the word “my”

So then, what’s the article really about?

fa Goff

Dave Armstrong takes apart Labour and their pro tempore leader Phil Goff:

Last week I mistyped the Opposition leader’s name as Phil Goof. Given his recent form, my mistake may well go uncorrected by sub-editors. But can you really lump all Labour’s woes at the feet of Mr Goof? I don’t think so.

And that was just the second paragraph, there is more:

If Labour was a cricket team, it would be 60-7 chasing 260 to win with 30 overs to go. When Darren Hughes quit, I scanned the Labour list, desperately hoping someone like Richie McCaw may have put his name forward. No such luck. After Mr Hughes was Judith Tizard, Mark Burton and Mahara Okeroa. Jesus. There’s more talent in the Zimbabwe late order.

That’s the third paragraph, the hits just keep on coming:

The trouble with Mr Goff is the trouble with Labour – their legacy. Watch Alister Barry’s excellent documentary, Someone Else’s Country, and you’ll see Phil in the 1980s hysterically defending Rogernomics – a thirty-something, Treasury-crazed, moustachioed nut. By comparison, even Michael Laws comes off as compassionate in the documentary.

Today when Mr Goff talks about closing the gap between rich and poor, I simply don’t believe him. It’s like a newly reformed alcoholic trying to convince you that he now prefers the taste of tomato juice to tequila.

Labour spent nine long years largely trusting a free market “leave it to the unregulated banks” economic policy developed in Chicago and introduced to New Zealand by Roger Douglas.

The introduction of possums did more good for the country. Labour never restored Ruth Richardson’s benefit cuts and neo- Leftists like David Cunliffe (another name one must be very careful typing) happily existed for nine years in a government drier than a Hawke’s Bay chardonnay.

And speaking of Phil Goff’s legacy ,here is a bit of Youtube whimsy for you . I can’t confirm or deny whether this might be one of the campaigns Labour is considering for the election. It does however help to underline his extensive experience… as a lifelong politician.

NOTE: If you pause this clip at exactly the right moment (08 secs).  You will see an article headed: “Phil Goff – Big Hair, Bright Future.”
It starts – “Twenty years ago Phil Goff was hot.  So were VCRs, big hair, Hill Street Blues, and Duran Duran.”

Clearly us  bastards on the right of the blogosphere don’t give Phil credit for his extensive politcal legacy.

Looking at this video though, it”s his hair!

But back to Dave Armstrong for the last word:

If only there was the technology to morph different Labour politicians into one. Imagine a Labour leader with Jacinda Ardern’s looks, Trevor Mallard’s mongrel, Shane Jones’ blokie-ness, David Cunliffe’s intellect and Louisa Wall’s sporting ability. Trouble is, if you left it to Labour head office, you’d probably get an MP with Trevor Mallard’s looks, Jacinda Ardern’s mongrel, David Cunliffe’s blokie-ness, George Hawkins’ intellect and Judith Tizard’s sporting ability. But as any zoologist will tell you, there is no animal more ruthless than Labourite caucusi sniffing consecutive election defeats.

Despite no clear alternative, Labour’s caucus may soon say to its leader, as David Lange brilliantly called out to him in Samoan as he left for Apia, “fa Goff”.

Tizard Round up

The paid lap-bloggers at The Standard think that Labour’s crass manipulation of the MMP list system is “a quirk”.

Judith Tizard won’t take Labour’s vacant seat in Parliament. It’s the right thing to do. It’s only a quirk that we should be looking back to a list written in 2008 to fill a seat for 6 months now.

It might be a quirk but it is the law. The list that they now refuse to stand by is the same list they died in a ditch for and now it doesn’t suit they want very much to ignore it.

Russell Brown and Tim Watkin, both TVNZ bed-fellows rush to the defense of  Judith Tizard. Perhaps they consider it as thanks for all the patronage bestowed upon them when Judith was a Minister. Perhaps it is also payback for all that patronage that is seeing Tim Watkin manipulate the guest list for the panel on Q+A into a who’s who of the Labour party. So far we have seen Jon Johanssen as a regular, Andrew Little had numerous appearances and on her first day in teh job as Labour’s new president they draft in Moira Coatsworth. They even regularly have “Fat Tony” Mike Williams on. I don’t recall ever seeing Judy Kirk there or Peter Goodfellow. It seems that Q+A is fast becoming a leftist apologists wet dream.

TV3’s “Pedro” Gower however gets stuck in with some home truths about the Tizard Bomb.

Labour and Phil Goff got scared into defusing the Tizard bomb because of two right-wing bloggers.

That means Goff is scared of the blogs.

Yes, you heard me right: Goff’s office (aka the ‘Goffice’) and the Labour Party hierarchy decided their Judith Tizard strategy because of what they read on Kiwiblog and Whaleoil.

That means Labour is scared of the blogs.

Heh…our powers are immense. Bear in mind that during the height of the Richard Worth affair Phil Goff, who had been climbing into the affair boots and all refused to front on Closeup with me. The man who would be Prime Minsiter runs scared from bloggers..he ran in 2009 and he runs still. Pedro goes further:

Goff could have let Judith back in way back at the Mt Albert by-election or at least not been so dismissive of her. During our cup of tea last weekend, she told me she felt they were mean to her during the Mt Albert saga. If Labour had been nicer then, maybe she wouldn’t have pulled the latest tricks.

Instead, it’s become an issue. If she’d come back it would have been another test of Goff’s leadership, etc, etc.

So they had to manipulate the 2008 party list that was signed off by their party.

Goff even had to work together with Andrew Little (After the “President… Schmesident” debacle in the Hughes affair) to put the pressure on Tizard.

Forget all this talk about respecting decisions. Tizard’s got it right when she said Goff sounded like he was swallowing dead rats saying this. She’s on record with me saying he doesn’t like her and she doesn’t like him.

She would have been frozen out of the Caucus.

But anyway, Tizard got the upper-hand in the end and was able to put the boot in to Goff saying he’s not up to being Prime Minister a couple of times.

All because the Labour Party didn’t have the gumption to stare down two right-wing bloggers.

So that’s what’s led to this damaging tete-a-tete over the last week. Damaging for Goff, because even though the Tizard bomb has technically been defused its blown up in Labour’s face.

Chaos and Mayhem caused by two bloggers!

Cactus Kate meanwhile, approves whole-heartedly:

We all know the power of the Whaleoil in decimating political opponents online.

But it is hard not to be in absolute awe of Whaleoil’s latest achievement – rattling The T-Bomb Judith Tizard so much that she has quoted The Whaleoil effect as one of the main reasons she was thinking of returning to Parliament and with it troughing $160k. To apparently piss him off.

As Charlie Sheen would say WINNING! Except in our case we are.