Julie Anne Genter

Green logic

Obviously what Wellington needs is more of those trains that aren’t going.

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RMA reform will be an uphill battle

Apart from ACT, all political parties have expressed that they are against Nick Smith’s RMA review

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says it will do nothing for house prices in Auckland.

Local authorities wanted a law that was simple and less complex to manage and one that provided better outcomes for communities and economy, Local Govt New Zealand (LGNZ) president Lawrence Yule said today.

LGNZ represents the authorities whose role is to implement the Resource Management Act.

Mr Yule, who is also the Mayor of Hastings, said there was too much process prescribed by the current planning law.

“We need an act that creates more affordable housing, builds jobs and creates business and economic growth, within an environment of managing our natural resources.”

Environment Minister Nick Smith set out 10 areas of reform that will change the way councils carry out planning law.

So, to summarise:

The Green Party have gone all sulky with Genter saying there is absolutely no point working with National on RMA reform as they won’t be listened to.

The Maori party are against it, as they see Maori natural heritage under threat.

NZ First don’t like it because it doesn’t attack real problems, like immigration pressure on house prices and other RMA managed resources.

Peter Dunne’s against it, and I got too bored to understand why, but he’s not on the team.

And Andrew Little has done exactly as I predicted:  he says reform is just a ‘smoke screen’ (I used Trojan Horse) for the government to slide in the legalised rape an pillage of natural resources, all the while selling it as something that will make houses cheaper. Read more »

The lardo heifer is clearing her throat…

I just realised how INSANE it is to waste money on some MPs


Here is an example of someone who thinks that her clothes just end up in the shop for her to buy.  She thinks that any Trademe purchases fly into her letterbox by pure magic.  And I’m convinced she thinks all the food in the supermarket is grown and manufactured ‘out the back’.

She also thinks people should have jobs, but no way of getting to those jobs, back, or even move about while carrying out those jobs like dropping off blood samples to the lab, deliver meals on wheels or install solar panels somewhere.

The Green Taliban are the real enemies within.  The people who want to ban new roading because they live in a Utopian dream where nobody actually needs transport and 3D printers and 3D printer supplies magically materialise exactly where needed.

We’re also not allowed to drive to stadiums to watch sports, or just the other team’s home field to play.  We’re not allowed to take our boats to the harbour, or drive to the forest or national park to go for a walk or tramp.

All new immigrants are expected to use matter transporters.  We are having difficulty building enough houses, there are calls for more houses, but once they are built, people must remain absolutely stationary.

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The nasty left, always rewriting history


What page doesn’t exist?


That was the Tamati Coffey tweet where he found it was lovely to talk about Tory scum.

Julie-Anne Genter Jan Logie wondered out loud who Bill English had to F%%% to get his 6th budget baby born.   At least she had the stones to let that Tweet stand.

But not Tamati Coffey – he’s going to try and pretend it never happened.   Read more »

$147,800 plus expenses and she goes to Twitter for advice?

This morning, at the Commerce Committee, Julie Anne Genter tweeted this:

The Commerce Committee is an important job and process where the parliament scrutinises the government’s budget.

MPs are supposed to have read the documents, prepared questions and be ready to cross-examine the Minister.   Read more »

Cyclist runs red light, dies under a truck, lycra force field failed

How about we need cyclists to follow the road rules?

Yesterday a cyclist found out that his lycra force field isn’t much protection at all from close interaction with a truck.

Police are investigating how and why the collision occurred, but revealed last night the truckie had the green light at the intersection.

“When I looked back I saw this [man] flying off [his] bike and at the same time the truck just kept on rolling over [him],” said Mr Maamaloa.

It was only when other motorists alerted the truck driver by tooting their horns that he stopped about 70m down the road. …

Police said it appeared the cyclist had been riding down Parnell Rise and was turning left into Stanley St when he collided with the truck, which was travelling straight through from The Strand.

Inspector Cornelius Klussein said the truck driver, who had the green light, did not know the cyclist had come under his wheels until being alerted by other motorists tooting their horns.

“He assumed that maybe something had come off the truck so he parked up to see what was going on. It was only when he got out that he saw that something had happened.”  Read more »

Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant – Green Hypocrites Outed

I blogged last week about Green MPs and their blubbing over lobbying. I alluded to there being two MPs who enjoyed the company of a lobbyist and her client at parliament despite the calls from their leader to unleash the disinfecting powers of sunlight.

Yesterday Holly Walker blogged again about lobbyists without any mention of the fact at least two Green MPs enjoy the company of lobbyists from time to time:

International best practice is to have a publically available register of lobbyists so that the public knows everyone – not just those who have a special swipe-card – who is seeking to influence decision makers about what.

If our parliament is really as open and accessible as everyone says, there should be no need for particular individuals to have swipe card access.  Read more »

Why do Labour and the Greens care so much about Huntly?

There is further confirmation that Labour and the Greens do not want to complete the Waikato Expressway.

Should they win the next election, we could see the most major intercity highway in the country detour into a 2 lane highway through the shittiest town in the country.

NZTA’s Waikato-Bay of Plenty regional director Harry Wilson said the agency had spent $28.9m buying properties along the designated route of the Tamahere-Cambridge section.

The agency has a total purchasing budget of $50.3m and, to date, had made both full and partial property purchases.  Read more »

Finally found a Green who catches a bus, but uses an SUV to chase crooks

The green taliban love to tell us all how to live, especially over our choices for transport. Gareth Hughes is the classic, finger-wagging and telling us all off while booking one of the largest carbon foot-prints in the known universe.

In the Herald yesterday though we hear of a green taliban member who was actually catching a bus…like the other people…shortly before using a fuel guzzling SUV to chase bad guys.

Auckland-based Green MP Julie-Anne Genter is trying to find a woman who rescued her luggage last night after a driveby theft from a bus stop.

Ms Genter made a quick dash to her Mt Eden apartment next to the bus stop to grab her cellphone, which she’d left charging upstairs.

She left her luggage unattended, a move she says was a bit foolish, and came back to find her bags gone.

“I suppose I felt secure. It was a sunny, still evening. Mt Eden Road was quiet and warm after a long Anniversary Day. I was only running upstairs for two minutes, and my flat is just above the stop,” she said.

In a panic, Ms Genter asked a man at a bus stop across the road if he’d seen anything.

He pointed to an old red hatchback pulling out down Lovelock Avenue, a side street off Mount Eden Road.  Read more »