Kelvin Davis

More dodgy deaths in non-Serco prisons, and not a peep from Kelvin

Where is Kelvin Davis when you need him?

It seems that there are criminals dying in non-Serco run prisons…the ones run by the Corrections Union and he is nowhere to be seen.

A total of 85 prisoners died while serving a prison sentence in New Zealand since 2010, while at least 100 others had their lives saved by staff.

Information released under the Official Information Act indicated that of these deaths, 38 were deemed unnatural and 47 were the result of a natural cause.

An unnatural death could include death as a result of self-harm, an accident, foul play, or a death where the cause was unable to be initially confirmed.

A natural death was the death of any prisoner in custody as a result of natural causes.

In Whanganui Prison, eight deaths were recorded as natural deaths from 2010 until 2015 with two unnatural deaths occurring in 2010 and 2011.

Manawatu Prison had two unnatural deaths occur in 2011 with no natural deaths occurring in the past five years.

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Mr Kelvin Davis, your Aussie-based NZ crim constituent needs you!



A New Zealand national claims his head was smashed into a glass window by Perth prison guards while he was detained without charge for several months for links to a motorcycle gang.

Ko Haapu, who was detained in Casuarina maximum security prison after his visa was revoked, says he still had the scars on his face from the assault.

“They would just keep pushing and pushing and trying to get us to break, so when I started refusing to be part of their system as a prisoner, my wrists were locked and my head was smashed into the glass windows,” Mr Haapu told Radio NZ yesterday.

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Message to Kelvin Davis: When you’re in a hole….


I knew Kelvin Davis wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and he’s exceeded my expectations

A group of New Zealanders, including Labour MP Kelvin Davis, is touring Australia to protest the cancellations of Kiwi visas under that country’s tough immigration rules.

The Route 501 Hikoi, named after the section in the Migration Act, say they are visiting Australian cities to talk about the human rights issues surrounding the controversial clause. Read more »

What the New Zealand charter school debate boils down to



It is always interesting to distill down the arguments for and against charter schools in New Zealand. After watching a New Zealand debate on the topic I have now summarised for Whaleoil readers the key points raised by people from both sides of the debate.

These are not direct quotes but are accurate summaries of what was said.



  • We want to see ALL New Zealanders succeed but we don’t think that charter schools are the answer.
  • Charter schools are an answer to a problem that doesn’t exist.
  • It is a solution for a problem we don’t have.
  • Poor schools and bad teachers and bad principals failing Maori students is not the reality.
  • The rise of charter schools is directly connected to the Maori failure rates.

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What’s the exact cost of Davis’s so-called non-existent ‘special treatment” for Maori?

Yesterday Kelvin Davis claimed that there was no such thing as ‘special treatment’ for Maori.

Of course, he forget he was the MP for Te Tai Tokerau…a special seat established just for Maori, along with six others.

I was emailed a link to a post where Mike Butler has compiled just how much Maori ‘special treatment’ is costing us…even though it doesn’t exist. It is from 2013 so I imagine is it far higher now.

So how much is it costing, exactly?

I sent in requests under the Official Information Act to the Ministers of Health, Education, Social Development, Housing, and Maori Affairs asking for the full list of Maori service providers (tribal, urban, and other authority) contracted by each respective ministry in the 2012-13 financial year, and full details of funding that those providers had received in that year.

Tariana Turia as Associate Health Minister replied with a note to define a Maori health provider as “owned and governed by Maori and is providing health and disability services primarily but not exclusively for Maori” and listed 177 such providers in the 2012-13 year which received funding that totalled $95.23-million in that year.

But direct fund of the type Turia had listed is not the only government money that these providers receive and she did not provide details of how much government agencies paid Maori health providers for the various contracts for services through that year.

As an example of the annual revenue of these providers, the Hastings-based Taiwhenua O Heretaunga recorded a revenue of $11.05-million in the previous year (no current financial report could be found) and in 2012-13 received funding of $366,505. The balance presumable derived from contracts with government departments.    Read more »

Is this enough evidence Kelvin?

Kelvin Davis is chasing another passing bus and at the same time tying Labour into the whinging bludging Maori class.

MPs are calling for TVNZ to pull “racist” questions from its KiwiMeter survey.

Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis said parts of the survey – designed to find out how “Kiwi” we are – aimed at inciting racial intolerance.

The KiwiMeter survey asks New Zealanders questions about nationhood and, in the values section, touches on Māori culture.

One of the questions asks whether Māori should not have special treatment.

Labour’s Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis said the question was “out and out racism” and it needed to be removed from the survey.

“It just evokes images of Don Brash 2004:  implying that Maori have special treatment, I’d like to know what special treatment they’re talking about.

Oh, so we aren’t allowed to ask people’s opinions any more in case they get upset?

That sounds like a challenge…let’s list the special treatment for Maori shall we?    Read more »

Get Kelvin to sort them out, they’re Labour’s pals now

Kelvin Davis’ criminal friends are causing trouble. He went into bat for them in Australia, now he can sort them out here.

More than 300 Kiwis have been sent back to New Zealand where many have re-offended on the back of Australia toughening up its deportation legislation.

Precisely 322 deportees have arrived back on New Zealand shores since the change to Australia’s rules in December 2014 – roughly 23 a month – and 81 offences have been clocked up since their arrival.

The figures were released under the Official Information Act to Newshub and include 1 sexual offence, 15 violence, 15 drugs, 12 dishonesty and 6 property damage/abuse offences.   Read more »

Another prisoner dies at Mt Eden – will Corrections be as accountable as Serco?


A prisoner has died at Mt Eden Prison in Auckland in an apparent suicide this week.

Acting prison director Dennis Goodin has confirmed the man died on Monday morning.

The man is understood to have been in solitary confinement, in a cell known by inmates as “the pound”, when he died. Read more »

Kelvin Davis: friend of the prisoner, enemy of the state

Yesterday Judith Collins wrote to MPs asking them to arrange visits to Corrections prisons through her office.

Predictably two MPs had to grandstand: David Seymour and  David Clendon. They walked right into a trap.

Judith Collins never does anything without a reason, and her reason was to address what Kelvin Davis has now admitted to…MPs putting Corrections officers at grave risk.

Labour MP Kelvin Davis has outed himself as the politician who shared a female Corrections staff member’s contact details with an offender who had a history of sexual violence.

Corrections Minister Judith Collins has written a letter to MPs, citing the case as an example of why care needed to be taken when advocating for current or former prisoners.

Collins said the MP, who she did not name, had sent an email directly to the staff member, “openly copying in” an offender with a track record of sexual violence against women and thus sharing her details.

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One of Kelvin’s missing million scumbags has killed again

Kelvin Davis flew to Australia to advocate on behalf of killers, rapists and violent offenders.

Andrew Little lobbies Australian MPs on behalf of them too.

Now one of their missing million whom they’ve cuddled has killed again.

A man deported from Australia after being convicted of a violent murder is before the courts for allegedly killing again in New Zealand.

It is understood he returned to this country about seven years ago.

The killing occurred last week and the man has made a preliminary appearance in court.

He cannot be named.

It is unlikely he was monitored after his return home because a supervision regime that allows the police and the Corrections Department to keep tabs on deportees was not put in place until last November.

The Government put the new regime in place to cope with the expected influx of deportees after Australia adopted a hard-line deportation policy at the end of 2014. Under it, Canberra can send home criminals who have served more than a year in prison or failed good character tests, even if they have spent most of their lives in Australia.

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