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Labour stops hugging Xmas Island Crims – starts “Con Air” fear campaign

Tracy Watkins has an opinion piece on the morphing of Labour’s rapist-hugging routine into a scare campaign about “Con-Air”.

Con Air is what the Opposition are calling it in Parliament – and if that sounds like the name for a Hollywood blockbuster, that’s because it has all the elements. A chartered plane, headed for New Zealand, with 20-odd serious criminals on board, some of them likely to have committed the worst sort of crimes.

The plane’s arrival strips bare the smoke and mirrors surrounding the argument over Christmas Island detainees.

Because despite all the shouting, the Government has been caught unprepared. It blames Australia, and there may be some justification for that. Australia failed the good neighbour test by failing to give us a heads up about a law change that would see a dramatic rise in the number of Kiwi expats deported for bad behaviour.    Read more »

$47,000 per student why aren’t the Teacher Unions outraged?



The PPTA in particular loves to compare apples with pears in an attempt to show that Charter Schools are funded more per student than State schools. This is not actually the case as we have shown in past articles.
The cold hard facts have not stopped both Labour and Teacher Unions  from complaining that Charter Schools are expensive at less than $4000 set up per student.In contrast State Schools are massively expensive. There has just been a refurbishment and redevelopment (i.e. not even a land purchase or initial building) for Western Springs College of $80 million. That works out at $47,000 per student.
Are you as a taxpayer happy with this comparison? Why is the PPTA silent about this? Could it be that they are like Kelvin Davis who only attacks privately run prisons and ignores the problems in State run prisons?

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What’s worse, parading your victimhood or Michelle Boag parading about parading your victimhood?

Screenshot -One News Michelle Boag

Screenshot -One News
Michelle Boag

It isn’t often that you will find me agreeing with Michelle Boag. I feel dirty just typing that, in fact I was sick a little bit in my mouth.

Former National Party president Michelle Boag has accused female opposition MPs of “parading their victimhood” after they stood up in Parliament to talk about their experiences of sexual assault.

Boag made the comments in response to a protest against Prime Minister John Key’s comments that the Labour Party was was “backing the rapists” at the Christmas Island detention centre.

One by one, a number of female opposition MPs rose to demand an apology from Key, with some publicly stating for the first time their experience as victims of sexual assault.

At least a dozen female MPs either walked out in protest or were ejected by Speaker David Carter after he turned off their microphones to prevent them from being heard.

Speaking to Radio Live, Boag said the MPs had “made it all about them” instead of dealing with the issues facing detainees.    Read more »

Did he ever have it?

Labour reckons they have lost respect for the Prime Minister…but did he ever have their respect?

Prime Minister John Key “acted like a clown” when he accused the opposition of “backing the rapists”, Labour deputy leader Annette King says.

Key caused uproar at Parliament when he said on Tuesday that the Labour Party was supporting rapists, murderers and child molesters among Kiwi detainees at Australia’s Christmas Island detention centre.

A number of female MPs from the opposition staged a protest and walkout against Key and Speaker David Carter on Wednesday, after Carter said he had not heard the original comment and was therefore powerless to make Key apologise.

King told TV3’s Paul Henry she supported her colleagues who had walked out and denied that opposition MPs had over-reacted to Key’s remarks.

“You had to be there in the heat of the chamber, where passions were high.”

However, National MP Judith Collins said Parliament had a “robust debating chamber”, and MPs who walked out would not be looked on favourably by some of the public.

“If you want to go walk out, understand that the public are going to view it in one of two ways: one, they’ll agree with you, or the second one, they’ll say, ‘We’re paying your wages, let’s get back to work’.”

Collins said the second, premeditated walkout on Wednesday may also have undermined respect for Parliament.

“it’s a tough place, and when it’s [the walkout] staged like that, and it was clearly staged, it loses some of its power.”

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Jan Logie says rapists are “not always monsters”…ahh…yeah they really are

For some reason Jan Logie actually did stick up for rapists on television yesterday. No, she did…she said that rapists are “not always monsters”

Where I come from rapists are always monsters.

But now Jan Logie, who is outraged because the Prime Minister has said the Greens and Labour are crim cuddling supporters of rapists, is there on TVNZ sticking up for rapists because they are “not always monsters”.

Wasn’t she banging on about rape culture earlier in the year, promulgating an extra-judicial witch-hunt against a diplomat and trying to smear John Key back then as a rape enabler because he didn’t intervene in that case.

Now she is advocating on behalf of rapists and murderers detained in Australia, and is outraged the Prime Minister isn’t doing enough for them.

It shows just how convoluted their arguments are. They have more positions on this than the kama sutra.

These social justice warriors are only after an embarrassing apology…and they are hounding the PM on sexual assault issues for the third time (Rizalman case, Pony-tail incident, and now this one). I don’t believe in coincidences, there is a definite strategy to try and get the PM embroiled in sex allegations of some sort.    Read more »

Question 7

There was only one question that was likely to turn into discomfort today.

People who breach suppressed matters receive a long or permanent ban. 

SUCCESS! 7 Kiwi Christmas Island Crims are not being deported – for now

They aren’t being deported, by listening to Kelvin Davis inciting them to riot they’ve managed to book themselves a trip back to the mainland in maximum security facing further charges.

Seven detainees at the Christmas Island Detention Centre are being transferred to a facility in Perth.

There are unconfirmed reports that all seven are New Zealand citizens.

A statement from the Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton says the detainees are “travelling on a charter flight accompanied by security officers”.

“Restraints are used where appropriate for the safety and security of detainees, staff and the aircraft.”    Read more »

Staged walkout, assisted by complicit Media Party operatives

Dance of the Desperates?

Dance of the Desperates?

The opposition are so busy being offended by John Key that they have confused their message.

A fresh uproar has erupted in Parliament after Opposition female MPs staged a mass protest over prime minister John Key’s claim that Labour was “backing rapists” and murderers.

The attack was made during heated debate about Kiwi detainees on Australia’s Christmas Island, where they are awaiting deportation.

Parliament’s Speaker David Carter said Key’s remark on Tuesday had overstepped the mark but admitted he had not heard it.

“Had I heard the remark…I would have ruled it to be unparliamentary and required the prime minister to withdraw and apologise for it,” Carter said.    Read more »

Face of the day


Today’s face of the day has had a bit of a rant on Facebook. Can anyone spot the flaw in his rant argument? To assist you in your task I have added a screenshot.

Look I’ve done a complete about face in the last 18 or so hours since John Key’s shrill outburst in the House. I now understand his masterplan.

Ya see, now that he’s said he wants the detainees back in NZ within “weeks, not months” he was so right about letting them get bashed, abused, starved and smacked around, because it is just going to make them better people when they get back to New Zealand and settle in to a house next door to you. He’s probably on the phone right now to his buddy Malcolm across the ditch saying, “Just touch them up a bit more Mal before they get here, a couple more smacks across the head with a baton will do them and ultimately all of New Zealand a world of good, y’know Malcolm, cause violence is always the answer, to everything, all the time.”

The man’s a genius. Richie will be proud of him.

-Kelvin Davis facebook Read more »

Why is Labour supporting 16 rapists, 34 pedophiles, 22 murderers, 64 druggies…and a partridge in a pear tree?

You really have to wonder at the complete stupidity of Kelvin Davis and Andrew Little in advocating on behalf of 16 rapists, 34 pedophiles, 22 murderers, 64 druggies, 83 robbers, and 241 scumbags convicted of violence offences.

Of the 585 ‘Kiwi’ criminals awaiting extradition 367 have previously spent a year or more in jail for violent offences including rape, sex offences against children, murder and assault. There are 83 crims who were convicted for robbery, breaking and entering and theft, of such a serious nature that they too ended up in prison for more than a year.

The rest are non-violent offences which are unspecified. Just 80 out of the 585, but they too have spent more than  a year in prison.

John Key was absolutely categorically right about his claims that Labour are cuddling up to rapists and other assorted violent offenders.

Prime Minister John Key says he did not go too far by accusing the Labour Party of supporting rapists, child molesters and murderers.

MPs on both sides of the House took offence at Mr Key’s outburst in the House yesterday, which came during questioning on Christmas Island detainees. Opposition MPs said many New Zealanders had been detained for petty crimes, and some had not been charged with any crimes at all.    Read more »