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Guest post: The Polarising Effect of Dotcom

Guest post:


The last few weeks in politics have been revealing in more than a few ways, but none in a good way.

There has been the triennial ritual by the news media to go after an incumbent government; this time aided by the cynical release of Nicky Hager’s book “Hacked Prose, Email Segments and Other Dubious Assertions”.

Most insidious however has been the eclipsing presence of Kim Dotcom, who’s keyboard worn fingerprints are all over the book, the criminal activity perpetrated to obtain information contained within it and the drip feed of said illegally obtained emails to the Blutwurst loving media.

Am I surprised? Not really. Dotcom has signalled for some time his avowed hatred of John Key, Judith Collins and anyone who dares challenge his carefully crafted media persona or threatens his continued freedom behind our laws. He is well resourced, technologically savvy and has ample motivation.

There are a number of aspects to this however that I do find extremely disconcerting.

Firstly, the overall compliance of the main stream media in continually propping up Dotcoms image. By doing so they have become the chief enablers for all the questionable, deplorable activities and behaviours he has been proven of and in some cases; accused of.

But why is this? Is it the need to perpetuate what they might consider news? Fear of well financed reprisal? Or are there other machinations which have yet to be revealed? Read more »


Kim Dotcom trying to keep Wayne Tempero from speaking with media

From the Tipline:

Kim just issued a legal letter to Radio Live over Wayne’s interview

Shaun [Plunket] just read a bit out.

Basically trying to gag the media.

Don’t talk to Wayne they say.

…and so the pressure mounts.

Does show that Tempero is one of Kim Dotcom’s biggest thorns.  Every time he speaks up, it generates more legal action from Kim Dotcom to try and stop him.


Every so often, a rant is good for the system

Dear Cam, and the team.

I am well beyond annoyed now. Irked left me behind a long, long time ago.

I am now officially, completely bloody furious.

I have been let down by those in the fourth estate (Whaleoil excepted) who purport to be the guardians of our freedoms.

I have been dismayed by people who I consider to be friends who can see nothing wrong with Kim Dot Com and have managed to talk themselves in to believing that he is somehow the saviour of our country, when all he wants to do is rig this election to suit his own ends and save his own arse.

Now there is this book, this orchestrated litany of innuendo, inference and half truths, that is polluting the political landscape in order that we, the people by whose consent we are governed, are again being distracted from the issues on which we need to vote on! Once again, a certain person’s greasy fingers are all over it, and once again, a compliant media refuse to do their job, which is to protect us from the machinations of evil men, and make no mistake, Kim Dot Com is a liar, a thief, a con man of the highest order, and has little or no remorse. He is an evil odious little man in a big man’s body.

I simply cannot for the life of me understand how any politician who truly has the interests of this country at heart could allow himself or herself to be associated in any way with this man. If you need to ally yourself with Dot Com to attain the treasury benches, then frankly, you do not deserve them, you do not deserve to be in parliament, and you certainly do not deserve to represent me.

And I do not want you to!   Read more »


Cartoon of the Day


Credit: SonovaMin

If explaining is losing, I’ll take this one on the chin

via RadioLive

via RadioLive

As people have observed, I’m not only relaxed, I’m quite enjoying myself.   People who know me will understand that I love dirty politics more than anyone else.   And I fully understand people won’t believe this, but I have boundaries and ethics.

They may not be yours, but they are there.

What has been stolen contains legally, politically, medically and journalistically privileged material.

And here’s the kicker:  most of it isn’t about me.   Read more »

Transcribed: Sean Plunket and Wayne Tempero Interview 18 August 2014

Mon, 18 Aug 2014


Sean Plunket speaks with former bodyguard of Kim Dotcom Wayne Tempero, about his time with Dotcom and his views on Kim’s motivation for starting The Internet Party.

In a telling interview, Tempero says he used to respect Dotcom, but has since changed his opinions of him after seeing him buy himself favours, along with his way into New Zealand politics.

“His motives are to save himself and have nothing to do with politics in New Zealand,” says Tempero of his former employer.

Wayne agreed to come on the program this morning to have a discussion, I would thank him for doing so and I would welcome him to the program now..


Sean: “Wayne very good morning to you”

Wayne: “Good Morning”

Sean: “Wayne can you first tell me, I just want to go background, you are, a body guard right? How long have you been doing that?”

Wayne: When I heard that music, I laughed because it’s pretty common knowledge I looked after Whitney Huston for a while when I was working for the Royal family of Brunei, she was a very hard woman to look after, I tell ya, it’s not like the movie. Pardon?

Sean: oh so the movie was partly factual?

Wayne: Yeah yeah can be, some of it , the funny part I remember that when I went to pick her up in LA, in one of the private jets, she came up the stairs and she knew who I was because she had been told we would be meeting her there, and she had a bit of a smiley face, and she said you don’t look like a body guard and it was a play on the film I have never forgotten it, but she was a hard client to look after.

Sean: Alright Wayne, now how long have you been in this business?

Wayne: 24 years

Sean: and before that?

Wayne, Um before that, I was in Dunedin umm, like a lot of Dunedin people, when I learned, I went to the freezing works, Burnside freezing works,  I was on the kill floor when in those days you made an awful lot of money and you were probably making moirĂ© than doctors actually and I learnt my trade, what I did was umm I learnt with a guy  called Jeff Todd in Dunedin and he’s the master hand to hand combat instructor for the worlds special forces believe it or not and he still lives in Dunedin and I was lucky enough to train with Jeff for over 15 years before I took the opportunity with him to do contracts overseas and got into this profession.   Read more »

Face of the day


Wayne Tempero

Wayne Tempero

You have to be made of sterner stuff than most to be a body guard.
It also takes courage to stand up and be counted when the personal cost is so great.
He knows that this interview could damage his career but he did it anyway.

This is how Kim Dotcom solves his problems



Whaleoil Meme/Photoshop contest


You know the rules:  within moderation boundaries, clever or funny.   You can do your meme here.  Or the master/blank above and do your own thing.  Upload the image into the comments. (just drag and drop, send/save, then reload the page) Read more »

Hacker leaks first lot of emails to public

You can safely view them here.

Now, here is an exercise for you all.   Coming at it as the general public, what do you see?

What do you know now that you didn’t before?

Is it important?

What is this trying to achieve?