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New Internet cable, but no free broadband for all New Zealanders


Work on a new trans-Tasman broadband cable is due to start in Raglan by March 29 after telecommunications companies Spark, Vodafone and Telstra jointly invested about $US70 million in the project.

About three kilometres of the cable would be buried under seabed from Ngarunui Beach in Raglan.

This first phase would take about a week to complete.

From there, a larger specialised ship would take over to connect the next section of cable across the Tasman and eventually to Australia.

I’m amazed we need another cable already. Didn’t Kim Dotcom gift one to New Zealand?  Read more »

Larry Williams on Banks and New Zealand justice

Larry Williams has a crack at the system over the John Banks case.

The justice system stinks at times – with what I call trumped up charges against John Banks being a case in point.

Mr Banks was acquitted of electoral fraud after the conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal.

The case related to donations Mr Banks received from Kim Dotcom for his 2010 mayoral campaign, which the Crown alleged were not disclosed on his electoral return.

The Court of Appeal overturned its earlier decision for a retrial after the Crown’s key witness, Kim Dotcom, was found to have completely contradicted what he said at trial – the defence presented statements by two Americans that destroyed the Crown case. Mr Dotcom’s changed version of events was withheld from the court by the Crown.

I’d bet that there is more to come as a result of the non-disclosure of key evidence.

Yes, there will be more to come.

The evidence against Mr Banks was flimsy. Police investigated for six months and recommended that he had no case to answer.

Then along came serial litigant Graham McCready with a private prosecution and the Solicitor General – foolishly in my opinion – pursued the case. To me, it looked like a boneheaded vindictive crusade to secure Mr Banks’ scalp.

I think it’s beyond belief the Solicitor General proceeded with the case.

The upshot was Mr Banks got totally screwed over. He and his wife were put through hell. His honesty was impugned. Some journalists were baying for blood and were clearly enjoying it. Political opponents labelled him “corrupt” and a “fraudster”. Mr Banks resigned from his ministerial posts. The case took a terrible toll.

Yesterday, Mr Banks had another kick in the guts. He’s been awarded $66,200 in costs from the Crown for the Court of Appeal hearings that resulted in his acquittal. He has further application for costs of $190,000 for the earlier trial.

These are paltry sums compared to his actual costs, I’d say . As a guesstimate I’d say his costs were in the vicinity of a million dollars.

That’s justice New Zealand style, folks.

The fact that the Media party participated in the shenanigans should be to their enduring shame…of course, journalists (and I use the term loosely) like David Fisher have no shame. If he wasn’t already known as ‘Tainted’ Fisher, I’d start calling him ‘No Shame’ Fisher.

Justice Wylie should also apologise…but I suspect he won’t. His colleagues, though, will forever snigger at the Northern Club that he fell for the rubbish of Dotcom and his missus.


– NZ Herald

Banksie gets some justice at last

John Banks has got some justice at last, though not nearly enough to cover the expenses of clearing his name against a campaign of spite run by Dotcom, David Fisher and the Solicitor-General’s own office.

Former politician John Banks has been awarded $66,200 in costs from the Crown for the Court of Appeal hearings that resulted in his acquittal for his electoral return for mayoral donations.

Mr Banks said a further application for costs of $190,000 had now been lodged in the High Court for the earlier trial which convicted him of electoral fraud before that conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal.

The case related to donations Mr Banks received from Kim Dotcom for his 2010 mayoral campaign which were not disclosed on his electoral return and which Mr Banks claimed were anonymous.

The decision by the Court of Appeal to overturn its earlier decision for a retrial meant Mr Banks was acquitted of filing a false return.

Attorney General Chris Finlayson confirmed the Court of Appeal costs had now been resolved.

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The mendacity of Martyn Bradbury


Last month I announced on this blog that we would no longer be taking part in the public blog stats that Open Parachute operates.

After dominating the stats for years and being constantly accused of lying about my stats I decided to no longer take part. Ken does a great job at Open Parachute and although we don’t see eye to eye on politics and climate change he is running a good service, so my leaving the stats is no reflection on his ranking service.

We signalled this a month in advance, and I notified Ken at Open Parachute as well so he wouldn’t think his code that sucks up all the stats was broken.

This morning Martyn Martin Bradbury aka Wrongly Wrongson lied about all that, claiming that my stats were “removed” because of technical errors. That was a lie, and one which Ken from Open Parachute called him out on.   Read more »

Paging Mr Dotcom! Mr Dotcom! Opportunity knocks!!


Being the sort of guy who must do some forward planning, he should ensure that by the time he’s on remand in Mt Eden awaiting deportation that the mattress grades are up to his expectations. Read more »

Kim Dotcom: neither destitute nor concerned about his children’s privacy

Kim Dotcom has claimed in court he is destitute, yet he is living the high life down at the Viaduct, and is taking holidays at $900-a-night luxury lodges…oh, and showing off his kids and his attention-seeking trollop at the same time.

That makes a lie of his claim to want privacy.

His publicist publisher continues the positive news stories about the large German gentleman.

Has Kim Dotcom’s love life taken a twist fit for a rom-com on the eve of Valentine’s Day?

Earlier this month, the internet mogul ended his whirlwind romance with 21-year-old Auckland woman Elizabeth Donnelly, saying the media attention was “unacceptable”.

But a photo posted to his Instagram today shows Ms Donnelly relaxing by the pool with Dotcom’s children at the exclusive Chateau Matakana, north of Auckland.

Ms Donnelly has also posted photos suggesting she is holidaying with Dotcom.  Read more »

The only retrospective legislation I’d support

It has been recommended the government overhaul extradition law to simplify the process of getting rid of ratbags who are wanted in overseas jurisdictions.

Imagine a high-profile extradition case of a foreigner accused of a crime that didn’t involve millions of taxpayers’ dollars and years of wrangling in the courts.

The Law Commission, which has been wrestling with this under the shadow of the Kim Dotcom case, has arrived at its recommendations, which were tabled in Parliament yesterday.

The commission was coy about the cost savings, but it promised extradition battles could be shorter and more clear-cut, in line with a worldwide trend.

The numbers were not huge – 70 extradition requests from other countries in four years, and about 40 from New Zealand to other countries.

However, the sums and delays could be large – for example, tens of thousands of Crown Law hours on the Dotcom extradition case, multi-millions of dollars all round, and the appeal against extradition yet to be heard, and due in August.   Read more »

Fatty German Sausage export halted until at least October

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom continues to waste court time with pointless appeals.

His appeal for the extradition decision will now be heard in August this year.

The appeal against the decision to extradite Kim Dotcom and his fellow Megaupload co-accused Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato will be heard in August.

In December, Judge Nevin Dawson ruled there was a case to answer in the copyright violation, money laundering and racketeering charges brought by the US government against the Megaupload founders.   Read more »

Don’t get Cincinnati Zoo to name an animal after you


The other David Bowie

The world was struck with the sad news of David Bowie’s death yesterday – made only more bearable with the parting gift of his album released on Friday, also the rocker’s birthday.

So when the Cincinnati Zoo welcomed its first baby animal of 2016 on Friday, the name was down to one of two – either Bowie or birthday-sharer, Elvis Presley.

Both names were considered but the zoo already has a king penguin named ‘The King’, so it was decided on Friday the new chick would be named ‘Bowie’.

Just two days later, 69-year-old Bowie died, making the gesture of naming the little one that much more special.

We must not speculate or joke as to what the next penguin should be called.    Read more »

This may suit Kim Dotcom

A few years back Kim Dotcom was looking for a mansion in Los Angeles. He had his fixers out looking, but in the end decided on New Zealand.

Now it appears that a perfect house for him has come on the market, and with his newly freed-up Hong Kong cash he could probably buy it and move over there to clear his name.

Got a spare $US200 million lying around? You could be the proud new owner of the Playboy Mansion.

There’s only one catch, its elderly, smoking jacket-wearing, men’s magazine magnate will stay on until his death.

Hugh Hefner’s six-acre Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles will be put on the market next month, TMZ reported.

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