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Tainted Fisher defends Dotcom, and gets it wrong

Fisher gagging on fatty German sausage again.  It’s almost (b)romantic.

As Kim Dotcom waits for a judge to decide if he will be extradited to face criminal copyright charges, a former employee is walking out of jail after serving time on the FBI accusations the internet tycoon continues to deny.

Andrus Nomm had three years of anxiety over the charges resulting from the FBI operation against the filesharing business They were claims of a vast criminal copyright conspiracy operated through one of the world’s most popular websites.

Then, earlier this year, Nomm ended the waiting by cutting a deal with United States prosecutors. The result – a 366-day sentence (with an early parole), three years of supervision and a US$175 million judgment.

A database of federal prisoners has Nomm listed as due for release today.

A database eh Tainty boy?   Nothing beats on-the-spot intel.  Whaleoil’s reporter who visited Nomm can confirm he isn’t due for release until next month.   Read more »

And now we wait…

Get used to Orange fatty

Get used to Orange fatty

Kim Dotcom’s time-wasting to prevent extradition is almost at an end. The case has now been heard and the judge must go away and decide whether or not he can extradited.

The Kim Dotcom extradition hearing has finally wrapped up – six weeks after it was due to finish.

Now Judge Nevin Dawson has the unenviable task of wading through hundreds of pages of evidence and hours of submissions to make the decision on whether the internet entrepreneur and his three co-accused are sent to the United States to face a trial.

The FBI laid charges in January 2012 when Dotcom, Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato were indicted on 13 charges including copyright infringement, racketeering, money laundering and fraud.If found guilty, the men could face lengthy jail terms.

The German-born mogul was not at Auckland District Court today to see the climax of the case. He tentatively limped out of court yesterday grimacing with back pain after a fall at home and his attendance was excused.    Read more »

Kim Dotcom’s not feeling any love for his own private Internet

Eccentric entrepreneur Kim Dotcom claims to be building a “new private internet” safe from the prying eyes of surveillance communities, but experts say it’s a “preposterous pipe dream.”

MegaNet, expected to launch in 2016, is an encrypted — and allegedly wholly private — peer supported internet. When asked last month to prove whether his network was more than just an idea the mogul told Fairfax Media that it may be just his words now but that “the security community will appraise it and validate this service”.

Unfortunately, the security community has now spoken and they’re extremely sceptical.

“It’s a pipe dream to think that you can fight the national security agencies at their own game,” says Stephen Wilson, managing director of the Lockstep Group.

Remember, this is the brilliant idea where Dotcom is going to use all our smart phones to store encrypted chunks of data for other people.    Read more »


Is the Herald helping Labour fundraise?

In today’s Herald it appears that they have shown their true colours and are trying to help the Labour Party fundraise.

The Labour Party’s financial deficit problems should be of concern to all New Zealanders. It is not necessary to be aligned with National or Labour to recognise that a healthy democracy needs two parties capable of providing sound government. Labour’s fundraising difficulties, revealed in its latest annual financial report, are not a surprise. Ever since the party’s former president, Mike Williams, stepped down there have been murmurs that his successors did not have the same persuasive touch with business donors.

Mike ‘Fat Tony’ Williams is a good bastard, but you certainly make sure you count all your fingers after shaking hands with him. He sure did know how to fundraise.

I’m not sure how Labour’s financial woes should be a concern for all of us. If Labour fails because they can’t raise money then that is because they are bereft of ideas in an open marketplace of ideas. They simply aren’t attracting the capital because the ideas they present are stupid. Donations are the canary in the coal mine for political parties. If you aren’t getting donations it is because of several factors, all of which are under your control. Firstly the personnel of the party, tired, old and out of touch means no money. Secondly, policy platform, again if it is tired, old and out of touch you won’t attract money. Thirdly, government in waiting…if donors don’t think you have a chance at winning then you don’t get any money. It’s that simple.

So, if Labour goes broke and disappears it doesn’t matter as politics abhors a vacuum and a new party or better ideas will float to the surface in the political flotsam and jetsam of a sunk Labour Party.    Read more »

Final desperate death throes of Dotcom’s non-existent defence

Kim Dotcom is going to win the gold medal for clutching at straws.

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer has accused the Crown of including irrelevant evidence to prejudice the public against his client.

During the first week of the extradition hearing — which has now come to the end of its eighth week — Crown prosecutor Christine Gordon, QC, acting for the US government, drew the court’s attention to a comment by the internet entrepreneur calling New Zealanders “dumb”.

“Aussies, just as dumb as kiwis,” Dotcom allegedly told a co-defendant Matthias Ortmann.

“Hehe,” Ortmann responded.    Read more »

Go on, you got to laugh: Dotcom’s lawyer says TPP clears Kim of copyright charges

Fatty Boomsticks goes on another fruitless search for legal relevance.

He is just a complete waste of the court’s time and resources.

Lawyers for Kim Dotcom say the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) backs their view that internet service providers are protected from copyright infringement.

Mr Dotcom and three other men face extradition to the United States on copyright, money laundering and racketeering charges.

It relates to their website, Megaupload, and the hearing is into its eighth week.  Read more »

Dotcom wants you to know we made his daughter cry

Even independent observers have been saying Dotcom being broke and continuing to live in a $1m a year mansion didn’t really match up.  But it seems that time has finally caught up on the big fella.

Embattled internet mogul Kim Dotcom is quitting his landmark Coatesville mansion.

In the latest chapter of the property’s short but chequered history, the controversial Megaupload founder has shelved plans to buy the expansive 60ha rural block on Auckland’s northern fringes and is preparing to move into a waterfront penthouse apartment on fashionable Princes Wharf.

The house was the country’s most expensive when it was built for an estimated $30 million in 2006 by Chrisco hamper empire founders Richard and Ruth Bradley.

It has six bedrooms, a tennis court and swimming pool.

The Bradleys, who have since separated, moved to Sydney in 2008 and the property was empty for two years until Dotcom moved in, paying $1m a year in rent.

Under the terms of the lease, he has to move out as he can’t afford to buy the property. He is preparing to downsize to a four-bedroom apartment in central Auckland.

“I told my oldest I am going to move and she cried and asked why.”

Dotcom said he was doing all he could to ensure his children’s lives were disrupted as little as possible.

Kim shamelessly uses his innocent kids here to garner sympathy.  Of course, had he cared about them genuinely, he wouldn’t have placed them in the position they’re in.  At least their mum still has some – they won’t be destitute just yet.   Read more »

Dotcom extradition hearings turn from a farce into a tragedy

photo credit - AAP

photo credit – AAP

Steve Braunias summarises the first week of Dotcom’s hapless defence, and he’s even less merciful than Judge Dawson.

Where were the crowds? “Big day today,” Kim Dotcom advised the 468,000 followers on his Twitter account on Monday morning. “Let’s go!” Dotcom’s legal team, finally, began their defence of their excitable client in week six of his extradition hearing.

Uncle Sam and the FBI – aptly, the courtroom is in Federal St – have stuck it to Dotcom and the three men co-accused of copyright infringement, racketeering, money laundering and fraud. Now it was the turn of the defence to stick it to Uncle Sam and the FBI.

“I wish you could all be at my court hearing,” Dotcom tweeted, wistfully. “It’s going to be good.” But the public gallery was empty, and the press bench was down to three.

Dotcom looked rather glum. His defence lawyer Ron Mansfield looked even worse. The poor devil was struck down with a killer head cold. His great moment had arrived; here, at last, was his chance to denounce the US in loud, ringing tones, but he felt like he had sheep running around inside of his head.

He played the sympathy card with Judge Nevin Dawson. But the judge wasn’t in the mood for cards. “Your Honour will be aware I’m not recognised for being an orator,” Mansfield said. “I struggle with words beyond one syllable.”

Dawson stared at him. His implacable face sent a message spelled out in words which required only one syllable: get on with it. He got on with it. Mansfield’s submission – volume one, 300 pages – was wide-ranging and powerful. In essence, he said the US case was woeful, pathetic, lame. Worse, it was political. He said it was driven by Hollywood, which demanded that the White House crack down on Dotcom’s Megaupload file-sharing empire.

“This is not a conspiracy theory. Hollywood threatened the Democrats and Republicans that they would lose their massive financial support.”

Braunias is only warming up.   Read the rest here.  (a rare link to A newspaper as that piece deserves to read in full)


– Steve Braunias, A newspaper

Promises promises

Kim Dot Con Com has made so many promises to the New Zealand public that his latest one that he is building a private internet just makes me go like this.


Let us have a little review of promises past shall we?

  1. Free Broadband for all Kiwis thanks to a Trans-Tasman cable financed 50% by Kim.
Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.48.37 am

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.48.26 am

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.48.19 am

Read more »


Courts have had enough, fatty boomsticks told to present his defence Monday

I'm coming to steal your democracy

Bye bye fatty

The courts have had enough of his legal shenanigans and time-wasting and ordered Kim Dotcom to present his defence in the extradition hearing on Monday.

Kim Dotcom’s bid to stop his extradition hearing has been rejected and his lawyers will open his defence on Monday.

The internet mogul’s legal team had accused the New Zealand government of aiding his arrest and was pushing for extradition in order to curry favour with Hollywood.

Dotcom’s legal team argued the government acted unlawfully.    Read more »