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No place to hide for hackers and Bitcoin transactions

The accused mastermind behind the underground website Silk Road will be sentenced on Friday for orchestrating a scheme that enabled more than $US200 million of anonymous online drug sales using the digital currency bitcoin.

Ross Ulbricht, 31, faces up to life in prison after a federal jury in Manhattan found him guilty in February of charges including conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, money laundering and computer hacking.

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence “substantially above” the 20-year mandatory minimum that US District Judge Katherine Forrest must impose on Ulbricht, who admitted to creating Silk Road but denied wrongdoing.

Another “who? me?” defence we have grown to love from likeable morbidly obese rogues.   Read more »

Face of the day


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Today’s face of the day Kim Dotcom loves a good Party.

I wonder if he will be accepting this invitation?



Comments of the Day

The left is unhinging after the latest Roy Morgan poll showed no improvement for Labour or the Greens since the election.

Over The Standard you can really feel the pain, there are over 300 comments on the poll post.

Two commenters though nailed Labour’s problem, and for their efforts are now being shouted down.

RRM comments:

“It feels like progressives have one hand tied behind our back …”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Get some new policies.

Stop listening to the facebook left, they are mostly children or BA grads.

Stop lecturing the country about how child poverty is a great atrocity and we’re all part of the problem by not paying enough tax. Nobody wants to hear that. (Well nobody outside of the beltway, the look at me I’m an activist house on Abel Smith St, and 22yo arts grads on Facebook.) Did you notice the Govt just voted every low income family in NZ a $25 pay rise? Normal people can see that that would pay for a big box of weet-bix and several bottles of milk for everybody. So EVERYONE who couldn’t afford to feed their kids before, CAN now, so there is literally and figuratively NO EXCUSE not to. So that should be the end of that.    Read more »

What happens if you type someone’s name into Google Maps?

People think Maps are for places.   Not so.  This is what happens when you ask Google Maps about me


This one is rather telling… although it’s good to see it’s not a a certain other lawyer’s home:   Read more »

Sledge of the Day – John Banks

I'm coming to steal your democracy

Get used to orange

John Banks has responded to the challenge of Kim Dotcom for a public debate:

Banks on Thursday said he would agree to a debate if it was held at the Radisson Hotel in Los Angeles, in the United States.

“I’ll pay the airfares,” he said.   Read more »

Did David “Tainted” Fisher take another bung?

No surprises really who Kim Dotcom ran to, to talk about the John Banks acquittal.

David “Tainted” Fisher taking dictation again from his crooked lying pal in the onesie.

A new version of events has emerged from Kim Dotcom on the John Banks donation saga – and this time, Amanda Banks is nowhere to be seen.

The wife of former Act leader John Banks was heralded as the politician’s saviour today after the Court of Appeal tossed out the case that he had filed a false electoral return.

Yeah whatever, how does fatty German sausage taste when it’s stuck down the back of your throat?   Read more »

Comment of the day

John Boscawen on John Banks’ acquittal in the Court of Appeal:

The real villain is the Crown. The heroes are of course the three courageous Appeal Court judges, lead by the President, who first allowed the appeal in November and ordered a retrial, and who today have recalled their judgement and acquitted John Banks in full. On each occasion the Crown opposed their actions.

Dacre QC, for the Crown, got up in court last November and argued that the new evidence of the American witnesses should not be allowed and that the appeal should be dismissed. Dacre did this knowing that Dotcom now agreed the Americans were at the lunch and that his (Dotcom’s ) original High Court evidence was incorrect. Dacre did not disclose this fact to either Banks’ team or the Appeal Court judges.

This evidence was critical to the original High Court trial in which Judge Wyllie sided with the “Dotcom witnesses’ ” version of events over Mrs. Banks’s version.

Had the appeal court judges not had the courage to allow the appeal in the first place, none of this would have been made public. It was only after the Solicitor General decided to proceed with a new trial was this ( ” the Butler Memorandum” disclosed to the Banks team in February of this year.

John Banks and his family have paid a huge price. It has cost him literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend. He had no alternative to resign as a minister when the case was ordered to trial, and no alternative to resign as an MP when first convicted. He has every reason to feel vindicated today.

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Crown appeals against Dotcom’s new living allowance

The Crown is appealing against the High Court’s decision to throw Kim Dotcom a bone by releasing a portion of his frozen funds to help cover mounting legal fees.

In February, a “broke and destitute” Dotcom appeared before Justice Patricia Courtney at the High Court in Auckland in a bid to recover some of his frozen assets to pay legal fees, said to be about $4 million.

True to form, Dotcom announced the Crown’s appeal on Monday night via his Twitter account.

“Crown Law just appealed the High Court decision that released some of my frozen assets for legal fees & living expenses. #StarveOutStrategy,” he tweeted.

From memory, $126k a month for living expenses.  You know, as you do, when you are broke, destitute and living within your means.

A successful appeal would mean the release of funds would stop and Dotcom’s ability to defend himself would be smothered, [his lawyer] Mansfield said.

“It creates further uncertainty and, if funds are restricted or stopped for his legal expenses, it means he will be unable to continue the preparation for the extradition hearing,” he said.

“He won’t be able to pay his lawyers or the legal experts needed to give evidence in court.”

If Dotcom was simply left to get on and get ready, there would have been a hearing by now, Mansfield said.

Oh come on… and he said that with a straight face. Read more »


Case thrown out, no re-trial, Banks an innocent man after Court of Appeal acquittal

John Banks is an innocent man, acquitted by the Court of Appeal.

The case against John Banks has been thrown out and he will not face a second trial for allegedly filing a false electoral return.

The Court of Appeal has sensationally reversed its previous decision to order a retrial following the late disclosure of a document, which Mr Banks’ lawyer David Jones QC said “contradicts all evidence given at trial” by the Dotcom witnesses and made the prosecution “untenable”.

In a judgment just released by the Court of Appeal, Justices Ellen France, Forrest Miller and John Wild ruled that Mr Banks should not stand trial again and he was acquitted.

The decision of the Court of Appeal comes three weeks after an urgent hearing held in Wellington where Mr Jones told the three appellate judges that Kim Dotcom’s new statement was a “fantasy and a nonsense”. The Queen’s Counsel said the Crown made a “very serious error” by not disclosing the new material, known as the Butler memorandum, ahead of a previous Court of Appeal hearing last October.    Read more »

Phone hacking illegal, but email hacking fine. Well, if it’s my email it is

Nick Davies will forever be known as the journalist who broke the phone-hacking scandal in the Britain, bringing down the 168-year-old News of the World tabloid.

At a Christchurch WORD event on Tuesday night, he discussed his views on the media and his book, Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught Up with Rupert Murdoch, with The Press editor Joanna Norris.

Starting in 2008 after a tip-off, Davies, who works for The Guardian, began investigating illegal phone-hacking and bribery by journalists employed by News International.

He wrote more than 100 articles over two years on the activities but it was only when he revealed News of the World journalists had listened to and deleted voicemail messages left for murdered teenager Milly Dowler that public outrage forced the police to re-open investigations.

By 2011, it was revealed more than 210 people had been complicit in the illegal activities and victims numbered more than 5000.

Don’t hold your breath that the same will happen in New Zealand when it comes to email hacking.  Journalists, decent, trained and skilled, have been directly involved in the Dirty Politics hacking against me and others.    Read more »