Kim Dotcom

Do we have no self respect? Dotcom doesn’t file deportation documents, Immigration now considers extension


Kim Dotcom may get a small reprieve in his deportation case.

The internet entrepreneur is being investigated by Immigration New Zealand after revelations he didn’t declare a dangerous driving conviction when applying for residency. Read more »

Iceland’s Pirate Party succeeds where New Zealand’s Internet Party failed

The Pirate Party of Iceland, which has the smallest faction in the national parliament after the 2013 election, is now almost as popular as the two ruling coalition parties combined, the latest opinion poll showed.

The party would score 30.1 percent of votes in Iceland if a general election was held now, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV)reports citing a Gallup poll. Iceland’s two ruling parties – the Independent Party and the Progressive Party – have 22.9 percent and 10.1 percent support respectively, scoring less than 3 percent points ahead of the Pirates.

The Pirate Party experienced an astounding surge of popularity in Iceland. In 2013, polls indicated it would barely score 5 percent of votes needed to win parliamentary seats. The party’s approval rating in January was roughly the same. An early March Gallup poll showed its popularity had grown to over 15 percent, beating the Bright Future party. In less than two months the Pirate Party doubled its rating.

It is interesting to see there is a world-wide anti-government government forming. To some degree UKip are like this – they make sense to people because they stand for things that people actually want, and not the rubbish politicians keep foisting on the population.   Read more »

Kim Dotcom handed another delay for extradition hearing

Kim Dotcom and three of his Megaupload associates have had their extradition hearing date delayed.

A decision released by Justice Katz today said the hearing date, set for June 2, was to be adjourned until after September 1.

The group, who were arrested here in January 2012, applied to delay the June date on the grounds they needed more time to prepare.

Don’t worry about it.  By then, they’ll fire their lawyers again.

Dotcom’s got more tricks than a K’Rd pro.

If the hearing is held in 2015, it will be a miracle.  And even if it is held in 2015, I wonder now many layers of appeal he has available to him.

Deportation for lying on his permanent residence application is starting to look pretty good now.   Read more »

Dirty Media Herald editorial carries on Jihad against Key despite their own poll results

If you ever needed proof that the NZ Herald is out of touch with mainstream New Zealand voters there is their editorial today which sanctimoniously warns John Key about margin of error movements in their own poll.

The result of our poll today could suggest voters will forgive any foolish behaviour from this Prime Minister. If the man himself reads the results that way he would be foolish indeed. The fact that his support from polled voters is undiminished by the disclosure of his penchant for pulling a young woman’s ponytail may have something to do with his response. Wisely, he soon dropped the excuse that it was mere “horseplay” in his local coffee bar – some sort of standing joke enjoyed by all except the poor waitress – and admitted he had been plain stupid.

Persistently stupid. He would be wise to continue chastising himself whenever the subject is raised on his return from overseas. If supporters make light of it around him, he should not for a moment join in. It was not funny, and not just another of the fun-loving political risks he has taken over the years. Some of those were charming, some cringe-worthy, none previously involved an unwanted physical contact.

Read more »

Not so Good Times, the NZ Herald story factory, and Dotcom


There’s a piece on Dotcom’s disasterous foray into the music business as an artist.

The whole piece is here.  This is the last bit:

[Mikee] Tucker’s noisiest complaint is reserved for the Herald, which he claims is a mouthpiece for Dotcom’s enemies – John Key and the National government. He says Good Times deserved more than the one star Chris Schulz gave it in TimeOut, the paper’s entertainment magazine.

“It’s just the journalists that always take the same cheap shots to sell that shitty publication,” he says. “The album was probably a three-and-a-half out of five.”

The review was more than fair, according to TimeOut editor Russell Baillie. “I can’t think of an album in the past year or so more deserving of a few cheap shots than Good Times. It was comedically awful and TimeOut didn’t exactly go out on a limb by saying that.” He has “sympathy” for the New Zealand artists who featured on the album. “I am sure one day they will all look at the experience and laugh, if they haven’t already.”

Selling Good Times was a tough job, Tucker admits. “It was hard for people to take seriously – a bit like Paul Holmes’s album.” However, he notes that many thousands of people downloaded it free as part of the soft launch of Baboom, a digital music service founded by Dotcom. Read more »


Hacking victim Sony’s emails expose their concerns about Dotcom

Some emails canvass the movie company’s views of the internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, and concerns about what might happen as a result of legal action against him.

In one email, Auckland lawyer Matt Sumpter, a partner at Chapman Tripp who is counsel to several Hollywood studios, described Mr Dotcom as an aggressive and unpredictable litigant.

The emails raise concerns about Mr Dotcom successfully suing the movie studios for damages, because his assets were frozen following the lawsuit against him and the now defunct Megaupload for copyright infrigement in 2014.

Another email from Sony Pictures Entertainment’s then head of information security Jason Spaltro sent to staff just after the MegaUpload case was filed, warned to be on the lookout for suspicious or malicious activity on its websites.

“Past actions involving MegaUpload have attracted hacktivist attention including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks,” he wrote.

Yeah.  Nothing to do with Kim Dotcom.  Just like the hacking of Whaleoil had nothing to do with Kim Dotcom.  And the Dirty Politics movement also had nothing to do with Kim Dotcom.   Read more »


Biting the hand that feeds you – a Dotcom/Fisher case study

The NZ Herald, especially through it’s flagship reporter David “Tainted” Fisher used to support Kim Dotcom’s position on anything.  In fact, after a while, they were the only ones left to do so.

But no more.


David Fisher and Kim Dotcom used to be inseparable.  But as Kim has now discovered the hard way that David uses his sources twice.   Once to get the story, the second time to throw his source under the bus and use all the information he couldn’t use originally by dragging the source through the mud.

Kim Dotcom’s ability to stay in New Zealand will be decided by Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse and could come inside a month.

The inquiry was launched after the New Zealand Herald revealed the besieged internet entrepreneur had not declared a dangerous driving conviction when applying for residency in New Zealand.

The decision is completely separate from the extradition hearing which Dotcom is facing in just a few months, which could also see him removed from New Zealand.

The extradition hearing came after charges laid in the United States alleged a criminal conspiracy to breach copyright through his defunct Megaupload website. Read more »

Two migrant worker exploitation cases – only one went to court


via TVNZ


Three Auckland restaurant owners have appeared in court facing charges relating to the exploitation of workers.

Any details identifying the accused or their businesses was suppressed by a community magistrate at Auckland District Court. Read more »

An email from a reader

A reader emails:

Hi Cam,

I can’t help but notice the very recent hypocrisy by a number of media people, commentators and left leaning people regarding the media and in particular the possibility of the Campbell Live program closing down.

First of all I think that it is generally accepted in the wider community  that John  Campbell is a champion for the rights of less fortunate  and for people who may be suffering through a crisis, like the victims of the earthquake in Christchurch. He typically takes their side and champions their issues. As a consequence he is often attacking Government policy, Government politicians and employers. He has hard luck stories on his program and exploits them to demonstrate in many cases the failings of the current Government. He never appears to promote the  good things that have been achieved and quite deliberately likes stories that show up employers, corporates or the Government. It is fair to say that he has strong left leaning tendencies. This is evidenced by his soft handling of Len Brown during the affair controversy , his promotion of Kim Dotcom in the media and his scorn of Government public agencies like the GCSB and the support of Nicky Hager and his book.   Read more »

Dotcom’s employment antics being revealed in court

Remember way back when I said that staff of the Dotcom’s were being ripped off and paid less than the minimum wage?

What readers don’t know is when I found out about their predicament and that of the security guards I took my concerns to Matt McCarten. I have done that before for other workers and always got action. I loathe dead beat employers who rip staff off. I thought I was doing the right thing, so I was surprised when there was no action. I couldn’t believe it at the time.

Then of course along came Dirty Politics, and Matt McCarten was there int eh forefront as the Chief of Staff for the Labour party, and still is. Of course Mana also got into bed with Dotcom and so now it isn’t a surprise at all that Matt McCaretn did nothing to help those workers because he too was in bed with Kim Dotcom.

The left-wing ratbags threw vulnerable workers under the political bus to suit their own greedy needs for power.

Now it is all playing out in court, where it isn’t a union helping these vulnerable workers but a caring business man who was approached by them to help out.

Victoria Young at the NBR reports:

An employment dispute between the Dotcoms and their former employees is dragging out as the estranged couple fight the claim.

The German giant and wife Mona are fighting allegations that they underpaid household staff employed in the Dotcom mansion.

The three household employees, Panfilo Orduna Junior, John Ryan Tactaquin and Ruth Nolasco Relleve, who have returned to the Philippines, first made public the allegations in September last year.

The allegations reported by current affairs show Third Degree are that Mr Dotcom and his wife Mona did not pay them the wages they were entitled to. The trio say that, after the raid when the Dotcoms’ assets were frozen, they worked long hours and were not properly compensated. They told the TV show they were upset that Mr Dotcom had $3.5 million to fund the Internet Party but had not settled this dispute.

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