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So bloody what? Media party jumps shark in attacking Brethren

Bevan Hurley has jumped the shark this morning, and his former pals at the NZ Herald joined in too, in attacking the Brethren for daring to have Steve Hansen and Willie Apiata speak at one fo their conferences.

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen and Victoria Cross winner Willie Apiata were among top-dollar guest speakers at a controversial $2000-a-day Exclusive Brethren business conference this week.

Hansen told more than 2200 guests about the values of teamwork at the event, named “Game Plan 2016” and held at Auckland’s Vector Arena. The event was organised through an Exclusive Brethren-run business network called the Universal Business Team (UBT) – an expert on the closed and conservative church called the speakers’ involvement “unprecedented”.

The Exclusive Brethren came to prominence in New Zealand in 2005 for secretly trying to influence voters to support the National Party, with an expensive attack campaign against the Greens and Labour. National leader Don Brash resigned from Parliament in 2006 following revelations of his close links with the Brethren, who reportedly spent $1.2m trying to buy the result of the 2005 general election.

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Kim Dotcom has got a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel



Stop the Press, Kim Dotcom has a cunning plan to change the government. He will use exactly the same tactics but this time, he will spend a lot less.





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Kim Dotcom uses the Sharia Law defence


Kim Dotcom has never been a critic of Islam or Islamic nations but this tweet is designed to elicit sympathy and emotion for his situation so he unashamedly makes the comparison.

The first point I will make to challenge his clever comparison is to ask where did the ” affair ” occur? If it occurred in New Zealand then no law has actually been broken even if he is a Saudi Arabian citizen. Did Kim Dotcom run the first Mega from New Zealand? Did he do all the things he ” allegedly ” did from his home at the Dotcom Mansion?

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Listen up fatty, give up already, you’re going sooner or later

Kim Dotcom thinks he’s winning. But the Crown had a message for him yesterday:

Evidence that Kim Dotcom was not allowed to present at his extradition hearing would not have helped his case anyway, the Crown says.

Mr Dotcom and his three co-accused – Bram Van der Kolk, Matthias Ortmann and Finn Batato – are appealing a North Shore District Court judgement ruling them eligible for extradition to the United States.

The US wants to extradite the men to face criminal charges of money-laundering and copyright breaches related to the defunct file-sharing website Megaupload.

At the beginning of the appeal, which is taking place in the High Court in Auckland, the men’s defence lawyers said the district court judge failed to keep an open mind and give meaningful consideration to their arguments against extradition.

Mr Van der Kolk and Mr Ortmann’s lawyer, Grant Illingworth, told the High Court that, crucially, the court had not let the men present evidence of unlawful US behaviour.

“[That includes] a massive search and seizure, manufacturing a situation of urgency in order to get procedural shortcuts … covering up the unlawful activities that preceded the [arrests], downstream attempts to cover that up including a police officer giving incorrect information to this court, [and] unlawfully sending clones of hard drives overseas.”

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Amanda Banks gets apology, John Banks gets $0.00

It’s not often that you should feel genuinely outraged these days.  The word is overused.  But in this matter,  outrage is the only reasonable emotion.

John Banks’ $190,000 High Court costs bid following his acquittal of filing a false electoral return has been dismissed.

Last week, the former National cabinet minister and ACT MP’s lawyer, David Jones, QC, said it was difficult to imagine a “more worthy” applicant for court costs than the victim of “fabricated evidence.”

Mr Banks was seeking costs after the Court of Appeal last year acquitted him and ruled he should not be retried.

The Crown opposed the costs application, arguing there was no evidence that suggested what was being said by Kim Dotcom in the case arguing Mr Banks had filed a false electoral return when he was Auckland City mayor was fabricated, and the case “had to go to trial.”

Mr Banks was convicted on that charge but it was overturned by the Court of Appeal after Mr Bank’s wife, Amanda, tracked down two witnesses who had been present at a lunch held by Mr Dotcom and about which he had testified.

Mrs Banks did that after her original evidence was criticised during the High Court case.

Justice Ed Wylie last week publicly apologised to Mrs Banks after earlier questioning her credibility but in a decision today declined Mr Banks’ costs application.

It is very hard to put in words how this makes me feel.   How can you be wrong enough to apologise,  but not wrong enough to make restitution for a fine that was applied because of it?  Read more »

BREAKING: Judge apologises to Amanda Banks for getting it all wrong [UPDATED]


John and Amanda Banks are in court today and have just heard Judge Wylie apologise for having been taken in by the Dotcom show. Had he known then what he knows now, he said, we wouldn’t have been in this mess in the first place.

There is no live reporting from the court, but Whaleoil expects to have more detail for you later.

Updated 13:26

John and Amanda Banks have returned to court today to make a submission.  Their counsel, David Jones, presented a painful summary of facts outlining a raft of errors and assumptions that ultimately led to John Banks being found guilty of something he never did. Read more »

SMH late to cotton on that Kim Dotcom hasn’t been doing nothing

Get used to Orange fatty

Get used to orange fatty

Kim Dotcom is a braggart, he likes to give hints about his “capabilities”.

The problem is his one capability he actually excels at is stuffing food into his gob.

However the SMH has picked up something our readers picked some time ago.

Did Kim Dotcom warn the world the Democratic Party hacking was coming?

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom said in 2015 that he knew of information that was going to create an obstacle for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election bid.

Kim had tweeted that he would be Hillary’s “worst nightmare in 2016”. When pressed on the matter in a 2015 interview, he said WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange would in fact prove a bigger thorn in the side of Hillary: “I’m aware of some of the things that are going to be roadblocks for her.”

Assange “has access to information”, Kim said, without elaborating.   Read more »

Hacking to affect politics again, as predicted by Dotcom and announced by Assange

As I said previously, in hindsight, my hack was just one of the first of what is now becoming a standard way to sabotage political campaigns.

Julian Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks, a whistleblowing website, counted on by millions to call out the dirty birds who hold far too much power in our country. Assange says that his next leak will be so damaging for Hillary Clinton, that not only should she no longer be eligible to be President, but she should be arrested and indicted.

According to Assange, he has “enough evidence” for the Department of Justice to indict Hillary Clinton regarding her handling of classified information, which includes directing her staff to remove “classified” labels from emails as a way to casually send pertinent and delicate information via an unsecured public server.

Assange says that, while he believes that some of the rules regarding classified information are silly, he also knows that Hillary Clinton, as well as President Obama, has pushed to get people who break those rules prosecuted for such crimes.

Whistleblowing and leaks are the soft descriptors for criminal hacking.  Read more »

Banksie fights back

John Banks was the victim of a Dotcom/David ‘tainted’ Fisher hit job. I well remember meeting David Fisher for lunch at Soul Bar to discuss some stories with him. He was totally distracted having just been up to the Town Hall to look at donations returns after being given the heads up from his pal Kim Dotcom. He was very excited.

Later when the verdict was handed down by Justice Wylie in the High Court Fisher was seen to do a little jig celebrating at his big sting. Justice Wylie will have to apologise for that judgment in due course but we are seeing no apologies from David Fisher.

Meanwhile John Banks is fighting back against the legal malfeasance performed against him by crown lawyers.

John Banks has lodged a complaint against the Queen’s Counsel who prosecuted the politician for electoral fraud.

The parliamentary career of the former Act leader ended after he was convicted in the High Court for not disclosing two $25,000 donations from internet mogul Kim Dotcom to his Auckland mayoralty campaign in 2010.

The Court of Appeal then quashed the conviction after the “obsessed” detective work of Mr Banks’ wife, Amanda, who was stung by the trial judge’s opinion of her credibility when he preferred Mona Dotcom’s evidence about a lunch which was crucial to the case.

Mrs Banks tracked down two witnesses from America who corroborated her version of events and whose evidence the three appellate justices said was “likely to have changed the outcome of the trial”, if accepted.

What the three appellate judges – or Mr Banks’ lawyer David Jones QC – were not told was that Dotcom, when presented with the the evidence of the two American businessmen, changed his evidence.

Dotcom and his missus perjured themselves. Why he isn’t on charges I can’t imagine.
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Looks like Dotcom admitted he is a crook

Kim Dotcom thought he was being funny yesterday, but appears to have shot himself in the foot again, and Pete helpfully assisted the fool aim at his feet:

2016-05-15So it appears that Kim Dotcom has admitted he is a crook.   Read more »