Kim Dotcom

Internet party, Guernica and social retardation

Matthew Beveridge writes about Kim Dotcom, the Internet party and wonders if they are ignorant or stupid.

Their use of rape jokes, nazi symbolism and stupid social media actions is turning people off. I suspect that nazi enthusiast Kim Dotcom does’t care because he believes that the people are still blinded to his machinations and true intentions.

Does the Internet Party really want to be sending the message to it’s trade union and socialist supporters that it’s party party coming to town is going to do to that town what the Fascists and Nazis did to a town in the Spanish Civil War? Does the Internet Party also want to draw more attention to the issues Kim Dotcom faced around his ownership of a signed copy of Mein Kampf? See herehere,here and here.

The actions people, or organisations, take on social media help to build a picture of the attitude and views of that person, or organisation. The actions on social media of those involved in organisations also help contribute to this picture, even more so when the person concerned is the “Party Visionary” and bank roller of said organisation. This is not the first time that Kim Dotcom has made jokes about questionable things, or rape. These tweets are simply adding to the picture of an organisation with questionable judgement and a lack of historical knowledge.

However, it is unlikely that many of those who vote, or will consider voting for, the Internet Party, or its Internet Mana Party union, will have any understanding of the offensive nature of these Tweets. However this does not mean that they should go uncritiqued.

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Rod Drury gives it to the pollies & tells Dotcom to “go away”


Message to politicians: Get out of the way!

Rod Drury has cut loose on the politicians and told them a few home truths about their meddling ways.

This election campaign needs more business leaders to stand up and serve politicians arses like what Rod Drury has done.

As the political heavyweights debated the future ICT roadmap for New Zealand last night, Rod Drury sat shaking his head in the crowd.

Taking the stage amidst the backdrop of Auckland’s evening sky, key political figures debated long into the night about the future of New Zealand’s ICT sector.

Chaired by the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, CEO Candace Kinser orchestrated discussion with technology representatives from National, Labour, the Green Party and the Internet MANA parties.

But as the opinions flowed and policies were outlined, Xero’s charismatic CEO reawakened a conversation which, in the eyes of the entrepreneur, drifted widely off the overriding issue.

“I find this really depressing but I’ll try to be positive about it,” he said, in his typically outspoken manner.   Read more »

Herald and tainted Journo continue to run lines for Kim Dotcom

The Herald and David “tainted” Fisher continue to shill lines on behalf of Kim Dotcom.

They have run a story today about some supposed new “evidence”.

Government minister Jonathan Coleman knew the FBI was interested in Kim Dotcom before his officials granted the tycoon residency – a revelation which has led to accusations he misled the public.

The accusation comes after Immigration NZ released a statement making it clear they told Dr Coleman about the FBI the day before the criticial residency decision was made.

Dr Coleman – now Defence Minister – is now facing calls to come clean on exactly what he was told the day before Dotcom was granted residency by Immigration NZ officials.

It emerged last week Dotcom was given residency in 2010 despite the SIS urging Immigration NZ to tell their minister the FBI was carrying out a criminal investigation into him and wanted the help of NZ Police.

Dr Coleman was briefed by Immigration NZ chief executive Nigel Bickle on October 28, the day before Dotcom was granted residency.

Dr Coleman distanced himself from the decision, saying it was made by officials. He said: “Ministers had absolutely no knowledge of any pending FBI-NZ Police investigation.”   Read more »

The Internet Party – do they do these German/Nazi war references on purpose or what?

We’ve seen Kim Dotcom’s penchant for Nazi stuff, and even Laila Harre chimed in the other day with “Be this guy”, showing lots of people at a Nazi rally.  Now this


The original Picasso painting is of the bombing of Guernica by the Luftwaffe during the Spanish Civil War.   Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Condemned by Labour, NZ First and the Greens but Mana still thinks swastikas and flag burnings are ok

photo 1

The swastika flags and flag burnings by anti-Israel protestors have been condemned by Labour, NZ First and the Greens.

But the screaming skull, John Minto, thinks that such demonstrations are just fine with him and the Mana party.

Then again when you are funded by a nazi fetishist who makes rape jokes it is probably normal.

Mana activist John Minto is defending the defacing of Israeli flags at an anti-Israel march in Auckland, saying it was an appropriate form of protest due to the “massacre”.

Hundreds of people turned out during the weekend march to protest the Israeli offensive in Gaza, which has resulted in more than 600 Palestinians being killed as Israel bombards the Gaza Strip.

Right-wing blog Whale Oil has posted images showing protesters, including Mana members, burning a US and an Israeli flag as well as one of an Israeli flag with a Nazi swastika imposed upon it.

These actions have been condemned by Labour, NZ First and the Greens.

Minto said he was not aware of the burning, but did not believe it was inappropriate.

“I can’t see what the problem is,” Minto said. “Flags have been burnt in demonstrations and protests for hundreds of years so it’s no big deal.”

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Why are Wellington Young Feminists not demanding Kim Dotcom apologise?

Remember this?


It caused quite a stir.  Laila Harre had to get stuck into Kim before he would delete the Tweet.   Thing is, Kim Dotcom has form when it comes to rape jokes.   Read more »

Harawira gets taxpayers to pay for this election signs

Hone Harawira knows how to get a whiff of the trough and once he’s found it is in like a robber’s dog.

Here is one of his campaign signs for Te Tai Tokerau and it has the parliamentary crest on it…that means you and I paid for his election hoardings.

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Fight Dotcom At His Own Game

Whaleoil has proved that Kim Dotcom doesn’t like it back up him.

Apparently Hollywood studios want proof of Dotcom’s offshore assets and maybe even his onshore ones.

Well Kim started this little war so in my view it is game on.

Kim put up $5 million as a reward for any whistleblower who could help them in their case.

I say the Hollywood studios should match that for anyone who can help with theirs.

It is a rounding error on a balance sheet for each of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Disney Enterprises, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Universal City Studios Productions, Columbia Pictures Industries, Warner Bros Entertainment, Warner Music Group, UMG Recordings, Sony Music Entertainment and Capital Records.

$5 million would buy you a “whistleblower” in the offshore industry for sure.  Kim had and has midgets looking after his files offshore who are barely making a New Zealand minimum wage.

$5 million and those files may end up, well, anywhere really…….

I am sure Laila Harre loves the idea of Kim Dotcom joking about killing hookers


Internet Party “visionary” jokes about killing prostitutes.

Would love to hear Laila Harre and Pam Corkery’s positions on this.  Go INTERNET PARTY!

Here’s a thought:  What’s worse?  That John Key allegedly knew about Kim Dotcom before the raid or joking about killing hookers.