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Internet Party spending causes further embarrassment

Pam Corkery 2014

Kim Dotcom’s failed Internet Party has been dealt another humiliating blow.

Final election returns reveal $3.5 million was given to the Internet Party by Dotcom. It ended up getting 34,094 votes – that means Dotcom spent $102 per vote.

The election returns reveal the party’s explosive press secretary Pam Corkery was paid $15,000 for her 15 weeks’ work – that’s $1000 a week.

Party Leader Laila Harre was paid $66,000 – more than $4000 a week.
The party spent more than $1 million on election related advertising, including $122,000 for a YouTube parody of Prime Minister John Key and US President Barack Obama. It also spent $21,000 on T-shirts. Read more »

Hone got the money but he kept most of it in his pocket

Hone - At The Trough

In his return to the Electoral Commission Mr Harawira declared he received $105,000 in donations and spent just under $23,000.

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Penis captivus and Kim Dotcom

Some stories are just too much fun not to highlight

Police had to be called in to restore order after a crowd gathered to see a cheating wife and her lover locked together during sex after the rumour spread that her husband had asked a witch doctor to put a curse on her private parts.

And although medical experts say the embarrassing experience was more likely a case of ‘penis captivus’, in which the woman’s vagina had contracted too much and trapped the man’s penis, they were unable to stop the rumour and the mob had quickly assembled.

Local media said that unfaithful Sasha Ngema, 34, had reportedly been romping with toyboy Sol Qoboza, 22, at a rented apartment in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa while her husband was away on business.

Perhaps Kim Dotcom could get a witch doctor to put a curse on Mona’s private parts?   Read more »

Kim Dotcom: no money, no luck

I never believed in Karma, preferring to dish out the repercussions myself whenever appropriate, but over the last few years I’ve become more philosophical about things.  Karma is certainly working its magic on Kim Dotcom right now.

Not only has he run out of ways to ‘encourage’ people out of money, he’s also run out of ways to lay his hands on enough of it to be of use to him.  His missus is embarrassing him in front of the world by giving her teenage toy-boy a Mercedes while he claims to be on 2 minute noodles and water.

Every time he goes to court, things aren’t going well for him either.  As was the case yesterday.

Bad news continues to flow for Kim Dotcom after a ruling from a United States court barred him from fighting the seizure of his assets.

Dotcom’s United States lawyer, Ira Rothken, said the Eastern District of Virginia Federal Court had found his client was not entitled to contest the forfeiture of his assets because he was a “fugitive” facing extradition.

This was despite Dotcom lawfully fighting the extradition under a treaty signed by both the United States and New Zealand.

“We think this is not offensive to just Kim Dotcom’s rights, but the rights of all Kiwis, Rothken said.

I love when lawyers have run out of proper legal argument, they have to resort to a legal decision being “offensive”.

Similarly, trying to gain sympathy from fellow Kiwis shows that Rothken is totally misreading the mood of New Zealanders when it comes to Kim Dotcom.

How are Kim’s US legal team being paid?   Surely they’re not so offended on Kim’s behalf as to work for free?

Those Bitcoins are both running out as well as worth a lot less than they were a year ago, and he needs some of those for a rainy day.

Nothing is going Kim’s way right now.  The only solution he’s got left is if his friends Greenwald and Snowdon organise him asylum.  And then he can use his emergency stash to pay for a private flight out.


– Shane Cowlishlaw, Stuff

Dotcom’s poo-finger continues to strike Mega



Everything that Kim Dotcom touches eventually turns to poos.

There isn’t a single thing he has done in his life that has lasted, except of course his continued expansion of stomach and his criminal record.

Now Paypal have turned on him and Mega.

German internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has been dealt another financial blow after PayPal stopped processing customer payments for his cloud storage site MEGA. The companypublished a blog post on Thursday that said payments have ceased with immediate effect.

In the post, MEGA states that it’s aware of a recent report that claimed the business isn’t legitimate, which in turn led Visa and MasterCard to put pressure on PayPal to block its service to MEGA. It harks back to Dotcom’s previous hosting website Megaupload, shut down in 2012 after being linked to online piracy. It was once one of the most popular websites in the world.   Read more »

She said, he said, she said

via 3 News

via 3 News

She believed Dotcom’s claims that his involvement with the Internet Mana party would eventually relieve the family of his threat of extradition, she said.

“At the end I was fine with it because Kim explained to me how this Internet Party would benefit us and the kids because it would help him with his political issues,” she said.

– Auckland now

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It’s called democracy Kim

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 8.43.47 PM

Failed Puppet master Kim Dotcom is trying to say that our democratically elected government is not making the tough decisions with the mandate of the voters but is controlled by America. Obviously our attacks on The Internet Party still smart as back then we said he was the puppet master both funding and controlling Laila Harre and Hone Harawira.

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Kim Dotcom is broke. Again. While living in a mansion. And leasing cars.

It’s all relative, apparently.

A “broke and destitute” Kim Dotcom appeared in front of Justice Patricia Courtney today in a legal bid to recover some of his frozen assets to pay mounting legal fees, said to be about $4 million.

The internet entrepreneur’s assets, valued about NZ$11.8m, were restrained when attempts began in January 2012 to extradite him to the US to face criminal charges for breach of copyright.

The family was allowed an allowance of $20,000 a month but given the legal fees, the costs of running the family mansion and feeding five children Dotcom said he had been left “broke,” “destitute” and “penniless”.

Someone needs to mow the lawns.  Someone needs to do the dishes.  Someone needs to wash the clothes.  Someone needs to clean the bathrooms.  Someone needs to vacuum.  Someone needs to cook.

You can’t tell me Kim Dotcom does all that himself.   Ergo – he’s not penniless, broke or destitute.   Read more »


Simpson Grierson stiffed for $2M

Internet giant Kim Dotcom still owes Simpson Grierson $2 million, the High
Court at Auckland has heard.

The figure came out during cross examination before Justice Patricia Courtney, by the Police lawyer David Boldt.

He wants $200,000 per month for living expenses and has also asked for what he deems reasonable legal fees – that figure has not come before the court this morning but NBR understands is about $3-4 million.

Mr Dotcom recently changed legal counsel after Simpson Grierson withdrew … as did his Queen’s Counsel Paul Davison.

He said under oath he has already spent $10 million on legal fees, and needs more. Mr Dotcom said that Simpson Grierson was still owed about $2 million, and Mr Davison half a million.

Knock me over with a feather.  Legal firms that let you run up a tab.    But hold on a minute – isn’t agreeing for services to be performed knowing full well you don’t have the money to pay for it fraud?   Read more »

Money doesn’t win elections

Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David “Pinko” Farrar has worked out the cost per vote for all the political parties.

This proves that vast amounts of money do not change the election if it is spent by idiots like Kim Dotcom or Colin Craig.

What is even worse is that the Greens spend so much money on their campaign yet claim money is an evil influence. These hypocrites actually spent more than Labour in total, and more overall.

While this can be partly explained by Labour being deadset useless at a fundraising, the Greens have reefed in a lot of money to promote their world view.   Read more »