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Duncan Garner on the “sham” and “rort” that is the Internet Party

Following in Paddy’s footsteps, Duncan lets fly

The Internet-Mana Party alliance is a sham and a rort, but MMP allows for it – which is the worst bit.

I’ve seen nothing like it in the history of NZ politics. It is far less transparent than the dodgy electorate seat deals National has done over the years. New Zealanders have every right to be outraged.

This is about an already convicted criminal – a rich internet tycoon wanted on piracy charges, no less – on the run from the United States and sheltering in New Zealand. He’s a had a run in with the NZ Government and the US authorities, so he’s doing all he can to buy his way out of trouble.

It now includes pulling out his cheque-book and paying for a political party and buying people off – so he can keep his sorry backside out of the clink.

It’s as simple as that: he’s paying big money so he doesn’t turn into some sort of dribbling mess behind bars – some reports suggest he’s pumped $4m into setting up this party. So how much is he paying his people?

I asked new leader Laila Harré yesterday, she said she wasn’t sure yet. But money between the two will change hands at some stage, she’s clear on that.

How ridiculous is this, really?   Would anyone just rush to Kim Dotcom and work for free without any sort of employment agreement, contract or letter of understanding?  Would it not at least outline the terms of the agreement, including remuneration?

Here is an even more scary thought:  She did just get started and is winging it. Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

“Tribute” vehicle?

As seen on Sean Plunket’s Facebook page

Kim Dotcom tribute vehicle spotted in Wellington

via Facebook

via Facebook

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Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

URGENT WARNING to Orcon Media and Comms – end promotion featuring Kim Dotcom

A reader writes:

Hi Cam,

I have had enough of seeing that Kim Dotcom all over the place and now even my ISP has shacked up with him.  Feel free to publish my ultimatum to Orcon below.  Please redact my name and contact details.

Amazing, the media auto reply was from an actual persons address at Orcon!


Hi there

We are Orcon customers for past 3-4 years. The service has been generally good and we have had no reason to consider changing service provider.  In fact we are currently considering extending the range of services that we purchase.   Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit: SonofaMin

Credit: SonofaMin

Predictions results

Ok so here were my predictions from January…how did I go?

1. National Party MPs will cringe every time Hekia Parata is asked a question in the house, and will avoid being in the house when they know Hekia is going to be rinsed.

Went pretty much as predicted…and got progressively worse as the year progressed, saved only by inept Labour questioners who were more distracted by fighting amongst themselves over the leadership.

2. Nanaia Mahuta remains anonymous and never holds Hekia to account.

Yup, neither did anyone else which is bizarre because she is tits and a legend in her own mind.

3. Iain Lees-Galloway’s missus is still dirty with him every time he mentions a certain stenographer.

Not much has changed here.   Read more »

Attention Seeking Fat German promises grandstanding again

I see the fat German criminal is grandstanding again:

Internet millionaire Kim Dotcom has vowed to help fund Team New Zealand’s next America’s Cup campaign.

The team’s future hangs in the balance after Oracle Team USA retained the Cup in San Francisco yesterday, with boss Grant Dalton’s position uncertain and the Government yet to confirm whether it would fund another tilt.

The Government stumped up $36 million for the latest campaign, but Prime Minister John Key yesterday said decisions were yet to be made about whether it would help again.  Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I am on The Huddle tonight with host Larry Williams and Josie Pagani.

Our topics will be:

The pay out for Halatau Naitoko’s family over his death. A quick recap is that the AOS shot and killed him when they were meant to be aiming for the bad guy! He was just driving along the motorway as a courier driver and got caught up in the police mess to catch the baddie.

Now it’s a three horse race for the Labour leadership with Jones, Robertson and Cunliffe all putting their names forward to be voted on. The nasty has already started  and I would imagine to at some point they’re going to really start pointing out each other’s weaknesses and then after the winner is declared they’ve all got to go back to work as a “united” party.   Read more »

Billy Big Steps and the Internet Blind Spot

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

A reader emails;

Just watched Mr Dotcom on TV pontificating about freedom and rights alongside Mr Minto at protests about the GCSB bill – fair enough I have never agreed with anything John says but since 1981 I have always admired his passion and commitment to saying it. But I really don’t like the company he is keeping. Mr Dotcom is holding him self up as someone fighting to keep freedom alive, especially on the Internet, as if doing something illegal is ok just because it is done on the Internet. Somehow restricting it in reality is ok – put in on the Internet and we need to fight for it.

I see it all the time sensible, middle aged people who wouldn’t walk into Whitcoulls and shop lift a book, think nothing about downloading a book for free from some on-line file site. And that’s the problem with people’s perception of Dotcom – people need to look at what he does in terms of a real life analogy – so here it is. Essentially he provides the equivalent of a flea market table – he then says to people we will charge you (through looking at advertising or fees) to put your stolen goods on that table and sell them or share them with others. Imagine if I set a table up at the Otara market and didn’t sell anything but charged others to display their pirated or stolen CD’s and DVD’s to the punters – no questions asked. I doubt any judge would allow me that defence

This is what Mr Dotcom does and it wrong, it would be wrong at the flea market, it is wrong on the Internet – you can argue firms who create things (music, movies, medicines etc,) and charge to much for them are also wrong – well ok change the laws or don’t buy the goods but don’t steal them just because it is on the Internet.

Mr Dotcom does not care about freedom he cares about making money from his scam and John Minto (can’t see why he would align himself with a millionaire capitalist like Dotcom either) is doing himself a disservice through the association. Mr Dotcom, in his newly adopted role of defender of freedom, does not care about our freedoms he only cares about keeping himself in front of the cameras because 1)any marketing is good marketing and 2) he wants us to stop looking at his internet scam and 3) when he does go to jail he wants us to think it is because the NZ government wants to shit down the freedom defender

He is a snake oil sales man and scam artist and what he does is wrong, adds nothing to society and certainly does not protect our freedoms.