50 houses a week for 4 years? Yeah right

Labour has promised to build 10,000 houses in Christchurch inside 4 years.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has defended his party’s plan to take on Canterbury’s housing crisis, which industry experts say leaves more questions than answers.

David Cunliffe announced yesterday that the party would build 10,000 homes in Canterbury over four years as part of its KiwiBuild policy, which aims to build 100,000 affordable homes over 10 years.

“The time has come for the Government to stop denying there is a housing crisis in Canterbury,” Cunliffe said. “Labour is prepared to take action.”

Yesterday, Cunliffe cited Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment figures that estimated up to 7400 people were living in insecure housing.

He said the party would also investigate the use of appropriate red-zone land and properties as a stop-gap measure for temporary accommodation.¬† Read more »

Cactus Kate on Young Labour’s Housing Tour

Oops, it looks like Young Labour have been out on a fact finding mission proving that their Party has Kiwibuild costings all wrong.  Cactus lampoons their one week goodwill tour where all their support can fit in just one van.

Day 2¬†- moved all the way to Onehunga and helped checked out a large site that could be better used by bulldozing and subdivided for housing. ¬†Offered to “help” them with their IT system by installing Lynn Prentice’s secret code from The Standard. ¬†Someone was on to them by the end of the day and escorted them all from the premises.

But I think the best bit was the genuine smiles and comments of appreciation from the team at the Community House when we were leaving.

You cannot make this up if you tried.¬† Read more »