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Will Corbyn be next for a knifing?


Jeremy Corbyn has led the Labour party to defeat in the EU referendum. He and Labour were staunch supporters of Remain and they got slaughtered.

The statistics show just how out of touch Labour are with the electorate.

2016 EU Referendum results: Leave 52% / Remain 48%

YouGov polled between 17-19 June and was one of the few polls in the lead-up to the referendum to show Leave ahead of Remain.

Remain Leave Don’t Know
Lab voters 64% 26% 9%
Lib-Dem voters 59% 32% 9%
Tory voters 35% 55% 9%
Ukip voters 2% 95%  3%

As you can see, the Tories’ result was very much like the final result in the EU referendum. David Cameron is on the wrong side of that and he has resigned. Labour voters are completely out of touch with the rest of the electorate. Their leader is one of those out of touch. He must likewise go if Labour are to try to right the listing ship before it turns turtle.

Moves are now afoot with signatures being mustered calling for him to go.

Jeremy Corbyn has provoked a furious backlash from Labour MPs after calling on the Government to immediately start the process of withdrawing from the European Union.  Read more »

Struggling candidate’s desperate bid to establish credentials

What do you do when your candidacy is struggling and people think you’re the wrong fit for the job?

Re-establish your credentials.

In the Labour party, this means a hard swing to the left and a good dose of economic illiteracy.

Two years after being made Labour party candidate for Rotorua, Tamati Coffey has signed his business up to the living wage campaign.

Ponsonby Rd Lounge Bar is the first in Rotorua be an accredited living wage employer.

The Eat Streat venue, owned by television personality Tamati Coffey and his partner Tim Smith, opened just over a year ago. The pair said they wanted to “bring something different to Rotorua’s hospitality industry.”

“I’m really happy,” Mr Coffey said.

“For me, it’s saying to our workers, ‘We are a partnership and here’s your fair share’, as opposed to ‘Thanks for your hard work, your peanuts are in the bank’.

“I’m a firm believer that the way you treat your employees is reflective of the way they treat your customers. That’s why I know our clientele are going to love the heightened experience of being looked after by our living wage backed and valued team.”

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Duff on Hone II – the Return of Hone

This columnist usually stays away from politicians. But then Hone announced a comeback. Oh dear. Maoridom needs Hone Harawira back in politics like the proverbial hole in the head. He couldn’t get on with the Maori Party, founded the Mana Party, had a bromance with the gifted but flawed German, Kim Dotcom. And when the admirable Kelvin Davis thrashed him in the last election, who does he turn on? Dotcom. But of course others, too.

A man with a hero-complex is not what Maoridom needs. They – our people – do not need someone pandering to our lowest common denominator, telling them their failures are not their fault but the fault of rich white people, greedy capitalists, a stacked system, government, all on the assumption these people are incapable of helping themselves.

Not once have we heard offered a solution to “poor” people’s woes, to “poverty.” He came up with no ideas on creating employment. Nor use of Northland Maori land.

No ideas on instilling an education ethos in the outlook of the very culture of those he claims to be fighting for. His ideas were and still are zilch.

He hasn’t demonstrated by a single gesture that maybe he should take a less hardline stance. Oh, no. Not Hone. He’s the self-described “fighter.” Whoopee, that’s gonna put a lot of Maori into their own homes and give them jobs, lift us up to the educated, aspiring middle class, a scrapper representing us.

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Whatever happened to the party of the working class?

Young Labour 2012

Young Labour conference 2012

The e-mails I keep getting from Labour are the gift that keeps giving. The latest one tells me two things.

  1. Young Labour or Labour are on a recruiting drive
  2. They are class snobs and are limiting admission to ‘professionals’ only.

This e-mail tells me just how far from their original roots Labour have come. Are they simply being patronising? Do they think that the working class do not have e-mails? Do they perhaps think that they only have two sets of constituents these days? Beneficiaries and highly educated Urban Professionals?

Socialism is meant to be inclusive not exclusive. According to this e-mail, if I am a young employed person I am not welcome to join this special club if I am just a lowly worker as opposed to a professional. It is clear that all Labour voters are equal but some are more equal than others. Hard working young people in non-professional jobs need not apply. Of course, this also excludes all of the beneficiaries on Labour’s e-mail list.

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Rodney Hide on who is reponsible for the so-called homeless

Rodney Hide’s column in NBR is on the so-called homeless and the dodgy and wonky statistics used to support claims of increasing homelessness in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a problem but it isn’t homelessness.

It began with Labour calling on TV to highlight the plight of the homeless and producing a total dud.

Labour promised the cameras 17 poor people, with some living in a tent on a front lawn. Instead, an industrious homeowner was busy renovating and using the tent for furniture and materials. His only upset was the journos arriving to film, gawk and gasp at his promised plight.

Labour have been collecting hard luck stories to pimp to the media and that was one they never did the research on. They are doing the same thing with Police.

Next was the shock-horror headline of one-in-a-hundred homeless Kiwis. This was a University of Otago study produced by running the census data through an algorithm. The results don’t pass the “let’s-think-about-this-for-a-minute” test. One percent of Kiwis homeless. Really?

Turns out the five of us spent 2014 homeless and didn’t even know. That year we were “LAMAH” – meaning we were suffering a “Lack of Access to Minimally Adequate Housing.”

We were in very temporary accommodation (tick), our usual address (tick), our income was below the Jensen Equivalised Annual (gross) Family income (tick), we were severely overcrowded, suffering first a two-bedroom, then a three-bedroom deficit once wee boy was born (tick, tick).    Read more »

The Green party is a “despised party of big business”. Really?

While useful idiots like Martyn Bradbury are waxing lyrical about the Red/Green wedding it seems that the hard left aren’t happy at all...mostly with the Greens.

Underscoring the collapse in support for the Labour Party, well-informed political blogger Richard Harman recently wrote that its membership might have sunk below 5,000, that is, lower than the Greens’. Tens of thousands of workers left Labour in disgust following the Labour government’s wave of pro-market restructuring, mass sackings and privatisations in the 1980s, which led to soaring social inequality.

The MoU, which aims to prop up this despised party of big business, demonstrates once again the reactionary politics of the Green Party. Like its sister parties in Germany and Australia, the NZ Greens are not a “left” alternative but a party of nationalism, militarism and big business. James Shaw, elected Green Party co-leader last year based on his experience as a business consultant for HSBC bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers, has described himself as “a huge fan of the market” and promoted Margaret Thatcher as a model environmentalist.   Read more »

Andrew Little’s stupidity in parliament

Andrew Little is a complete fool.

You might say that is harsh but, following on from getting himself sued for basically calling a couple corrupt, he went to the House where he thought he would play Mr Clever and ended up walking away looking more like Mr Retard.

On a day when he could have lined up all his questions to prosecute Paula Bennett, who is the most vulnerable minister right now, he sent in Phil Twyford to ask dopey questions and Carmel Sepuloni to ask even dopier ones unrelated to Paula Bennett, and Stuart Nash to ask questions of Judith Collins completely unrelated to Paula Bennett.

Then he put himself down to ask questions of John Key…which is really dopey…because he isn’t going to get Paula Bennett by asking dopey questions of John Key.

It was a set of questions that ended with this one:

Andrew Little: Does anyone in his Government take responsibility for anything anymore, or is it just an endless exercise in passing the buck?  Read more »

There goes Labour’s war chest in an election year

Labour are going to be in a blind panic now.

They have no money to fight the Mt Roskill by-election and now their idiot leader has gotten himself served for defamation.

Labour leader Andrew Little has now been served with defamation proceedings by National party donors and hoteliers Earl and Lani Hagaman.

The Hagamans confirmed in a statement they had now commenced defamation proceedings against Mr Little in the High Court and they had been served on Mr Little.

The defamation suit relates to comments Mr Little made about a management contract Mr Hagaman’s company, Scenic Hotel, was awarded to manage the Matavai Resort on Niue. That was awarded a few weeks after Mr Hagaman donated $101,000 to the National Party during the 2014 campaign.

The Hagamans gave Mr Little a deadline to retract his comments and apologise last month, but Mr Little refused.

“As we said earlier, the reasons we’re taking defamation action have been widely reported in the media and I won’t be repeating his allegations that Earl and I find hurtful, highly offensive and totally false.

We will now clear our names in court”, Lani Hagaman said.   Read more »

Will Michael Wood take his campaign to ban penis lollies to parliament?


The Labour party have “selected” a veteran of coming second, Michael Wood, as their candidate to replace Phil Goff in Mt Roskill.

The Labour Party has selected its first election candidate, picking Michael Wood to take over from longstanding MP Phil Goff as its new Mt Roskill candidate.

The selection was held early because of a possible by-election if Mr Goff wins the Auckland Mayoralty in October.

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Labour’s next campaign is against the Police; let’s see how that works out for them

Stuart Nash has been sending out emails following the format of their housing email, soliciting people who feel they have had a raw deal from Police.


Every day I’m hearing more and more stories of Kiwis struggling to get help when they’ve been a victim of crime.

While the men and women of our police force do a brilliant job on the ground, the reality is that the police have been underfunded by $300 million over the past four years. National have just not given the police enough resources to do their jobs.

We’re hearing stories of police not turning up to crime scenes because they don’t have enough staff, of community police stations closing or losing resources, and councils using private security firms because they can’t rely on the police to do all the work required.

We need to shine a spotlight on these issues. One of the best ways we can do that is by learning more about the issues affecting people like you.

[REDACTED], will you take our short survey about police in New Zealand?

The issue isn’t about how our police officers are performing, but how National has systematically underfunded them to the point where they are compromised in their ability to keep our communities safe.

Labour will fund our police force properly. But before we’re back in Government, we need to make sure we get the word out about the impact of National’s underfunding.Click here to take our survey now.


Stuart Nash
Labour Police Spokesperson

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