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You know thing are bad when Vernon Small mocks you

Ah yes folks, it’s election year.

The three-yearly theatrics get under way in earnest on Tuesday with the first Cabinet meeting and then the usual whirlwind of New Year events.

State of the Nation speeches – most significantly a two-step from Labour and the Greens on January 29 and National on February 2 – are interlaced with the Ratana and Waitangi Day celebrations before the House resumes on February 7.

It all seems so low key, so predictable and genteel alongside the massive uncertainty about to be unleashed on the world by the inauguration of United States President Donald Trump this weekend.

Even newly-minted Prime Minister Bill English’s first foray into controversy – by refusing to attend Waitangi on Waitangi Day because of limits on his right to speak on the Te Tii marae the day before – had an element of predictable theatre about it.

In truth, English should be criticised for snubbing the February 6 festivities on the Treaty grounds where he could have spoken (as he could have also at a later stage on Te Tii). By avoiding that, while also evading the tension and insults of the lower marae, he has elevated and empowered the dysfunctional arrangements on the lower marae yet again.

He leaves the best for last when having a go at the Labour and Green parties Read more »

And this man thinks he should be Prime Minister?

While I have been sick I haven’t really bothered too much with Twitter, so when I went into my office for the first time in 25 days and checked my Twitter app I was very surprised to find this tweet from Andrew Little.

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Julie Anne vs Jacinda: a jelly wrestle without the jelly

Yesterday Labour leader Andrew Little “opened” Labour’s Mt Albert by-election campaign.

Labour [launched] its campaign for the Mount Albert by-election which is expected to be a fight between Labour’s Jacinda Ardern and the Green Party’s Julie Anne Genter.

The by-election on February 25 in the safe Labour seat is to replace David Shearer, who resigned from parliament last year to lead United Nations peace keeping missions in South Sudan.

Mr Shearer won the seat in 2014 with more than 20,900 votes over National’s 10,300 and the Green Party’s little over 3000.

As in any by-election, people have only one vote – for their electorate MP. There is no party vote.

Apart from gifting Adern with a seat for life, something which can not be overvalued under the current circumstances, this by-election is a waste of time and money.  Money Labour can’t afford to lose.   Read more »

Opposition Leader and Foreign Affairs spokesman not briefed on Israel resolution

After the Christchurch earthquakes, Opposition Leader Phil Goff complained that he hadn’t been briefed about alleged Israeli spies.  It was subsequently revealed on this blog that he had been briefed. What it did show though was that on matters affecting foreign policy especially relating to Israel convention dictates that the leader of the opposition should be briefed. When New Zealand took the lead in sponsoring UN resolution 2334 as the chair of the UN Security Council it should have been incumbent of foreign minister Murray McCully or at the very least a senior MFaT official to brief Labour leader Andrew Little and his foreign affairs spokesperson David Parker.

We put these questions to Andrew Little:

  1. Were you were briefed by anyone, including Murray McCully and/or Bill English and/or John Key?
  2. If you were briefed were you given full details of the process and resolution and did the briefing match what happened in reality?
  3. If you weren’t briefed why do you think they didn’t brief you?
  4. When John Kerry visited in November were you briefed on the contents of discussions with Murray McCully?

Andrew Little’s response is below in full and unedited:

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UK Labour channels NZ Labour with awful song

Labour in the UK is channelling NZ Labour with a re-write of a song…and it is just as dreadful:

Just when you thought the Labour party couldn’t become less harmonious, their MPs release a Christmas single so out of tune that some are dubbing it the worst festive song of all time.  

Around 20 of the party’s MPs recorded their own version of Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas’ to raise awareness of Scrooge bosses.   Read more »

Winston on Labour and the Greens

Winston Peters has given an interview to Jo Moir from Fairfax and it is very interesting indeed.

He has started signalling where his preferences lie…and they aren’t where the left-wing thinks they are:

According to Peters, Labour were on the right track last year with their controversial Chinese-sounding surnames story, which revealed Chinese buyers accounted for 39.5 per cent of buyers compared to the 9 per cent of Auckland’s population recorded as being ethnically Chinese in the last census.

Where they went wrong is that “they lost their nerve”.

That was NZ First’s “missed opportunity”, if Peters had to name one.   Read more »

Are you voting for the party that best represents your views?

I consider myself an Act supporter but was shocked by the results of the political quiz I took that revealed that the majority of policy positions that I support are not Act policies. In fact, Act was not even included in the 4 party possibilities given to me and NZ First came in second place. According to the quiz I side with the National Party on most political issues with NZ First a close second. Unless the quiz is seriously flawed and didn’t include all the New Zealand political parties, Act is either not as conservative as I thought it was or I am more liberal than I thought I was.

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Bill English is “gutless”?

While Andrew Little is cycling in the South Island Labour are using Wes Craven’s dental nurse to put the hits in.

The 69 year old old bint who is deputy leader has called National and Bill English “gutless” for not standing in the Mt Albert by-election.

Labour is ready and keen to talk about the problems facing electors in Mt Albert despite the gutless decision of Bill English not to front a National candidate there, says Labour Deputy Leader Annette King.

“English is running scared from his first test as a leader. He clearly doesn’t want another bloody nose after the Mt Roskill defeat.

“We are more than ready for another contest and relish the chance to talk to people in Mt Albert about how Labour can help them deal with the problems around rising crime, health, public transport and housing affordability.

“It’s typical of National. They don’t like building houses, so they don’t have a Housing Minister. They don’t like by-elections so they don’t run in them.   Read more »

Apparently Phil Quin is bitter

Of all the words to describe Phil Quin, bitter would not be one of them.

In all my discussions with him I have found him to be erudite, witty, passionate and caring and that is a range of topics we have discussed from depression (we both suffer) to politics.

But, Labour and their band of SJBs keep labelling him bitter…and he is sick of it.

Every time I am published somewhere, a couple of one-hand typists figuratively emerge like clockwork from their basements, redeploy their right hand to the task of typing, and assail me for being “bitter”.

This has been the Labour Party talking point against me for years. I can only imagine it refers to the fact I was on the wrong side of the failed coup attempt against Helen Clark in 1996.

Yes, that’s right. Nineteen hundred and ninety-six.  Read more »

Corbyn storms out of Labour’s Christmas karaoke party

Looks like Jeremy Corbyn has been taking angry lessons from Andrew Little.

Jeremy Corbyn walked out of a Christmas karaoke party for Labour MPs where they sang Tony Blair’s 1997 Election-winning anthem Things Can Only Get Better accompanied by chants of: ‘We Want Tony!’

The humiliated Opposition leader left as MPs insulted him at the noisy booze-up. They also sang The Beatles’ Back In The USSR – an attack on him for failing to take a tougher line over Russia’s bombing of Aleppo in Syria – and Madonna’s Like A Virgin, a dig at his ridiculed claim to have been forced to sit on the floor of a crowded Virgin train.

Dozens of Labour MPs joined arms to sing D-Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better and used their own secret ‘anti-Corbyn’ WhatsApp messaging system to mock him and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, defiantly posting a video of themselves in full voice.

The karaoke revolt was part of a Labour ‘Christmas Uprising’ against Mr Corbyn last week as:    Read more »