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That’s nice Andrew. Why don’t you dip into your own pocket and buy it?

Andrew Little thinks the taxpayers should buy a beach.

Labour is calling on the Government to stump up the remaining $1 million to purchase Awaroa Beach.

More than 11,000 New Zealanders have already pledged more than $1.1m to Duane Major and Adam Gard’ner’s campaign to raise $2 million to entrust a sandy stretch of Awaroa Inlet in Abel Tasman National Park to the public.

The Government appeared to signal help toward the campaign just over a week ago, when Environment Minister Nick Smith said the Government did have a nature heritage fund “fund from which we might be able to provide some extra incentive”.

But the Department of Conservation indicated they would not be contributing money toward the campaign, though they would add the beach to the National Park if the purchaser gave it to them.    Read more »

LEAKED: Labour Rotorua’s finances – they’re broke

Well, not really leaked, more like left for the world to see on Facebook by a member, and not taken down fast enough that I couldn’t obtain a copy.

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Labour’s ‘campaign of misogyny’ waged by Muslim men

This is what happens when you open your door and arms to people who simply have an incompatible culture and belief system to our own beliefs and culture of inclusion, acceptance and democracy.

The funny thing is that it is happening to Labour, who are usually the first to claim the moral high ground.

Jeremy Corbyn last night faced calls from women activists to launch an inquiry into a ‘campaign of misogyny’ waged by Muslim men in Labour.

Ahead of the party leader’s speech to the Association of Labour Councillors today, Muslim women told the BBC they had been shut out of standing for office. They accused the party of turning a blind eye to sexist discrimination.

Muslim Women’s Network UK sent a letter to Mr Corbyn, demanding an inquiry into what it said was ‘systematic misogyny displayed by significant numbers of Muslim male local councillors’.

Shaista Gohir from Muslim Women’s Network UK said: ‘These men have a cultural mindset, which they’ve brought from India, Pakistan Bangladesh…they operate a braderi male kinship system and they’ve brought the system here, what I call an old boys network.

‘They don’t want women to be empowered. Why? Because we will then challenge the status quo, challenge misogyny. Read more »

Rodney Hide isn’t impressed with Angry Little’s bribe either

Andrew Little

When I give my vote, I want my money. Immediately. I don’t want it on promise.

That’s why Little has left me so underwhelmed. My vote for him is just a down payment. He wants it again and again before I get my money.

The policy-on-promise wasn’t in his speech. You have to go to the policy detail for that.

It shows Little’s policy not fully kicking in until 2025 – three elections away.

I vote for Little in 2017, I get a year free post-school education. I vote for him again in 2020, I get another year. I vote for him a third time in 2023 and I get my third year. That’s a lot of voting for not much, a long way off.

Little takes seven Budgets to deliver his promise.

As I predicted, it would just be days before the whole thing would fall apart under a little bit of scrutiny.  Read more »

Is Little looking like a PM while having foot washed and painted?


Andrew Little is so desperate for attention he will do almost anything to get it.

While Prime Minister John Key was busy dodging protests on Waitangi Day, Labour leader Andrew Little was having his foot gently bathed up at Waitangi.

Shirleyanne Brown, of Ngati Hau health and social services, was doing the honours, joking it was “just like the biblical times”.

Had Key been up in Waitangi it may well have been like biblical times as well, but it would be more of the fire and brimstone Old Testament.

Such are the delights and carefree life as the Opposition leader. Even the security detail usually assigned to the Leader of the Opposition for Waitangi left him after the Dawn Service, free to roam at will. Little was on safe ground – his party was opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and he had not yet had the time or power to do anything to peeve Maori.

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Todd McClay all secure for 2017

I bet Todd McClay can’t wait for election season 2017. As current Trade Minister, Todd McClay is at the front and centre of the debate around the TPPA. This is his dream job and no one will best him in debate over international trade.

Enter stage left: former weatherman and current Labour Party windbag for Rotorua, Tamati Coffey; the same Tamati Coffey who famously announced to the world that New Zealand would get its first female MP in 2014.

Tamati is good at putting on the charm and playing the role of minor celebrity but when it comes to using his university degree in political science there is a lot to be desired.

As a result, in 2014 Todd McClay received the highest number of votes he has ever received as an MP.

Of course, in 2017 we’ll be expecting a repeat, especially with the TPPA front and centre of the debate. You’d expect the Labour Party to be aware of this. They should be making sure Tamati has read the document and is able to debate it fluently. Otherwise Todd will walk all over him (memo to Whaleoil crew: get the cameras ready).

So far there are no signs Tamati has a clue what is in the TPPA and has stuck to the cliched one-liners.

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Hooton on the extreme left cuckoos in Labour’s nest

Matthew Hooton explains how it is that Labour has allowed itself to be hijacked.

My friend Matt McCarten, now Andrew Little’s chief of staff, introduced me to the word “entrism” some years ago.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it means “the policy or practice of joining an organisation with the intention of subverting its aims and activities.”

“Entrism” was first used by 1930s French Trotskyists when dissolving their own radical organisations and joining moderate parties to steer them towards Leninism. It became recognised in English in the 1960s and 1970s to describe the subversion of the UK Labour Party by Militant Tendency, which the party then spent 20 years eradicating to make itself electable again.

Since its election defeat in 2008 and the departure to New York of the firm hand of Helen Clark and Heather Simpson, the New Zealand Labour Party has been the latest victim of the tactic. In the past fortnight, that has reached fruition ,with Labour’s lurch to the extreme left over the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its abandonment of the middle ground over student fees.

While the moderate centre of the party – as personified by Phil Goff, David Shearer, David Parker, Stuart Nash, Clayton Cosgrove, Peeni Henare and Kelvin Davis – plan to launch an offensive against the party’s direction in May, they have no chance of success.

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Hey Chris, one protest does not a change of government make

Chris Trotter is off in lala-land again today, whimsically over-stating the impact of 5000 smelly hippies blocking up the Auckland CBD.

Parliament resumes sitting on Tuesday, 9 February. The slow wending of the TPPA document through numerous select committee hearings; followed by the Government’s enabling bill’s passage through the four stages of parliamentary debate; both will provide excellent opportunities for carefully targeted protest action. Likewise, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trades’ (MFAT’s) travelling road-show of public presentations intended to “sell” the Government’s pro-TPPA position to the electorate. All should be seen as educative political events, reinforcing the anti-TPPA’s core messages of diminished national sovereignty and a deepening democratic deficit.

The public’s appetite for protest action evaporated when half a million workers were seriously inconvenienced by the rowdies in Auckland. That protest was as big as you are going to get, and it wasn’t as big as you claimed it was. Don’t kid yourself pal. The TPPA does not diminish our sovereignty…if it does then so does every other treaty, including the Treaty of Waitangi, but I don’t see anyone else calling for those treaties to be renounced. Neither does the TPPA create a democratic deficit. For goodness sake you all claimed the end of our democracy was nigh, but where you all are marching the streets, enjoying freedom of association, freedom of speech and not a single person was arrested. It seems the democracy and our freedoms are perfectly intact despite your claims.   Read more »

Why left-wing critics of Islam are ostracised by Labour in Britain

Robbie Travers. (Photo: © Robbie Travers)

Robbie Travers. (Photo: © Robbie Travers) Travers is a left-wing student of law at Edinburgh University. He is the Executive Director at Agora, a non-partisan think tank for young people and he is also involved with the Human Security Centre, a non-profit foreign policy think tank based in London.

I was challenged the other day on the blog, by a commenter who was critical of an article  where I criticised the Left for their silence on Islam. I hope this article will contribute to the discussion, as it shows why people like myself have gained that impression of the Left. It turns out that there actually are some on the Left who would combat Islamism but they are prevented from engaging in an honest dialogue because of the following problems within the Labour/Left-wing movement:

  1. Many share the racism of low expectations.
  2. Many feel that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  3. Many support movements and ideology without understanding their beliefs or considering the consequences.
  4. Many feel self-loathing and “white guilt”.
  5. Many share a determined belief that an Islamist is just like them and isn’t actually motivated by the Koran.
  6. The Labour Party has lost its way and no longer represents the needs and views of the working classes it purports to represent.

It seems to me that the left wing here in New Zealand have a lot in common with the left wing in Britain. Perhaps we need a non-partisan think tank here in New Zealand, where conservative activists like myself can work with left-wing activists. Together we could promote a common cause and engage in an honest dialogue about the incompatibility of Islam with the values of our progressive, democratic society.

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Mallard continues to show Labour are criminal-friendly

We’ve had Kelvin Davis running interference on behalf of the Corrections union smashing up Serco, then he went on to cuddle up to violent criminals, murderers and rapists in detention centres in Australia.

Andrew Little and Davis along with other Labour MPs have had a love in with Arthur Taylor at Paremoremo prison several times. They opposed legislation stopping criminals in prison from voting.

All this leads to the impression that Labour is criminal-friendly.

Now Trevor Mallard has shown the same inclination…sticking up for criminals.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard has asked the court to allow an illegal racer to escape conviction for lying to police.

The man, 24, was caught, and has been convicted, after illegally racing another car at speeds of up to 210kmh on State Highway 2, Lower Hutt, in September.

When police caught up with him later, he allegedly lied, telling them someone must have stolen his car.

His actions were described by the sentencing judge, Judge Chris Tuohy, as “the most serious of its type” and police called the racing “appalling”.

However, Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard still wrote a letter of support, under his official Labour Party letterhead, for the man.

In the letter, Mallard urged the court to suspend the man’s conviction for lying to the police.    Read more »