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Will the MSM ever look at Andrew Little’s record, Ctd

His leadership is a dog's breakfast and tastes like a dog's leavings

What do you mean there are irregularities?

Over the past few weeks we have been looking into the EPMU under Andrew Little’s stewardship. There are a series of financial anomalies that need explaining, especially for a man who wants to be Prime Minister and be responsible for the Government Accounts.

Previous Questions were asked here, here and here.


We also provided the original documentation from the Societies web site. This is all public source information so anyone can find it if they visit the Societies web site.   Read more »

So now a Charter school isn’t spending enough money?

You’ve really got to love the Labour party.

First they complain that charter schools are getting too much funding, and now Chris Hipkins is complaining they aren’t spending enough.

The Minister of Education has been questioned over why a charter school has ended up with $2.5 million of unspent government funding sitting in its bank.

Hekia Parata has defended the funding of the school in Whangarei, saying it was performing well.

The first group of the publicly-funded private schools opened last year followed by a second group this year.

Labour MP Chris Hipkins challenged the minister today over charter school money, using Whangarei charter school Te Kura Hourua O Whangarei Terenga Paraoa, run by He Puna Marama Trust, as an example.

“How can she claim that the funds being given to partnership schools are being used for education when He Puna Marama Trust received $3.9 million in government funding to the end of last year – yet their audited accounts show they only spent $1.4 million on education, leaving $2.5 million unaccounted for?”

The minister said Mr Hipkins was “quoting selectively” from the accounts.

She said the trust was responsible for other schools, including early childhood centres and an academy.   Read more »

Two Politicians, two very different parties but a common belief in a ‘ Fair go ‘

After the story of the Student teacher hit the headlines I approached three politicians for comment and their responses are below. Two of them have a common belief in a ‘fair go’ for the Student teacher which is heartening to see.

Labour Party’s Spokesperson for Education, Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins,Labour Party’s spokesperson for Education.

I don’t comment on specific employment matters.

On the general issue, I would expect all trainee teachers to be given full support to complete their qualifications. They should not be discriminated against based on gender, race, sexuality, past employment, or future employment prospects.

– Chris Hipkins

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When Key wants something personally, he suddenly stops being a poll driven fruit loop

The National party does everything usually because their focus groups and polls tell them what to do.

The only thing right now that they aren’t winning in their polls and their focus groups is John Key’s legacy project…changing the flag.

When John Key really wants something personally, he suddenly stops being a poll driven fruit cake and rams things through his way.

The Select Committee considering the process for the referendum on the flag has rejected calls for voters to be asked if they want to change the flag up front rather than waiting until a second referendum.

The committee has reported back on the bill with few amendments.

Many submitters had asked for the first of the two referendums, due to be held later this year, to ask whether voters wanted a new flag rather than wait until the second referendum when the new flag will go up against the most popular alternative.

However, the majority on the committee chose to stick with the current order, saying it agreed with the advice of officials that to change the order would bias it in favour of the current flag because voters would not know what the alternative was.   Read more »

Labour lies and lazy media just repeat it

Yesterday David Shearer made the following statement about the price of milk:

Shearer said Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy had some explaining to do, as it was “all looking a bit too cosy”.

It was “perverse” that Coca-Cola was more affordable than fresh milk, at a time when child obesity and diabetes were causing major problems in the health system, he said.

And Fairfax ran this headline:


What a shame that Aimee Gulliver couldn’t use the internet before she banged out her rehash of Labour’s press release.

I can, howeve,r and it took me just a few seconds to establish that David Shearer is lying, or being deliberately deceptive.   Read more »


The Uber-Union is coming

Two of Labour’s strongest affiliate unions are joining together to create a super union…well a bigger union than the hollow shells they are now.

What is funny is watching left-wingers use the same justifications for the super-city to create their Uber-union

The old adage of strength in numbers is the main driver behind the proposed merger between two of New Zealand’s larger unions.

In July, the potential combination of the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU) with the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU) will be put to the vote at a national conference and if it gets the thumbs up there, the memberships of both groups will then get to have their say.

The merger could result in a more than 50,000 strong union being established, which would make it the second biggest group behind the Council of Trade Unions. The current membership of the SFWU is about 21,000, while the EPMU numbers sit around 32,000.

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A lesson on monotonic functions for the Labour party

Maurice Williamson gives Labour a free lesson in monotonic functions:

That matches the chart I have been publishing for about two weeks.   Read more »

Comment of the Day

We have been asking a series of questions about Andrew Little and his time at the EPMU.

The main stream media have not done the deep digging into his past, even though they have to be watching what is happening in Australia with ALP leader and former head of the Australian Workers’ Union, Bill Shorten, getting questioned seriously about his unions finances.

Hakaru made this valid comment.

Can anyone enlighten me in what the Training Foundation does and are their financials available for public perusal. It would be interesting to see where 6 million went and who benefited from the “training”.   Read more »

History lessons for Labour

Dr Jim McAloon teaches History at Victoria University, and in today’s DomPost has some valuable history lessons for Labour.

In the wake of the Labour Party’s dismal election result last year, and its recent internal review, some commentators are suggesting that Labour’s in terminal decline.

Reports of the party’s death are, however, decidedly premature.

No political party enjoys going backwards in Opposition, but last year was not the first time this has happened to Labour.

In 1949, the first Labour government was tossed out with 47 per cent of the popular vote. In 1954 Labour’s vote fell to 44 per cent, but the party won government in 1957 with 48 per cent.

Labour also lost ground in the 1960s, with its popular vote falling from 44 per cent to 41 per cent in 1966, the party’s first election with Norman Kirk as leader and after six years in opposition.

Six years later, Norman Kirk was prime minister.

I am not suggesting that the Labour Party should simply wait for the pendulum to swing.

While that might in due course deliver a spell in government, without a clear vision of why the party exists, there is little point in being in office.

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Will the MSM ever look into Andrew Little’s record, Ctd


Last week we highlighted Labour Leader Andrew Little’s tenure at the EPMU and potential problems with the EPMU’s financial records. We suggested that the MSM were interested in trivial things like pony tail pulling, but not in detailed research about Andrew Little’s past.

There were seven questions we asked about the EPMU and the Engineering Training and Education Foundation and a missing $6m.

These questions should be put to Andrew Little, because if someone cannot manage a union’s finances properly it is hard to imagine them being able to run a nation’s finances properly.   Read more »