Labour relations

Unions whining in Aussie as Royal Commission get underway

Finally they have a government in Australia who has the courage to take on the unions rorting the system, and slowly push them a little closer to extinction.

If only the John Key government would push for the same thing here, just grab a copy of their terms of reference, adapt it for NZ, and get the show under way.

After all, the honest unions have nothing to worry about.   So, no problem is there?

A ROYAL commission into trade union governance, slush funds and corruption is nothing more than a witch-hunt and taxpayers will be better served if more money went to enforcing existing laws, unions say.

The royal commission into trade union governance started in Sydney on Wednesday, with commissioner Dyson Heydon saying the inquiry’s both broad and restrictive terms of reference will probe the facts behind a range of union practices.

Justice Heydon says the commission does not want to see unions abolished or curbed into insignificance.  Read more »

18 Unions outspend ‘Evil’ Koch Brothers Rank in Political Donations

koch1Much is made of the political donations by the Koch brothers by the left wing, but the amounts of their donations are dwarfed by the massive amounts of money spent by unions.

This week Senate Democrats once again asked the IRS to crack down on conservative groups including Americans for Prosperity, funded by the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch.

Democrats want to silence the opposition.

So how big of a threat are the Koch Brothers?
Over the past twenty five years, from 1989 to 2014, Koch Industries has donated$18,083,948 in political contributions to Republicans. While that seems like a large sum, it only ranks them as number 59 on the list of top all-time political donors – behind 18 different unions.

Here is the list of unions that top the Koch Brothers in political donations.
Via Open Secrets:    Read more »

The Living Wage kills jobs

The left wing are pushing hard for what they call the Living Wage, which is really just a number decided arbitrarily by the Rev. Charles Waldegrave.

There is no evidence generally to support the contention that it works or even helps. But evidence is starting to mount that the so-called Living Wage is death to jobs and ineffective in alleviating poverty, which is the main driver behind it.

A new report from the Fraser Institute argues that municipal laws intended to boost the wages of poorer workers threaten job prospects for the very people most likely to face poverty.

In its survey of scholarly studies, released Tuesday, the market-oriented think-tank concludes laws mandating what are called “living wages” — generally defined as the minimum earnings that allow full-time workers to meet the basic needs of their families and reach past low-income-tax thresholds — do little to help the most vulnerable workers.

“Both economic theory and the evidence suggest that living wages, like minimum wages, create distortions in the labour market that have a negative impact on employment,” wrote author Charles Lammam.

Faced with having to pay higher wages, employers push back by reducing overall employment, favouring more highly skilled workers and cutting back on hours and training, the report found. It cited U.S. research that showed a 100% increase in living wages, to $20 an hour from $10 an hour, reduced employment among low-skilled workers by between 12 and 17%.

“Indeed, there is a trade-off between the workers who benefit from a higher wage and those who endure the costs due to fewer employment opportunities,” Mr. Lammam wrote.  Read more »

Who killed Holden?


The unions of course…who else…with some help from idiot governments over the years who addicted the company to corporate welfare which the unions trousered.

THE outrageous assertions by the unions and the Labor Party that General Motors’ decision to leave Australia was a result of government policy is an insult to any thinking Australian. To suggest that General Motors Holden made its decision yesterday is totally absurd. These decisions take months to make.

The true culprits are the unions and their enterprise bargaining over many years that has made their own members unemployed. The cost of wages is more than double what it should be.

It was a great effort by the unions to achieve high pay rates, but now there are no jobs. Any Australian who does not recognise the truth is sadly deficient in reasoning ability.  Read more »

Manufacturing the news


Fairfax has the following headline:


Well actually no they don’t…it is just a guess from the “fair and balanced” journalist.

Have a read of the actual details.

Tens of thousands of workers have been sacked under the 90-day-trial period, with many let go because they “did not fit in”.   Read more »

Union membership numbers shows why Labour fail in polls

Mr C is always going to fail in his bid to return Labour into government because he talks to the wrong people and has connected with the people who have put him there and not the people who drive the country.

The biggest failure of the leadership rules in the Labour Party is that the minority picks the leader.

For round numbers, that is 30 people in caucus (40%), unions (20%) and a final bunch of people who have the ability to vote twice even three times. It is therefore not the party of the people but a party for the activists.

To prove my point, his first two major speeches were directed at the unions, why – Labour needs the cash flow via party donations. If you actually look at what percentage of the NZ population below they represent – it is a minority.   Read more »

Greens trying to gazzump Labour in handing out the lolly

The Green party are trying to gazzump the Labour party in promising uncosted expensive lolly for voters. They have decided that they really care for parliament’s cleaners more than Labour because they want them to get the “living wage” first.

Labour left them out in the cold.

The promises to the CTU conference are getting more and more outlandish.

The Green Party says low-earning contractors at Parliament, not core public sector workers, should be first in line for a living wage.

In a speech at the Council of Trade Unions conference this morning, Greens’ co-leader Metiria Turei said her party would have a different priority to Labour in distributing a minimum wage of $18.40 an hour – known as a “living wage”.  Read more »

We need less civil servants, not the same number paid more

In what has become typical of Labour in the last 15 years, they have wanted to look after the state sector unionised workers before anyone else. I guess it makes logical sense when the vast majority of your support comes from affiliated unions…and the PSA is one of your recruiting grounds.

David Cunliffe has much to owe to the unions for supporting his leadership bid and now it is pay back with him promising $10,000 pay rises for the lowest paid civil servants.

The Government’s lowest-paid workers are being promised a $10,000-a-year pay rise under a Labour government.

However, the expected cost to the taxpayer of its proposed living wage remains unclear, with Labour claiming extending it to the core public service would cost $30 million a year and National putting it at $68m.

David Cunliffe reiterated his commitment to the wage yesterday and used one of his first major speeches as Labour leader to outline his vision for his first 100 days in government, if elected next year.   Read more »

Did they include Labour’s leaders office?

The CTU is running a campaign about “vulnerable workers”, or “insecure work” as they like to call it. They have released a report suggesting that 30% on New Zealand’s workforce is “insecure”…presumably that includes all the staff in David Cunliffe’s office who got the arse when he took over?

I hope the PSA is battling hard for those “insecure workers”.

The CTU releases its report into insecure work, Under Pressure: Insecure Work in New Zealand at its Biennial Conference – Fairness at Work, held today in Wellington. CTU President, Helen Kelly says “whether we call it casualisation, precarious work, temporary, or non-standard work – it means that workers have worse conditions, less security, less say and are more vulnerable. That may suit the boss – but it is unfair and does not work for workers.”  Read more »

About time, great move by Collins

Judith Collins is moving to take another card way from the unions…she is going to spike their cash from ACC.

A $1 million government funding to the Council of Trade Unions to run accident prevention workshops is under review.

ACC Minister Judith Collins recently announced a near doubling of the amount of funding the Accident Compensation Corporation makes for accident prevention work, from $22.4 million to $40 million.

However that is accompanied by a review of existing programmes and in an interview with NBR ONLINE Ms Collins said she had told officials there are no sacred cows with regards to existing programmes.

“And I’ve told them if they need to kill sacred cows that need slaughtering, I’ll back them.”  Read more »