Does Phil Goff have the Hamas Interior Ministry on speed dial?

Flabbergasting is the best way to describe Phil Goff’s latest statement on facebook after he opened his cranium and spilled its rotten contents all over social media. The self styled diplomat of Foreign Affairs  Middle East Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman of New Zealand  made a statement with an obvious anti Israeli slant that was riddled with inaccuracies and misinformation. The obvious ignorance of human rights abuses by Palestinians Gaza Arabs themselves is astounding, and is a continuation of the mindless repeating of people who read the *NEWS*.


Goff’s goofy statement is not something I can let by without it being addressed, and for a Labour politician to take on the stance of such commentary around the conflict is idiotic, there goes the Israeli/Jewish vote for this election. Congratulations.

The following is the statement of Yasser Arafat’s hand in hand partner on facebook taken to pieces to reveal the shrouded bias: Read more »

Waving the White Flag

David Cunliffe and Martyn Bradbury are running scared. Read more »

If Labour are going to run a POSITIVE campaign, what will they do with Trevor?

Labour’s big message today has been that they are going to be Positive about everything.

Not a nasty word will be spoken, no smears, no Gotcha politics.  Just good old fashioned positivity!

Question is… can Trevor manage for 2 months?

Miliband suffering the same malaise besetting Cunliffe

Ed Miliband is an ordinary leader heading up an ordinary party beholden to factions and union cash. David Cunliffe is in the same boat and theya re facing the exact same issues.

Like Miliband, Cunliffe is being ‘gamed out’:

Ed Miliband has failed to “reconcile” the “different camps” at the top of the Labour party which are undermining the party’s prospects, one of the party’s senior figures has privately warned.

In a leaked recording passed to The Telegraph, Jon Cruddas, the Labour leader’s policy adviser, said “a lot of things haven’t really been reconciled” and also warned that Mr Miliband was being “gamed out” on a weekly basis.

The recording, said to have been made at last week’s Fabian conference is the second such warning to have been privately sounded by Mr Cruddas in recent weeks.

Last month, he criticised “the dead hand” of the Labour leader’s office on policy development.    Read more »

Face of the day

Damien O'Connor Meme

Damien O’Connor Meme

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Face of the day

A plan so cunning you could put a feather on it and call it a Moa.

A plan so cunning you could put a feather on it and call it a Moa.

Thanks to Trevor Mallard the era of  reconstructing new life from recovered DNA is upon us. No longer is it in the realms of Science fiction to bring Dinosaurs back. He wants the Moa brought back but why stop there?

Think of the possibilities Trev.

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Face of the day

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson can’t remember not being famous

The 28-year-old actor said: “I had a bit of a struggle at first because my life really contracted and I couldn’t do a lot of the stuff I used to be able to do. But once I got through that a year or two ago I just accepted my life is something else and now I can’t really remember what it was like before, so it’s much easier to deal with.”

– BANG Showbiz


I don't remember

David Cunliffe

David Cunliffe just can’t remember.

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Face of the day

John Campbell is face of the day for actually sticking it to David Cunliffe on Campbell Live last night.

John Campbell

John Campbell

After his appalling cuddle fest with Len Brown my hopes were not high. Len Brown practically was offered a hanky by Campbell who was oozing sympathy for the Mayor who had sex with his mistress ( who he provided a reference for ) on council time, in council rooms and on a council funded phone. He spoke to him in a soft, gentle voice and at no time pushed him hard for answers.

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Toxic Greens don’t like their reality check

Isaac Davidson reports

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has shot back at departing Labour MP Shane Jones, saying his personal attacks show he does not have control over his emotions.

Mr Jones took a parting shot at the Greens after announcing his resignation, saying that he could never have worked under Greens co-leader Russel Norman in a coalition arrangement.

Ms Turei said yesterday that she thought the Labour MP would have left Parliament “with a bit more dignity”.

“I was kinda nice about him yesterday – I regret that now,” she told RadioLive.

“I know he’s a colourful guy and he has colourful language, but just continually insulting people is a really bad way to leave your work environment. He’s not going to be missed, I think.”

Actually, he’s going to be sorely missed.  At least he has the stones to say what 90% of us are thinking.  The mere idea of the Green Taliban in government is turning our stomachs.    Shane Jones couldn’t stand the idea.  Read more »

Why? – I just do not get it. – Observation by the Owl

Ms Turei insisted the Greens “want to change the government”, and suggested they would offer Labour confidence and supply even without a coalition deal.

I just do not get it! Why are Labour and Greens etc so obsessed with changing the government?

I have read, re-read and followed all the politics going on and the only policy I see that Mana, Greens, NZ First and Labour has and at least Ms Turei has said it out loud – “want to change the government”.

People will only change the government if the following happens.

  • Interest rates hit 10%
  • Law and order collapses
  • We stop paying our bills
  • Blues win a game away – (then we know something is wrong).

Please would someone from the Mana, NZ First or their sidekicks the Green and Labour party give me a policy which I can say – YES, you are on the right track.

The PEOPLE of NZ do not give a dam about Kim Dot Com and silly policies around caravan and truck speed.  Read more »