Larry Williams

Larry’s Back!!! (Cam on The Cauldron at 16:00 on Newstalk ZB)

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Larry Williams, Josie Pagani, Barry Soper and some guy called Cam Slater on The Cauldron.

Topics today may include:

1)  Most recent political poll results

2) Colin Craig’s “bottom line”: Binding Citizen Initiated Referenda

3) The fallout of Cunliffe’s holiday

4) NZ First policy announcements; GST and Law and Order

5) Kim Dotcom’s promised political “nuclear bomb”

6) Independent Police Complaints Authority clears police over Dotcom spying

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The Huddle


I was on the Huddle last night with Larry Williams and Bill Ralston.

Our topics were:

Law Commission/ Joint Liability report.

Some relief could be coming the way of local councils and their legal liabilities in matters such as leaky building syndrome.

The Law Commission is recommending modifications to joint liability laws that would effectively cap their liabilities in building negligence claims.

Under the proposals, caps would be set at 300 thousand dollars for a single dwelling, 150 thousand dollars per unit for residences in a multi-unit complex, and a three million dollar cap per multi-unit developments.

The recommendations will have to be considered by the Government.

Home Owners and Buyers Association president John Gray says that will leave consumers in the dark. He says leaky homes are still being built, and when the building industry comes under pressure to build more homes the same problems are likely to be repeated. He says there should be a mandatory insurance-backed warranty behind the auditing process of local authorities, so it never reaches court.

Local Government New Zealand president Lawrence Yule says the proposals would still see councils facing a disproportionate share of the costs, and the risks. He says if the Government wants councils to make the building consent process faster and cheaper, it needs to reduce the risks that councils face.   Read more »

Cam on The Cauldron at 16:00 on Newstalk ZB [UPDATED]

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Larry Williams, Josie Pagani and me Barry Soper on The Cauldron.  [Cam still tied up in court]

Topics today include:









Cam on Cam

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The Cauldron at 1600

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Larry Williams, Josie Pagani, Jordan Williams and me on The Cauldron.

Here are our starters:

1) Lui – Donghua Lui whose links to the National Party led to a minister’s resignation, also made a secret $15,000 donation to Labour.

2) Owen Glenn Report

3) Epsom – Looks pretty clear that National will do a deal with Act on Epsom

4) The Internet Mana Party is campaigning against coat tailing

5) Iraq – The government isn’t ruling out the possibility of standing by the US if military intervention is required in Iraq – but the PM is saying — a request unlikely and its not a place where NZ wants to be.

6) Team NZ – There’s doubt from some as to whether Team New Zealand delivers enough return, to justify government investment. The team is now chasing sponsors to back its next challenge, but has warned it might not stay afloat past the end of the month without a government cash injection.

7) McCready & police – Serial litigant Graeme McCready plans to take police to court for not acting on John Banks.


Cam on Cam

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The Cauldron at 1600

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

This week there is no Pam Corkery…I know you are all probably cheering on the inside.

Join Larry Williams, Josie Pagani, Barry Soper and me on The Cauldron.

Here are our starters:

John Banks guilty verdict/resignation

Coat tailing

The latest Roy Morgan poll

Greens carbon tax policy


PPTA , Banks & Charter schools

America’s Cup and the taxpayer

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The Huddle


There was no Cauldron this week because of the holiday but there was a Huddle on last night with me and Josie Pagani.

Our topics included:

  • Labour not ruling out Internet Mana Party
  • Green’s carbon tax/climate change policy

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The Huddle at 1740


There was no Cauldron this week because of the holiday but there is a Huddle on tonight with me and Josie Pagani.

Our topics include:

  • Labour not ruling out Internet Mana Party
  • Green’s carbon tax/climate change policy
  • And the US dealing with terrorists to return deserters

You can listen online via iHeartRadio or through usual methods.

I will post the audio in the morning for those who miss it.


Newstalk ZB, Pam, and Cam?

Pam Corkery’s sudden departure from Newstalk ZB to take up a press secretary position with the Internet Party has upset few and delighted more.  One of Newstalk’s most loyal listeners is also one of the Whaleoil Ground Crew.

She senses an opportunity for both Newstalk ZB and Cam Slater

I am a long time loyal reader of this blog and a very, very long time loyal listener of NewstalkZB and often quote stuff in my comments that I have heard on NewstalkZB. My kids grew up with Paul Holmes, Leighton Smith and Larry Williams. My daughter who is now 27 often says if Leighton ever left there would be a big hole – who would fill his shoes? Well Leighton will just have to turn up as usual with his Zimmer frame – he can’t leave. I awake every morning to the dulcet tones of Mike Hosking Breakfast (much nicer than a noisy buzzer). Larry is a regular voice late afternoon and Danny and Kerre are also heard at times. I am sure a lot of you fellow Whaleoilers also have NewstalkZB as your alarm clock and talking in the background in your homes.

Pam Corkery from “The Two” (Tim is the other half) is now gone from NewstalkZB and I am not sad that Pam is gone – “The Two” never gelled with me. I very rarely listened to her and Tim and if I did it was for 10 minutes at a time in order to hear the news on the hour. I did hear Tim for a few minutes last night after hearing the 10:00pm news. He was a bit sad and no doubt he will miss Pam though I think it is for the better that Pam has gone. She tried to dominate Larry’s cauldron but ended up rambling on. Read more »

Why won’t the Herald speak about Dotcom’s latest court outing?

All last week we had breathless and wrong reporting from the High Court in the John Banks case, then on Friday afternoon Kim Dotcom got shot out of court on his conspiracy theories, and the suppression of the evidence against him was lifted.

3News covered it, Fairfax covered it, Larry Williams climbed in NewstalkZB on Friday night and even Radio New Zealand had extensive coverage.

FBI evidence against Kim Dotcom says his companies made more than $200 million over five years from his Megaupload website, and that he was aware of the site’s copyright infringement.

It shows his co-accused were concerned that if the authorities started investigating the website, the internet entrepreneur would take all the company’s money and go into hiding.

The High Court in Auckland on Friday lifted suppression on the summary of evidence the FBI has gathered since 2010 against Mr Dotcom, as the New Zealand courts consider the United States’ attempts to extradite him and three co-accused. The internet businessman’s lawyers had applied for suppression to continue.

The United States is seeking the extradition of Mr Dotcom and three other men accused of copyright infringement and money-laundering charges relating to the now-defunct Megaupload website.

The summary includes email and Skype discussions involving the four accused.

It details payments of up to $205 million moving from Megaupload users to the company’s accounts from which Mr Dotcom was able to distribute money.

It also shows Mr Dotcom talking about wanting to stay under the radar, and downplay the success of the site to the media.

The evidence includes a Skype conversation in March 2009, where Mr Dotcom talked to his chief technological officer and co-accused Mathias Ortmann about how they should prepare for lawsuits should they happen.

Mr Dotcom suggested hiring an in-house attorney to prepare them for anything.

The summary says that in three conversations during 2007 and 2008 between Mr Ortmann and programmer Bram Van der Kolk, the latter refers to the pair as pirates.

In each conversation, Mr Ortmann tells Mr Van der Kolk that is not the case, that they are service providers. At one point, he says that is providing a service to pirates and in another instance says they are evil. Mr Van der Kolk says a service provider is what they are legally but they know better.

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The Cauldron at 1600


Listen in to Larry Williams Drive show this afternoon at 1600 for the Cauldron.

On air will be Josie Pagani, Barry Soper, Pan Corkery and me, along with our host Larry Williams.

Our topics are likely to include:

- Wash up of budget
- Migrants -Labour and NZ First intention to cap numbers
- Dotcom split – future, Internet Party, Mana
- Stuff poll on Key and Cunliffe
- Problem Gambling Foundation taking Ministry Health to court
- Catholic Church and gays !

You can tune in using normal methods or listen online via iHeart Radio.