Latest Cannibal Cop Jokes

Cannibal Cop jokes

Cannibal Cop is having dinner with a friend, when he says “I hate my wife” and the other one says “That’s okay; just eat the rice.”

What did Cannibal Cop do after he dumped his wife? ¬†He wiped. ¬†He’s got standards you know.

As the Cannibal cop slides his wife into the pot he realises she’s on her period. ¬†“Oh well”, he says, “Gazpacho it is”.

Why has the Cannibal Cop not planned to kill, cook and eat any Chinese women? ¬† Because he’d be hungry again an hour later.

What does Cannibal cop call midgets?  Snacks.

Why won’t Cannibal Cop eat divorced women? ¬†They’re very bitter.

Did you hear about the Cannibal friend who arrived late for the Cannibal Cop dinner? He gave him the cold shoulder.

Cannibal Cop’s thought for the day: ¬†Every fight is a food fight.

Apparently Cannibal Cop has a wife and ate kids.

One day a Cannibal Cop goes to his favourite restaurant. There, normal people cost $25 a plate, ¬†but Green Party politicians cost $150. He asks, “How come Green Party pollies cost so much?” ¬†The waiter answers, “Do you know how hard it is to clean one of those?”