Look upon the Polar Poop Vortex of 2014, and tremble

swiftly followed by lots of people handing in their resignations…


One of the great political videos of all time

Sydney Morning Herald

This was one of the greatest political videos of all time…utterly devastating and the result of a judiciously timed leak designed to do the most damage.

It is still being played out as Police investigate:

THE Australian Federal Police have moved to a full-scale investigation of the leak of damaging video footage of Kevin Rudd repeatedly swearing and banging a desk, which helped trigger February’s leadership spill.

The federal police at first said it was not investigating the leaked video, which showed out-takes from a recording made within the prime minister’s office during Mr Rudd’s leadership, which were anonymously uploaded on YouTube.

Later, the federal police said it had received a referral and was ”evaluating the information provided”.

Professional Jealousy?

Dominion Post

It looks Tracy Watkins is a bit miffed that people talked to me and not to her…

The latest leak, over outgoing chief of staff Stuart Nash’s abrupt departure from Wellington on Thursday, should be what causes Mr Shearer the most sleepless nights. It appeared on right-wing blog Whale Oil within hours of Mr Nash’s departure.

Fairfax had found out purely by chance only an hour or so earlier. The leak to Whale Oil was more deliberate, and according to people in the know, could only have come from either a very tight circle of senior staffers, or one or two very highly placed MPs.

The implications are all bad for Labour. Whale Oil’s Cameron Slater is almost single-mindedly bent on undermining and destabilising the left-wing of politics.

He regularly runs half-baked conspiracy theories and innuendo up the flagpole just to see if he can get the mainstream media running. Why anyone within Labour would give him credence is mystifying.

Interesting, so leaking to her (by mistake)… is better than leaking to me…deliberately?

It is true that I am single-mindedly bent on undermining and destabilizing the left-wing of politics. So Bloody What…at least I am honest about it, unlike the media fan-bois who pretend to be impartial but are far from it.

Those paragraphs just show the professional jealously that an Auckland based blogger, not inside the beltway or even the gallery can gazzump and ruin her story for the next day. Boo hoo, dry your eyes Tracy.