Greenpeace blackmailers get gutless Lego to cave in


Greenpeace, like most left wing organisations, like to use blackmail to achieve their ends.

They sail around the world using oil products for their own ships, but have recently mounted a campaign to get Lego to cease producing toys in conjunction with Shell.

The sanctimonious hypocrites insist that kids shouldn’t play with Lego with Shell logos on them.

Like a lot of other companies who are blackmailed and threatened by activists like this, Lego caved. This won’t solve the problem, now Greenpeace will be emboldened to attack and destroy the brand of others.

Danish toymaker Lego has announced it won’t renew its long-standing contract with Shell following a viral Greenpeace campaign.   Read more »

Do the Greens now support trucking?

The Greens have released billboards depicting workers cleaning up after the Rena grounding in 2011.


Back in 2007 the Greens were strongly supporting coastal shipping as an alternative to trucks:

“Coastal shipping is a key part of the alternatives-to-roads strategy. The more freight we can get on to ships the better.”

That was when Sue Bradford was still a Green MP.  Read more »


Lego isn’t just for standing on with bare feet

LEGO is evil (aka: you can use research to prove anything)


This was reported a few days ago, but it makes for a perfect story to revisit on a weekend

A Polish priest has used New Zealand research to warn parents to be on their guard against Lego, saying the plastic blocks are a tool of Satan and can destroy children’s souls.

Slawomir Kostrzewa said the popular Danish toy company had taken a lurch to the dark side with its series of Monster Fighters and Zombie mini-figures and that they “were about darkness and the world of death”.  Read more »

How did they make the new Simpsons Lego?

Beaten by a Lego computer:


The only time you don’t mind standing on Lego

via Imgur

via Imgur

Perhaps Gareth Morgan should set up a Lego Assistance Fund, for a LAF, anyway?

While we’re on the topic of Lego, enjoy this short clip:   Read more »


Lego H&K 416

Suck on this Nerf:


Too much time on his hands?

I can’t decide if this is very cool or a little disturbing.


LEGO is 80


To recognize 80 years of toy creation, Lego has released this 17-minute story of the company’s history. This short film, which can be found on YouTube, is sure to invoke feelings of nostalgia in every adult who loved the plastic brick toy as a kid.

The animated video describes the life of Danish toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen, who created the company in 1932, and his son Godtfred, Lego’s second owner, from the perspective of current owner Kjeld, the founder’s grandson.