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Nick Smith and the phantom house fairy strikes again!

The phantom house fairy strikes again!

It’s happened again. The vigilante saviour of all things housing in Auckland has left another telltale sign that he has twinkled his magic dust all over town.


Hooray for more houses.

Fourteen new Special Housing Areas that will provide more than 4500 new homes across Auckland have been announced.

This latest tranche will bring the total number of SHAs in Auckland to 120, with a combined potential yield of more than 52,000 new homes.

The Auckland Housing Accord, which was agreed in October 2013 by Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith and Auckland Mayor Len Brown, provides for the creation of SHAs by Auckland Council with the approval of the Government.

Qualifying developments in these areas can be streamlined and fast-tracked.

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Key enters a complex political situation by funding Len’s rail loop early

John Key is set to destroy the central plank of Phil Goff’s mayoralty campaign.

Prime Minister John Key will lay out his political priorities tomorrow, with his State of the Nation speech expected to focus on Auckland’s transport infrastructure.

Mr Key is expected to bring forward plans to fund the contentious City Rail Link.

The project puts in new stops at Aotea Square and Karangahape Rd, creating a loop that joins up Auckland’s rail network.    Read more »

Predictions for Auckland 2016


Off the back of today’s Demographia news I predict the following:

– property prices will increase massively
– Auckland Council will fight harder for its compact city
– the rail tunnel will be announced    Read more »

Thanks Len, forget most liveable…Auckland is now one of the most expensive cities in the world

Auckland is in crisis and Auckland Council is entirely to blame.

Last week I said I was in for bad news, and here it is…

Auckland’s housing affordability has worsened, with the city climbing from the world’s ninth most expensive city to fifth in a year.

The annual Demographia survey, released today, compares prices to incomes in 367 cities. Auckland is one of the worst in the world due to extremely high house prices coupled with moderate wages.

With a median price of $748,700, and a $77,500 median income, Auckland has a house price-wage multiple of of 9.7. Any more than 3 is classified as unaffordable by the report’s authors.

Report authors Hugh Pavletich, a Christchurch-based former property developer, and American Wendell Cox argue that a shortage of land drives up prices.

Don Brash, former Reserve Bank governor, said housing affordability was “[overwhelmingly] a function of just one thing: the extent to which governments place artificial restrictions on the supply of residential land”.

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We’re not too worried about his legacy either, just go already


Len Brown says he isn’t worried about leaving a legacy, well neither are we. I just wish he would go already.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown says he is not trying to leave a legacy and just wants to leave the city in a good shape for his successor.

The mayor appears to have achieved a major breakthrough on the City Rail Link, with the Government expected to announce this month that it will fully fund its half share of the project from the start of construction in 2018.

But while securing funding for the $2.5 billion rail tunnel has been one of Mr Brown’s top priorities as mayor, he has insisted he is not trying to make it his legacy.

“I’m always focused on the here and now, and how we can maximise the opportunity of Auckland being a united city,” he said in an interview conducted before Christmas.

“There’s a rare sense of endeavour, of the fact that Auckland has got its mojo back and we’re just getting stuff done.”

Whatever, Brown.

He left his legacy in the Ngati Whatua Room and on the couch of his office and in the rooms of Sky City.

The only legacy that Len Brown will finally leave us with is massive rates bills, more staff than ever before and a dysfunctional council that has achieved nothing other than blackmailing the government into pouring taxpayer dollars into a train set that will never make a return.

Mr Brown said finalising the City Rail Link and confirming government funding for other Auckland transport projects will “leave a blueprint for others to succeed on” over the next 15 to 20 years.

Driverless technology is the way of the future not a transport system locked into immovable rails.

But Mr Brown says being a mayor has been a great honour, and he has loved “every second” he has been in the job.

“I loved coming into the job, I will enjoy every minute of this last year and I [will] make sure it counts.”

Especially those 120 seconds of passion he became famous for.

Just go already. We’ve had more than enough.


– NZ Herald

Looks like the rest of NZ is going to pay for Len’s train set

It looks like John Key is going to take away one of Phil Goff’s election planks by promising to have the rest of New Zealand pay for Len Brown’s train set.

Prime Minister John Key is expected to announce the Government will help fund Auckland’s $2.5 billion inner city rail link two years earlier than originally promised.

It’s understood the PM will make the commitment in a speech to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce on January 27.

The City Rail Link will join up Auckland’s train network, allowing for double the number of trains and passengers and making rail a more attractive alternative to driving on the city’s congested roads.

In 2013 the government agreed it would jointly fund the CRL with Auckland Council, but said it would provide its share in 2020.

It passed its new Long Term Plan last year based on the premise that construction of the CRL would begin in 2018 and be finished by 2022. Enabling works for the project are already underway.    Read more »

Lascivious Len signs Aucklanders up for even more climate change gum flapping

via 3 News

via 3 News

Rubbish, Roads and Sewage.   That’s all we want.   What the hell is Auckland going to sting its ratepayers for to save the planet?   Read more »

Auckland mayoral candidate Crone has no National Party endorsement, and never will


I’m not filled with confidence with the launch of the latest candidate for Mayor of Auckland.

Victoria Crone has been spoken about for weeks yet on the day of her announcement she sent out an email that MPs I’ve spoken to said was timed for 16:17 announcing that she would be making her announcement that she was standing for mayor at 16:00. Worse the email was sent from a gmail address. There is no branding, no website, and no domain name. It is real amateur hour stuff and if she is paying advisors she needs to seriously think about the advice she is getting.

On the plus side though, all credit to her resigning from her job to campaign full time. That is real skin in the game. Will Phil Goff match that? Somehow I think not.

Auckland’s newest mayoral candidate is not a household name, but it’s likely she’ll be well known in business circles.

Victoria Crone, Xero’s New Zealand managing director, has announced she’ll run for Auckland Mayor next October as Len Brown steps aside.   Read more »

Len Brown pisses another $500k away

Len Brown really loves splurging money, especially if it is other people’s money.

Now he is looking at blowing $500k on a re-branding exercise for Auckland.

Auckland will have spent half a million dollars on a new image and catchphrase by the time its “Global Auckland” branding project is completed next year.

It will be money well spent, says the head of marketing for Brisbane city, which recently went through a similar exercise.

Auckland is aiming to develop a brand to help attract more international visitors, events, skilled migrants and investment.

Global Auckland kicked off in April, and Aucklanders won’t learn what their new catchphrase is until mid-2016.   Read more »

Len just doesn’t know when to stop raping our pockets

Yippee, another rates increase

Yippee, another rates increase

Len Brown has a bloody cheek.

He is proposing yet another rates increase after his council has increased rates by more than 30% in some areas and last year’s average increase of around 10%.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown is proposing a 3.5 per cent rates increase for households next year.

Mr Brown is due to release his first paper on next year’s budget at today’s finance and performance committee.

The Herald understands Mr Brown will propose an overall rates increase of 3.2 per cent, but a small drop in the percentage of rates businesses pay will push up household rates by up to 3.5 per cent.   Read more »