Len Brown

Len Brown’s vision for Auckland in tatters


Cameron Brewer has thrown a hammer smack into the middle of Len Brown’s vision for Auckland to be “the world’s most liveable city”.

Anti-alcohol fanatics have learn’t a thing or two from those anti-tobacco nutters and are pushing Auckland Council to make the city clamp down on mums wanting to buy a few bottles of wine for their evening dinner.

“This policy if adopted will see cordons go up around the alcohol section of every supermarket early in the morning and late at night. Annoying a lot of people, wine and beer will be roped off like we used to have in the old days when you couldn’t buy alcohol from supermarkets on Sundays. It’s ‘back to the future’ stuff,” says Mr Brewer.

“Mum and dad shoppers won’t be able to buy wine or beer with their weekly groceries before 9am and after 10pm. It makes no sense, particularly the morning ban, and such a move will do little to deliver on the intention of the 2012 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act which is all about minimising alcohol harm. These grocery shoppers are not the problem!”

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Len’s Ngati Whatua room sex adventures causing renewed concern

As the LGOIMA requests are finally starting to come out of Auckland Council, the raw data (dare I say, “meta data”?) is being scrutinised by all and sundry for something that can be inferred that the EY report may not have reported on.

One concern remains over the security guard that surprised Bevan Chuang and Len Brown when they were pollishing the Ngati Whatua room table.  He somehow is unable to be indentified.  He can not be asked further questions.  But emails show he may have been pressured to do so.

Emails obtained under the Official Information Act reveal the Ernst and Young fraud investigation boss suspected the guard – who unwittingly caught the mayor and Bevan Chuang having sex in a council room – may have had “pressure bought to bear on them to keep quiet”.

Chuang revealed the interruption when she disclosed the affair last year. Efforts to identify the male guard – one of 16 to have worked during the past few years at the Town Hall where the Ngati Whatua room is located – were fruitless.

An email on November 7 last year from the council employment relations manager Andre Lubbe to security manager Dean Kidd indicated there was “some suspicion” about one guard. Read more »

Len Brown protests continue

via the tipline

Things aren’t going away for Len Brown, there are people out there who won’t forget.

Photos taken by invitation and permission granted to send them to you.

I spent a fun little while talking to the famous Toot Man today and joining in the protest.

Rich or poor, the toots show everyone is hacked off with LB.

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Hookers? Other women? Why the secrecy, we paid for the calls


Len Brown is in the gun again for his secrecy over many, many phone calls and texts to 5 numbers, one of which is the phone number of a female staff member.

The review into Len Brown’s extramarital affair with council adviser Bevan Chuang uncovered a large number of telephone calls and text messages the Auckland mayor made to five unidentified numbers.

Last night, Mr Brown declined to identify the numbers, saying the information was not held by him and details of his phone calls were private to him.

Papers released under the Official Information Act show that of the 25 telephone numbers with the highest frequency of calls and text messages from Mr Brown, six could not be attributed by the council to a person or company.

Council telco analyst Tracy Findlay did recognise one of the six telephone numbers as that of a female member of the mayoral team.

“The rest of the numbers were not located on our Vodafone or Telecom account,” she said in an email to Michael Quinn, the executive officer for then chief executive Doug McKay.

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Len Brown regrets yet another Asian stuff up

An Auckland City survey has been withdrawn after complaints it wanted to know how much the rest of us, erm, sorta, hate Asians.

A “racist” Auckland Council survey that asked residents to rate their feelings towards Asians has been scrapped after widespread condemnation.

The survey was this week sent to 20,000 residents in two of Auckland’s most ethnically diverse suburbs, Balmoral and Northcote, and claimed to be intended to improve shopping precincts in those areas.

Locals were asked how they felt — from “very cold” to “very warm” — towards ethnic groups including Pakeha, Chinese, Indian, Korean, and “other Asian” people.

The survey also asked people to say if their interactions with the ethnic groups were favourable or unfavourable; whether immigrants contributed to the economy; and if it was a good idea to have Asian businesses grouped together.

Whether you think it is racist or not, the clumsiness of grouping “other Asian” people together is like asking if you like the French or “other European” people.  It shows a complete lack of understanding.   Read more »

Len Brown lasts as long as Chinese men

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

New evidence has revealed that the 2 minutes that Len Brown to “perform” is actually pretty much the same as asian men take….and like Len Brown they it seems Chinese men like rooting a lot, often, in two minute segments.

Data from Spreadsheets, a mobile app that tracks sex stats such as number of thrusts, average duration and volume level (gamifying performance in bed, if you will), has revealed that while Americans unsurprisingly have the most sex, Australian men last the longest, coming at 4 minutes, 3 seconds. What about China, you ask?   Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Auckland electric train Day One: Delayed


If you are a critic of Len Brown and his mission to give Auckland a larger train set, then today is a good news day, as Mathew Dearnaley reports

Auckland’s gleaming new electric trains launched into business at 5.48am today – and are now experiencing delays.

Much fuss was made this morning as the first trains to enter passenger service headed out of Onehunga with regular commuters outnumbered by transport officials, politicians and journalists on the 72-metre train.

However a combination of driver nerves and possible problems with the retraction of the door steps meant trains were running up to 25 minutes late this morning.

The irony, it hurts.  Or perhaps it is the repeated facepalms that is giving us all a headache?   Read more »

“And you thought I’d only be around for this much longer”

This photo is begging for a caption contest.


“I told her my dick was this big”

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Len Brown’s train set underpants stealing strategy revealed

For those that need a reminder of what the Underpants Stealing Strategy is:

Len Brown is putting a whole new train set together on:

Phase 1:  Get more trains

Transport planners say today’s electric train launch will jolt Auckland’s rail system into the 21st century, but its long-term success will hinge on getting enough passengers onboard.

Phase 2:


Phase 3:  Profit!

The upgrade follows close to 90 years of discussions and $1.7 billion in public funding.

Auckland Council will be hoping the electrified network sparks a rise in patronage to fast-track the City Rail Link (CRL) – an underground tunnel connecting Britomart to three new inner-city train stations.


Auckland’s whole transport plan is based on “If you build it, they will come”.

That’s of course if you like to have a greater choice of trains to be assaulted on.

Here’s Len driving the “simulator”



Len Brown:  “The simulator, critical for driver training, obviously exciting for someone like myself, I mean, whole new possibilities opening up in front of me”.

Is Len hoping he’ll be offered a job as an Auckland Transport train driver once his clock ticks down?  It would certainly explain why he’s been so adamant about wanting his own train set.


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