Len Brown

Len Brown funds conference on multiple sexual relationships


You can’t make this stuff up. So desperate is Auckland Council to spend other people’s money, they’re funding a conference to explore the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved, also known as polyamory. The Taxpayers’ Union blogs:

Last month the gaynz.com website reported that among the first recipients of Auckland Council’s first ever ‘Rainbow Door Fund’ was ‘Poly Panel, Discussions around Queer Polyamory’, a one day event exploring a framework of ethical, healthy polyamory relationships. Read more »

Maybe the Greens can help Len Brown out with his little parking issue

Len Brown is antagonising people with his parking edict, an effort to replenish the coffers his profligate spending has depleted.

The problem Len Brown has is that no one talks to him anymore, he is a lame duck and so being snubbed by everyone eventually leads to a silo mentality that subsequently leads to ideas nobody supports.

Like his parking policy.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown supports a $1 hourly fee rise for central city parking, which he wants his council’s transport arm to line up against a region-wide parking strategy.

He has alarmed the Heart of the City business association by saying he supports in principle an increase proposed by Auckland Transport, and has referred the matter to the council’s infrastructure committee, which meets today.

“I am asking that Auckland Transport present a much fuller report on proposed fee changes, alignment with the [region-wide] parking strategy, and a communications plan to the infrastructure committee before any changes are implemented,” he said in a budget paper to the council last month.   Read more »

The 2014 election Labour Lolly scramble

Yesterday, Labour published this



A Labour government has a number of problems before it can do that.

One, it will be in a coalition with other parties, and the final coalition agreement may not allow for Labour to start building an Auckland rail link.  It’s not because other parties don’t think the rail link should go ahead, but they may have other requirements on timing, funding and policy compromises based on their own priorities. Read more »


There is always someone worse off

One of the ways a lot of people cheer themselves up when they’re in a pickle is to compare themselves to people who have been dealt a much worse hand in life.  I mean, can you really complain about your flu not going away for four weeks when your neighbour just lost the use of his arms?

Well, in that spirit Auckland, don’t feel to bad about Len Brown.  Somewhere in the world, there are even worse mayors.


Here they come Len. This is what deliberate sabotage earns you

Len Brown needs more money.

He’s got the rate payers to a point where they are no longer willing to put up with his ridiculous rates rises.  So now he has to fiddle around the edges by introducing parking charges in all suburbs of Auckland.  And… rejigging the water charges, starting with new connections.

The [Auckland] council-owned Watercare Services this week announced it would charge an additional $2300 for each new home or apartment connecting to its network.

Housing Minister Nick Smith said the move was not helpful at a time when there was a focus on trying to make housing more affordable.

Watercare’s move takes to $12,075 the fee it will charge for new connections. It is lower than the fee charged by some councils, but the company said it still covered only 30 percent of the cost of new infrastructure.

Dr Smith said work underway by his ministry and Treasury is looking at the charging practices of network companies which service new housing areas, including water and electricity and phone networks.

He said at present, the legislation governing Watercare Services meant it was outside the reach of local government law changes, bringing in new checks on how much can be charged for new developments. Read more »

Is Auckland Council about to breach the privacy of 20,000 people?

Len Brown’s Aucklands Council had decided to close the Waitakere testing station and vacate the site….on 30 June.

Of note is that the council have chosen to tender off the assets of the station, including the customer database of some 20,000 personal records containing names, residential address and vehicle details.

Selling this information is in violation of Principles 10 and 11 of the Privacy Act, and I can see people on the database being justifiably concerned that the Auckland Council would sell such information to a third party.

The tender has been open to a range of organisations, including parts and equipment providers so who knows where and how this personal information will be used or disseminated.

This has the potential to cause a massive breach of privacy for those 20,000 people whose details are recorded in the database.

None of these 20,000 persons gave their permission for their information to be sold by Auckland Council to a third party.  Read more »

Why doesn’t the council consider reducing costs instead of stiffing ratepayers harder?

Len Brown is now trying to make your parking charges higher…all in a bid to a) raise more revenue for him to spend and b) force people onto his crappy trains that don’t go anywhere useful.

It is just shameful revenue gathering. If you live on the North Shore or in East Auckland then public transport just isn’t an option for you and driving is faster despite traffic.

Now Brown and his rapacious army of tax collectors are wanting to charge you even more for parking…to “encourage” you to use public transport services that just aren’t there.

Auckland Council is suggesting a comprehensive shake up for parking in central city and outlying town centres, which could mean higher costs to park your car and fewer places you can.

In releasing a discussion paper today, council agency Auckland Transport says parking is a tool to make the transport network more efficient and there is a need to balance the needs of all road users.

Complaints to the agency showed Auckland’s present parking policies were not work well and were causing conflicts for businesses, residents and commuters over limited spaces, particularly in the city fringe.

Extending central city parking scheme to other main regional centres, by which time limits are removed but motorists will pay incrementally more after the first hour for on-street parking and are offered cheaper off-street parking as an alternative. The goal is 85% per cent occupancy of street parking spaces     Read more »

Len Brown’s contribution to affordable homes…increased connection charges for water

Council services just keep on rising under Len Brown’s ‘leadership’. The latest rise is for water charges up another 2.4% under this spendthrift mayor.

It will now cost $12,075 to connect the water up to a new home! Auckland City’s contribution to ‘affordable homes’.

Bernard Orsman reports:

Auckland households will pay 2.4 per cent more for water and wastewater charges from July.

Watercare Services has announced the price of water will increase from $1.343 to $1.375 per 1000 litres of water, and wastewater charges will rise from $2.281 per 1000 litres to $2.336.

The fixed charge will rise 2.6 per cent from $190 per year to $195.

[…]     Read more »

It’s not compulsory…yet

 The NZ Herald has an article and Auckland Council buying up properties in the path of Len Brown’s rail track.

They focus on some whiners who don’t think they got enough.

Properties worth $35 million have been bought to secure the route for Auckland’s proposed $2.86 billion City Rail Link.

Although it would not list them, Auckland Transport told the Herald it had bought 27 of 73 above-ground properties it needs to create entranceways to proposed underground stations and train lines along the 3.4km route from Britomart to Mt Eden. It also needs land for its major construction yard at Eden Terrace.

The Auckland Council-owned authority said the most expensive property it had bought was an empty site near Mt Eden Prison for just over $6 million.

It was bought “as an advance agreement with the final amount to be determined by the Land Valuation Tribunal”.

What is interesting is that the process is stated in the last paragraph – it’s not a compulsory acquisition.  Read more »