Len Brown

The supreme arrogance, vanity and psychopathy of Mayor Len Brown

Len Brown

Len Brown refuses to stand down for his poor judgment, his misuse of council property, resources and staff, not to mention his abuse of his position and power as Mayor.

He thinks this can all be swept under the carpet and we will all forget. He claims he made a mistake…a mistake he made constantly over two years but a mistake nonetheless.

Well let me recount the tale of this visit to a local shopping centre near where I live. There is a gym, a barber, a couple of convenience stores, a Subway, a Coffee Club, a couple of law firms, a few restaurants, a pizza hop and a takeaways…it is a small suburban shopping centre on a main thoroughfare in a growing area.¬† Read more »

October 2013 has been a wild ride for Whaleoil

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The gift that keeps on giving, albeit in 2 minute increments, that is Auckland Super City Mayor Len Brown has rocketed the blog into orbit Рas you can see from the stats.  1.6M pageviews for September has grown to nearly 2 million visits and over 3 million pageviews. I expect that those numbers will drop back a bit, but we have almost certainly doubled our audience and retained a fair proportion of those readers.


To save you the effort I’ve done the calculations for you…my numbers are more than the entire rest of the blogosphere added together…in both Visits (Rest 1,713,641 v. WO 1,947,856) and Pageviews (Rest 2,638,278 v. WO 3,155,264)! ¬† ¬† Read more »

A tourism idea for Auckland Council

A reader sent in this in. It is a proposal for a tourism idea that I think has some merit.

He tells me he has sent it to the Auckland Council

Kia Ora.

I am writing this email to seek permission and assistance from the Auckland City Council and the Mayor’s Office for¬†a paid tour proposal. The venture is a private one, and all costs associated would be met by the tour operator.¬†I am based in Palmerston North but I have several associates in Auckland City (ratepayers) who are looking to run the tour on a daily basis. We are looking to run and promote the tour in the same vein as the immensely successful Lord of the Rings and Hobbit tours that have proved so popular with both local and overseas visitors.¬†¬† Read more »

What does a $10 million bra look like?

I found this article from News.com.au that you all might be interested in.

VICTORIA’S Secret recently unveiled its 2013 Fantasy Bra as well as the lucky model who gets to parade around in the $10 million item, the beautiful Candice Swanepoel.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot reveals close-ups of the luxury piece of lingerie, which is adorned with over 4,200 gems including rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires.

At four times the cost of last year’s bra – a $2.5m number worn by Alessandra Ambrosio – it’s little wonder the pricey piece comes with its very own set of security guards.

“Everyone asks whats it’s like to wear $10 million dollars. It does make me pose a little bit better”, the 25-year-old South African stunner admits.

Now here is a tip for Lyin’ Len Brown, who as we know is cheap when it comes to lingerie. ¬† Read more »

And now you see why it was so important to oust Brown

The left wing and the apologists in the media all looked after Len Brown. They claimed that his actions were “private” despite all the evidence to the contrary, they claimed that his poor judgement from the credit cards fiasco at Manukau and his affair with a younger Chinese woman don’t affect his job as mayor.

I disagree…Len Brown has shown questionable decisions making skills, poor judgement and extreme narcissism in refusing to stand down.

Now we can see why all of those things were and remain important…he has taken total control of the council.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has concentrated more power in himself and deputy mayor Penny Hulse under a new committee structure he has set for a second term.

Between them, Mr Brown and Ms Hulse control the $4.5 billion annual budget, the 10-year budget, planning and growth for the city, including housing; and oversight of the seven council-controlled organisations (CCOs).

The loss of councillors Richard Northey and Ann Hartley – two members of the mayor’s inner sanctum last term – has not been used by Mr Brown to promote and broaden the roles of senior councillors like the left-wing Mike Lee and Cathy Casey.

Len Brown is now emboldened. Despite my best efforts he remains resolute. He is even insisting on forcing his councillors to address him by his title.

I know media are sitting on information…I continue to work on more information, but the cowardice of the mainstream media and the resolute defence of Brown by the NZ Herald have let him off the hook.

Never have I been more ashamed of the fourth estate in New Zealand.

When journalists become bullies and miss their mark

I’m a bully, but I know it…John Campbell doesn’t and neither does Rebecca Wright as evidenced by last nights shameful Campbell Live episode.

The shameless harassment from Rebecca Wright on Campbell Live last night proves once again that the media aren’t interested in the truth only their world view of politics. It is obvious that Campbell Live are fans of Len Brown and so will go soft on him.

Why doesn’t John Campbell send his little pet to Len’s place and scream at him to reveal the names of the other women (there are many) or why he provided a reference for his mistresses council job, why he appointed her to an advisory panel, what he was getting in return for free hotel rooms etc etc.

Why not ask Len Brown if he sent his mistress into the Palino team on purpose…if they want to pursue conspiracy theories that one is as good as any.¬† Read more »

Imagine all the uses!


No Shame Brown, now blames work for affair

Len Brown really has no shame.

Look at what he is now saying:

Mr Brown says most councillors recognise the affair is a private matter for him, and he will be committing more time to his family during this term.

“Much of what I’ve been through reflects the fact that I need a better work-life balance and I’ll be genuinely looking for that. I’ve had to admit that I’m a workaholic. So all of those things mean that for my family I need to find time.”

The mayor made no reference in his inauguration speech to the controversy over the past fortnight since admitting that he had had a two-year affair with a member of a council advisory panel.¬† Read more »

Len Brown only answerable to his God!

My god, Len Brown is a shameless fool.

He has declared this morning that he isn’t answerable to ratepayers or anyone else just his god…that’s all.

In an astonishing display of arrogance and sociopathy.

Len starting to sound like an Islamic Cleric.¬† Read more »


No Shame Brown sworn in to jeers from protestors

No Shame Len Brown was sworn in last night amid jeers from protestors.

He also shamelessly paraded his wife and professed his love for her.

He did that via text message to Bevan Chuang on Christmas once too…so not sure what that all means.

Len Brown was tonight officially sworn in as Auckland’s mayor for a second term, as cries from protesters interrupted his opening speech.

Yells of “shame” and “you sold our people out” rang out as ¬†Brown spoke to the inaugural meeting of the new council in the Auckland Town Hall.¬† Read more »