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An angry reader emails

Photo/ NZ Herald

Photo/ NZ Herald

Len Brown thinks he can shrug this off and get away with his pants down behaviour. I don’t think he understands the rising anger at him across the city.

A reader emails:

After watching the live feed from the Auckland Council meeting and listening the various arguments about why Pants Down Brown should or should not be punished, it is patently obvious that nobody can remove the slimy prat from his seat of power.

I noticed with rising anger, as he regained his seat in the meeting and listened to the weak telling off, he only said that he would try his best to abide by the councils statement.

It is also patently obvious that he is firmly in control of the Auckland Council, apart from 5 ethical council members, who sought to remove him from office.  Read more »

Censured, now go Len

Len Brown has been censured, unanimously.

Auckland councillors have unanimously voted to censure Len Brown.

The threat of censure against the city’s mayor was mooted earlier this week, as the fallout over his extra-marital affair with Bevan Chuang continues.

There’s been robust debate in the council chambers on the Ernst & Young report into Len Brown’s spending and conduct during his extra-marital affair.

But a group of Auckland councillors have failed in their bid to hold a vote of no confidence in Mayor Len Brown.

Councillor Cameron Brewer was one of the councillors behind the no confidence motion.

“It was an outrage that we couldn’t put a no confidence motion up today, because the chair ruled it was a double negative.

“So we’re going to have to vote against another motion just to show our disdain.”  Read more »

OneNews ask the “people of Auckland” about Len, interviews a Labour MP


In this news piece, at 0:36, OneNews interviews Labour MP Su’a William Sio.

Unsurprisingly he supports Len Brown.  Read more »

An email from a reader thanking Len Brown

Len Brown

A reader emails:

Dear Cameron

I’m coming to the view that we may actually owe a debt of gratitude to Len Brown.

Yes, really.

Before this whole saga unfolded, I had no idea that the supercity legislation vested so much unsupervised, unchecked power in the office of the Mayor.  Read more »

Support for Len Brown?

A reader emails what could be support for Len Brown…I am unsure.

Dear Mr Oil,

I feel I need to write & put pen to paper to defend my good fried Mr Len Brown.

I am not a ratepayer but I did vote for Mr Brown.

To us in South Auckland, Mr Brown is like a modern day Robin Hood. He doesn’t discriminate against us for not being ratepayers.  He know us… knows the difference between a coconut & a noodle. (I hope I don’t have to explain that to youse).  Read more »

Another reason to sack Len Brown

This morning’s Herald has yet another reason to sack Len Brown. The man is a fiscal idiot.

Auckland Council is paying $60.7 million for Auckland University’s home for cricket and rugby.

Colin Maiden Park in St Johns adds 20ha to the public’s sporting fields portfolio.

In March, the Herald reported the university was giving the council first option to buy as it planned to quit its Tamaki campus in favour of consolidating in the city core, Grafton and Newmarket.

Yesterday, Mayor Len Brown announced an unconditional agreement, saying it was one of the most significant urban park acquisitions in Auckland’s history.

But the purchase was an unbudgeted item and had to be factored into the 2014-15 draft annual plan to be finalised next year.   Read more »

Some important questions councillors need to ask

The count has begun of those who support a no confidence motion against Len Brown. Yesterday afternoon the count was the 5 original proposers, but late last night I was able to ascertain a shift in support to them with the count close to a majority. Penny Hulse is reported to be set to attempt to block a no confidence motion, bizarrely trying to say it was outside of notice period. Given this is an extra-ordinary meeting that has been called that is certainly clutching at straws.

After watching both news channels showing grannies outraged enough to be protesting and screaming at the mayor, perhaps the wavering councillors will realise that it is now untenable to be supporting the mayor. They may think that they are immune to pressure as they have just been elected but they can be assured they are not.

Perhaps they are wavering? Then they should ask some questions in order, as the mayor says, to clarify issues.

Firstly though, as I said to Larry Williamd on NewstalkZB last night, they need to reject the premise of Len Brown that the rules are lacking in clarity. They are not. Len Brown is the person who brought the rules in after his election in 2010…he says to ensure clarity and transparency. He is also a lawyer so cannot claim that he was unaware of either the law or the rules.  Read more »

Are councillors abandoning the Pants Down Mayor?


The Herald headline says that Penny Hulse is refusing to publicly back the mayor in a signal that he may well be in trouble.

Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse is refusing to back her boss as councillors gather today to publicly censure Mayor Len Brown, whose extramarital affair has left him fighting for political survival.

Ms Hulse yesterday would not say if she backed Mr Brown to stay on as mayor, only that councillors were focused on doing what was best for Auckland.

She said councillors had clearly expressed to him the disappointment and concern about the reputational damage to Auckland arising from his behaviour and were left wondering how to address matters.

It was the second time in three days that Ms Hulse – Mr Brown’s deputy for three years – has not stood by him as he battles the fallout of a two-year affair with Bevan Chuang.

This includes the EY (Ernst & Young) review that found he failed to declare more than $39,000 in free hotel rooms and upgrades, a censure and a no confidence motion today and a Herald editorial calling on Mr Brown to go.

For the Herald to call for him to go they must be aware of more information that is going to come out.

This death by a thousand cuts now.

The fact that Len Brown has lied, and continues to lie about what has gone on while he played hide the sausage at all times of the day and night means this will continue to be death by a thousand cuts.

Who does Christine Fletcher think she is?

Christine Fletcher and  couple of old duffers look like they are going to cuddle a rotting corpse. George Wood is likewise keeping close to Len Brown…all for $13,000 a year.

Christine Fletcher seems to be upset about a trial by media for Len Brown.

Who does Christine Fletcher think she is?

If she and fellow Councillors had listened to the voice of the people, (those who pay their salaries), trial by media would have been very short.

image001-1 Read more »

Is Len Brown about to resign?

Throng has done a transcript of the Lisa Owen street ambush interview with Len Brown

O: What do you think of the views of these people here, behind you?

LB: They’re expressing their own view democratically and I accept that and acknowledge it.

LO: How determined are you to stay in position as the mayor of Auckland?

LB: Oh, I think that we will just, um, await for an assessment of the council tomorrow and then we’ll go from there.

LO: Are you determined to stay on in your job or are you considering resigning?

LB: Look, I’m just listening to what has been said and then we’ll reflect on the final decision tomorrow from the council

LO: Are you leaving the door open then to resignation, it sounds like you are?

LB: Look, I just think that it’s important for the… (heckling) it’s going to be really hard to get interviewed here

Pop over to Throng to watch the video yourself.