Len Brown

Len’s lost that loooving feeling… oh oh that loooving fee-ee-ling…

So who exactly are the people around Len Brown that allow him to live in a bubble?   A bubble where Len thinks that it’s just a “few disaffected protesters” that want him to step down as Mayor of Auckland?

Because he’s in his own little reality zone, that’s for sure.

He can’t be reading his own Facebook comments, for starters.  95% negative – and none of it rude or ranty.  Mostly reasoned, polite and… negative.

via Facebook

via Facebook

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Len’s rail offer ignored

John Key has given Len Brown a ‘must try harder’ report card for his ill thought out rail bribe to the government.

The NZ Herald reports:

Prime Minister John Key has rebuffed a $250 million offer from Auckland Mayor Len Brown to kick-start the $2.86 billion City Rail Link in 2016, saying the project is on track to begin construction in 2020.

The two leaders met in Auckland last week where Mr Key told the mayor the Government was still committed to the rail project, but its preferred timetable was to start in 2020 with a review in 2017 to see if that date could be brought forward.

Mr Brown had written to Mr Key saying his council would pay for an early “works programme” to get the project started at Britomart and under much of Albert St, partly driven by Precinct Properties wanting to start rebuilding the Downtown Shopping Centre next year. The offer included $250 million of the city’s money for work under the Downtown centre and up Albert St and a Government commitment to pay for half of the project from 2020.

Mr Key, who last year said the project could start earlier if Auckland could meet tough rail patronage and employment growth targets, said officials would look at Mr Brown’s offer “but at this point really, nothing has changed”.   Read more »

Herald editorial on Lame Duck Mayor’s rail offer

The NZ Herald editorial ticks of Len Brown for being presumptuous on his rail plans.

Mayor Len Brown sounds keener than ever, for obvious reasons, to see work start on the Auckland central rail link. He needs to be seen to be effective again. But his proposal to the Prime Minister for part of the project to start next year is premature. Mr Brown has offered $250 million from the city to pay for a cut and cover tunnel from Britomart to some point in Albert St, on the condition that the Government confirms its commitment to meet half the cost of the entire project.

The Government has made a tentative commitment to start no earlier than 2020. The mayor obviously hopes his offer will entice the Government to strengthen its commitment and bring it forward a few years. Starting the first stage in 2015-16, he points out, would enable the Downtown redevelopment and possibly the SkyCity conference centre to begin.

This is all about the rehabilitation of the Mayor using ratepayer cash to facilitate it.

As yet the Government has not budgeted for the project and remains concerned that the $2.8 billion it would cost on current estimates would shut out just about all other items on the transport improvement programme for the Auckland region over the same period.

Undeterred, the mayor and council have spent $100 million buying property along their envisaged route from Britomart to Mt Eden passing under Aotea Square, Karangahape Rd and Newton gully.

That route has its critics – some suggest the line should be closer to the universities and the hospital. Others advocate a wider loop, along Fanshawe St and around Victoria Park, then alongside the southern motorway to Mt Eden.    Read more »

On yer bike Brown

Len on a bike.  Credit: Sarah Ivey

Len on a bike. Credit: Sarah Ivey

Len took the train once.   Read more »

We already pay for rubbish collection but Len Brown wants to charge you for it again

Rebecca Wright on the Paul Henry Show explains Len Brown’s new plan to scalp ratepayers to pick up rubbish, a service we already pay for in our rates.

From next year, all of Auckland will have to pay for rubbish collection.

One of the reasons for this, says manager of Solid Waste Services Ian Stupple, is that residents are throwing out their rubbish in the wrong types of bins.

Mr Stupple differentiates between types of the bins available and how refuse bins are often the house owner’s last resort for waste.

“There’s the recycle bin, which takes anything from newspaper tins to cardboard, a food-waste bin, in addition to a food waste caddy, and then the bin that goes out to kerbside. Lastly, a refuse bin which is really the bin of last resort.”

The refuse bin is the first resort for many, which is a problem for the powers that be at Auckland Council.

They say too much waste is headed straight for landfill when it could be reduced or recycled.

And this bin will be barcoded or microchipped.

Under the new scheme, Aucklanders will pay for it to be emptied – and charged per lift   Read more »

Len Brown to pay $40,000 towards $250,000 EY bill

Len Brown in the Chair

Len Brown in the Chair

3 News reports

Embattled Auckland Mayor Len Brown will contribute $40,000 toward the official review into his behaviour.

The independent review was carried out earlier this year at the request of Auckland Council, after news broke of Mr Brown’s extramarital affair with council worker Bevan Chuang.   Read more »

What to do with Len’s rail loop afterwards?

In Paris they  have come up with some cool creative ideas to re-use some of abandoned Metro railway stations.  Instead of ignoring them and letting it all go to waste, there is a chance to give then a brand new life.


Could be a long lap down that pool.  Phew! Read more »

Dear Diary

by blokeintakapuna

I went into the Auckland Council Buildings to do a search on how my 1998 Resource Consent is progressing for adding a small deck to the back of the house… thought I’d see what might happen if I typed in “Len Brown’s diary” in the search box – and this is what the kiosk spat out…

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written in a few months or so, but you wouldn’t believe the horrible time I’ve had since being re-elected! Somehow that bloody Whaleoil managed to have Bev sign an affidavit about our little trysts – and then he blogged all the horrid details! Every single detail was published – even the bit about getting her size 16 panties by mistake. In fact, looking back, I think that was probably where it all started to go wrong, that led her to seek some kind of female scornful revenge. Maybe I shouldn’t have insisted she tried them on? Or that she just needed to eat a few burgers? Who knows! That’s history now… and if my fortunes don’t change soon, I’ll be history too and lucky to get a 3rd term, let alone a 4th and 5th!

Thank goodness for my PR team, they’re of immense help with setting the facts straight in the paper… and Campbell’s man-love interview should really get him a Pulitzer for faux-chastising me. It was masterful and the hours of coaching before we’re definitely worth it. Plenty swallowed it… just like… I mean, I wish the fish swallowed as quickly as the gullible public do with what Orsman and Campbell say.   Read more »

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 5

3For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey, and her mouth is smoother than oil.


Why is Len Brown seeking to raise rates when council is projecting a $100M surplus?

Len Brown has been categoric in insisting that he will be increasing rates yet again…just by not as much on average as he has been stiffing Auckland ratepayers.

But you do have to question why he is pushing for rates increases when Council is projecting a surplus in documents leaked to this site via the tipline. If there is a surplus that means Council has taken too much in rates and other charges.

Unfortunately the politicians will likely claim that cash to spend on their pet projects AND still stiff ratepayers with increases.

Council’s furtive and sneaky behaviour will likely try to stifle any investigations into this matter but it is certain that council intends to run an operating surplus in 2014-2015. That at least initially makes for a headline in MSM and blogs about a surplus being budgeted. But it should also raise questions on rates and other income and perhaps suggest there is no need for Len to put rates up this year?

An email, obtained via the tipline, from Ross Tucker, the manager of Financial Planning and Strategy for Auckland Council reveals the details.

From: Ross Tucker
Sent: Thursday, 23 January 2014 3:00 p.m.

Cc: Andrew McKenzie; Matthew Walker

Subject: RE: 2014-15 Annual Plan


Andrew has asked me to respond to your queries.    Read more »