Len Brown

Bugger, the headline got me, he hasn’t quit…yet

The headline got me…steps out


Unfortunately it doesn’t mean he has stepped out of his job, it means the rat has left the safety of his drain-pipe and is going to front in public after the world’s longest holiday.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown will make his first public appearance of the year tomorrow at the opening of the $17.5 million transport interchange at Panmure.  Read more »

This ain’t going away Len

Len Brown’s problems are not going away any time soon.

Convicted blackmailer, fraudster and bankrupt Graeme McCready is now lining up Brown’s missus for court action. The NZ Herald reports.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown’s wife is the latest person to be targeted by Graham McCready for private prosecution, with the former Wellington accountant alleging she was party to her husband’s alleged bribery and corruption offences.

Mr McCready said he would file papers against Shirley-Anne Inglis on Monday.

He alleges that gifts in the name of Ms Inglis were a “laundering exercise” to avoid Len Brown having to declare them on his register of interests.

“By accepting these freebies, Ms Inglis became a party to her husband’s alleged offending and in the interest of justice she ought to be made accountable.”  Read more »

An Idea for Len Brown to implement to assist with his rehabilitation

Len Brown’s spin doctors are trying to find a way for him to rehabilitate himself…I think I’ve found just the thing.

When Len Brown gets back from his extended summer holiday hiding from the citizens of Auckland and finally fronts for something he might think about implementing this for Auckland’s train system.

He is after all qualified in all aspects.

Yes, people do ride mass transit. And once a year, they do it without pants.

As part of an international improvisation event called the “No Pants Subway Ride,” scores of people  – fully dressed, but only from the waist up – swarmed stations in major cities around the world.  Read more »

Pants Down Brown faces corruption charges

Bankrupt, convicted fraudster and blackmailer Graham McCready is today laying charges in the courts using a section of the Crimes Act covering corruption for public officials.

The left-wing have cackled for months over McCready’s ongoing prosecution of John Banks so they can hardly complain when one of their own comes under the hammer.

A private prosecution will be brought today against Auckland’s embattled Mayor Len Brown, alleging he broke the law in not declaring hotel freebies from SkyCity.

Two charging documents sent to Auckland District Court by retired Wellington accountant Graham McCready state that between November 2010 and November last year, Mr Brown accepted for himself and his wife Shan Inglis three complimentary hotel rooms and five free room upgrades from SkyCity and SkyCity Grand Hotels.

The gifts, worth about $4600 by Mr McCready’s calculations, led to “favourable consideration” given by Mr Brown towards SkyCity and parent company SkyCity Casinos, say the documents.   Read more »

The Humpty Dumpty Mayor

No mates: Len Brown stands with all his supporters

No mates: Len Brown stands with all his supporters

As Len Brown’s spin weasels try to rehabilitate the Mayor it has left me wondering just what planet these fools are on.

Does Len Brown and his men not know any Nursery Rhymes and their meanings?

“Humpty Dumpty sat on wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again”.

This is a very appropriate video. They tried Band-Aid and bandages and then tried glue. The glue works…which is where Len Brown currently is at.  Read more »

Len Brown still MIA


Len Brown is still skulking in the shadows and from the looks of it his former embedded journalist is under instructions to keep the pressure on.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown is lying low and refusing to say exactly when he will resume public duties after his sex scandal, undeclared hotel stays and censure by councillors before Christmas.

Mr Brown did not return calls yesterday and his team of spin doctors were giving little away about the movements of their boss, who has been on leave since December 21 – the day after councillors expressed their “profound disappointment and disapproval” of the mayor’s inappropriate behaviour and undeclared conflicts of interest.   Read more »

Another way of saying dodgy rooting ratbag

The little French roster caught like Len Brown with his pants down is threatening to sue Closer magazine.

President François Hollande was facing a private and political crisis after a celebrity magazine published photos it says proves he is having a “secret love affair” with a film actress almost 20 years his junior.

Closer magazine released photos it says shows the 59-year old Socialist leader and his new lover, Julie Gayet, 41, entering an apartment block a stone’s throw from the Elysée Palace in Paris.

Valérie Trierweiler, the “official” first lady to whom the president is not married, recently took up residence in one of the wings of the palace.

Closer’s Friday edition carried a seven-page report on the alleged infidelity, in which a man it insists is the president arrives on a chauffeur-driven scooter to spend nights in the flat.

Miss Gayet arrives separately. The pair are brought croissants by a man identified as his bodyguard the following morning.

“It’s a real passion that has … turned their lives upside down and makes them take insane risks,” the magazine wrote.

The report in Closer, which angered many in Britain for publishing topless pictures the Duchess of Cambridge in 2012, sparked a furious rebuke from the president, who, however, failed to deny the liaison.

A source close to the president said he “greatly deplores the invasion of his privacy, to which he has a right as any other citizen does.” The president was “studying what action, including legal action, to take”.   Read more »

The Sunday Essay: The complete and utter uselessness of intensification

Map-D.1-Development-Strategy-Auckland-Wide-120405_without-TitleA guest post from Phil Hayward.

Auckland Voters have a lot more re-thinking to do than they realise so far.

“New media” has a valuable role to play in informing the public not just of politicians personal scandals that the MSM might not have covered, but of important policy issues on which the MSM are misinforming the public.

It is extraordinary that in Auckland, a Unitary Plan has passed the “notification” stage (in September 2013) while afflicted with so many obvious flaws, and with bureaucratic input so obviously incompetent and ideologically-based.

The essence of the Plan that the voting public has now granted a mandate to by electing Len Brown, is that Auckland needs to grow by intensification and become a high density city based on “sustainable public transport”. Alternative visions such as that of Dushko Bogunovich, Professor of urban design, and his colleagues at Unitec, of a low, dispersed and leafy Green eco-friendly and high-tech Auckland, are off the table for now.

As with CAGW, one wonders just how many scandals and exposures are needed before people will question the orthodoxy. Auckland Councillors passed the Unitary Plan for notification, in spite of the following realities.

In October 2011, Tony Randle, a well-qualified concerned citizen, published a “Review” of the CBD Rail Link Business Case “Alternatives Option”. He showed convincingly that the busway option was the superior one, and that the study’s conclusions in favour of the Rail Link were patently wrong. The busway option was inflated in cost by considering only a very high capacity system, significantly greater than that of the proposed Rail Link. If this capacity was indeed necessary, the Rail Link itself would be inadequate. Whether inadequate or not, it would need to be supplemented by buses, the cost of which was omitted from the “Rail Link” option.

As if this was not sufficient cause for concern, international evidence as analysed by experts such as Prof. Bent Flyvbjerg of Oxford University suggests that such projects all without exception suffer from optimistic ridership projections and cost estimates. In fact he suggests “optimism bias” and “strategic misinformation” as endemic features needing to be identified and corrected for. Auckland already has fiscal pressures enough without adding the ongoing very substantial cost of operating subsidies for mass transit systems operating at well below capacity, on top of the capital costs needed to acquire very high value land, with major blowouts likely due to land owners “holding out”, and then of course the actual construction of the thing.  Read more »

Auckland’s bargaining power MIA along with Lame Duck Mayor

No mates: Len Brown stands with all his supporters

No mates: Len Brown stands with all his supporters

When lame duck Mayor Len Brown bolted for the holidays (or was that painting the house so it could be sold?) taking what little remained of his dignity he also left behind a city that has been leaderless ever since. He claimed in the furore over his rooting, his favours, his dalliances and his spending that Aucklanders just wanted him to get on with running the city…a job he has singularly failed to do ever since he uttered those words.

Cameron Brewer notes this as well in a paywalled column at the NBR.

With all political parties and leaders set to keep their distance from Auckland Mayor Len Brown this election year, Auckland will sadly lose some real bargaining power and influence via party policies and manifestos at a critical time for the region and the economic growth cycle.

Six months ago a big part of the 2014 election looked set to be about which party could keep the Auckland Mayor the happiest. Now, political parties will be very circumspect about promoting any close association with Mr Brown or shared policy platforms for fear of it having a negative impact on their party vote nationwide. Simply put, it’s no longer a good look to be seen pandering to Len Brown.

Auckland should be calling many of the shots this election year, but unfortunately gaining political accommodations for Auckland Council will be harder.

It is clear that the Labour Party has abandoned its highest-profile member and in election year looks set to keep its distance.

Only in June Labour’s Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Twyford was talking up Len Brown in the House and in press releases as “the popular Labour Mayor.” However Labour seems to have been the ultimate fair weather friend with leader David Cunliffe cutting him completely loose since.  Read more »

Absentee Mayor ditches another essential council service


While Len Brown has the painters in ahead of the disposal of his house and remains in hiding over the summer we find out that one of the council’s core services…rubbish collection…has been discontinued.

The Auckland Council has ripped out 14 rubbish bins along Okahu Bay to encourage people to take their rubbish home with them (all that’s left are the concrete pads they were sitting on).

It is being masqueraded as having been at the invitation of Ngati Whatua – which will be crap – the ACC controls the land and owned the rubbish bins.

Auckland Council and Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei are trialling a rubbish-free initiative at Okahu Bay this summer.

The trial sees the removal of 14 rubbish bins from the park starting from 11 January 2014   Read more »