Len Brown

This could be a good job prospect for Len Brown

Lenny the Louche is going force the Living Wage on us

As predicted months ago on this blog in a series of posts Len Brown is now having to pay back the left-wing for their support and assistance by imposing the “living wage” on Auckland ratepayers. He is treating Auckland ratepayers like his women, forcing himself through weasel words, sweet nothings and promises of a better future…that never arrives or pulls out at the last-minute.

Ben Irwin reports at The NZ Herald:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown will propose a “living wage” of $18.40 for all Auckland Council staff at a council meeting today.

The policy, which will cost $3.75 million a year, will be paid for through savings in other parts of the council and phased in over three years, starting in 2014.

The mayor also wants the council to look at a living wage for staff of contracted organisations.

The new pay-rate would apply to both council and council-controlled organisation staff, and was based on data by the Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit.

Mr Brown said Auckland relied on low-paid workers, many of whom found it difficult to survive on the minimum wage in the city.

“It’s only fair that these people are able to enjoy a decent standard of living,” he said. “While I would prefer this was an issue addressed by central Government through adjustments to the minimum wage, I am supportive of moves to pay our frontline staff a reasonable wage, provided it doesn’t impact on ratepayers.”   Read more »

Hosking on the Brown affair

Mike Hosking is scathing on the whole Len Brown affair…and Brown’s refusal to resign.

In this week’s developments (and it’s only Tuesday) we have Ms Bevan Chuang talking to TVNZ in what could really only be described as a very light, go nowhere sort of piece with the exception of the fact she confirmed her and Mr Brown were at it when he gave her a reference for a job at the art gallery. Now this is the bit I am interested in because it goes to rule breaking, not mere titillation. But back to that in a moment.

Hosking is right…this is inappropriate use of power and a breach of the council’s own code of conduct for elected members. I must point out though that Len Brown says that the Council’s Code of Conduct for Elected Members doesn’t apply to him. No media have thought to ask the mayor why that is…as it clearly states it does apply to him. It even specifically mentions the Mayor and roles and responsibilities. For Len Brown to claim this Code of Conduct doesn’t apply to him is outrageous. But then again the media are protecting Mayor Brown not holding him to account.  Read more »

Maybe we could get something like this going to get the berms mowed

Len Brown ratcheted up rates while he was dropping his tweeds in the Town Hall.

In some areas there has been a 42% increase in rates and a drop in services provided…like the mowing of berms.

In Detroit the city is broke, it is where Auckland is heading with a mayor who can’t control his libido let alone the spending his council is making. The city in Detroit stopped maintaining parks and ignoring the citizens who pay the taxes for the maintenance of things like parks.

Fortunately some volunteers stepped in.

Tom Nardone, founder of the Detroit Mower Gang, doesn’t really see himself as an innovator. He’s just a guy who saw a need and a way to address it. While his “gang” has attracted the attention of visiting celebrities like Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern, what gives him the most satisfaction is seeing kids playing on a swingset he just mowed around.  Read more »

Front? For what?

Attention seeking doris Bevan Chuang is now traipsing along behind Herald reporter Lincoln Tan attempting to door step John Palino so he can “front up and answer”. The day after this story broke she posted on Facebook that she wouldn’t be speaking to media anymore, demanding privacy, and then since then has pimped herself out to any media who would listen.

Now she wants answers from John Palino? Answers to what? She stands there in the video telling a story about a meeting that occurred the day AFTER the election had finished and John Palino had lost.

The media really are clutching at straws demanding John Palino tell everyone what he knew AFTER the election was over. Only a complete fool or a Herald journalist would believe that there was a conspiracy to oust Len Brown AFTER the election when there was ZERO benefit from such an action for John Palino.

Lincoln Tan, Bernard Orsman and all the other gutless flunkies at the NZ Herald should be demanding answers from the Mayor, especially after the revelation of the weekend when Mayor Len Brown gave his reference and assisted her to obtain a job.

John Palino hasn’t done anything remotely like that…and yet the media are pursuing him to front?

It is shameful that a ratbag and serial rooter like Len Brown hasn’t fronted even once…you can’t call the reach around he got from John Campbell fronting.  Read more »

I agree with Orsman…the Mayor does need to keep his belt tightened


Bernard Orsman, head of the Mayor’s Albert Street adjunct says the council needs to tighten its belt from the top down.

When the dust settles on his sex scandal, Auckland Mayor Len Brown has another delicate task ahead – setting a lower salary for the new boss of the Super City.   Read more »

Where is Len?

A reader emails:


I am too old and not silly enough to run marathons but apparently whoever said ‘go’ yesterday morning did a tongue-in-cheek piece at the beginning along the lines of – the Mayor was supposed to have been the starter for the 2013 Auckland Marathon but he had apologised saying that he had to spend quality time with his family.  Much guffawing followed from the assembled runners.

That’s the kind of low-level ridicule to underline the point Rodney Hide made in his piece yesterday on electoral credibility.  It’s a daily, not a three-yearly test.   Read more »

Len Brown’s statements don’t add up

Last night on Sunday Bevan Chuang said that she was in a relationship with the mayor when Len Brown gave her a reference.

The woman who had a two-year affair with Auckland Mayor Len Brown has revealed she was romantically involved with him when he acted as a referee for a council job.

Bevan Chuang, 32, told TVNZ’s Sunday programme that she was in a relationship with Brown, a married father of three, when he wrote a reference for a job at the council-run Auckland Art Gallery in July 2011.

“He was a referee…I got the job and of course the referees are important…yeah, that could be the advantage,” she said.  Read more »

Will Lenny B make this play?

Here I was thinking that Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford was using the “Brown Defence”…but maybe Len will try this trick that Rob Ford has pulled…calling a talkback show and pretending to be someone else in order to run his own defence…

Read more »

A busted flush

Rodney Hide, a former fan of Len Brown has withdrawn that support in a very strong fashion. His column in the Herald on Sunday is forceful and explains why it is that Pants Down Brown must go.

Len Brown is a busted flush. It may not be right. It may not be fair. But it’s the truth.

Three weeks ago, I wrote Len Brown was good for Auckland. That’s no longer true.

Len Brown can no longer provide the leadership that Auckland needs. His leadership has been busted by scandal. Sure, he can wear the mayoral chains, sit in the chair, and be called Your Worship, but he can’t lead. Not any more.

Len is neither a king nor a sultan. He’s an elected representative. He has only the authority that we grant him. And these days we don’t grant that authority once every three years. The necessary trust and respect must be earned every day.

Len Brown has lost that. Mention his name anywhere in the country and it’s greeted with a snort and a snigger. And a quip.  Read more »