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Have EY accessed all of Len’s emails and TXTs as part of their investigation?

Just a reminder that some of these communications already published via Whaleoil were damning, not just confirming the affair, but also providing a framework for the continued patronage of SkyCity


BREAKING: EY “Pants Down Brown Report” expected soon

Just had word things are heating up in the Mayor’s Office… ¬†more details as they come out.

Bernard at the Herald is running damage control

Auckland Council chief executive Doug McKay is expected to release the long-awaited report into any use of council resources by Mayor Len Brown during his affair with Bevan Chuang at 2pm today.

The report is believed to clear Mr Brown of any wrongdoing, but contains other embarrassing findings.

There has been widespread speculation this week that the use of hotel rooms by Mr Brown outside the times he booked hotels for sex with Ms Chuang has been uncovered by Ernst & Young, who spent seven weeks probing the behaviour of Mr Brown.


Len Brown’s additional hotel nights questioned

via nethui.org.nz - SkyCity Grand premium room

via nethui.org.nz – SkyCity Grand premium room

Mayor Len Brown has taken legal advice after ¬†Whaleoil¬†understands he is unhappy about the discovery that hotel stays that were not related to the Ms Bevan Chuang sex scandal have also been included in the EY report. ¬†He is seeking legal advice. ¬† Read more »

What excuse will Len Brown use this time?

With the EY report due to be released publicly anytime soon, Len Brown must be preparing his grovelling excuses.

Last time he was busted this is what he said:

Mr Brown said he was apologising for sloppy record-keeping and said he wished he had never been given a council credit card.

He said if he had a weakness it was spending too much time out of his office and not enough time in his office on administration.

He said he would ask the auditor-general to investigate his expenses and if he won the Auckland mayoralty his integrity would never again be questioned.

It certainly looks like he hasn’t learned at all. He has been out of control for sometime.¬† Read more »

Silence won’t work Len

Len Brown continues to remain silent on the contents of the report by Ernst & Young.

Doug McKay will now be waiting a respectable amount of time before releasing it. Today it is a week since the report was given to Brown for comment.

The fact that he promptly lawyered up indicates that it isn’t good reading.

Meanwhile Bernard Orsman’s direct line to the Mayor’s office seems to have been severed.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown will not say if he has received free hotel rooms as pressure mounts on him to come clean on overnight stays in the city.

The use of hotel rooms by Mr Brown is believed to be at the centre of a legal wrangle holding up the release of the Ernst & Young (now EY) report into use of council resources during the mayor’s extra-marital affair with Bevan Chuang.¬† Read more »

[BREAKING] Labour man Daljit Singh convicted on two charges [UPDATED]

Word coming in is that Labour party candidate Daljit Singh has been convicted on two charges.

I will update details as they come in.

The NZ Herald is reporting:

Daljit Singh had pleaded not guilty to electoral fraud charges relating to the 2010 elections. Photo / Brett Phibbs

A Labour Party candidate in the first Super City elections has been found guilty of two counts of using forged documents but has been acquitted on the remaining 18 electoral fraud allegations he faced.

Daljit Singh has been on trial in the High Court at Auckland on 20 charges of using forged documents to increase his chances of winning a seat on his local board.

The jury of 11 returned their verdicts this afternoon after deliberating for nearly five days.

Six other men – Gurinder Atwal, Davinder Singh, Mandeep Singh, Virender Singh, Paramjit Singh and Malkeet Singh – also stood trial for electoral fraud, but on fewer counts.

Atwal was found guilty of 13 counts of using a forged document, Malkeet Singh was found guilty of six counts, and Virender Sing, Paramjit Singh and Mandeep Singh were each found guilty of one count.


Daljit Singh with Len Brown and Ross Robertson and Efu Koka

Daljit Singh with Michael Wood and Rajen Prasad

Read more »

Pants Down Brown, a song, a map, and some commentary

A commenter in the the General Debate notes in relation to Len’s overnight stays in Hotels:

Len wants us to believe that he works so hard Downtown at night that he absolutely needs to book into a luxury hotel at our expense, rather than drive the 15kms back to his house in Manakau. Even though he has a car and chauffeur at his behest. That sounds fair doesn’t it? I’m happy to pay for that aren’t I? I believe Len is working at keeping my rates down aren’t I? Enough is enough!

It is actually 24.4km but the difference is tiny. Late at night or early in the morning the commute would be barely 20 minutes. Google Maps even says so. In that time Len could have had 10 roots.¬† Read more »

Len Brown dragging the chain with report, release it anyway

Len Brown is continuing to attempt to run the clock down and is dragging the chain on his reply about the EY Report.

Bernard Orsman at NZ Herald reports:

The use of hotel rooms by Mayor Len Brown is believed to be at the centre of a legal wrangle holding up the release of the Ernst & Young report into any use of council resources during the mayor’s extra-marital affair with Bevan Chuang.

The Herald understands Mr Brown was not impressed when the first draft of the report raised his use of rooms outside the handful of times he booked into hotels for sex with his 32-year-old mistress.

The mayor is known to have used hotel rooms when he had late-night and early-morning commitments in the city, which came up as part of an exhaustive investigation by Ernst & Young (now EY).¬† Read more »

McKay too smart for Brown

Word on the street around Auckland is that Len Brown is looking for a lawyer who will agree with him that Doug McKay improperly called for the investigation.

The report by all accounts is dreadful for Brown but his camp feel confident that they can try to marginalise the process by which McKay initiated then prosecuted the inquiry.

They may even try to injunct the report coming out which would be truly stupid, but then again he conducted a two year affair inside the mayoral office, so I guess stupid is as stupid does.

However Fran O’Sullivan explains carefully how Doug McKay has appeared to outsmart Len Brown by keeping the Auditor-General informed of every step.

Auditor-General Lyn Provost is keeping a watching brief on Auckland Council chief executive Doug McKay’s review of Mayor Len Brown’s possible use of council resources during his two-year affair with Bevan Chuang.

Impeccable sources have confirmed to me that Provost has been in frequent close contact with McKay since he appointed top accounting firm Ernst & Young to undertake the review on his behalf.

It has clearly been a testing brief for McKay to effectively investigate his own boss. Insiders have correctly described the process as involving a good deal of “negotiation” between the mayor’s office and McKay’s executive suite to gain access to the information necessary for Ernst & Young to do a credible job.

McKay has been receiving advice from Crown Solicitor Simon Moore, whose warrant covers the greater Auckland area. Brown has his own legal adviser. ¬† Read more »

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