Len Brown

The sorry saga of: Lenny Brown [UPDATED]

You lot are on fire today.  Another reader-submitted effort.  Well done.


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Need damage control?


The NZ Herald have to be commended for their tenacity. ¬†I can’t help but begrudgingly admire them for even turning Andrew Shaw’s current racist problems into a positive for…


Len Brown.

Too  much of a leap?

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Unexpected phone call

Via the tipline


Listen you lot. ¬†You’re going to get me in trouble if you keep this up… ¬†*chuckle*


A call to arms

Wendy writes

Hi team,

Like you I think that Len Brown needs to resign (I struggled to word that professionally), but unlike you I am unencumbered by haters or enemies, so I perhaps have the advantage of being perceived as being non-partisan.

Id like to collaborate as widely as possible in my goal of having Len Brown held to account for his thoroughly shonky behavior. To this end I have started a Facebook page (my small contribution to Housewife Activism) which I would love for you to share as widely as possible with the view of creating enough public pressure to get him gone. It is still a work in progress.

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The Len Brown doll? (aka the end of civilisation as we know it)

Duncan Wilson over at Radio Live is channeling his inner Whaleoil.  Good to see.

Drug-pulling mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has released a¬†special limited edition “bobblehead” doll of himself.

Hundreds of people queued up outside Toronto City Hall to buy a plasticised version of the city’s crack-consuming chief – called “Robbie Bobbies” – many of which are now selling on auction site ebay for over ten times their retail price.

Auckland, New Zealand, and Mayor Len Brown dolls are nowhere to be seen. They don’t exist. Well, rather, they¬†didn’t¬†exist. One does now.

And here it is.

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The Herald are making no new friends

Perhaps this is why Bernard and David hug Len and Kim like men possessed – they’ve run out of friends.

Another example of the steady flow of feedback coming in

Dear Cam

As a longtime media observer, I have been unsurprised by the reality that supposedly objective mainstream media journalists are in fact viewing their stories through a predetermined editorial worldview. It’s a tradition that goes back at least as far as William Randolph Hearst and his crusades on specific causes dear to his heart. In fact, editorial biases were probably in evidence much further back, for example in the days of the travelling minstrels, who would have chosen what stories they chose to share (and who they painted as evildoers or as heroes in their tales).

What IS surprising, however, is that today’s journalists, most especially from the NZ Herald and TV3, have an editorial bias that must be at odds with the philosophies of each medium’s proprietors. Not only that but, in the case of the Herald in particular, the blatant editorial bias now so exposed (especially by your recent Brownian motions) is dramatically different from those of the Herald’s male-skewed forty-plus white middle class readership.¬† [our emphasis] Read more »

Will the National Party Take the Pledge and break the ‘Bro’ Code


If the Gisborne District Council can make the pledge then surely the National party can?

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Bad news for Len and his PR crew: the public aren’t letting it lie

A reader shares his communications with the Council

Tena koe Mr McKay

As a business ratepayer to the Auckland Council, I am increasingly concerned about allegations surrounding Mayor Len Brown. The latest allegation that he undertook a secret trip to Hong Kong in January 2013 (which he has now admitted), and the conflicting answers given by his media staff deeply disturbs me.

I am aware that the accounting firm E&Y is currently investigating whether or not the Mayor’s conduct and expenditure was appropriate with regard to the extra-marital affair he has admitted. I am writing to you to urge you to extend the Terms of Reference of this inquiry to include all matters surrounding Mr Brown’s trip to Hong Kong in January 2013. In particular, I believe that the following issues must be investigated immediately:

· Whether expenses were incurred by the Council, and whether reimbursements have been made

· Whether the Mayor received any gifts, including travel, accommodation and hospitality above the Council’s $300 threshold requiring declaration

¬∑ Whether the Mayor travelled alone, or whether he was accompanied ¬† Read more »

Are the Herald out of step with their readers?

I returned to Fran O’Sullivan’s piece I commented on yesterday as it had since been posted online and I set to read the comments.

Now, it’s not the done thing to quote things in full – copyright and all that – but in this case I hope I’ll get away with it because I’m trying to make a point.

The Herald and other media keep quoting some nebulous survey that claims that “most” people in Auckland really would like Len Brown back on the job.

If that is the case, that’s not at all reflected with NZ Herald’s own readers.

Here we go – ALL comments as at 9:30pm last night:

I want to know how the other candidates that applied for the Art Gallery job and lost out to Brown’s mistress feels. Do they have a legitimate grievance? Can they take this issue to court?

And now there is a fresh problem for Brown-his visit to HK 19-25 January 2013. Was it private, sponsored, official, alone or a “delegation”. The info coming from the mayor’s office is conflicting. Clarity is required. The EY investigation needs to include the mystery trip – who paid for what, was it official, what was the itinerary, who went with Brown, any “gifts” on his register and why the apparent confusion/coverup from the AC offices? We need answers-very soon. ¬† Read more »

I bet she was registered… a gay three-way, no less

Nicole Pryor at Stuff reports

A teacher who suggested a threesome to two gay male students has been charged with serious misconduct.

In a decision released today the New Zealand Teachers Council disciplinary tribunal suspended her practising certificate, as well as requiring her to tell any future employer about the decision.

At any new job she would also have to arrange a guidance programme, to be held by another teacher, to establish professional boundaries between teachers and students.

The teacher, whose name was suppressed, invited a family friend’s son to board with her after she split from her husband.

The boarder, who she knew was going to be a year 13 student at the school where she taught, moved in with her in 2010 before the school year started.

They communicated over Skype and text messaging when she said things such as: “Oh I love you and care about you, and I’ll see you after school.” ¬† Read more »