Len Brown

Brown being cute with the truth now


The woman at the centre of the Len Brown sex scandal says the Auckland mayor not only gave her a written reference for the council job she applied for – he also spoke to her boss.

External auditors Ernst and Young are currently looking into whether 32-year-old Bevan Chuang received any form of preferential treatment when she successfully applied for a position as a sponsorship coordinator at the Auckland Art Gallery back in 2011.

At the time of applying for the position Chuang was in the early stages of her two-year affair with Brown.

She was sacked three months to her employment after the gallery learnt of her criminal conviction she had relating to relating to the unauthorized use of a computer.

The conviction dated back to 2010 when she was an employee at the Auckland Museum. Chuang provided a contractor with a password to access a confidential email account believed to contain information detrimental to plans to restructure the museum.

It is still not clear whether Brown knew about the conviction when he endorsed Chuang for the art gallery position.  Read more »

The results are in: 71% want Len Brown to resign


Supplied – phone numbers blurred

Mandarin Pages Chinese Daily conducted a survey on the Len Brown Sex Scandal

They sent 6000 text messages and received 230 valid replies to these questions:   Read more »

Len Brown should be held to the same standards the Navy holds their officers

Len Brown thinks he can struggle on as Mayor…ignoring the clear issues with ethics and judgement.

A similar case has just concluded with a Navy officer being sacked for his role in a power play affair…entirely similar in many respects to the actions of Mayor Len Brown.

Disgraced high-ranking navy officer Commodore Kevin Keat has been dismissed from the Defence Force.

Delivering sentence at a court martial today Chief Judge Chris Hodson, QC, said the role Keat had held, assistant chief personnel, was one of the most important in the force. Keat had been deceitful throughout about the nature, extent, and origins of the relationship with a civilian subordinate.

Keat, 55, and married, had started a sexual relationship with the woman in 2008.   Read more »


The Huddle at 1740


I am on Larry Williams’ show, The Huddle, at 1740, with Josie Pagani…I wonder of she will join the rest of the left wing in excusing Len Brown’s actions?

Our topics are:

Possibly the news regarding Team New Zealand funding announcement.

Len Brown summary – really a countdown to him actually saying something of substance in relation to his affair and what he intends to do in terms of trying to a: wear it and put up with it over the next three years, b: fall on his sword and resign or c: what for the outcome of the inquiry into his conduct while at work. Either way it’s now become a waiting gameRead more »

Creepers and Excusers

I saw this pop up in my RSS feed and it rings true in many, many ways…especially the description of “excusers”, but more importantly the behaviour of Len Brown as a “creeper”.

Emma Hart at Public Address wrote two Missing Stair posts: The Necessary Bastard andThe Creeper and the Excuser. Go read them if you want, I liked ideas put forward.

Mayor Len 

Auckland’s Mayor Len Brown is a highly successful creeper. He has a excusers all over the place. Len Brown will get away with it, probably he has got away with it before. People like him almost always get a free pass.

What is a Creeper? 

Creepers are on the lookout for someone vulnerable. They can use a number of approaches, but what they want is someone who will not say no.  Ideally they want someone who can be pressured into saying yes, repeatedly.

The description of a creeper Emma provides details a promiscuous form of creeper, the mass mail out approach where as high as number as possible are randomly approached.

What about somewhere short of that? What about the Creepers? The ones who have a habit of touching people who don’t want to be touched? The hand on the leg, the accidental brushes, the sexual remarks that make people really uncomfortable? Would you do something about that?

That is the route of the lazy, unintelligent creeper and is not the best approach. Creepers are just one person so mass marketing is hard to carry off.  Creepers are  better served to find someone they know is vulnerable and exploit that vulnerability.  Doing a bit of research beforehand and then repeatedly targeting the same individual can induce impetus.  Read more »

The Whaleoil Quiz about the Len Brown Scandal


How well do you think you know the Len Brown Sex Scandal?

Take the test to find out:

What gifts does Bevan claim to have received from Mayor Len Brown?

A: Lingerie
C: A “Pearl Necklace”
D: All of the above

Where did Len Brown purchase the cheap lingerie gifted to Bevan?

A: The Warehouse
B: A Salvation Army Opshop
C: Trade Me
D:Bras and Things

What items do ratepayers think are likely to be thrown out in next months Inorganic collection by the Auckland City Council?

A: The table from the Ngati Whatua room in the Town Hall
B: The couch in the Mayors office
C: Len Brown
D: All of the above.   Read more »

Mayor withdraws…again, no milky residue this time

Bernard Orsman reports that under siege Mayor Len Brown has withdrawn…aren’t we sick of hearing that?…from his public appointment today:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has pulled out of his first, post-affair public engagement at Three Kings Primary School this morning.

The Herald understands Mr Brown did not think it was appropriate to make his first public outing at a primary school where there would be a strong media contingent.

Instead, he will spend some of this morning at an induction for councillors.

Mr Brown still intends to appear in public to open a compact showhome at Ellerslie this afternoon.  Read more »

Comment of the Day

Mr Blobby comments yesterday on my post about my appearance on The Nation:

Hey Rachel (don’t know who you are) Smalley.

The real story is about a rooting Mayor. This may be a hard concept for your producers to grasp.

Two points.

1. Out of control bureaucracies like Auckland Council and probably TVNZ are cesspits of immoral behaviour, there will be rampant rooting all over the place, I have witnessed this first hand working for a Government department many years ago.

2. People like Pants Down Brown, don’t just wake up one morning and say I think I will have an affair. They are serial rooters, generally they have been at it for a long time, with a well oiled act. This is just the first time they have been caught.  Read more »

It used to be Australia welcoming the crims, liars and reprobates

I wish the NZ Herald would make its mind up.  One day it’s ok to lie about your past and it isn’t a big deal.  The next day it requires a nationwide warning about a person lying about their past.

A Whaleoil investigation shows:

An evangelist whose inspirational autobiography has been labelled “99 per cent false” is in New Zealand on a speaking tour – sparking a warning from some churches.

Tony Anthony’s life story about how as a convicted criminal and martial arts fighter he found redemption through God was read around the world, and resulted in him touring widely, speaking to churches and schools.

A New Zealand organiser said Mr Anthony had a full itinerary to “spread the gospel” and those who knew the full story behind the controversy backed him.

But his visit has prompted the NZ Christian Network to issue a warning, saying its sister organisation in Mr Anthony’s native United Kingdom had investigated and found his autobiography “99 per cent false”.

What’s the big deal?   Read more »

An important point to note regarding who knew what, when with Brown affair

The Herald splashed headlines and texts all weekend accusing John Palino of knowing about the affair before the information was released on this blog on Tuesday.

But Palino states:

John Palino – Mr Brown’s rival at the mayoral election – issued a statement on Saturday confirming he met Ms Chuang for a late-night discussion in a Mission Bay carpark the night after the election and two days before the affair was made public.

He said he met with Ms Chuang – at her request – in relation to threatening text messages the pair had both received from the same number, but did not say what they discussed.

Mr Palino continued to say the first he was aware of the affair was last Tuesday when it was made public.

“Bevan has never disclosed to me the full nature of her relationship with the mayor and only ever indicated she received persistent and unwanted propositions from the mayor,” the statement said.  Read more »