Len Brown

Alone on his secret trip to Hong Kong?

Len Brown claims to have travelled alone to Hong Kong for an ‘official’ trip.

We can’t know for certain because we have three separate answers to LGOIMA requests and we now know there is a fourth answer to a LGOIMA request sent to the Taxpayer’s Union.

We need to deal in facts.

Len Brown’s Albert Street Branch posted an article that states that Len Brown says he travelled alone.

This is a copy of an email from the City Gallery.

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Nothing to see here, move on… just that Slater manipulating the MSM again

Guest ‱ an hour ago −

Cameron Slater is a slobbery fool who seems to have forgotten politics 101: if you’re going to try & find some mud make sure it sticks. Brown on was on leave & was invited to HK at their expense. Whoopy dee friggin do. Yet according to the illogical world of Slater logic, he has done something dodgy…the same logic that dares to suggest an extramarital affair between 2 consenting adults is on par with raping minors. What a moron.   Read more »

Impertinent Questions

Let’s say you’re looking for a new mayor to run a Super City.

Would you pick a candidate that

– beat and abused his wife?

– was unfaithful to his wife?

– sleeps with subordinates

– has admitted to not being able to be trusted with council money?

– take undisclosed trips in the capacity as a mayor?

– if you know all of this in advance, would you vote for this person?

Don’t worry.  All of this is hypothetical.  Auckland already has a mayor who is 24/7 committed to creating the best and most livable place in the world.  So these sorts of questions are irrelevant and premature.

The Mayor’s Office has lots of questions to answer

Len Brown. Photo / Doug Sherring - via NZ Herald

Len Brown. Photo / Doug Sherring – via NZ Herald

A spokesperson for the Mayor’s office [that would be Phil Wilson, Chief of Staff aka #1 Spin Weasel] confirmed to 3 News Mr Brown took a trip to Hong Kong earlier this year, and that he traveled alone while he was on leave to look at infrastructure projects and governance issues with three other Mayors.

– Please name the other three Mayors

– Please provide an account of infrastructure project visited

– Please provide an itinerary for the trip, indicating any time taken as private time   Read more »

Taxpayers’ Union also snaps Len Brown in attempted cover-up

Well, well, well, looks like I’m not the only one to stumble upon Len Brown’s cover-up over his trip to China.

The Taxpayers’ Union has just released:

Prior to publicly launching, the Taxpayers’ Union was informed that there was potentially inappropriate hospitality expenditure on a mayoral trip to China earlier this year. Union volunteers began enquiries, but Council officials formally stated that the Mayor’s last trip to China was a year earlier, in March 2012.”

Since the public launch, a Council official has indicated that the Mayor had in fact travelled to China in January 2013. In addition, Auckland Council staff have apparently been instructed not to speak about the particular trip and to refer all enquiries to the Mayor’s office.

“It appears that Council officials have forgotten a Mayoral trip to China, or worse deliberately mislead the Taxpayers’ Union to avoid scrutiny of ratepayer funded travel.”   Read more »

Sanctimonious Hypocrite

Yesterday was the launch of the White Ribbon campaign against violence towards women.

Look who was front and centre.

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[EXCLUSIVE] Len Brown’s secret trip to Hong Kong revealed [PHOTOS]

As we now know it appears that Len Brown took a secret trip to Hong Kong.

The exact details are sketchy, as much for Brown’s secrecy as for the mis-leading and false responses to LGOIMA requests.

But WOBH has now obtained some photographs of Brown’s secret trip to Hong Kong.

Remember that Brown’s staff have said that this trip  was a fact finding trip as a guest of the Hong Kong government. The mayors office says he was 1 of  a party of 3 leaders hosted by the government. The trip focussed on viewing infrastructure and transportation projects and the Hong Kong system of governance. In other words an official trip.

One of his visits appears to have been to the City Gallery, which considering the considerable fuss over his providing a reference for his mistress to work in the Auckland Art Gallery is somewhat ironic. Remember too that Len Brown was still in a relationship with Bevan Chuang at this time.

Despite the Mayor’s office declaring that this was an official trip and that it was funded by the Hong Kong government there is still no declaration of that interest in the Council register of Members interests. This is no small error on the Mayor’s part.  Read more »

[EXCLUSIVE] The cover up of Len Brown’s secret trip to Hong Kong, Ctd

From our previous post we know that we have three versions of events that occurred in January 2013.

  1. Len Brown was on annual leave until January 28 with no official duties
  2. No trips to Hong Kong were undertaken by the mayor
  3. A official trip to Hong Kong was undertaken by the mayor. reportedly paid for by the Hong Kong government.

We have have a problem now. Three separate LGOIMA requests outline differing scenarios. Let’s use the word “inconsistent” to be polite.

These three answers cannot exist together.

We needed verification. So the search started.

The first place I looked was the Council website. Len Brown announces his attendance at the opening of envelopes and you would think that there would be a press release for such and important funded trip to Hong Kong, which his staff have said was a fact-finding trip as a guest of the Hong Kong government. The mayors office says he was 1 of  a party of 3 leaders hosted by the government. The trip focussed on viewing infrastructure and transportation projects and the Hong Kong system of governance.

There are no press releases at all about this trip. Not  a single one. There are press releases about up-coming “Mayor in the Chair” fixtures. There is even a press release on April 4 2012 about the Trade Mission to China in April 2012. But not a single mention of this important  and official fact-finding trip to Hong Kong.

Normally with a fact-finding mission there are reports…detailing facts found, meetings held, commitments made, deals signed. No reports exist and no mention of this trip is in any minutes that are public.

Why the secrecy?  Read more »

[EXCLUSIVE] Cover up over Len Brown’s secret trip to Hong Kong

When Len Brown’s sex scandal was broken on this site he made a statement to the media later in the week that he had made “full disclosure”.

Let’s for a moment accept that Len Brown’s dalliances are actually ‘private’ matters and ignore the use of council resources, council offices and meeting rooms and the pull of the mayoral reputation for freebies.

Let’s focus on his ethics and financial prudence and honesty.

Information came in to the tipline that needed to be followed up and what we have uncovered shows that the Mayor’s office appears to be involved in a coverup, including strong arming of council staff and attempted denials of an overseas trip in January of this year.

Our information was that Mayor Brown flew to Hong Kong. Three separate witnesses have reported Mayor Len Brown to have arrived in Hong Kong with a travel companion.  Who was this?  The translator?  His wife?  Other council staff?

Several LGOIMA requests were submitted to the Council and here is where things get very interesting.   Read more »

Tuesday General Debate

I suspect today’s General Debate to be pretty poorly patronised as soon as our next Len Brown exclusive hits later this morning…. 8 am, I think.

I know you’re all wanting to know which mistress has spilled the beans, and does he really only last two minutes while at the same time being able to pull of the ‘thoughtful good lover’ bit, but to be honest, even the Whaleoil team doesn’t have the stomach for that, so we’re changing tack.

We’ve caught the Mayor hiding something.  We’ve discovered his staff having being instructed to cover it up.

Stay tuned for the details.

People have been suggesting Whaleoil only digs the sleaze.  Not so.  Today’s exposé is brought to you while wearing a suit, a tie and carrying a briefcase.   Read more »