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Abuse of Privilege must be exposed if our democracy is to survive

Following the Nathan Rees affair it is interesting to note the difference in the Australian media from our own media.

Nathan Rees affair is so similar to that of Len Brown’s it is astonishing. What isn;t similar is media reaction. Whereas media here rushed to defend Len Brown they are climbing into Nathan Rees.

Perhaps the most clear example is this statement at the Daily Telegraph as to why dodgy rooting ratbag politicians need to be exposed. It is so relevant to the Len Brown affair that it must be read in full.

Andrew Clennell (State Political Editor at The Daily Telegraph) comments, emphasis is mine.

WHEN a patient sees a doctor, a client sees a lawyer, or a constituent consults their MP, the last thing they should be worried about is being hit on.

Once you choose to share your story with, and seek advice from, someone in a position of power, you should expect not to be the subject of sexual advances. Particularly when you are a vulnerable single mother and your MP is a former premier. 
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‘I did crack may be only once’ says mayor!

Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford is a total embarrassment and he is refusing to quit…much like Len Brown.

Their councillors though are made of sterner stuff than the blouses on Auckland Council.

Come the next election I think we are going to have to rinse them to let them know that sucking up to brown isn’t a winner.

Toronto’s scandal-plagued mayor said he’s smoked crack “maybe once” and said the city council has no business stripping him of his powers, implying in a television interview that many councillors are guilty of similar behaviour.

Rob Ford said he has “declared war” after the council acted in response to his admitted crack cocaine use and binge drinking and a series of outbursts in recent days.¬† Read more »

Len Brown’s “First 100 Days in Office” progress report: Week 1 & 2


From the Mayor’s Office
Auckland City Council
New Zealand

In line with the promises made before the elections for Mayor of Auckland, Mayor Len Brown stated that he would set to work “immediately” for his constituents.

Due to his publicly stated policy to be “Open and honest” (within limits), we can report on the Mayor’s achievements, Day 1 through 14.

Day 1:  First day of 2nd term as Mayor of Auckland.

Day 2: Successfully avoided productivity poor media calls from Plunket and Garner

Day 3: Strategy lunch with key media people from NZ Herald and TV3 ¬† Read more »

Will Len Brown come out squeaky clean?

Credit: Cyber Billy, with source material from  Ron Leishman

Credit: Cyber Billy, with source material from Ron Leishman


Will Len Brown come out squeaky clean or has Ernest and Young found some extra dirt that needs scrubbing?

Report into Brown’s affair delayed. White wash shortage to blame?

The report by Ernst & Young into Len Brown’s affair is dragging on. It was due last Friday and now isn’t expected for several weeks.

The sniff of a white wash is starting to tell. Bernard Orsman grits his teeth and writes about the delay.

An Auckland Council review of any use of council resources by Mayor Len Brown in his affair with Bevan Chuang is taking longer than expected.

After the council said the review by Ernst & Young would be reported back to chief executive Doug McKay as “quickly as possible” and in no more than four weeks, the deadline passed yesterday with word it is still several weeks away.

A council spokesman said work on the review was ongoing and thorough and the findings were expected to be published “within weeks”. The original deadline of four calendar weeks was a best guess at the time, the spokesman said.

The council would not say why the review was taking longer than indicated on October 21, when Mr McKay announced the scope of the independent review.¬† Read more »

The sorry saga of: Lenny Brown – Part 2

Did you enjoy the Sorry Saga of Len Brown the other day? ¬†Here’s another!


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Another blow for Lusty Len, waterfront plans panned by lefty commentator

Things are getting tough for Len Brown. He has literally become a man alone.

His Labour pals have carded him, no one invites him to anything and he is now having to resort to stage-managed appearances where he can lap for his council funded limousine into a building for a function and back again without having to face the public.

Now even lefty commentators are abandoning him and his dreams.

Rod Oram says that Len’s waterfront plans won’t work. Firstly he suggests that Auckland become more globalised…I nearly fell off my chair when I read it.

So, how might Auckland fulfil its ambitions? The goals are right. The region needs to be far more deeply linked with the global economy. Currently only 9 per cent of Auckland’s economy has anything to do with the rest of the world. The vast bulk of activity is generated from serving the needs of its population, and the wider country.

To develop such engagement, Auckland needs to become very good at attracting interest and investment from overseas businesses, while many more Auckland businesses must learn how to earn a living internationally, not just in this tiny domestic market. But Auckland will develop these two powerful economic drivers only if it locks on to the seismic economic and social shifts in the world. The most potent of all is the economic and environmental sustainability of urban areas.¬† Read more »

Super City clears the desks


Created by Cyber Billy


Super City clears the desks
Auckland Council workers may be losing their desks when the council shifts into its new Albert St headquarters next year……

What do we want?! Compulsory tattoos for all pollies!


Starting with Len Brown. We could hook it up to a flashing light so though he refuses to even blush at his own antics, at least SOMETHING would go red every time he serves up a fresh helping of bullshit.

I’ll bet he makes a fashion statement immediately, bringing turtle neck sweaters back in fashion.

Tattoos could be about to get a tech makeover. As well as being an outlet for artistic flair, Google wants to explore the idea of an electronic skin tattoo that could embed a microphone and lie detector into a users neck. ¬† Read more »

The truth behind the media … it’s personal