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What do you think,first attempt!

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Seems someone got all excited about our merchandising ideas and started working on a prototype!



I’m not THAT Len Brown, says Len Brown…

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Happy New Year to you all

Not sure if you have seen this or if it is worth adding to the W/O blog

Even Scottish TV thinks Len is dodgy

Len’s miffed namesake

First there was Patrick Gower of Kent, England, who was the unwitting recipient of a flurry of tweets last year destined for his namesake in the press gallery. Now Len Brown the Scottish TV producer is being confused with Auckland’s lame duck mayor.

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Some raw stats from 2013

Another year as number one has been completed and WordPress via its Jetpack module has chucked up some interesting stats.

Later today we will get around to giving out the details of a fantastic year in the blog,

Our 2013 top commenters are:


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Brewer on Pants Down Brown and the Living Wage

Cameron Brewer has an opinion piece in the NBR, it deserves much wider coverage…so now it appears here.

Auckland Council’s blocking of the Living Wage policy is another big blow to Auckland Mayor Len Brown.

When his own credibility crisis broke in October he promised to fast-track the living wage to shore up a bit of political support and keep the left happy.

Now he’s failed to deliver it and rest assured any followers he has left have lost even more faith in him.

This was going to be a circuit breaker for Mr Brown but he has failed. This second term is going to be so much harder for him and his Labour mates to push their political agenda through.  Read more »

One thing we have learned during 2013…

…is to recognise this face

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin attend a news conference in New York

What is it with Mayors during 2013, anyway?   Read more »

McCarten’s winners and losers

Matt McCarten has written in the Herald on Sunday about his picks for winners and losers.


  1. Len Brown. The Sinner. A leader of the left in public who in private believed he was entitled to the good life of the elites. A man who gained the whole world, but lost his soul. Can he be redeemed?
  2. John Banks
  3. David Shearer
  4. Pita Sharples
  5. Peter Dunne

Number one in the losers list shouldn’t have been Len Brown, it should have been the citizens of Auckland who can’t rid themselves of a dodgy rooting ratbag of a mayor.  Read more »

Jingle Bells the Len Brown version

This is quite funny and right at the start.

Radio NZ does a Jingle Bells parody and kicks off with Len Brown.

Lame Duck mayor caught at it again



Sex Sells

This is a list of the top 50 posts for the year…there is little doubt as to what was the story of the year.

We have had all manner of media commentators exclaim that the Len Brown story was “too detailed”…but you know what…they all read it.

As a species we are hypocrites.  We pretend to be better than that, but the numbers don’t lie. From Len Brown and Bevan Chuang to Andrea Vance and Peter Dunne…the message is simple to Stephanie Key to Oscar Pistorious…people like to read about dodgy, rooting ratbags, sex and scandal.

But I think it is more dodgy rooting rat bags that sells.

If Len Brown had have just been happy running one up his missus at home there would be no scandal and people could say ‘Ngati Whatua Room’ without laughing hysterically.

Here are the Top 50 posts for the past year.  Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit: SonofaMin

Credit: SonofaMin