When given the choice of telling the truth or telling a lie why does Winston Peters always choose to lie?

Winston Peters is now heaping more lies upon lies.

Yesterday he claimed Huka Lodge had been sold when the owner, A Dutchman, said it wasn’t for sale and the the Overseas Investment Office said it hasn’t been sold as it needs their approval and no approval has be sought.

Today he changes the lie and still insists it is for sale, again the the owner has said this is untrue.

Winston Peters is standing by his claim that one of New Zealand’s most famous tourist lodges is being sold, despite both the owner and the Government saying it is not.

During his state of the nation speech in Takapuna yesterday, Mr Peters claimed Huka Lodge, near Taupo, was being sold to Chinese interests, to gasps from some of the hundreds of North Shore Grey Power members listening.

Afterwards he cited real estate sources for his comments. “My informant says John Key has said to these people: ‚ÄėDon’t worry about it, we’ll smooth it through the Overseas Investment Office’.”

Later, Peters modified his claim to say the lodge was for sale.

But sale talk was quickly rejected by both the Beehive and lodge management.¬† Read more »

Liar, Liar, MEGA XXXL pants on fire, Ctd

I blogged earlier about the Gurnard’s story in today’s paper that Krim Dotcon is set to claim¬†$6 million in damages¬†from the New Zealand taxpayer. The Albert Street branch of Dotcom’s empire has been working overtime.

The claim specifies sums ranging from $1 million to $50,000 for a range of points.

This proves the fraudster tells lies to the public of New Zealand.

I dug out this¬†interview with Paul Holmes. ¬†If you’re going to accuse other people of lying – best you don’t get caught in one yourself eh?

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Liar, liar, Mallard’s pants on fire…again

Lindsay Mitchell calls out Trevor Mallard for a real whopper.

Talking to Tim Fookes on NewstalkZB about the welfare reforms this morning, local MP Trevor Mallard said,

“…the total number of beneficiaries dropped by about two thirds when we were in government.”

He was stressing¬†the total number¬†to address Tim’s suggestion that many people had simply moved off the dole and onto sickness or invalid’s benefit (which has some truth to it). ¬† Read more »

Another big fat German MEGA lie

via 3 News

via 3 News

Lies just drip out of Kim Dotcom’s mouth. Like his new found concerns over gun safety.

Remember all the hoopla surrounding the launch of Mega? How because it was encrypted no one could know what is there, not even MEGA.

The new Mega is designed around a “see no evil” principle. All your uploads are encrypted on their way up to the server, and downloads are encrypted on the way down, only to be opened afterward. While they’re out there floating around in the cloud, they’re encrypted using the private seed you and only you have: your password.

Don’t lose your Mega password, because you won’t be getting it back; Mega doesn’t have it. The service’s carefully calculated ignorance hinges on this point. Your password is‚ÄĒindirectly and complicatedly‚ÄĒused to generate your login credentials and to encrypt all your files on their way to the cloud. Mega won’t know so much as the file names, and neither will anyone else ever again if you lose that password.

They tout it on their website:

mega Read more »


Liar, Liar, Mega XL Pants on Fire

But on Sept 25:

A wolf howl for attention

ŠĒ• NZ Herald

John Amstrong calls out Winston Peters on his fact free cries for help:

So much for the theory that Winston Peters was mellowing into Parliament’s version of everyone’s favourite, if somewhat cranky and irascible, uncle.

It was a more familiar Peters who delivered the leader’s address at New Zealand First’s annual convention last Sunday.

The speech was not so much a dog whistle as a wolf howl for attention. There was certainly no coded language to decipher.

His pinging of Chinese immigrants for allegedly sponging off New Zealanders by picking up state-funded super payments and other entitlements without paying any income tax was unquestionably populist – so much so that he was almost parodying himself.

Peters cited a young couple from China being able to “bring in four elderly parents who don’t have to work here in the 10 years before they turn 65, yet they will all receive full New Zealand Super”.

He was unable to offer any evidence bar hearsay of his claim that 22,000 immigrants nationwide are allegedly collecting super without having paid any direct tax.

He instead rationalised his accusation of freeloading by arguing that New Zealanders needed to know all the facts about superannuation rather than being manipulated by the savings and insurance industry into believing there was a “crisis” which required an end to universality in the payment of the state-funded pension.

It all added up to a lame excuse for an attack on a segment of immigrants who are always an easy target because they are reluctant to fight back.

Worse still the facts didn’t support his dog whistle:

But the actual number was less than 1900. Some will be at the younger end of the age spectrum which means those immigrants can hardly be classified as recent arrivals by the time they reach 65, while those around that age simply will not qualify for super for some time.

Seeking official advice on Peters’ claim, the Prime Minister was told that just under 3500 Chinese immigrants qualify for the pension – less than 0.6 per cent of the total on super and a long way off 22,000.

Journalists should call Winston Peters for what he is…a liar.

Pearl Going is a Faker,Ctd

The never ending fake saga of Pearl Going just keeps on giving.

She now has a Wikipedia page which is really an infomercial about herself. It is clearly written by her or someone associated with her, such is her shamelessness.

She conveniently re-writes history and ignores all the other facts about her life of fantasy:

Fact of Crap – Pearl Going¬†- What ever did happen to the “Clean Jeans” and the “Pleather Hand Bags”?

Then there was the magical Waiheke Island Mystery Tour as originally blogged by Issac Likes.

Her attempted con on Kaimata Lodge

I note she¬†originates¬†from Whangarei….so does another¬†fantasist, I just bet they are pals.

Pearl Going aka Sián-Pearl Going is an elaborate fraud. It says on her Wiki page:

During her early to mid twenties Going stepped away from public life.

Yeah that coincided with me telling the truth about her bullshit.

She may well be climbing those mountains and if she is then all power to her, hopefully she has mended her lying ways, but from the look of her Wiki page it would appear not.


Popular Capitalism, Ctd

Popular capitalism‘ is how Winston described the sale of Auckland Airport to a majority of New Zealand investors.

Of course he denies it now.

Winston threatens Farrar

Winston Peters, known liar, is threatening to sue David Farrar:

Political comeback king Winston Peters is threatening to take legal action against a right wing blogger, just hours after finding out he’s coming back to parliament.

In the final days of the election campaign blogger David Farrar alleged the New Zealand First leader’s candidacy was illegal.

Mr Peters has vehemently denied that.

In the final days of the election campaign blogger David Farrar alleged the New Zealand First leader’s candidacy was illegal because he hadn’t gone through the correct registration process.

Speaking to podcast The Slightly Correct Political Show Mr Peters says he won’t stand for such outrageous actions and hinted he’ll take legal action against Mr Farrar.

I’m disappointed that Winston is suing Farrar before me. Especially after I had words with him in the studio this morning at Tv3. I’ve called him a liar, corrupt and a thief….no matter what I do I can’t get him to sue me, so kudos to Farrar for getting a reaction. Of course Winston lies at the every opportunity so this is probably just another big bluff full of bluster and bullshit.

Winston Peters threatens David Farrar by whaleoil

Sean Plunket calls out Goff on his Police lies

Last night Phil Goff lied about Police recruitment.

Note that in the debate clip – he said ALL recruiting cancelled – ¬†that is a total lie… and he now won’t admit he got it wrong. ¬†To make it worse he gets way too angry when he is challenged on it – as demonstrated in the Plunket interview. ¬†This is a desperate man who is not handling the pressure well.

The Police Commissioner, the Police Minister and the Police Association all contradict Phil Goff and now he is dying in a ditch over his lie.

Sean Plunket tore Phil Goff apart and challenged him to show us his proof of his allegations. Phil cut and run in interview when the questioning got too tough.

Sean Plunket flays Phil Goff over his Police lies by whaleoil

Again you have to wonder why Phil Goff even did this on the penultimate day of the campaign, a day when he should be skewering the government on Asset Sales. Instead he gets fed a line that blows up in his face and now he is spending the day reacting in the much the same way he did when he lied about the SIS briefing.