Two truths and a lie

2 Truths & 1 Lie from James Coulson on Vimeo.

(Hint:  they are all true, just not necessarily spoken by the person the truth belongs to)

Remember this?

David Cunliffe reckons he cannot tell a lie.

And yet the evidence in that video says otherwise…and recent weeks have shown us more evidence that he can actually tell lies…lots of them.

Real estate deals for donors, misleads journalists when asked.

His secret trust administered by a blogger by the name of Greg Presland, set up to launder donations and hide donors.

Claims Taranaki is in the doldrums when it is in fact the fastest growing area of NZ.¬† Read more »

Is there much point in asking questions when you don’t get the truth?

Ernst & Young are up against it with their review of the Mayor of Auckland and his alleged problems.  Especially when staff have been told not to speak out, and LGOIMA requests are fabricated as well.


I wish my colleagues at other media outlets the best of luck getting anywhere with “spokespeople for the Mayor”. ¬†At this stage any straight answer is going to conflict with those already out there, so watch them tie themselves in knots as they try to find a way to make it all better. ¬†Somehow.


Herald defends Brown over sex scandal but attacks mayor over $142 satchel

That bought and paid for embedded NZ Herald spin weasel  Bernard Orsman feebly attempts to show he is capable of balanced reporting by getting his teeth into the $142-per-satchel council scandal.

Auckland councillors and local board members have been given leather satchels to carry their council documents, at a [total] cost of $23,304.

The 164 fancy bags – emblazoned with the council’s pohutukawa logo – come as Mayor Len Brown promises a crackdown on rising debt and salaries for executives.

Councillor Linda Cooper returned her $142 briefcase after holding it up during her maiden speech on Wednesday, a move labelled a stunt by councillor Cathy Casey.

Boo!  Bad Len!  Out of control spending!

Let’s see how Orsman turns the screws on his former friend Len Brown. ¬† Read more »

Holiday weather forecasts are lies

As Stuff highlights, the weather forecast for Christmas is good, but it turns out the actual result frequently doesn’t match the forecast.

The weather forecasting professionals have a bit of an open dirty secret:  around the major holidays, they lie.

In the past, accurate forecasts that predict less than ideal weather has seriously affected the tourism business.   Guest nights are down and tourist attractions will have a lot less visitors as people discount going outside due to the predicted bad weather.

So these days, you will find that the long and medium range forecasts that precede the holiday breaks are always a ‘best case scenario’. ¬†It’s only really the day before that Metservice et all stop putting lipstick on the pig and tell you what’s really coming your way.



The Lies of the Left

The left wing is currently running a graphic that supposedly puts pay to the fact National has a mandate.

According to the graphic more people voted for parties opposed to asset sales than for parties that in favour.  Trevor Mallard as usual is running it hard:

Unfortunately for them the figures they use includes parties that never made it to parliament like the Conservatives, the Alliance, Aotearoa Legalise Cannibis Party….it is barely cerdible to include non-parliamentary parties in the count.

The real figures are:

Anti-MOM: Labour 614,937 + Green 247,372 + NZ First 147,544 +Maori 31,982 + Mana 24,168 = 1,066,003

Pro-MOM: National 1,058,636 + ACT 23,889 + United Future 13,443 = 1,095,968

That is a Parliamentary majority of 1 seat or 29,965 votes. Given we are a parliamentary democracy it is absurd for them to claim non-parliamentary votes in their statistics.

Never believe an infographic provided by the left…it is usually full of lies.


Goff Lies, Ctd

Phil Goff decided to make this election campaign about lies. His definition of a lie is saying one thing earlier and then despite circumstances changing saying another thing later.

Back in April David Cunliffe says Labour has already got all their promises costed…he even says he has a spreadsheet prepared.

Full Audio Interview: Labour has already got all their promises costed

Fully Costed snip: 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

But yesterday Phil Goff said

“We’re just completing them now as we’ve finalised the last of our policies.”

Was someone lying?

Not good enough Parker

David Parker has put a weaselly explanation on Kiwiblog for his lies:

Garth McVicar has today (25 October) said that the Sensible Sentencing Trust has not made donations of money to any political party, including Act. It appears from his statement that the only gift the Trust itself made to Act was David Garrett. What donations, if any, came from members of the so-called Sensible Sentencing Trust to Mr Garrett or Act  I do not know.

Those are just weasel words, David Parker. That isn’t an unreserved apology and retraction. It is rude, condescending and still leaves his lies hanging out there.

Not good enough. I hope Garth McVicar sues his weaselly arse off.

Was it deliberate?

Felix Marwick has reported that yet more evidence has emerged about Phil Goff’s role in the “gone by lunchtime” non-quote that he shopped tot he nedia against Don Brash.

Leaked US diplomatic cables are casting fresh doubt about the”gone by lunchtime” phrase famously attributed to Don Brash.

A cable written by former Ambassador Bill McCormick in November 2006 said Mr Goff had misquoted a MFAT staffer’s notes when he claimed the then leader of the National Party had promised the anti-nuclear policy would be gone by lunchtime if his party won the election.

Now another embassy cable, from 2004, backs up that assertion.

The summary of the meeting between US officials and Don Brash and Lockwood Smith says the Kiwi politicians did say the legislation had a negative impact on our defence forces.

But the cable says they also offered little hope the New Zealand public would be willing to see the legislation scrapped.

This is now the second Wikileaks cable that proves that Phil Goff either lied about the quote, or he either wilfully or carelessly misquoted Don Brash.

We really are getting a long term pattern of behaviour from Phil Goff now, where he says one thing, evidence then proves him wrong and he spins out of control covering up what he said before.

Phil Goff broke long¬≠stand¬≠ing for¬≠eign diplo¬≠macy con¬≠ven¬≠tions to smear the Leader of the Oppo¬≠si¬≠tion with¬†‚ÄėGone By Lunchtime‚Äô. This smear was sub¬≠se¬≠quently¬†proved to be a lie by the release of the Wik¬≠ileaks doc¬≠u¬≠ments. Now it has been proved wrong again. He¬†defended the breach at the¬†time.

Phil Goff: “If an MFAT offi­cial released some­thing that they were not enti­tled to release, that would be against the inter­nal rules and pro­ce­dures. In these reports Dr Brash is not a young player, he’s 63 years old. He knows there’s an offi­cial record­ing of what he says. Maybe it was naivety on his part, but I’m afraid that when you indulge in that sort of deceit then you are likely to be caught out.“Q:Is this an exam­ple of one law for all?

Phil Goff: ‚ÄúIf I‚Äôm caught out in any¬≠thing I say that is not con¬≠sis¬≠tent then I should face the con¬≠se¬≠quences.‚ÄĚ

Phil Goff should honor his own words. He has been caught out again, just like on the SIS briefing issue. He is constantly being caught out, he must face the consequences.

The first casualties

Since we are all¬†experiencing¬†a good dose of global warming it might be useful to look at the list of all the things that have been claimed by warmists as being the “first casualties” of “climate change”.

Tim Blair compiled the list.

And Gavin Atkins has checked the veracity of all these “first casualties”.

Here are some examples:

The claim:

Polar bears are set to become the first casualty of global warming.

The reality:

The total number of the world’s polar bear population is still thought to be between 20,000 and 25,000.

The claim:

Losing winter: as climate change takes hold, North America’s coldest season is the first casualty.

The reality:

North America has experienced some of its biggest snow seasons on record.

The claim:

First Casualty of Global Warming? Rare breed of possum may be extinct.

The reality:

Live possums were discovered four months later.

And every single claim by the warmists on the list is proven to be false.