Louisa Wall

Labour continues to focus on the things that matter

Labour lacks any meaningful policy ideas, most of their so-called game-changer policies are nothing more than slogans or bumper sticker policies.

They still haven’t done any work on their Capital Gains Tax policy, a policy launched prior to the last election, and their “Big Tool” policy has been universally panned.

Where they have done considerable policy work though is on social engineering type policies like the so-called “Bathroom Bill” that Louisa Wall is trying to push through.

Family First says that the Labour party through its ‚ÄėRainbow Sector‚Äô is now attempting to push a highly controversial piece of legislation through Parliament in a way that avoids the public debate and focus that it deserves.

‚ÄúThe controversial¬†proposal, previously floated by Labour MP Louisa Wall, to include ‚Äėgender identity‚Äô as a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Human Rights Act is unnecessary, and has been dubbed the ‚Äúbathroom bill‚ÄĚ in overseas jurisdictions,‚ÄĚ says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. ¬†¬† Read more »

Is Labour politicising citizenship ceremonies?

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A reader drew my attention to this comment on the Trademe message boards.

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What does a straight bloke have to do to get selected for Labour?

Darien Fenton hears the news that Richard Hills was selected in Northcote

Darien Fenton hears the news that Richard Hills was selected in Northcote

Now before this post gets started I need to clarify that I am not homophobic as I am sure the left will claim. I was one of the biggest supporters of the marriage equality bill and don’t care one bit who someone chooses to sleep with or what sex they are. This post is simply about perceptions and plain facts, with no emotion or otherwise intended.

The past week has been interesting to say the least as Labour announced a few selections.

Ever since Damien O’Connor expressed his own frustration about the “gaggle of gays” Labour has been at pains to state how inclusive they are, while at the same time implementing exclusive rules like their Man Ban.

However with the march of their candidate announcements plus some recent replacements one really does now have to ask what it takes to get selected for Labour if you are a straight bloke.

Labour selected Tony Milne for Christchurch Central, he is a reasonable sort of a candidate, young, well meaning, earnest even, ¬†…and never had a real job. He is also gay.

Then Tamati Coffey was selected in Rotorua and Kelly Ellis in Whangarei.

Yesterday they announced the selection of Richard Hills as their Northcote candidate, pretty much extinguishing any chance of Darien Fenton remaining relevant inside Labour.¬† Read more »

New Zealander of the Year – your chance to vote

OK, first, thanks for the many of you suggesting I should be New Zealander of the Year. ¬†It would be cool, but I’m asking ¬†my own team who to pick, so I’m obviously disqualified for this particular illustrious award. ¬†But – thank you all the same.

Here are the people that didn’t get a clear 2nd nomination, so they can’t be voted for today

  • Lindsay Mitchell
  • Bevan Chuang
  • John Minto
  • Hone Harawira
  • Louisa Wall
  • Kim Dotcom
  • Scott Dixon
  • David Shearer
  • Val Baker and the Matata police
  • Bob Parker
  • Gerry Brownlee

One or two there reflecting some humour or the fact that we do in fact allow readers to have a different opinion to me!

Val Baker and the Matata police was an interesting nomination. ¬†This is how it was put forward, and I think they’ve earned some approbation: ¬† Read more »

Labour’s Totally Gay Quota

The looneys in the Rainbow Labour division have given themselves an upper cut calling for a quota.

There are already too many gays in caucus to fill the quota.

Any affirmative action for gays needs to be put in context. The usual number of gays in the population is accepted to be a generous 6%. Labour has four gays in a caucus of 34.¬† ¬† Read more »

Good attitude from Nanaia Mahuta

Nanaia Mahuta has shed 15kgs in recent months and tells how she did it, willpower over obesity taxes.

The death of Parekura Horomia is more than a cautionary tale for fellow MP Nanaia Mahuta – it is a wake-up call. Now, she is leading a group of parliamentarians on a journey to overhaul their lives in a way he never could.

Two weeks before he died, Parekura Horomia committed himself to losing weight. It was a decision he made too late.

But, perhaps prophetically, when he signed on to patron an organisation aimed at helping people reclaim their health, he pulled the founder aside and said, “Whatever we start, we finish.”

Those words have given Mere Takoko – parliamentarian, body-building champion and the founder of fitness programme Chumpchange – a determination to see it through. The new figurehead for the programme is Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta, who has already lost 15kg.

“He did want to make a commitment to better health,” Takoko says.

“I think his passing is a precautionary tale of what happens if one doesn’t look after their health and wellbeing – he was simply gone too soon.”

Horomia’s legacy is gaining cross-party support. A dozen MPs including Green co-leader Metiria Turei and party member Eugenie Sage, Labour’s David Cunliffe and Louisa Wall and National’s Paul Hutchison are joining Mahuta in making healthy life choices and fundraising for the Child Cancer Foundation (CCF) while they’re at it. ¬† Read more »

Cunliffe’s great lurch left & other bombastic comments

David Cunliffe‘s entered the race for #laboursgottalent.

His press conference was bizarre.

Surrounded by party luminaries like Iain Lees-Galloway, Sue Moroney, Carol Beaumont, Louisa Wall and Nanaia Mahuta, he defended his wealth by claiming that the PM apparently flies over his Herne Bay house by helicopter en route to his electorate office.

He also claimed that mothers can no longer afford milk for their kids, and that taxi drivers work 14 hour days for $5 an hour..

At one point he literally embraced ‘socialism’ with a staged presentation of roses.

Perhaps worst of all, he promised top economic jobs for the Green Party in any Government he leads.

A few high/low lights:

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Labour members still focussed on Man Ban

Despite David Shearer’s order to Ban the Man Ban, the Labour wimmin are still pushing ahead with discussions about it.

It would seem that they intend to ignore David Shearer.

Greetings [REDACTED]

New Zealand Labour Party President Moira Coatsworth invites you to join her and the Labour Women’s Council for our Conference this coming weekend.
Interested in building womens leadership by supporting other women or taking a step up yourself? There is still an opportunity to take part in this important and exciting conference.

On Friday¬†you can join Labour MPs Nanaia Mahuta, Sue Moroney, Carol Beaumont and Moana Mackey for a special community event – Building for Habitat for Humanity.¬† Read more »

Labour’s policy to attack evil property speculators like these ones

Labour has said that their housing policy is to attack evil property speculators. That the policy will drive down prices, coupled with a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax that will make sure housing is cheaper for first home buyers.

David Shearer even went out of his way to attack people with second, third or fourth houses.

These policies he says will help crack crack down on property speculators hurting kiwi home owners.

Like these speculators…especially the dodgy Chinese one. ¬†¬† Read more »

Soper’s analysis of the Man Ban

Barry Soper is usually a Labour fan-boi, but today he doesn’t hold back.

The dismal opinion poll ratings for Labour a few weeks back charged the Tory’s political arsenal. Every time the hapless, Dithering David Shearer stood up in Parliament’s bear pit to ask State Homie John Key whether he stood by all his statements, the volley began.

Of course he stood by the statements he’d been making to his fellow conspirators that The Ditherer’s days were numbered.

It was ‘head on the plate stuff’, but this week it’ll be carcass on the spit with Labour’s so called man-ban, where they’ll consider standing only women in some electorates to get a gender balance. Shearer was quick to distance himself from the feral feminists but he does lead a Party where the idea’s been entertained.

The Ditherer…heh.

Currently they’ve got 14 women and 20 men MPs, even if the media had to point out the correct figures to them. So why do they want more women? Well there could be two reasons for that, to improve on the talent, or lack of it, that they’ve already got or to Morris dance with The Kermits who’re committed to the gender balance. ¬† Read more »