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New Zealand’s favourite grandmother really thinks parliament is just another gardening show

- NewstalkZB

– NewstalkZB

How hard can it be? Why is the minister directly involving herself in contracts?

New Zealand’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, is certainly shaping up as a “hands-on” minister, especially when it comes to gardens.

The designers who built the jungle of King Kong’s Skull Island are now turning their skills to a Wellington war memorial garden.

Garden designers DawnFinder is favourite of Minister for Culture and Heritage – and former gardening show host – Maggie Barry, who decided to drop the original contractor for part of garden at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park.

DawnFinder directors Tina Hart and Kim Jarrett have previously worked under Sir Peter Jackson to design the jungle and coastlines of Skull Island, the fictional prehistoric home of giant gorilla King Kong in the director’s 2005 film.    Read more »


New Zealand’s favourite Grandmother thinks parliament is some kind of gardening show

- NewstalkZB

– NewstalkZB

New Zealand’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry is getting her hands dirty gardening again, meddling in operational departmental issues.

The story from Fairfax is a little bit he said, she said…but from a political perspective explaining is losing.

Gardening-guru turned government minister Maggie Barry has dug her spade into a Wellington landscaping contract.

Despite being the brains behind the Pukeahu War Memorial Park, landscape designer company Wraight Athfield Landscape + Architecture has been overlooked for the latest section of the park’s garden in favour of another design company.

Wraight Athfield, an amalgamation of landscape designer Megan Wraight and Athfield Architects, won a competition held by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage to design the War Memorial Park seven years ago.

The award-winning company was also the architect of Waitangi Park.   Read more »

Let’s be brutal: it’s probably the 1080 that’s killing 2% of Kiwis every year

There is a fair to even chance that 1080, is killing Kiwi, it sure as hell kills other bird life.

The Conservation Minister says three kiwi projects will receive new funding.

$226,000 will be spent on the projects aimed at helping Kiwi thrive in the wild, Maggie Barry said.

The money from the Community Conservation Partnerships Fund would go to projects in the West Coast, Northland and the Coromandel Peninsula.

“Our national bird is declining in the wild by 2 per cent a year, with only around 70,000 birds left in isolated, fragmented populations,” Ms Barry said.   Read more »


Is Maggie Barry suffering from the afflictions of the aged?

- NewstalkZB

– NewstalkZB

New Zealand’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, must be seriously suffering from the afflictions of the aged with her latest appointment.

Te Papa Atawhai – The Department of Conservation (DOC) – has appointed New Zealand’s first threatened species ambassador.

DOC threatened species ambassador Nicola Toki.

Nicola Toki, who has worked in wildlife conservation for more than a decade, has been appointed to the high-profile job working with DOC to help protect the country’s threatened species.

She will be building partnerships and encouraging New Zealanders to become involved in conservation efforts.

Ms Toki said as far as her engagement with iwi goes, tāngata whenua already have a good grasp of the importance of her mahi [work] in their role as protectors of the environment.

“Iwi already understand the importance of a Threatened Species Ambassador because it’s embedded in the principles of katiakitanga (guardianship),” Ms Toki said.

“Iwi as kaitiaki understand that these birds and reptiles and plants and bugs they’re not just things apart from us they’re intrinsic part of our being.

“I’m really looking forward to working with iwi right across the country on those things that are special to them.”

Ms Toki said the new role sent a signal to the rest of the world about how much Aotearoa values conservation.

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Surely this isn’t really necessary?

I hate possums, I really do, I’ve shot literally thousands of them.

I remember one trip when I was around 18 to Matamata and we shot 500 in one night on a farm…with shotguns. The bruising was something to be believed. The next night we went out and shot 300 more.

So don’t get me wrong, I loathe possums, they aren’t meant to be here.

But I have to question the sanity of mass drops of 1080 poison when this happens.

Source/ Facebook

Source/ Facebook

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NZ Favourite Grandmother accuses Maori of eating Kereru to extinction “just like the Moa”

Maggie Barry, NZ’s favourite grandmother, is getting stuck into Maori for tucking into delicious wood pigeon.

Birds like the native kereru shouldn’t be eaten to the brink of extinction like Maori ate moa, Conservation Minister Maggie Barry says.

Her comment follows a report late yesterday three government ministers – Amy Adams, Nathan Guy and Tariana Turia – were served the protected bird mixed with chicken at an iwi leaders’ hui in 2013.

A spokesman for Maungarongo Marae near Ohakune, which apparently served the birds, said because the dead birds were given to them by the Department of Conservation (DOC), they thought it was fine to dish up.

However, DOC says birds, including kereru, which are found dead and given to them are sometimes transferred to local iwi for cultural use such as using the feathers or bones. It is not aware of any requests to eat them, and says if there were the department would oppose it on food safety grounds.

Ms Barry says the 2013 meal would have been served out of “wilful or deliberate ignorance”.

“It is not appropriate to eat threatened species fullstop.”

When asked why the flesh of the bird shouldn’t be eaten she replied: “When was the last time you ate road kill? Why would you? It’s not what you do.”

She hadn’t had any requests to change the law protecting kereru, in place since 1912, despite Maori still consuming them.

“Maori ate moa as well. We don’t want to eat birds to the brink of extinction that is not appropriate in this day and age.”

Ms Barry was “pretty certain” she’d never eaten the bird knowingly or not. She expected guests at the dinner would “not be served a protected species under the guise of a chicken dish”.

Ms Adams “had no idea” whether she ate the bird because the meal was two years ago.

“I’m not responsible for what they served, I have no idea what they served. If I had been advised it was kereru I wouldn’t have eaten it and to the best of my knowledge I haven’t eaten it,” she said today.

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New Zealand’s Favourite Grandmother on the right side of the issue of stray cats

The science supports Maggie Barry’s death to cats policy.

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Winston Sledges New Zealand’s Favourite Grandmother

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Please please don’t kill me Granny Maggie

Whaleoil Politician of the Week Maggie Barry is National’s designated Winston antidote.

So it is not surprising that Winston gives her a good kick in the arse over her cat policy.

Ms Barry says the SPCA’s practice of catching cats, spaying them and setting them free – is counterproductive.

“What I’d like to see the SPCA do is if they catch a wild cat, to put them down in a humane way.”   Read more »

Phil Quin on Cats and Constitutions

Phil Quin is bemused by Maggie Barry’s death wish on cats.

What concerns me is this: why on earth does a NZ government have the power to tell its citizen how many cats they can own?

These debates happen all the time in NZ. Let’s ban this, or restrict that – often in response to some moral panic brought on by the confluence of more than one newspaper article on a given subject.

Our unwritten constitution often seem to offer carte blanche to governments to regulate, ban, restrict anything they like, apparently on a whim.

Kiwis love to bash the U.S.; mock its gun culture, for example, and the extremes of its politics.  But, living there for several years, I came to respect the limited nature of constitutional government – and the fact that, at state and federal level, there are courts whose job it is to determine where governments have committed overreach. Cat fanciers in America would have a law such as that proposed by Barry struck down in minutes. In fact, no government would even propose it, knowing that it couldn’t pass constitutional muster.    Read more »

Conservation Minister wants government to go all ISIS on your cat


NZ Newswire reported Ms Barry said she had spoken about [Prime Minister’s cat] Moonbeam to Mr Key and knew she was kept locked inside at night.

Mr Key said limiting cats was Ms Barry’s personal view rather than the Government’s.

“Some people are going to have lots of cats and some people are going to have few. The Government isn’t going to limit the number of cats people can own.”

Ms Barry was speaking from bird sanctuary Zealandia. Read more »