Maggie Barry

Cui bono? Why throw Sam under the bus?

Fairfax’s intrepid reporters Andrea Vance and Deidre Mussen have been briefed by the wet faction, led by John Key, inside National against new corrections minister Sam Lotu-Iiga.

Meanwhile, Beehive sources report the office of Corrections Minister Sam Lotu-Iiga is in “meltdown”, with Police Minister Michael Woodhouse ordered to front any media interviews.

Woodhouse is on his way to Wellington for meetings with officials this afternoon.

“Sam is nowhere to be seen,” the source said.

When you see statements like this the one thing you have to ask is cui bono? Who benefits?

Sources inside parliament are suggesting that the very wet Nikki Kaye and her office are briefing against Lotu-Iiga, as well as Maggie Barry as they are both Auckland based and a threat to Nikki Kaye’s chances of moving up the cabinet ranks.   Read more »

Maggie Barry’s double standards on poisons in the environment

On her appointment as a minister, NZ’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, had this to say:

But Barry, a member of National’s “blue greens” sector group, takes her eco credentials seriously as a gardener.

“From garden show days . . . as well as to this day I try not to spray anything. I have been known to use the odd herbicide when I had a bigger garden . . . but I figured early on in the piece I didn’t really want to grow the things that needed spraying every 10 days.”

But within days she was telling Auckland Council that if they didn’t dump tonnes of 1080 poison all over the Hunuas, into Auckland’s water catchment areas, that she would force them to do so.

She told TVNZ Breakfast, as reported int eh NZ Herald:

“These are the kinds of challenges that I’m starting to come to grips with at the moment. We have to get our predators under control so we do need 1080.”  Read more »

Weedkiller runoff into Auckland’s water supply is bad, but 1080 poison is perfectly alright

The other day Maggie Barry gobbed off about 1080 being dumped all over the water catchment areas for Auckland in the Hunua Ranges.

She thought it was perfectly alright to dump poison into our water system.

Now we find out that the Council has been dumping weed killer intot he water and that the water has been essentially quarantined.

Two dams in the Hunua Ranges which supply about 20 per cent of Auckland’s water were closed for four months this year after traces of a toxic herbicide applied to nearby forestry blocks got into the dams’ supply lakes.

Last night, Watercare Services said there was no risk to public health.

Auckland Council was told of the incident, but both the council and Watercare Services kept it quiet from the public until a whistleblower contacted the Herald yesterday.

Watercare communications manager John Redwood said the public were not notified because “we were confident there was no risk of water from the lakes being drawn into the supply network at any time”.

After a forestry block on council land in the Cosseys, Wairoa and Mangatawhiri dam catchments was sprayed on May 12, Watercare detected traces of the herbicide metsulfuron-methyl in the Cosseys and Wairoa lakes.

Metsulfuron-methyl is a residual toxic herbicide used to kill broadleaf weeds and some annual grasses.

Watercare said the likely cause was run-off from surrounding blocks as a result of unexpected heavy rain two days after spraying. GPS tracking by helicopter confirmed spray was not applied to the lake areas.

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New Zealands favourite grandmother is a perfect choice for senior citizens minister

- NewstalkZB

– NewstalkZB

Maggie Barry’s portfolios of Conservation and Senior Citizens are naturals for her.

Getting Arts an unexpected bonus. She will be one of the Ministers invited to the most public meetings. Still has a very positive brand with older New Zealanders.

New Zealand’s favourite grandmother is a perfect choice for senior citizens minister.

John Key once called her the Minister of Roses – so it was appropriate that when former gardening guru Maggie Barry got the call that she had been catapulted into his Cabinet, she was weeding and pruning.

“I had the phone in my back pocket so it was a bit of a scramble to get it out and get the gloves off. When I realised who it was of course, it was very exciting.”

It was cause for a double celebration – Barry was also marking her 55th birthday on Sunday, when Key called.

Barry, partner Grant Kerr and son Joe celebrated at a local restaurant.

Barry picks up the conservation, senior citizens and the arts heritage and culture portfolios.   Read more »

Face of the day


So who is he?

Rodney Hide is keen for Maggie Barry to reveal his identity but failed to do so himself when he was in parliament. I think it is pretty cheeky of Mr Hide to do that, in fact I think that he is out of line.

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So much for the “sledge pledge”, Clare Curran carries on with the Nasty party plan

David Cunliffe made a sledge pledge in line with his party’s “Vote Positive” slogan.

The Sledge Pledge has been ignored, in what can only be a slight against David Cunliffe’s leadership.

Yesterday it was Grant Robertson getting nasty on John Key.

And today it is Clare Curran proving Labour remains the Nasty Party.

It seems Labour leader David Cunliffe’s “sledge pledge”, in which he promised a “positive” election campaign, hasn’t got through to Dunedin South MP Clare Curran.

Curran has branded rival MPs nasty, homophobic and foul-mouthed in an interview with a student newspaper.

The article was published online on Sunday – as Cunliffe was delivering a keynote speech.

“This election campaign is not about dirty tricks or dodgy deals; smear campaigns and a personality cult,” Cunliffe told delegates, including Curran.

Later, he told reporters the public was fed up with political debate centred on personal attacks rather than policy.

“We want to run a clean, positive campaign.”   Read more »

Rolf Harris groped NZ’s favourite grandmother

- NewstalkZB

– NewstalkZB

New Zealand’s favourite grandmother was once groped by Rolf Harris:

MP and former broadcaster Maggie Barry says she was groped by Rolf Harris during an interview in the 1980s.

Barry said she was conducting a radio interview with Harris, when he slid his hand up her thigh, she told RadioLive today.   Read more »

Sledge of the Day – Maggie Barry

Maggie Barry sledges out Trevor Mallard…hard.

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National Selection 101 – Don’t run “for the experience”

National selections in blue seats with big memberships are closed shops to carpetbaggers. The locals look at carpetbaggers with disrespect, and hand them their heads in selection.

This doesn’t deter some of the silliest carpetbaggers from saying that they are running “for the experience”.

This is bullshit and only the most politically inept would think it is a good idea to go and run in a seat where you are going to lose, then turn up at another seat and say “select me”.  Read more »

Can a Carpetbagger Win Selection in a Safe Blue Seat?


Selection season is coming around and as usual the National Party has tits for hands and has really dropped the ball. Instead of having selections all lined up in the year before the election someone suddenly remembers they need to run a selection late in the year before the election, so selections in the late summer and autumn, rather than in the previous spring.

This selection season there are two very safe blue seats coming up. Hunua and Clutha-Southland offer a job for life so they will attract carpetbaggers like flies to shit. The problem for carpet-baggers is that these two electorates are high membership electorates and the local delegates will decide the selection, rather than having HQ impose their choice on the electorate.  Read more »