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Either way Hone is giving the finger to the rules


Hone is dumber than a sack of hammers. His response to the Taxpayers Union jumping on him for taxpayer funded billboards is to incorrectly claim the Union is itself taxpayer funded…

Harawira dismissed the claims of Taxpayers’ Union executive director Jordan Williams, who yesterday branded the apparent breach of rules as “an outrageous use of taxpayer money”.

“But the only thing that is outrageous, is how outrageously stupid Jordan Williams was to make the accusation without checking the facts” Harawira said.

“The billboards were all legitimately paid for from campaign funds.” Read more »

Whaleoil apologises to Hone Harawira

A few days ago, I ran an article accusing Hone Harawira of getting the tax payer to stump up for his election signage.


Turns out that I’m wrong. ¬†For that I apologise. ¬† Read more »

They are watching

The Internet Mana party apparatchiks are watching our every move.

How do I know that?

Well because they have secret Facebook groups, and last night they were talking about WOBH.One of the Ground Crew reports in from his undercover position as a Internet Mana party stoolie.

The “Covert footage of Internet Mana party hall meeting” video has been shared over Internet Party’s Secret Facebook groups..

and yes, they have secret Facebook groups where all sorts of stuff is talked about..

Heres a copy of the conversation in the secret group haha (I am a member on it):

Kevin Palmer What hurts him more is to ignore him he can’t handle that.

Kieran McDonogh That’s just Whale Blubbers way of saying why wasn’t he invited, and if he was he’d have shared his sandwiches (prepared by his Mum) with any Internet Mana Party member who asked.

Kim Robinson It’s that I can’t hear… hence asking in the group.¬† Read more »

More Harawira signs you paid for

It seems Hone Harawira has funded his election campaign from the public purse with more taxpayer funded signs going up around the electorate.

Our Ground Crew member reports:

Last night I also saw them one on a fence on the corner of Triangle Road and Lincoln Road, Henderson¬† and another on the top of a building called “Mothers Cellar” in Lincoln Road, Henderson.

hone 1

Fence of the marae in Luckens Road, West Harbour, Auckland

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Condemned by Labour, NZ First and the Greens but Mana still thinks swastikas and flag burnings are ok

photo 1

The swastika flags and flag burnings by anti-Israel protestors have been condemned by Labour, NZ First and the Greens.

But the screaming skull, John Minto, thinks that such demonstrations are just fine with him and the Mana party.

Then again when you are funded by a nazi fetishist who makes rape jokes it is probably normal.

Mana activist John Minto is defending the defacing of Israeli flags at an anti-Israel march in Auckland, saying it was an appropriate form of protest due to the “massacre”.

Hundreds of people turned out during the weekend march to protest the Israeli offensive in Gaza, which has resulted in more than 600 Palestinians being killed as Israel bombards the Gaza Strip.

Right-wing blog Whale Oil has posted images showing protesters, including Mana members, burning a US and an Israeli flag as well as one of an Israeli flag with a Nazi swastika imposed upon it.

These actions have been condemned by Labour, NZ First and the Greens.

Minto said he was not aware of the burning, but did not believe it was inappropriate.

“I can’t see what the problem is,” Minto said. “Flags have been burnt in demonstrations and protests for hundreds of years so it’s no big deal.”

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Why are Wellington Young Feminists not demanding Kim Dotcom apologise?

Remember this?


It caused quite a stir. ¬†Laila Harre had to get stuck into Kim before he would delete the Tweet. ¬† Thing is, Kim Dotcom has form when it comes to rape jokes. ¬† Read more »

Kim Dotcom wants your vote, because he’s oppressed just like you

Via the tipline:


Whaleoil Ground Crew member Frankie May hits another out of the park.

I just don’t get why those Maori boys and girls up north are lapping his spiel up… or can they see the dollar signs?

Be this guy! (plus: Comment of the Day)

Remember this?


It comes from this: ¬† Read more »

@KimDotcom tweets about his voters coming to see him


Can you just see all the Internet Party voters in that Internet Mana crowd? ¬† Read more »

Where are the Internet Party voters?

Yesterday both National and Internet Mana had public meetings.

Here’s one of National’s


Well attended, mostly people well past their 50th birthday.  Not too surprising, especially on a working day, during working hours.

Here’s the evening meeting the Internet Mana party held: ¬† Read more »