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All hopes on Hone as Maori Party set to clean out Sykes


As the elder statesmen and women of the Maori Party fall by the wayside, and the Mana with it, it appears that it will be just time before the Maori Party becomes a footnote in New Zealand’s political history.

But not just yet, reports Michael Fox

The Maori Party’s future is looking more secure, according to the results of a new poll in co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell’s Waiariki electorate.

With the party performing poorly in all major political polls, well below the 5 per cent needed to enter Parliament without an electorate seat, its survival could rest on Flavell retaining the seat he has held since 2005.

Last night’s Maori Television Reid Research Poll of 500 voters showed 50 per cent of respondents would vote for Flavell if the election were held now. Read more »

The thin veneer is peeling off the Internet MANA “movement”

Georgina Beyer, bless her cotton socks, is not for sale:

issue74Internet Mana candidate Georgina Beyer has gone rogue and come out swinging at her party’s so-called visionary, Kim Dotcom.

She says [Kim Dotcom] is pulling the strings and is in politics for all the wrong reasons – including revenge.

Internet Mana’s the party that’s big on going big – big names, big productions, big personalities. But now it seems it’s got big problems too.

“Who is pulling the strings? Well, the big man himself,” says Ms Beyer.

Ms Beyer, a former Labour MP and New Zealand’s first transgender MP, is Mana’s candidate in the southern Maori seat of Te Tai Tonga.

She believes Dotcom is tearing her party apart. Read more »

It couldn’t happen here. Surely not

Great Britain are on its 2nd highest terror alert.   Because they fear the enemy within:  their own Muslim citizens

Britain faces the “greatest and deepest” terror threat in the country’s history, Prime Minister David Cameron warned yesterday as he pledged emergency measures to tackle extremists.

The UK threat level was raised to “severe” – its second highest – meaning that a terrorist attack is “highly likely” in light of the growing danger from British jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria.

Cameron said the risk posed by Isis will last for “decades” and raised the prospect of an expanding terrorist nation “on the shores of the Mediterranean”.

He disclosed that Isis had made “specific” threats against the UK and did not rule out military action to tackle the growing problem.

More than 500 Britons are believed to have gone to Iraq and Syria and at least half have returned, with some feared to be planning attacks there. One major plot has been foiled.

The warning came as it emerged that a laptop seized from Isis in Syria contained research on how to make a biological bomb and religious justification for using it against civilians.

Tomorrow Cameron will unveil a number of “uncompromising” measures to help tackle British jihadists and fill the “gaps in our armoury”.

They will include stopping British fanatics from travelling to or returning from the war zones by making it easier to seize their passports.

He is also expected to tighten controls that can be put on the movement and activities of terror suspects within the UK.

Of course, when our New Zealand citizens move to terrorist counties, and they get “accidentally” blown up by a drone, parties like Labour and Greens are concerned his civil rights were violated.  Not just that, they, and Kim Dotcom’s Internet Mana want the GCSB dealt to.   Read more »

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Internet Mana party are stealing an election

Internet MANA, or more likely the Internet Party are starting a new get out to vote campaign called Mobilize.  At first I thought I was nitpicking again given that Mobilize is the US spelling of the word, while Mobilise is the British/NZ spelling of the word, somewhat amusing when you consider the very nasty anti-US stance of many people in Internet MANA.

Once I got past the nitpicking, what I found more interesting was the terms and conditions page of the website. In it, there’s a paragraph about Mobilize working towards seeing if they can offer prizes to people who get the most other people to pledge to vote and/or get the most unenrolled pledgers to enrol, which is skirting around the boundaries of electoral law.

What’s more interesting is as the paragraph goes on, the whole point of Mobilize NZ – a scheme to encourage Internet and MANA members to campaign on their behalf – comes out, as they point out that it is likely that any prizes will only be offered to people who are members of Internet MANA or its component parties at the time that they pledge to vote.

Under privacy they’re also using the emails and details your provide to effectively sign you up to receive newsletters from Internet MANA, along with the usual encouragements to vote.

So while they profess to be all about getting people to pledge to vote, in reality they’re simply out to collect email addresses to send their newsletters to and to incentivise Internet MANA members to push this campaign for them.

Wonder what the Electoral Commission will make of it.  Seems awfully close to treating once again.

mobilize privacy

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Mana economic media release (yes, I know)

Before you carry on reading, I need to warn you:  this is going to hurt your head:

MANA Movement Economic Justice spokesperson John Minto is calling for a radical overhaul of New Zealand’s taxation system with calculations showing that a minimum wage worker pays a ten times higher tax rate than the Prime Minister.

Minimum wage worker 28% tax

Prime Minister 2.8% tax

The minimum wage worker on 40 hours per week earns $29,640 and pays $4,207 in income tax and $4,149.60 in GST giving a total tax of $8,356.60 or 28% of income.

On the other hand the Prime Minister earns $428,000 from his PM’s salary along with this year’s $5,000,000 increase in his wealth (according to NBR’s rich list) which gives him a total income of $5,428,000. On this total income he pays just $132,160 in income tax and approximately $21,400 in GST giving a total tax of $153,560 or 2.8% of income.

This is a national embarrassment. Those least able to pay are under a heavy tax burden while the super-rich pay peanuts.

The National government and its attack bloggers refer to the working poor as scum, bludgers and ferals but it’s clear the real problem is with the top 1% of income earners who get all the benefits of taxpayer funded facilities and services but don’t pull their weight paying for them.

Cleaners, fast-food workers, hospitality workers and security guards are all heavily subsidising the lifestyles of the superrich.

These figures show we need an overhaul of our tax system so the Prime Minister and his rich-list colleagues pay their fair share.

Actually, only one attack blogger refers to the working poor as scum, bludgers and ferals.  I have yet to see the Government use those words.  And no, I’m not “theirs”.  I can assure you, they have no control over me.  Nobody does.   Read more »

Careful now Fran, Tom and Jerry* won’t like this kind of carry on

While the NZ Herald are keeping Judith Collins and my good self in a perpetually revolving set of scandalous headlines, the real evil in New Zealand politics is allowed to progress unobstructed.   At lease Fran ‘O is swimming up stream and giving it a valiant try:

It’s ridiculous that the New Zealand political system can be gamed by an international businessman with criminal convictions who bought his way into this country via the Investor Plus scheme. That businessman subsequently avoided extradition attempts. Then bankrolled a new political party to the tune of $3 million to “take down John Key” and is now openly colluding with Julian Assange to drop a political bomb just five days out from the election.

Kim Dotcom has long been resisting US Government attempts to extradite him to the United States to face allegations of racketeering and money-laundering over the use of his former file-hosting site Megaupload.

Now Dotcom’s palled up with the redoubtable Assange, who took refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to avoid extradition by the Swedish Government over alleged sexual offences.

You can just imagine the phone calls between the pair.

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Hosking wonders why people aren’t running from Kim Dotcom

I’ll answer it before we start:  1) greed, 2) utu, 3) wishful thinking

for a person to admit to criminal activity, far less criminal activity at the highest level of German politics, defies any sort of reasonable explanation. And just to cap off an eventful day, the party’s spin doctor in the form of Pam Corkery completely and utterly loses any form of decorum , dignity or professionalism that job might under normal circumstances entail.

If the video in which Kim Dotcom incites chanting “f*** John Key” didn’t alarm you, perhaps his admission of hacking the German prime minister’s credit rating does. And if per chance it doesn’t, you’re not normal.

Dotcom is dangerous, plain and simple. Among the many mysteries that have come out of this absurd association Mana has with the Internet Party is why on earth someone like Laila Harré ever thought in her wildest dreams this would ever be anything other than a complete fiasco is beyond me. Harré is an experienced practitioner. She has seen how solid, professional parties work. What she ever wanted with this lot I don’t get.

Thing is, Mike, that these people think they are smarter than Kim.  They think they can use him.  Of course Kim gives them trinkets and promises them what they really want, in exchange for their souls.   Read more »

John Minto shares an act of effigy burning with his closest friends

From John Minto’s private Facebook (John, one of your friends, isn’t)


Please note:

It is still on fire.   Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: “Bash the Jews, cut their f***ing heads off” The footage of Auckland’s protest the other media won’t show you

Bash the Jews, cut their heads off. cut their f***ing heads off”

Those were the fanatical words of a demented blood thirsty nutcase as he stood in protest in front of the American embassy on Customs St, Auckland on the 27th of July. This being just part of the “peaceful protest’ last month in support of some place called Palestine.

I am going to add very few words to this post, and allow you to make judgement for yourselves.

At 3:25 an organiser hurries to usher children in front of a placard saying “MAKE ISRAEL HISTORY” because it was at the front line of the protest in front of a television camera. There were many of these placards seen at the protest.

At 6:20 the demented nutcase begins his violent anti Jewish and anti American rant outside the American Embassy:

“Drag them out. Got a word with them. It’s called Allahu Akbar. God is great. Child killers! F***in’ child killers! “


American murderers! Murderers! Burn the flag! Burn the American flag! Bash you Jewish! Cut their heads off. Cut their f$^%in’ heads off!


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Face of the day


John Minto has written a letter.

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