Mana Party

Destroying Mana in pursuit of fast cash

It is unbelievable but it is happening.

The idiots of the Mana party are seriously contemplating a merger or arrangement with Kim Dotcom’s vanity project the Internet party. Clearly they too have been hoodwinked by his smoke and mirrors act.

This is tearing apart the Mana party very quickly even leading to dissent amongst family members, which given their past history is likely to end in a big family all in brawl.

Mana leader Hone Harawira’s wife, veteran activist Hilda Halkyard-Harawira, is among party members concerned about the likely alliance with the Internet Party.

Halkyard-Harawira raised her concerns in a closed session yesterday afternoon at the party’s conference in Rotorua, with Harawira confirming she remained wary of it.

An alliance looks almost certain after the movement voted to support the ongoing negotiations with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party. While all seven Mana branches supported the move, there is still significant dissent within the party.

“She’s wary of the deal and understandably so. She sees it from not just a perspective of a Mana member or the wife of the Mana leader but from a long history of involvement in politics and activism,” Harawira said.

Harawira said his wife, who declined to comment, shared the concerns of others about the potential watering down of what the movement stood for.  Read more »

The Dotcom wrecking ball commences the destruction of the Mana party

It looks like the political damage of Kim Dotcom is now taking its toll on the Mana party.

Sue Bradford has walked. I never thought I’d say this but good on her.

Sue Bradford and other leading Mana Party figures have walked out of the party’s AGM over its decision to continue negotiations towards an alliance with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party.

After discussions which went into the night at Mataikotare Marae near Rotorua yesterday, Mana’s branches “unanimously” agreed to move forward with the negotiations.

The party has given its leaders a month to negotiate, before they put any proposed alliance out to the party’s local branches for consultation.

However, Mana President Annette Sykes this morning said : “Our movement, I was concerned that it may be fragile and some of our membership – I don’t know whether some have chosen not to come back today.”

“There’s quite a number. We’re not talking hundreds, but we’re talking people who I think are leaders young and old and they are principled people who I have respect for. They’ve gone back to reflect with their branches.”

Ms Bradford this morning confirmed she was among those who had walked out.  Read more »

Another day and more mis-truths from Kim Dotcom

So Kim Dotcom is sucking up to the Mana party and telling them what they want to hear.

This is his claim yesterday:

In a speech which drew regular applause, he said growing up he was “a poor young boy living under hard circumstances”, with an alcoholic father and a mother working three jobs to make ends meet.

“That is where my drive and my motivation came from because I wanted to create a better life, especially for my mother.”


He also made this claim a few weeks back to Q+A

RACHEL Do you know what it’s like to be poor?

KIM I know very much what it’s like to be poor.

RACHEL When have you been poor?

KIM Well my father was an alcoholic, and when I was a child he used to beat us up, and my mother was working three jobs just to feed us, just to keep us going. I was living in a small apartment building that people would probably consider a slum, if you saw where we lived in Germany, and when I was a kid I often had to eat toast with sugar, or toast with ketchup, that was my food. So I know what it means to be poor, I know what it means to struggle and to be hungry.   

This is in all likelihood yet another facility from Kim Dotcom, a man who has built his life off of the back of crimes such as fraud, theft and dishonesty.

Either those statements above are true, or his real life was something else.

Schmitz was born in 1974 in Kiel, Germany, and grew up in northern Germany. His father piloted the luxury cruise liner “MS Deutschland.” His mother was a chef. He attended a posh boarding school, the Staatliche Internat Schloss Plön, and got his first computer when he was nine. Because gaming software cost too much for him to buy, he figured out how to make illegal copies and went into business selling them to friends for a few marks a piece.

So, how does a man starving and only eating bread and sugar afford a computer in 1983. In the hagiography dictated to David Fisher Kim Dotcom claims that his first computer was not at age nine rather it was at age 11 and a Commodore C-16. Which even in a house that is eating bread and sugar or bread and ketchup seems a bit far fetched that they would be able to afford a computer ahead of food.  Read more »

MANA will join forces with the Internet Party today

This weekend will be a tough on for Sue Bradford and John Minto.  Are they going to go with what they know is right, or will they take a huge dent to their credibility (such as it is) by yielding to the MANA party’s objective?

A tie-up with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party is finding favour among the Mana Party’s younger grassroots members as a means of engaging young voters, Mana’s president Annette Sykes says.

The prospect of a tie-up with the Internet Party and the controversial German millionaire’s appearance has helped fire unprecedented levels of interest in the party’s annual meeting today in Rotorua, leader and sole MP Hone Harawira said yesterday.

Mr Dotcom’s speech to delegates this morning is his chance to convince the approximately 250 Mana members attending that an alliance is in their interests and won’t compromise their core values.

He is up against the perception that as a conspicuously wealthy man who initially cosied up to the political right in the form of John Banks, he is making a cynical grab for the chance of a seat or two in Parliament that a tie-up with Mana and Te Tai Tokerau MP Mr Harawira would offer.

“That’s one of the perspectives held strongly by some of our membership,” said Ms Sykes, who is also the party’s Waiariki candidate.

That would be the intellectually honest and almost sane part of the MANA party then.   The only reason Kim Dotcom wants your obedience and supplication is so that he has a snowball’s chance of being part of the King Maker Party after all the votes are tallied up.   Read more »

Maori party reacts to Hone and his “waharoa tiamana”

The Maori party president Naida Glavish has issued a stinging press release telling Hone Harawira just exctly why he is wrong in entertaining Kim Dotcom and his vanity political party.

“The Maori Party has every right to ‘butt in’ when Hone Harawira talks about playing a confidence trick on Te Tai Tokerau voters to use their Maori seat as a ‘waharoa tiamana’ (a German gateway) to get Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party into Parliament,” says the Maori Party’s president, Rangimarie Naida Glavish. She was responding to Hone Harawira’s call for the Maori Party to “butt out” of his Mana Party’s invitation to Kim Dotcom to speak to the Mana annual general meeting in Rotorua this weekend.

“At a time when the Maori Party has had to work hard for the billion dollars of Whanau Ora and other benefits for te iwi Maori, Dotcom has no kaupapa other than dodging extradition to the United States. The Maori Party will not butt out of its responsibility to point out that Dotcom offers nothing to our people,” said Ms Glavish.  Read more »

Kim and Dim to have a meeting

I never thought Hone Harawira was this stupid.

Hone Harawira has kept the possibility of a deal with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party alive, confirming talks over the weekend to explore a political relationship.

Dotcom and the Mana Party leader have held discussions previously but Harawira ruled out a formal merger after a backlash from members of his party.

Long-time activist and former Green MP Sue Bradford is among those who balked at any prospect of a deal and threatened to quit.

In a statement this evening, Harawira confirmed talks with Dotcom in central Auckland over the weekend to discuss possibilities “for a relationship between the Mana movement and the Internet Party”.

He said the Mana executive had extended an invitation to Dotcom to address its AGM on Saturday,.  Read more »

Ken Mair putting pressure on Mana

Ken Mair is heaping the pressure on the Mana party and in particular Annette Sykes and Sue Bradford.

The Maori Party is calling for the resignation of Mana Party president Annette Sykes and campaigner Sue Bradford.

“I actually respect the work these mana wahine do in their communities but if they have any integrity, then they will leave the Mana Party in protest of their party leader’s silly plan to sell their soul to a man who has never done anything for Maori,” said Maori Party co-vice president Ken Mair.

“I’d be extremely surprised if Annette and Sue allow their party to become Dotcomana because they aren’t the type of people to lay down and let others exploit them.

“It is obvious to me that Hone ain’t listening to them and that he would allow his party to be divided for the sake of dollars.  Read more »

The Huddle


I was on NewstalkZB this evening with Larry Williams and his show The Huddle. With me was another pinko, arts and travel blogger David Farrar.

Our topics were:

The polls are out and the Mana Party’s still willing to sell it’s soul (if it has one) to get in with Kim Dotcom – all because Dotcom doesn’t like John Key. There’s been a bit of an  improvement for NZ First – is that because people are forgetting his track record. (A high probability given the age of the NZ First support base!)

Then the travel ban for Fiji has been lifted. This leads the way to full democratic elections in September. For all his bad though, it appears Bainimarama has kept things relatively stable and is popular amongst the peeps and likely to win.   Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I am on NewstalkZB this evening with Larry Williams and his show The Huddle. With me will be another pinko, arts and travel blogger David Farrar.

Our topics will be:

The polls are out and the Mana Party’s still willing to sell it’s soul (if it has one) to get in with Kim Dotcom – all because Dotcom doesn’t like John Key. There’s been a bit of an  improvement for NZ First – is that because people are forgetting his track record. (A high probability given the age of the NZ First support base!)  Read more »

Revenge is not a policy platform

We all know now that Kim Dotcom is a vengeful character. He has stated that he will “destroy anybody” who he thinks will “harm his family”. That means that if you call in the lawyer to get you wages paid that he will destroy you, mock you on Twitter and mount and expensive legal battle. He is motivated by revenge.

Rodney Hide notes that is not a platform for a sustainable political party.

Motive matters, especially in politics. Voters want to know the “Why” just as much as the “What”. And that’s where the internet Party falls down. Kim Dotcom is driven entirely by revenge. And his fight with the US Government.

His beef is with the Prime Minister. Dotcom holds John Key personally responsible for the raid on his home and the taking down of his internet business. Hence the internet Party.

In the absence of the raid – and the threat of extradition and conviction – there would be no internet Party. That’s its point.

The party therefore lacks uplift. It’s not in any way inspiring. It lacks any underpinning philosophy or guiding principles. That’s a must-have for political parties. It’s what generates the passion and the drive that politics demands.

Paying people might get a ‘job’ done, but it does not pass through to enthusiasm.

Not surprisingly, those involved desperately lack passion and belief. The internet Party’s chief executive Vikram Kumar jumped from Dotcom’s Mega company.

He says his job now is that of a “start-up” and of taking “a concept to market”.

That’s not the stuff of politics.   Read more »