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New Plymouth gave him the arse card, so now he’s trying to hide with the Maoris

New Plymouth didn’t want him…so now he is cuddling up to the Maori party.

New Plymouth’s current mayor has said a career in the Maori Party could be on the cards for him.

On Tuesday Judd revealed he had been a financial member of the party for a year now but as his term approaches its end this Saturday, with the local government elections, Judd said he’s looking to the future.

“I still have a young family to take care of but I’m not ruling anything out for the future just yet,” he said.

Judd said he hadn’t yet made up his mind about standing for the Maori Party in the New Plymouth electorate this coming election in 2017, but if he did he would be contesting current seat holder Jonathan Young of the National Party.

“I have no intention of being the candidate this election, but I’m not ruling it out for the future,” he said.    Read more »

Former MP elected in race based seat attacks racism in policy but says nothing about Maori child abuse

There are no greater hypocrites in NZ politics than the Maori party. They always attack everyone and every policy on the basis of race despite the fact they exist only because of a racist policy of Maori-only seats.

Their former MPs are beset by the same hypocrisy.

Maori Party co-founder Dame Tariana Turia has blasted the Government for “institutional racism” in its proposed reform of child protection laws.

She said a proposal to abolish a principle requiring child protection staff to consider the effects of decisions on whanau and iwi, as well as on the child’s well-being, was “a big step backwards”.

“I am going to speak to MPs, and I am going to speak to various iwi around the country to get them to understand what institutional racism really is, which is what we are experiencing yet again,” she said.

Cabinet papers released by Social Development Minister Anne Tolley last weekrevealed that the Government plans to axe a provision that gives priority to placing abused children with foster parents from the same extended family or tribe.   Read more »

Key calling Maori party bluff…risky

The Maori party are cutting up rough, but John Key doesn’t think there is a problem.

John Key says there’s “zero chance” National’s relationship with the Māori Party will break down over the proposed Kermadec sanctuary despite the coalition partner considering walking away.

A political fight has broken out over the proposed 620,000 square kilometre ocean sanctuary in New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone after negotiations with the Māori Fisheries Trust stalled.

The Trust, also known as Te Ohu Kaimoana, is continuing with its court action against the Government, saying it wasn’t consulted and still wants the right to fish in the area.

It says the 1992 Treaty of Waitangi settlement over fishing, known as the Sealord deal, gives iwi rights to fish in the area.   Read more »


Winston’s dance card is filling up – everyone wants to take him home

Winston Peters is the man of the moment, especially since Colin Craig is going down in a blaze of ignominy.

Prime Minister John Key has signalled he’ll announce before next year’s election that he’s prepared to work with NZ First to form a government if he has to.

Mr Key ruled out working with NZ First leader Winston Peters before the 2008 and 2011 elections, but changed his attitude before the 2014 election.

He didn’t need to work with Mr Peters post-election in 2014 because he had enough support elsewhere to form a government.   Read more »

I’m not sure a torrent of abuse as a tactic is going to help Labour

I’ve been watching Rino Tirikatane going full retard on Twitter for quite sometime. Ever since Trevor Mallard dialled it back it seems there have been competing interests inside Labour to see who could be the nastiest and most abusive politician on Twitter. Sue Moroney had a good crack at it and now it seems Rino Tirikatane is trying the wrest the crown of nasty off her.

For a man who was selected only because his old man died and he had the right surname it is somewhat flawed policy.

After five years as the Invisible Man’s doppelganger, Te Tai Tonga MP Rino Tirikatene has finally broken out.

The trigger was the Budget tax on smoking. His chosen dance floor was Twitter. In person, Tirikatene is a shambling, genial, diffident character. It was akin to watching the Incredible Hulk hulk out.

He started by saying the Maori Party “are slowly turning Aotearoa into a kuia state”. On and on he went, using the hashtag #kuiastate (Nanny State) for each tweet.

He was only goaded further when Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox pointed out that Labour was in fact voting for this “kuia state” measure.

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Despite no evidence to support it, government planning on plain packaging

There is zero evidence of the effectiveness of plain packaging, indeed in Australia which introduced plain packaging for tobacco consumption went up.

That doesn’t seem to be stopping idiot National ministers from rolling ahead with plain packaging.

The Government is to press ahead with plain-packaging for tobacco – with more detail on how such a regime might work to be revealed tomorrow.

Prime Minister John Key this afternoon said the Maori Party-devised plain-packaging regime had not been signed off by Cabinet, but the advice he was receiving was that “we should be able to proceed with that, without the legal risks that had slowed us up”.

“I’m not sure how far away it is, but it’s getting much closer and we are keen to progress it.”

New Zealand had been keeping an eye on the outcome of legal challenges against Australia’s plain-packaging, one from tobacco firm Philip Morris and another from tobacco-producing countries via the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Associate Health Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga will attend a smokefree event in Wellington tomorrow.

The Herald understands he will unveil detail on draft regulations for a future plain-packaging regime, such as what cigarette packages would look like.

Australia won the case against Philip Morris in December.

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Is the cartoon complaint an orchestrated political hit?

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox (Getty Images)

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox (Getty Images)

To begin with I just assumed that the perpetually offended were behind the complaint to the Human Rights Commission about the cartoon by BoomSlang that we published. Now, after coming across an article on Voxy I am not so sure.

The headline screams, ‘Maori Party ‘saves HRC roles and condemns Whaleoil.’ It looks like there may be a link between the complaint and a political push to justify the role of Race Relations Commissioner within the Human Rights Commision by the Maori Party. This is of real concern to me as it makes me wonder if they need a conviction in order to justify their continued existence. Has Whaleoil been set up as a sacrificial lamb? Are we to be slaughtered to appease the need of the Human Rights Commision to appear relevant?

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Another reason National needs to dump the Maori Party: they push for separatism


The Maori Party is calling for a “long overdue” law change to establish Maori wards on every district council in New Zealand.

Co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell will present a petition to Parliament at the urging of New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd, who championed the creation of a Maori ward in his city – a move blocked by a public vote last year.

Under existing legislation, councils can choose to establish Maori wards. However, if 5 per cent of voters sign a petition opposed to such a move, the decision then goes to a binding referendum. Read more »

Maori Party makes National its bitch over Kermadecs


That Northland loss to Winston is costing. Big.

After ruling out compensation for iwi affected by a proposed Kermadec ocean sanctuary, the Government has buckled to pressure and will now consider it.

A Bill to establish the sanctuary unanimously passed its first reading in Parliament yesterday, but a number of iwi are angry about the lack of consultation.

The Maori Party has met with Environment Minister Nick Smith, who agreed to talks with iwi on compensation in return for the Maori Party supporting the Bill. Read more »

Maori will do a better job than the government

I’m glad to hear it.  And it is sort of the point…

The Maori Party has defended its backing for the sale of thousands of state houses, saying iwi will be able to take on the homes and do a better job than Housing New Zealand.

A bill which paves the way for National’s sale of up to 8000 Housing New Zealand properties passed into law yesterday, with the support of Act, United Future and the Maori Party.

Opposition MPs attacked the Maori Party during the bill’s third reading.

Green Party MP Marama Davidson said the Maori Party’s argument that iwi could purchase some of the houses was not a good excuse.

“That is the tiniest possibility,” she said. “I will say that that is not enough … justification for the Maori Party to support this legislation because we know that privatisation has never collectively benefited Maori.”

Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni said she was shocked with the Maori Party’s vote of support.

“That is on record now, and it will not be forgotten,” she said.

The Septic Tank’s at it again, keeping Maori in their place as victims who need to be cared for by the State.  Read more »