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Is the Maori Party a friend of Israel?

As I did with all the other political parties I approached the Maori Party for comment on the New Zealand sponsored UN resolution 2334 against Israel. After I received a response from their media spokesperson I e-mailed her the following questions:

1. Does the Maori Party consider itself to be a friend of Israel?
2. Does the Maori Party support Murray McCully’s decision to sponsor resolution 2334 against democratic Israel along with communist Venezuela and Islamic Senegal?
3. Does the Maori Party support the rights of the Jews to Israel as indigenous people of that region?
4.As a support partner of the current government were you briefed in any way about this resolution?
If you weren’t briefed why do you think that you were not informed?
5.The Maori Party believes in Tino Rangatiratanga. If any of your answers to our previous questions suppose it is all about Tino Rangatiratanga for Palestinians why do you not consider Tino Rangatiratanga for Jews who have resided in the exact same region for more than three thousand years and certainly before any such people as Palestinians and eighteen hundred years before Islam was even invented?

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David Seymour calls Labours bill against Charter Schools “Ground Hog day”

Last week the Labour Party brought yet another bill to the House to try to undermine New Zealand Charter schools (Partnership Schools .) Act Party leader David Seymour called the bill ” Ground Hog day,” referring to a film of that name where a man finds himself caught in a time loop and forced to relive the same day over and over again. Poor David had to defend Partnership schools from yet another attack bill from the Labour Party who appear to be forced to do the biddings of their Union masters over and over and over again. As with previous attempts, Labour’s attack was neutralised. Act, National, United Future and the Maori Party voted against it and it was defeated 63-57.

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Will Tuku shaft Winston again?

As we covered earlier it appears that the Maori and Mana parties are attempting a reconciliation.

It does raise a question, though. Will Tuku shaft Winston again?

Tuku Morgan of underpants fame shafted Winston Peters in the 1999’s. He now might do it again by taking Maori seats off Labour and providing National a coalition partner other than NZ First.

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Taniwha rejoice! National yields to brown-mail to get neutered RMA reform through

It looks like National has caved to brownmail and given taniwha hope everywhere that they will be able to make extra vast amounts of cash around the country.

The government has reached an agreement with the Māori party, which gave it the numbers to pass the Resource Management Act (RMA) through its final stages in Parliament.

The Māori Party is satisfied iwi will be thoroughly consulted and economic benefits have not trumped environmental protection.

Earlier this year the Māori Party warned it would withdraw its support if iwi was not given more say over how resources were managed.   Read more »

Hipkins anti-charter bill voted down at first reading

David Seymour asks when Labour will give up attacking charter schools:

Will Labour finally abandon their campaign against partnership schools?

Labour needs give up on its campaign against partnership schools, says ACT Leader David Seymour, after Chris Hipkins’ bill to abolish the schools was voted down at first reading.

“With the definitive failure of this bill, Labour can finally abandon their union-driven campaign to close down these ground breaking, community-driven schools.

“Forcing partnership school students back to the system that’s let them down won’t be well-received in the communities where partnership schools are established and respected.  Hipkins need only ask his fellow Labour MPs who have visited these schools in their electorates.   Read more »

All Political parties should be supporting Charter Schools

Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says charter schools are having a positive impact and he’s calling on all Maori MPs to vote against the bill.

“They know in their heart of hearts that actually kura hourua are delivering for our people,” he said.

Charter Schools are getting results and the students who are being helped come from families who vote for a range of political parties. If something works political parties should put people before political point scoring like the Maori Party have.

Would the Labour Party put up a bill to abolish hospitals if they only existed because of a policy of the National Party? Would they ignore the need for hospitals and the demand for them and agitate that they be abolished simply because it wasn’t their good idea in the first place?

Why can’t they take a leaf out of John Key’s book and instead of going against good policy ideas introduced by other parties they instead steal them and make them their own? A number of families who would otherwise vote Labour will not be doing so this election because Labour has promised to destroy the Charter schools where their children are currently doing so well.

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Coffey Tantrum: Agrees Experts Give Him No Chance

Tamati Coffey, former weatherman and now Labour candidate for Waiariki, has a very thin skin. He is currently throwing a tantrum because every reporter, academic and pundit (who he calls ‘experts’), gives him no chance of winning the Waiariki seat.

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New Plymouth gave him the arse card, so now he’s trying to hide with the Maoris

New Plymouth didn’t want him…so now he is cuddling up to the Maori party.

New Plymouth’s current mayor has said a career in the Maori Party could be on the cards for him.

On Tuesday Judd revealed he had been a financial member of the party for a year now but as his term approaches its end this Saturday, with the local government elections, Judd said he’s looking to the future.

“I still have a young family to take care of but I’m not ruling anything out for the future just yet,” he said.

Judd said he hadn’t yet made up his mind about standing for the Maori Party in the New Plymouth electorate this coming election in 2017, but if he did he would be contesting current seat holder Jonathan Young of the National Party.

“I have no intention of being the candidate this election, but I’m not ruling it out for the future,” he said.    Read more »

Former MP elected in race based seat attacks racism in policy but says nothing about Maori child abuse

There are no greater hypocrites in NZ politics than the Maori party. They always attack everyone and every policy on the basis of race despite the fact they exist only because of a racist policy of Maori-only seats.

Their former MPs are beset by the same hypocrisy.

Maori Party co-founder Dame Tariana Turia has blasted the Government for “institutional racism” in its proposed reform of child protection laws.

She said a proposal to abolish a principle requiring child protection staff to consider the effects of decisions on whanau and iwi, as well as on the child’s well-being, was “a big step backwards”.

“I am going to speak to MPs, and I am going to speak to various iwi around the country to get them to understand what institutional racism really is, which is what we are experiencing yet again,” she said.

Cabinet papers released by Social Development Minister Anne Tolley last weekrevealed that the Government plans to axe a provision that gives priority to placing abused children with foster parents from the same extended family or tribe.   Read more »

Key calling Maori party bluff…risky

The Maori party are cutting up rough, but John Key doesn’t think there is a problem.

John Key says there’s “zero chance” National’s relationship with the Māori Party will break down over the proposed Kermadec sanctuary despite the coalition partner considering walking away.

A political fight has broken out over the proposed 620,000 square kilometre ocean sanctuary in New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone after negotiations with the Māori Fisheries Trust stalled.

The Trust, also known as Te Ohu Kaimoana, is continuing with its court action against the Government, saying it wasn’t consulted and still wants the right to fish in the area.

It says the 1992 Treaty of Waitangi settlement over fishing, known as the Sealord deal, gives iwi rights to fish in the area.   Read more »