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Dimpost on the left’s slaughter

Danyl McLauchlan writes about the slaying of the left.

  • The National Party is an incredibly well resourced, well managed, professional political party and it turns out that these things counted for a lot last night.
  • The phone was not off the hook for Labour. Twelve months ago, just after Cunliffe won the leadership of his party Labour were on 37% with the Greens on 12%. There’s a cliche that oppositions don’t win elections, government’s lose them, but Labour lost this election. Cunliffe is probably the worst campaigner in New Zealand political history.
  • Based on the preliminary figures I think turnout will end up being slightly higher than last time but still very low. I was a strong advocate for a strategy of having left-wing parties try and improve their vote by targeting and mobilising younger voters, but it turns that that strategy is electoral suicide! Sorry guys!
  • So the lesson from last night’s right-wing landslide seems to be that older New Zealanders are very engaged with the political process and younger New Zealanders are not. That’s a shame but it’s a message politicians cannot ignore. No one’s going to waste time and energy chasing ‘the youth vote’ again for a very long time.

Youth don’t vote, ever. A few Nat MPs I know don’t bother chasing this vote, the effort required for the payoff means you are better off working elsewhere.

  • I think that the best way forward for Labour is for Cunliffe and ‘the old guard’ – Goff, Mallard and King – to resign. They’ve been at war for six years now and they’re tearing their party apart. I doubt this will happen though. The civil war will drag on for another parliamentary term. That party is dying.

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Big Money Doesn’t Win Campaigns



If you listen to the Greens you would think that Big Money was the most evil thing in politics, and that the wealthy could buy their way to power.

This election has proven this to be bullshit.

Colin Craig and Kim Dotcom have pissed away over $4m each on losing causes.

They spent far more than Labour or the Greens or Winston and still lost.

Money doesn’t buy elections. You need competent people, not egomaniacs. Money helps but if you don’t spend it wisely you end up with the results Kim and Colin got.  Read more »

Face of the day

Martin Martyn Bradbury

Martin Martyn Bradbury

Dear Martin Martyn,

Your Dirty Politics has back fired on you and yours and it is not over yet.

Actions have consequences and I predict some serious Karma will be coming your way soon.



To Martyn, Martin, Kim, Laila, David, Russel, Metiria, Pam and all their fans

How did Martyn Martin Bradbury go with his predictions?

These are the predictions of Martyn martin Bradbury…political commentator and party strategist.

ACT – wiped out, will not win Epsom after a calculated campaign by Labour & Green voters to strategically vote Goldsmith in. Wasted party vote.

Maori Party – wiped out, will not win any electorates. Their relationship with National has burned them, even if they manage to hold onto one seat, they won’t generate enough Party vote to pull anyone else in with them.

United Future – Dunne may hold on, but it will be close.

NZ First – God damn it, I thought this election it would be over for Winnie, but Cunliffe’s ‘sorry for being a man’ comment revealed the deep seated conservatism and anti-feminist mind set of a lot of older male Labour Party voters who have all walked off to Winnie – 6-8% for NZ First.

Internet MANA – have had speed wobble issues as they moved from crawling to sprinting. Needed far better internal discipline than occurred.  Will win Te Tai Tokerau, will win Waiariki will win 4-5% of vote. Would have won 7% if their full employment and free education policies hadn’t been sidelined by ill timed attacks on the media.

Greens – sterling campaign, one of the best in the election will win 13-15% of party vote. Their time to be taken seriously and be at the table has come, will burn a lot of credibility if they do end up helping National out with policy. Looks likely to be snookered however by Labour & NZ First.    Read more »

Has Kim Dotcom Pissed Away $4 million?

Where's my four miiiiilion dollars?

Where’s my four miiiiilion dollars?

Kim Dotcom has spent a small fortune on trying to tip out John Key.

It all looks like it is going to provide an absolutely terrible return.

National is still polling at levels before the campaign started, and the key part of any replacement government, Labour, is turning into a minor party.

Kim’s big problem is he picked a pack of perennial losers to give him political advice.  Read more »

2Degrees writes to me at last

As is my custom, I allow anyone an unedited right of reply:  (redactions so he doesn’t get emails or phone calls)

From: Mathew Bolland <[email protected]> Date: Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 3:08 PM
Subject: Attn: Cameron – re 2degrees advertising
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>

Hi Cameron,

I wanted to clarify something following your commentary on 2degrees advertising. There’s no specific boycott of Whaleoil – sites such as the Daily Blog are also not featuring our ads until after September 20.

Our decision to stop advertising on political blog sites was one we made based on a number of complaints from customers with views from both ends of the political spectrum.

We have no political position and for this reason we made a decision to stop advertising on political blog sites until after the election. We’ll review things then.

As a challenger company, we have built our business by taking a different approach to other organisations. Although we respect everyone’s views and understand some people won’t agree with our decision, this is the approach we are taking until after the election.   Read more »

Breaking election rules comes naturally to “Voted twice” Bradbury

Ok, I can’t prove he voted twice – hence the quotation marks.  That still remains to be seen.  But he certainly enrolled twice.   At the time, I noted him using his daughter as part of his blog boosting election strategy.  But he also held an official voting form.

Here’s the fun part.  Enrolling twice can get you up to $2,000 in fines.

Taking and transmitting photos of voting forms?  $20,000.

The Electoral Commission is putting up signs to prevent voters from taking selfies in polling booths.

Warnings about social media use during the election period have fallen on deaf ears as constituents continue to upload photos of themselves and their ballot papers.

Now the commission says it has had to produce signs banning photography from inside the voting place.

“Photos within the voting place, and particularly those taken of marked ballot papers and behind voting screens, have generated a large number of complaints to the commission already, and as a result we have relooked at our rules around photography,” he said.

People have been told to take their photos down from Facebook and other online places by friends and family, but that doesn’t stop Martyn Bradbury from keeping his photo up on his blog.  He clearly doesn’t care about the law – whatever it takes, the end justifies the means.  We already know that. Read more »

The power of the market in politics

Laura McQuillan remarks on Dirty Politics.

Why’s everyone so angry this election? Is it Labour’s woeful poll results? Is it consternation that your hypothetical block of cheese from National is still three years away?

What seemingly began with an angry man and his blogger mates writing expletive-laden emails is spiralling out of control. Now, it appears everyone from keyboard warriors to politicians (both legitimate and wannabe) is going feral. It’s the election of the angry email you hoped would never see the light of day.

That’s the lesson of Dirty Politics: While Whale Oil himself apparently has zero regrets, his mates are quietly self-flagellating in embarrassment about their knobbish behaviour being pasted online for all to see.

I have every right to be angry that the left has stooped to criminal activity to attack me and my mates. But I am not angry. Anger is too debilitating, it lets them win, and I refuse to let them win. The bottom line is that it isn’t an offence in NZ to be a knob, or rude, or offensive.

It is a crime however to hack and steal peoples emails.

The backlash from their communications being laid bare has sparked an online community of trolls never seen before in New Zealand. Anonymous Twitter accounts are popping up by the day, apparently for no purpose other than to attack political journalists’ integrity and accuse them of bias.

These trolls may have mastered social media, but they get a Not Achieved for their skills in the English language. The F-word does not for an intelligent political debate make. Journos are used to accusations of being “repeaters” and “churnalists” – those words usually levelled by Slater himself. But now, it’s web-based troglodytes accusing every journalist, no matter what the story, of spinning the National Party line. I guess that’s the result of getting your news from The Daily Blog?    Read more »

The continued boycott of Whaleoil advertisers by the left

You may recall our recent story about Pak ‘n Save being drawn into politics by a very insistent but small crowd run by Martyn Bradbury and Lynne Prentice’s blogs.   They have intensified their efforts since Pak ‘n Save put the whole thing in the too hard basket.


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