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Martyn “Che” Bradbury Riot Day Bingo (Exclusive to Whaleoil)


It’s Riot Day tomorrow and Whaleoil is bringing you the Martyn Bradbury Riot Day Bingo Game!  All you have to do is watch the news coverage, live or delayed, on the day.  As you hear or see any of the items, you can mark them off.  If you fill your card:  BINGO! Read more »

Martyn Bradbury’s TPP riots results in advice to nearby businesses to stay closed

Martyn Bradbury has been talking up riots for this week. Chris Trotter has attempted to mitigate the actions of Bradbury, but the fact he is mentioning the potential of violence suggests that some on the left are planning for it.

Such is Bradbury’s ill-informed ranting that businesses are now being advised to stay closed on February 4.

Auckland Council workers are being told avoid the city centre if they can during demonstrations against the TPP.

Several protests and hikoi are expected to march up Queen Street and end at SkyCity, where the agreement is expected to be signed.

Auckland Council has advised staff that if they can work somewhere other than at their headquarters near SkyCity, then they should.   Read more »

TPP vs Sevens, Compare and contrast

Crowds have been largely well-behaved at the Wellington Sevens yesterday with just three people arrested and another 58 evicted.

The Wellington tournament attracted around 14,000 fans for pool games yesterday with the majority enjoying the event in good spirits according to New Zealand Police.

“We’re very happy with the fans today,” Inspector Chris Bensemann said.

“There’s always a few people who take it too far but we have dealt with them and the vast majority of fans have had a good time and caused no issues at all.”

Wellington Free Ambulance treated 35 people for mainly minor conditions.

Crowds have been well down on previous sell-out years with the 14,000 fans accounting for less than half the Westpac Stadium’s capacity. Read more »

Perhaps this should be the standard defence technique for any kind of attack?

What do Michelle Boag, Martyn Bradbury, John Hopoate and this man all have in common?

The desperate actions of a man who poked a finger into the bum of an attacking dog may have saved Phillip McLean’s leg.

McLean’s daytrip to Palmerston North turned into more than a week lying in a hospital bed after he was set upon by a pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross.

The Hunterville man was visiting a friend on Terrace Street, near Palmerston North Hospital, last Wednesday when he heard growling.

A pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross, allegedly let out from a nearby block of flats, had its paws up on McLean’s vehicle and was in the middle of a growling match with his dog, a rottweiler, who he had left in the car with the window partially down.   Read more »

Bryce Edwards writes an obituary for the New Zealand Mainstream media


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You think Democracy is broken?


One of our readers lives in a rental, and apart from getting all the previous tenants junk mail, he’s now also able to vote four times in the Referendum.

I know him well enough, and he won’t.  But it shows that a fair amount of voting forms never get to the intended recipient, and that it is unlikely that the Electoral Commission can determine if there is something sinister going on.

He writes

I happen to live in a part of Auckland where the average resident wouldn’t be aware or at least care enough about following up on their “missing” referendum packs.  Someone bold enough could go empty out most of the letterboxes before people came home from work.

Right now I have four votes.  I could easily go back outside and get myself dozens.

I dropped the Electoral Commission a note asking what happens when duplicate votes are submitted in the event someone follows up on a missing voting pack.

Postal voting is used for local body elections, and has been used for previous referendums, with little evidence of vote tampering or voter fraud.

Under the referendum legislation, voters who have moved can request replacement papers be sent to their new addresses.  Their original papers will be cancelled when that request is made.

Each voting paper carries a QR code unique to the voter, which is used to mark them off the roll when their paper is returned, whilst maintaining the secrecy of the ballot. If two papers with identical QR codes were to be returned, they would be identified within the system and investigated.

Those who receive voting papers for people no longer at their address should return them so that the electoral roll can be updated. Read more »

Even Trotter says Martyn Martin is wrong

There isn’t much in New Zealand politics that Martyn Martin Bradbury aka Wrongly Wrongson gets right. He is wrong on almost everything.

Chris Trotter even says as much as he ticks off Martyn on his own blog for being wrong…again.

“Bomber” is part old-time preacher. (Who else greets his audiences with an all-encompassing “Brothers and Sisters!”?) But he is also a user of the very latest communications technology. Loud, brash, occasionally reckless, Martyn Bradbury may not be universally liked, or invariably correct, but his determination to mobilise the young in their own defence cannot be disputed.

His latest crusade on behalf of younger Kiwis calls for a lowering of the voting age from 18 to 16 years. This radical extension of the franchise would be accompanied by the inclusion of a new and comprehensive programme of civics education in the nation’s secondary school curriculum.

In Martyn’s own words: “The sudden influx of tens of thousands of new voters with their own concerns and their own voice finally being heard could be the very means of not only lifting our participation rates, but reinvigorating the very value of our democracy.”

Yeah, nah…and Trotter explains why.

In 1971, the Twenty-Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution declared: “The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.”

Young activists in the Democratic Party wasted little time in flexing their political muscles. At the 1972 Democratic Party Convention, an army of young delegates, veterans of the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War struggles in the streets of America, turned the tables on the old “pols” of the Democratic Party “machine”. (The same machine which, just four years earlier, had unleashed the Chicago Police on anti-war convention delegates.) Using the new party rules which the Chicago debacle had inspired, these youngsters comprehensively out-organised their much older right-wing opponents and secured the nomination for George McGovern, the most left-wing presidential candidate since Franklin Roosevelt.    Read more »

Twitter says… Martyn Bradbury

Inspired by the ‘computer says no’ skit I am starting a series called ‘Twitter says‘.

Just for fun I will pick a political person each time and will publish a few tweets about them from Twitter.

Martyn Bradbury

Martyn Bradbury, Left wing Blogger

Today’s Twitter Target is Martyn Bradbury.
Twitter says….

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New Zealanders live in a benign strategic environment? Nope.

The left-wing and the anarchists don’t want our government to protect its citizens. They oppose the SIS and the GCSB and even the Police in doing their jobs.

Every time I think about Kim Dotcom, Matt McCarten, Russel Norman, Wrongly Wrongson and their rent a mobs baying for the curtailing of SIS and GCSB powers, it makes me angry.  

These people are the enemy, not the government.  Their lives are driven by paranoia, whereas ours are driven by pragmatism and logic.  I know what I’d prefer.

The country’s security service says foreign intelligence officers broke into two New Zealanders’ hotel room and bugged their laptops and cellphones, in an attempt to access secret information.

The breach is one of many being used to teach government staff about information security.

The Security Intelligence Service has posted the case studies on a government website, and says they are based on real events.

One example refers to two New Zealand government employees at a foreign trade conference, who had tracking malware installed on their phones and laptops by intelligence officers.     Read more »

Wrongly Wrongson Wrong Again

Yes, that's right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

Yes, that’s right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

The most wrong person in NZ politics Wrongly Wrongson aka Martyn Martin Bradbury is wrong again.

The other day he blogged:

Heather du Plessis-Allan has turned down TV3’s offer to host their new 7pm show with Duncan Garner so I think management should just go the whole hog and appoint Rachel Glucina to work as Duncan’s co-anchor.

If TV3 are trying to imitate the hate crime against public broadcasting that is ‘Seven Sharp’, then they may as well be totally open to being as sycophantic as ‘Seven Sharp’ and put Rachel in there. She pretends to be a PR person, so she may as well pretend to be a broadcaster as well.

If TV3 were serious about trying to get back their credibility they would put the incredibly talented Paula Penfold in the role, but I fear that’s not what they are aiming for.

My God TV broadcasting has become a ruined nightmare under a Government that wants the people distracted rather than informed.

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