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Well, well, well what do we have here…a little bit of truth sneaking past the keeper?


“Mr Blomfield was untruthful” – Liquidator

So it seems one of my stories from 2012 has finally made it to the authorities. Matt Nippert reports:

Complaints about controversial businessman and bête noire of blogger Cameron Slater will be referred to the Police and the registrar of companies by a liquidator probing one of his collapsed companies. Matthew Blomfield was the sole director of property company Plan Z Investment, which collapsed on December 14, 2012 when it was unable to pay a $100,000 statutory demand. Liquidator David Petterson, of Forensic Accounting Services, in an unusually long report on Plan Z stretching to nine pages, outlined what he described as a “torturous process” to unpick the affairs of the company and concluded: “I am now of the opinion that the information I received at the start of this liquidation, provided to me by Mr Blomfield was untruthful.”

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So, I’m a journalist now

Cameron Slater went to the High Court last Thursday to overcome the next legal hurdle in the defamation case taken out against him by Mr Matt Blomfield.

For those of you late to the story, Whaleoil was given access to information about Mr Blomfield’s business dealings regarding Hell Pizza.  Due to a series of events, allegedly supported by Mr Blomfield’s own documents (allegedly, because we’re still subject to legal action), some of Mr Blomfield’s business dealings  were reported on, especially those surrounding Hell Pizza and Hell Pizza sponsorship.

Mr Blomfield took exception to having his business emails published and took Cameron Slater to court for defamation.  Part of this process is that all the articles about Mr Blomfield on Whaleoil have been removed from public view, and we are under a suppression order from the Court that stops us from revealing any new information about Mr Blomfield – anything that isn’t already out in the public domain.

As part of that legal tussle, Mr Blomfield wanted to know who provided Cam Slater with access to the emails and documentation.  Whaleoil doesn’t reveal sources.  We never have and we never will, so Slater respectfully told the judge he couldn’t do that, and invoked protections under the law allowing journalists not to be compelled to reveal their sources by a Court.

The next legal step was therefore obvious to Mr Blomfield:  insist that Cameron Slater isn’t a journalist, and Whaleoil isn’t part of the media.

A District Court judge found in Mr Blomfield’s favour, and insisted Cameron Slater reveal his sources.  Again, this was resisted, even though Cam Slater was now clearly in contempt of court.   Read more »

Another day another editorial

Maria Slade has written the editorial at The Timaru Herald. She seems a bit confused.

Journalists love nothing better than a bit of good old-fashioned navel-gazing.

I can’t say whether other professions are similarly self-absorbed, but certainly news gatherers are often indecently thrilled when their industry itself becomes the news.

Thus Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater’s latest legal escapade was a top agenda item at coffee meetings and lunch events around the town this week.

For those of you who do not devote your lives to the minutiae of media court battles, here is a brief summary.

Slater is being sued by businessman and discharged bankrupt Matt Blomfield for defamation. As part of that protracted battle a Manukau District Court judge has ruled that Whale Oil is ”not a news medium”, and therefore Slater does not have the legal right to protect the identity of his sources.

Unsurprisingly this has opened the floodgates to debate on what is and isn’t a news outlet, and whether this is a dangerous precedent being set by a fusty judiciary light years out of step with new media.

It was Whale Oil which broke one of the best stories of 2013, the tale of Auckland mayor Len Brown’s two-year affair with much younger community board hopeful Bevan Chuang, so it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t report news.

That’s if you can find it in between the rantings. I have personal experience of Slater’s brand of alleged journalism (and after this column no doubt I’ll have more). Fair, balanced and accurate reporting it is not.   Read more »

Matthew Blomfield – Right of Reply [UNEDITED]

Matthew Blomfield responds, it is unedited and in full. [For my own protection I have taken Screenshots of his comment]

Firstly the email referred to in this post was a private email to Warren Powell previously of Hell Pizza. It was a Joke and was taken off the Hard Drive that Mr Slater stole from me.

This case is still before the Courts so I don’t want to comment on specifics. However, I would make two points:

The key issue argued today strikes at the very heart of our judicial system: the legitimacy and integrity of the judicial process itself. Whether defendant or plaintiff, civil or criminal, we have to recognise the authority of the Court to make orders, obtain pertinent and relevant information and make judgments using all relevant facts.

This man has a history of flouting the rules that the rest of us abide by. He has dismissed previous contempt findings as being ‘slapped with a wet bus ticket’. Financial penalties are apparently willingly paid by others.  Read more »

Oh look I’m making the news again, HoS only tells half the story

Before we get started on this article I need to post this portion of the directive from Judge Blackie of  1 October 2012.


I have to post this because Matthew Blomfield is vexatious and runs off to court at the drop of a hat. The reason I have not written about Blomfield for months despite building evidence against him flooding into my tipline is because Judge Blackie essentially forbade me speaking of him unless he was otherwise reported in “old” media.

This morning that happened. Therefore I am able to comment on him and since the story manufactured by Bevan Hurley is about the case I can talk about that too.

Unlike the Herald on Sunday I’ll tell the whole story not just the bits that suit Matthew Blomfield.

You may ask why I said ‘to suit Matthew Blomfield’…well because Bevan Hurley never spoke to me or even called me prior to publishing this story. He also didn’t disclose that he met Matthew Blomfield and sat having a coffee with him at the concession stand at the Manukau District Court on Monday for 20 minutes prior to the case being heard. He also didn’t disclose that he left with Matthew Blomfield as well and never spoke with me after court. We can be assured that Bevan Hurley wrote this story on behalf of Matthew Blomfield as he always does. I have email correspondence that proves that Matthew Blomfield and Bevan Hurley have worked on stories before. I will present that in my defence against Blomfield’s spurious claims of defamation.

Right now to fisk the article (No link because they don’t deserve one)

A blogger who broke the Len Brown sex scandal story has been ordered to reveal confidential sources after a judge ruled his site was not a “news medium”.

The landmark ruling was made in a defamation case against Cameron Slater, founder of the Whale Oil site, who is being sued by Auckland businessman Matthew Blomfield.   Read more »