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Hosking moans deliberate to allow Cunliffe to fail with someone else taking the blame

Labour attacked TVNZ and Mike Hosking this past week, ostensibly because Hosking is supposedly bias against David Cunliffe.

They presumably would have not uttered a word had Shane Taurima managed to continue as a covert Labour apologist at TVNZ and they had chosen him. They certainly haven’t complained that John Campbell is bias, so one can only presume that if the bias is against them is is unfair and if for them perfectly ok.

The only reason they did this was to frame the debates ahead of time as being unhelpful to David Cunliffe and to frame up his pending loss int eh debates to John Key as someone elses fault, hosking’s, for being biased.

Phil Quin explains:

Labour has been bleating about Mike Hosking being used as moderator in a TVNZ election debate. There is even the unconvincing talk that Labour may boycott the debate if Hosking takes that role. As the story goes, Hosking called Cunliffe a moron because he gave his state of the nation address on Auckland’s anniversary day and has demonstrated a pattern of antipathy towards Labour over a sustained period.

Hosking, as we know, is a flagrant Tory sympathiser, in New Zealand’s low-octane shock-jock sort of way.

Exposing him as such is, I’m told, Matt McCarten’s latest genius ploy.

Here’s the thing, though. Everyone in New Zealand with enough interest in politics to sit through a televised debate knows full well that Hosking dislikes the Labour Party, adores Key and probably thinks Cunliffe is a moron or worse. But this is not bad for Labour and Cunliffe. This is great for Labour and Cunliffe.

Debates are about expectations. If people think you’re going to do well, you invariably do poorly. If the public expect a trainwreck, more often than not you come out the “winner”. It’s not really about the substance of these debates – they rarely have much of that – but about how the contestants performed compared to expectations leading in.

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Labour attack the media. Another stupid thing to do

Andrea Vance managed to type all this while laughing and shaking her head

The Labour Party is in a standoff with TVNZ over plans to use presenter Mike Hosking to moderate the live televised leaders’ debates.

The state broadcaster is refusing to budge, declaring: “Mike is our man.”

Leader David Cunliffe’s inner circle believes the Seven Sharp host is too close to National and has compiled a dossier of examples.

A “dossier” no less!

It includes Hosking dismissing Cunliffe as a “moron” – and his endorsement of Prime Minister John Key before a major political speech last year.

A Labour source said that, despite protestations, the party was unlikely to pull out of the two scheduled TVNZ debates. “When we heard it was Hosking the initial reaction was ‘Are you f…ing joking?’ But we are trying to get it changed. We are not making a hullabaloo about nothing, we’d rather they get someone else.”

What’s the big deal here?  You don’t get John Key complaining about John Campbell fronting the TV3 debates.   Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Labour says it will buy back assets, but they’ve already spent the cash

It looks like we are going to get yet another “show me the money” moment in this election as Labour spends like drunken sailors.

Labour would look at buying back state assets on a “case-by-case” basis, says the party’s leader David Cunliffe.

“We may well, and we would like to,” Mr Cunliffe told TVNZ’s Q+A this morning.

“And we will take opportunities as they arise and there’ll be more to say about that issue between now and the election I promise you,” he added.

The National-led Government has sold shares in several state owned enterprises including Air New Zealand, Mighty River Power and Meridian Energy.

There is a problem with that glib, uncosted, pulled out of his arse comment.

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Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

How many Tax Commissars and Stasi operatives will Labour need?

Labour's new tax commissars line up outside IRD's Stasi HQ

Labour’s new tax commissars line up outside IRD’s Stasi HQ

Labour’s newest great idea is to establish a Tax Stasi, filled with Tax Commissars who will be “embedded” in businesses that Labour thinks are bastards.

They will be observing what is going on and reporting back to the Tax Stasi Gruppenfuhrer

This is an outrage…you can’t tell me that once the Tax Stasi have finished doing over multi-nationals that Labour won’t suddenly decide to implement more snitches and stasi agents and lower the threshold and rules down to businesses with say $30 million turnover.

What is more of an outrage is labour have exempted banks from the snoopy activities of having Tax Stasi agents roaming the corridors looking for evasion.

If National had done something like that Labour would be accusing them of cosying up to bankers, and corporate cronyism…like they do now over insurance companies?

You do have to wonder though if one of labour’s aor David Cunliffe’s major secret donors is bank or someone associated with banks.

There are serious questions though…surely if they are targeting tax dodgers and rorters then the unions should have Tax Commissars assigned to them, in particular Unite Union, with their history of non-compliance. Or will Labour except unions from having Tax Stasi Agents sitting in their offices.

In other matters you can tell they don’t know what to do about almost everything because they have retained their promise for us to trust them, they know what they are doing, look we will appoint an Expert Panel.

Expert Panel : An Expert Panel will be established to deal with issues that are technical in nature and involve areas where a high degree of specialised knowledge is required before a final decision can be reached.

This policy will raise an additional $25 million in its first year, growing in outyears to reach $1 billion a year by 2020/21.

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Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Comment of the Day

Cunliffe - Sh_t

A commenter outlines what he thinks happened in the war room:

Matt: Ok, so we go all out at National on this Liu fellow, accuse them of taking donations and interfering in due process.
David C: Sounds like a plan. It should work a treat. I guess nothing can go wrong?
Matt: How could anything go wrong?
David C: Oh, I don’t know, maybe Liu has links with Labour as well?
Matt: Well, does he?
David C: I don’t know
Matt: What do you mean you don’t know. Has he ever donated any money?
David C: We don’t know – we didn’t keep any records
Matt: Why not?
David C: Because if we did, we would have to declare the donations.  Read more »