So, I’m a journalist now

Cameron Slater went to the High Court last Thursday to overcome the next legal hurdle in the defamation case taken out against him by Mr Matt Blomfield.

For those of you late to the story, Whaleoil was given access to information about Mr Blomfield’s business dealings regarding Hell Pizza.  Due to a series of events, allegedly supported by Mr Blomfield’s own documents (allegedly, because we’re still subject to legal action), some of Mr Blomfield’s business dealings  were reported on, especially those surrounding Hell Pizza and Hell Pizza sponsorship.

Mr Blomfield took exception to having his business emails published and took Cameron Slater to court for defamation.  Part of this process is that all the articles about Mr Blomfield on Whaleoil have been removed from public view, and we are under a suppression order from the Court that stops us from revealing any new information about Mr Blomfield – anything that isn’t already out in the public domain.

As part of that legal tussle, Mr Blomfield wanted to know who provided Cam Slater with access to the emails and documentation.  Whaleoil doesn’t reveal sources.  We never have and we never will, so Slater respectfully told the judge he couldn’t do that, and invoked protections under the law allowing journalists not to be compelled to reveal their sources by a Court.

The next legal step was therefore obvious to Mr Blomfield:  insist that Cameron Slater isn’t a journalist, and Whaleoil isn’t part of the media.

A District Court judge found in Mr Blomfield’s favour, and insisted Cameron Slater reveal his sources.  Again, this was resisted, even though Cam Slater was now clearly in contempt of court.   Read more »

A reader emails about the ‘media’


A reader emails:

Hi Cam,

I’ve never posted on your blog before, but the mainstream media has been getting me down so much lately I felt I had to speak out.

It seems to me that the MSM is duty bound to ensure any one party never has enough of a percentage of the popular vote to govern alone. To me it seems that if one party nears 50% the MSM suddenly pulls out articles they’ve been sitting on for months – beat us to death with them, until the party the articles are invariably about is eroded to below the threshold of being able to govern alone.

I believe in free speech, but I believe that if you are attempting to speak to the masses – we should at least know the colour of the soap box you’re standing on. It’s ridiculous to accept there is no media bias, when those writing the articles day after day seem to follow party specific lines.  Read more »

A reader emails about our media


A reader emails.

This has been pissing me off for a while and I’m not sure what to do about it.

I think we all agree that events over the last few months has bought the realisation to many that our media is no longer an impartial commentator. Alright, I know, many of us already realised this, but, they have now revealed their bias to many who actually thought that the MSM journalists were well trained and impartial.

The fawning and pontification by John Campbell and the MSM over Len Brown while attempting to brow-bash John Key is one example.

The total ignoring of David Cunliffe’s trusts and donors while trying to shoot down Judith Collin’s for a perceived conflict of interest is another.

Then there is the public show of allegiance as many of our supposed ‘impartial Forth Estate’ have shown for the left by either joining political campaigns, becoming party members running for Parliament or just using tax payer funded resources from their places of work to run political campaigns.

This has shown an extreme left wing bias in our MSM. Now, I have no issue with The Herald being a left wing news media as they are not taxpayer funded, however, I’m getting really grumpy with TVNZ and other state funded outlets doing the same.

As made obvious by the increased net traffic to WOBH, many are turning away from the MSM and turning to other sources for information. These sources may well be biased but they wear this bias on their sleeve, unlike TVNZ etc. In fact, it’s this bias that is making commentators and outlets such as WOBH more palatable, we all know what we are getting.  Read more »

R-S-P-E-C-T….really Obama?

If George W. Bush couldn’t spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T would we have heard the end of it? … or Mitt Romney?

It’s all about narrative media want. I doubt you will see this on a left wing blog, or in Sideswipe or any other mainstream news outlet.

Read more »

Politicians and the 4th Estate

by blokeintakapuna

Technology and its rapid advances have blurred the distinctions between elected official and 4th Estate watch dog, to such a point now where both are now so inter-changeable beyond distinction – and they often do just that. Media personalities become politicians and visa versa – all following Ronald Reagan’s lead in the constant quest for bright lights and any form of stardom.

Some, whilst in a privileged position to disseminate information to the masses – abuse it by prostituting their workplace’s credibility for their own political gain and NZ often gets to witness this blatant bias, often untruths and half-story opinions dressed up as “news” just about every night.

We saw only as recently as Monday night coordinated “solar power stories” in schools and how wonderful they are – coincidentally only hours after the Greens announced their flawed and thoroughly de-bunked solar policy. All the stories typically trending in the same general direction, with the same theme – intimating by association that “solar” and therefore, the Greens, have produced a credible and worthy policy for NZ. That’s not news – it’s an advertorial plug for the Greens. A tax-payer funded plug no less, dressed up as “good news”

Shameless! Where was the critical analysis? Especially of the investor returns? But I guess it’s difficult to plug an advertorial and do any critical analysis at the same time. Although, It must be true, because after all, it was on the telly… and the news no less, so it must be true…   Read more »

An email from a new reader about distractions

I’ve had a few like this in the past few days. It is from a new reader and we welcome new readers.

He does raise some valid points but what do the old hands think, beyond the obvious that this polite new reader has no idea about my politics.

Good day,

I have recently ‘found’ WOBH and find that it … as well as mainstream media … seems to be distracted with the unimportant.

Where is the ongoing and cutting analysis of TPPA, for instance. To have American BIG business dictate and TPPA countries lose their sovereignty, is surely more urgent than jumping on the ‘change the flag’ bandwagon, or publishing a photo of Mr Cunliffe’s screwed up face, or Scooping Scoop.  Read more »

Fact checking is irrelevant

The Maruia Falls are as “near Nelson” as…

Let’s see how this goes wrong

A search has resumed this morning for a man missing after being sucked over a waterfall at Maruia Falls, near Nelson, last night.

About 6pm two men became trapped in the water due to strong currents and one of the men, a 55-year-old from Christchurch, was rescued by onlookers and taken to Nelson Hospital.

The Police Dive Squad is expected to assist with the search today when they arrive from Wellington about midday.

Let’s have a look how “near” the falls are to Nelson


They are in fact closer to Westport   Read more »

Schwarzenegger vs Reporter looking for an angle.

Scumbag media. Yeah, I’m looking at you Wilma McCorkindale @FairfaxNZ


Children’s funeral strictly policed

Opening paragraph

Tomorrow’s funeral for two Dunedin youngsters gunned down by their father last week is to be strictly policed.

Also in the article

Police say their family is worried about huge media interest in the event, and has asked for respect. A media area has been set up outside.

The family has asked that it and friends not be approached by journalists and not be photographed at close range.

So what is the second sentence in that piece?   Read more »

Herald vs Whaleoil

As I covered in my article about the NZ Herald running a PR piece for Kim Dotcom, there doesn’t seem to be much balance going on when the NZ Herald do Kim Dotcom stories.

What is really amusing is that the NZ Herald are bound to operate by the principles of the NZ Press Council.

Right now, Whaleoil is self-regulated.

Whaleoil wears its bias on its sleeve.

The NZ Herald continues to pretend that they are fair and balanced.

After all, they have to – it’s in the rules.

When NZ Herald journos like Drinnan and The Gurnard criticise Whaleoil, they frequently push the point that Whaleoil isn’t fair and balanced.  That it pushes an agenda.

They want Whaleoil to sign up to a Public code of Conduct and be answerable to complaints raised under such a framework by a quasi-independent body made up of its “peers”.

Don’t you love the delicious irony of a blog having the freedom to not be fair and balanced being told that it should be fair and balanced by a newspaper that is subject to such rules but seems to want to have the freedoms of a blog?

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