As stupid as the Argies

ᔥ The Telegraph

Queen Sofia of Spain has been ordered to turn down an invitation from the Queen to a Diamond Jubilee lunch for the world’s sovereign monarchs because of an escalating diplomatic row over Gibraltar.

Someone needs to tell the Spanish they are dreamin’. They aren’t going to get Gibraltar back. Ever. British politicians will be thrown out of office if they let Gibraltar go, and the Spanish have never beaten the Poms in a war, and are suspected as being almost as good at marching backwards as the Italians.

Maybe they should consider giving back Ceuta and Melilla.

Someone else could point out that a good part of New Zealand is named after Poms who saved the dagos sorry arses from Napoleon. Wellington, Nelson, Salamanca Road, Trafalgar Park are all named after Britain fighting to save the spanish from the french and their own uselessness.