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Green Taliban already getting too big for their boots

Via the tipline

A keen member of the WO army spotted this wee gem. It could be a simple case of the conference organisers getting way too over enthusiastic. Heaven forbid that someone from the office of the Green Taliban actually sent this as the title for one of their MPs.

Maybe the Green Taliban should school up on the correct use of the term ‘Honourable’. Or just ask #HeyClint.


At least Turei will be able to bask in the glory of pinko nanny state idealists hell bent on pushing their agenda onto the cardigan wearing brigade in Wellington.  Read more »

Greens bullying the media

Both co-leaders of the Greens were attempting to bully Patrick Gower on Twitter last night.

Sensitive are they?


Asset Sale petition fails – Labour to blame



The finger pointing has started.

Apparently the 16,500 signatures that are still needed were the ones Labour failed to collect.

I can just see a Labour/Green coalition last, can’t you?

Who leads the Green Party – preliminary poll results



The poll is still running here, but the results are starting to settle out:

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Who leads the New Zealand Green Party? [POLL]

I just want to run a small experiment.  It may seem to be obvious, but please answer the poll below with instinct, not logic.

Who leads the New Zealand Green Party?

  • Russel Norman (39%, 393 Votes)
  • Metiria Turei and Russel Norman (33%, 327 Votes)
  • Someone else (20%, 197 Votes)
  • Metiria Turei (8%, 81 Votes)

Total Voters: 998

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Top Secret technology can see into 2014

via Twitter

via Twitter “2014″

The new Mana/Green/Labour coalition government greet the people on parliament’s steps

29 November, 2014

Shearer’s “nothing” speech

David Shearer’s state of the nation speech was a yawn fest. Full of promise to look at things but no specifics. Labour and Shearer are only promising to have a look at this or that, the speech was really just a bland collections of bumper stickers, and about as thick as the bumper sticker.

 “Labour’s top priority would be jobs, boosted by its promise to build 10,000 affordable houses a year, leader David Shearer said today.

In his scene-setting speech for 2013, which contained no major new policy initiatives, Shearer said the country was looking for a government that would roll up its sleeves and back them.”

Bullshit. The country is looking for a leader who doesn’t throw taxpayers’ money around like lollies.

A leader who doesn’t make pie-in-the-sky promises.

Shearer can’t even run his own party, let alone the country.

Already the activists are talking up Meteria Turei’s speech against Shearer’s yawn fest.

Wider? She’s done well on that goal herself

Apparently the Green Taliban want a ‘wider’ political movement…What could this possibly mean?



There is quite a difference:

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Greens pissing off Labour

The Greens need to sort themselves out.  I outlined the ways the Greens have annoyed Labour over the Lobbying Disclosures Bill but it appears the Greens have been niggling away at Labour for awhile now.   At first I thought they might be learning something by getting Meteria to front the Lobbying Bill – at least some of the time.

From what I hear the Greens need to learn a few things around the Beltway.  There is no such thing as something for nothing, especially in politics.  It appears that Meteria in particular is being a mega bitch to several Labour MPs and staffers.  The way I hear it is that one MP even used the ‘S’ word to describe the Greens. Yes, that is right… sanctimonious .  The Greens are still of the belief that they do not have to play the political game because their reason for being is of a higher power.  They are so right that everyone should just do what they say… and no reciprocal relationship should ensue.

It is no wonder Labour are blocking the Lobbying Disclosures Bill so hard.

Those Whacky Greens, Ctd

Yesterday I blogged about a photo of Meteria Turei in her Larping heyday. One of David Farrar’s travel blog commenters said:

LARP is like playing tabletop Dungeons & Dragons, but getting dressed up and playing out the part. I don’t know how they handle rolling dice. Maybe they just skip it and everyone works on an honour system. “I shot you.” “Yeah, fair call, I guess I’m dead.”

Then I was catching up on my reading at Boing boing and lo…the solution, a complete tutorial on how to make a furry barbarian leather arm-bracer with a D&D dice-roller built into it:

I’ve got nothing but respect for the DIY/open source community who take conductive thread, LEDs, and Arduino boxes and make them into marvelous little working crafts. I find it all a bit above my metaphorical pay grade. However, if there was anything that was going to convince me to learn how to rig a circuit, it would be the project that Dia forwarded to us yesterday.

It’s a fur-lined leather gauntlet that can roll 100, 20, 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4-sided dice with the flip of a switch and the shake of a forearm. It combines my love of tabletop with my desire to live in the future where we all poke our wrists to get things done.

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