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SuperluzSME confronts policemen, Mexico City, April 2011.  Photo Noor Khamis/Rueters

SuperluzSME confronts policemen, Mexico City, April 2011.
Photo Noor Khamis/Reuters


  SuperluzSME represents Mexico’s Electricians Union

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More good news

While David Cunliffe suns himself on holiday, contemplating how he will hide his rich prick lifestyle from the seething masses, still more economic good news continues to roll in.

Labour and the Greens are going to have a real problem in fighting against this avalanche of good news and government likely to ask voters why they would put everything at risk.

New Zealand has begun an economic boom that could drive its currency past Australia’s for the first time in four decades, HSBC Bank Australia says.

The bank rates the rebuilding of earthquake-damaged Christchurch – one of three things driving the economy – as an economic force as important to New Zealand as the resources boom of the last decade was to Australia’s economy.

“New Zealand is set for a strong 2014, with the economy already firing on all cylinders,” Adam Richardson and Paul Bloxham of HSBC Bank Australia say in a report.

New Zealand is likely to outperform almost all other OECD economies in 2014, except Chile, Israel and Mexico.

HSBC forecasts gross domestic product (GDP) will expand by 3.4 per cent in 2014, up from 2.8 per cent in 2013.

The New Zealand dollar will rise to 87 US cents by the end of 2014. It was 82.46 US cents at 5pm on Friday.¬† Read more »

Thursday nightCap

Could the rest of the world invade CONUS?

The short answer is no, and the chances are not even likely…remote is even too brave as description.

VICE has the long answer.

First of all you have to assume that the uS has lost its nuclear capability…let’s assume that.

So, once the nuclear capabilities are down, what could an invasion of the US look like?
The US is the sole country in the world that has the capability to project force across the globe on a large scale. The combined military air- and sea-lift capability of the rest of the world would be insufficient to even get a foothold on the continental United States. The amphibious assault capability of the world’s militaries, excluding the United States, is simply too small.

That means the adversary would have to seize and use civilian aircraft and ships not designed for nonpermissive environments. These ships would require secure bases in Canada and Mexico, since they lack the capability to deliver forces onto unimproved shores. Thus, any attempted invasion of the US would first look like a rather motley caravan of vulnerable civilian ships and aircraft.

If these forces managed to avoid US attacks and build up, they could then launch an attack over land.¬† Read more »

Is this what Len Brown wants for his 39,000 new houses?

This could be what Len Brown is trying to build in the next three years:


The photographer comments:

A few years ago when I was working as a helicopter pilot for a local radio station, we were required to fly around all of Mexico City chasing news and traffic. I remember flying up to the highway that connects Mexico City with the neighboring state of Puebla, and on my way back this housing complex that seemed to go on forever caught my attention. I decided to circle around to observe from up close what I later found out was the recently built San Buenaventura complex, which is located in Ixtapaluca, on the eastern outskirts of Mexico City.

The exceptional afternoon sun reflecting those thousands of recently painted small homes just looked so beautiful, and the lower I flew the better the angle, so I just got out my camera, opened the sliding window on my Bell helicopter, and snapped a couple of shots. ‚ÄĒOscar Ruiz

They play for keeps in Mexico

You have to say the Mexican drug cartels have a certain kind of macabre style when it comes to sending a message:

Bodies of 7 blindfolded murder victims left on chairs in traffic island

Bodies of 7 blindfolded murder victims left on chairs in traffic island

SEVEN blindfolded murder victims sit in a line of white plastic chairs ‚ÄĒ on a city centre traffic island.¬† Read more »

Weird shit confiscated by Customs

10 human eye balls floating in a jam jar at Stansted Airport in 2007



Hollowed out onions were used to try and smuggle  £163,000 worth of cocaine by a Harvard-educated African Prince at Heathrow Airport.

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OK, which clown sat down in the wrong chair?

via Twitter

via Twitter

Children having children. How about aged 9?

via (Image not directly related to story)

via (Image not directly related to story)

The Straits Times reports:

MEXICO CITY (AFP) – A Mexican girl aged nine has given birth to a girl of her own, local authorities and family members said on Wednesday. ¬† Read more »

Understanding Mexico’s drug wars

Are the American’s to blame for the Mexican Drug wars?

This video suggests it may be so:

The video takes a bit of an advocacy bend, arguing that the United States plays a major role in the violence, both because our high levels of drug use fuel the narcotics trade and because our¬†loose gun controls¬†make it easy for cartels south of the border to arm themselves.¬† Read more »