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Vic Crone is now attacking rich pricks with holiday baches

With most of her advisors abandoning her Vic Crone is resorting to form, a big socialist bully.

Her latest bright idea is to increase rates on people’s baches.

Auckland bach owners who do not use their places frequently would be hit with a massive rate hike under a policy proposed by a mayoral candidate.

National Party-aligned Auckland Future mayoral candidate Vic Crone is proposing measures to help solve the city’s housing shortage that target unoccupied properties. Buildings sitting empty for more than six months may be in line for rates increases of up to fifty percent.

“While we don’t have a good picture of the numbers, I’m hearing loud and clear there’s a problem and strong anecdotal evidence right across Auckland, including in Special Housing Areas.”   Read more »

Vic Crone, The Tinder Candidate



On Paul Henry’s show today Michael Barnett sledged Vic Crone hard.

“I wonder if Michelle Boag and Nikki Kaye found Crone on Tinder?”

This is perhaps the smartest thing Barnett has ever said.   Read more »

Perhaps this should be the standard defence technique for any kind of attack?

What do Michelle Boag, Martyn Bradbury, John Hopoate and this man all have in common?

The desperate actions of a man who poked a finger into the bum of an attacking dog may have saved Phillip McLean’s leg.

McLean’s daytrip to Palmerston North turned into more than a week lying in a hospital bed after he was set upon by a pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross.

The Hunterville man was visiting a friend on Terrace Street, near Palmerston North Hospital, last Wednesday when he heard growling.

A pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross, allegedly let out from a nearby block of flats, had its paws up on McLean’s vehicle and was in the middle of a growling match with his dog, a rottweiler, who he had left in the car with the window partially down.   Read more »

Crone gets another pasting

Seems that Xero Hero Vicky Crone is not impressing anyone.

Just 18 months ago, Victoria Crone was fizzing about her new role as Managing Director, NZ and New Markets, of accounting software giant Xero. A month into the job and she was enthusing on the company blog about “a fun and energy to this place that’s infectious”, and how “I love a company that eats its own dog food”. She ended the entry: “Who wouldn’t want to be part of this?”

On Monday it turned out that Ms Crone didn’t. She wanted to be mayor of Auckland instead. She’s walked out on the job where so recently, she’d “been overwhelmed by people’s friendliness, energy, pride [and], willingness to help”, into the bear pit that is local government politics.

You have to wonder how on earth the two grand dames of the National Party, Michelle Boag and Sue Wood, who came knocking and pleading, managed to pull it off. Cordon bleu dog food, perhaps?

It’s clearly a chick thing.  This isn’t about the best person for the job at all.  Boag and Wood are trying to create their next client to leech off – a Tizard v2.0 if you like.   But they have chosen poorly.  Media training isn’t going to fix the “oh my gosh” awkwardness of Crone.   Read more »

Josie Pagani on Victoria Crone

Josie Pagani reviews the launch of a Victoria Crone’s campaign launch.

It isn’t pretty.

If you’re going to stand for political office the minimum requirements must surely include some rationale for your candidacy. You want to do the job because you see a job needing doing. You need to have something sensible to say about topical issues and some guide to what you expect to do in office.

If you don’t have these minimum contributions to debate, then your candidacy is pointless.

An onerous duty of political commentary is the requirement to read the sources, and so I visited Victoria Crone’s website  to see what she plans for Auckland, only to find my low expectations wildly overestimated. There’s about as much substance here as Kanye West’s run for president. She wants to ‘Create Win-Win Situations’, ‘Empower People’ and ‘Lead From A Place of strength’; as if she’s running against a candidate who wants to lose, take power away from you, and be a weak leader.

Beneath the blandly moronic motivational platitudes  – “I believe anything is possible! (insert emoji) – she lists ‘Issues’: B is for ‘Housing’, C is for ‘Transport’. Maybe they’ve changed Sesame Street since I was young.

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What’s worse, parading your victimhood or Michelle Boag parading about parading your victimhood?

Screenshot -One News Michelle Boag

Screenshot -One News
Michelle Boag

It isn’t often that you will find me agreeing with Michelle Boag. I feel dirty just typing that, in fact I was sick a little bit in my mouth.

Former National Party president Michelle Boag has accused female opposition MPs of “parading their victimhood” after they stood up in Parliament to talk about their experiences of sexual assault.

Boag made the comments in response to a protest against Prime Minister John Key’s comments that the Labour Party was was “backing the rapists” at the Christmas Island detention centre.

One by one, a number of female opposition MPs rose to demand an apology from Key, with some publicly stating for the first time their experience as victims of sexual assault.

At least a dozen female MPs either walked out in protest or were ejected by Speaker David Carter after he turned off their microphones to prevent them from being heard.

Speaking to Radio Live, Boag said the MPs had “made it all about them” instead of dealing with the issues facing detainees.    Read more »

Michelle Boag & Auckland’s Future


The media have started to cotton on to former National Party President Michelle Boag promoting a new centre right coalition for local body politics in Auckland called “Auckland’s Future”.

The tip line has been running hot with people saying that Boag has yet to convince any candidates to sign up, and because of this she cannot get any money for “Auckland’s Future”. This is not very surprising as the centre right in Auckland local body has not won anything of note since 2007, and aspiring mayoral candidate and pastel lover Mark Thomas managed to rebrand C&R so much that absolutely no one wanted to vote for them.    Read more »

Mayoral candidate Goff meets with wife of National Party president

boag and desley

…and apparently there is nothing to it.

Labour MP Phil Goff looks set to announce next month that he will stand for the Auckland Mayoralty – but denied a report he has talked about the deputy mayor’s role with Orakei Local Board chairwoman Desley Simpson.

Mr Goff told the Herald he had met Ms Simpson, the wife of National Party president Peter Goodfellow, on a couple of occasions in her role as local board chair.

“I have said if I was to run as a mayoral candidate it wouldn’t be on a ticket, but as an independent. Read more »

Growing old (dis)gracefully

You can’t buy class.   Here is an object lesson

Here’s Diane Foreman.


Diane Foreman

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No one likes a Boag-un

Yesterday Michelle Boag attacked me on Radio Live.

Mark Sainsbury wanted to get to the bottom of her allegations and I had 6 or so minutes to have a crack back at her outrageous lies.   Read more »