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Vernon Small on Labour’s “issues”

Yesterday Vernon Small wrote about the biggest issue facing Labour ahead of this year’s election.

Well the biggest problem after the issue with their tits leader….rejuvenation…or rather the lack of it.

¬†In politics rejuvenation rates alongside succession planning. Both are easy catchcries and generally seen as “a good thing”.

In reality they are a type of parliamentary Nimby-ism – nice to have if it is someone else who is vacating a seat, and fine as long as you are not the leader whose replacement is being groomed.

On the National side of the aisle rejuvenation is in full swing. At last count 14 MPs have either gone or are going out of a caucus of 59. It is generally accepted as a worthwhile and necessary refreshment of the party. Certainly it is being handled well and without any overt bloodletting. No dummies have been spat in the remaking of the National caucus.

Of course if the polls were different it would be a different story. Shave a theoretical five points off the Government and give it to the Opposition and the narrative might be akin to the “rats leaving a sinking ship” theme that Labour leader David Cunliffe has tried to get up.

But that just looks lame when the last three polls had National harvesting enough support to govern alone.¬† Read more »

Dodgy CV Cheat run out of town

Good news, isn’t it? ¬†Sadly, it’s not David Cunliffe, but CV embellisher extraordinaire¬†Michael Vukcevic.

It seems that the difference to keeping your job and losing it comes down to the quality of spin doctor you employ. ¬†Brown and Cunliffe got their money’s worth, whereas Vukcevic got Vukd.

The Deputy Chairman of the NZ Middle East Business Council, Mr Stewart Germann, announced today that the Council had accepted the resignation of Michael Vukcevic from its Executive Committee effective immediately.

Mr Germann said he would take over as Chairman until the next AGM.¬†‚ÄúMr Vukcevic has been an energetic and committed participant of the Council during¬†his more than six years of involvement, and was in fact a founding member of the¬†organisation,‚ÄĚ he said. ¬† Read more »

Why does a dodgy CV in the private sector get you sacked but not as an MP?

Yesterday the news was all about the ‘sacking’ of Michael Vukcevic from Baldwins law firm over a dodgy CV.

My sources tell me that a private investigator was used and the partners fully briefed on the revelation of that PI. As a result Mr Vukcevic left for ‘personal reasons’.

My sources also tell me that it took less than half a day for all records of Mr Vukcevic’s employment at Baldwins to be expunged from their website in what looks like a cleansing operation.

So, that raises interesting questions, like what else was in the PI report.

But is also raises questions generally about the use of dodgy CVs by high profile people. ¬† Read more »

Dodgy CV leads to shameless spin which leads to more questions

Yesterday both major news outlets ran stories of a dodgy CV used by the former CEO of Baldwins, Michael Vukcevic. It is hugely ironic too that Michael Vukcevic was previously head of anti-corruption group Transparency International.

Phil Kitchin at the Dompost wrote:

The chairman of an influential business council with close links to the Government’s bid for a Middle East free trade agreement is a CV fraudster.

Fairfax NZ can reveal that Michael Vukcevic – head of the Auckland-based Middle East Business Council – falsely claimed to have a law degree from Victoria University.

Mr Vukcevic was also a director of anti-corruption agency Transparency International when he lied in his successful bid for the top New Zealand job at multinational law and patent firm, Baldwins.

The fraud will embarrass the firm, which was last year a finalist in the New Zealand Law Awards for a second year in a row.

It will also embarrass the Government because of the ties between the council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NZ Trade and Enterprise.

As chair of the Middle East council, Mr Vukcevic rubs shoulders with powerful figures from MFAT – including Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully.

The council’s current executive includes former Young Nats president Daniel Fielding, and the vice-chairman is Auckland lawyer Stewart Germann. Former National Party president Michelle Boag advises the executive.¬† Read more »

The kiss of death

Last night on the Paul Henry Show Len Brown received the kiss of death.

The Kiss of Death for Len Brown

The Kiss of Death for Len Brown

Michelle Boag was sitting there explain why her good pal Len Brown, I say good friend because she was calling him Len the whole way through, will remain in his job despite public opprobrium at his mere attendance at events.¬† Read more »

I figured out why the Sochi Winter Olympics are such an omnishables

Mikaela Boag

Mikaela Boag

They’ve got Boag consulting for them.

Wallace Chapman confirms he was asked but declined Dotcom party

Wallace Chapman has confirmed to Rachel Glucina at the NZ Herald that he was asked to stand for the new Dotcom Party revealed today to be called The Internet Party.

He declined to stand for them, which is wise considering who it appears is now behind the organisation of the party.

Wallace Chapman has turned down an offer to stand for Kim Dotcom’s new political party.

The broadcaster was approached by a party insider – who he won’t name – but declined the offer because he’s not interested in entering the political fray.

“I was asked to put my hand up for the Kim Dotcom party, and I was hugely humbled to have been asked, but I said no. I’m fascinated with politics, but I’m not interested in standing as leader or as a candidate for a political party. I’ve never joined a political party and I’m quite proud of that,” he told The Diary.

Chapman, a radio and television broadcaster, fronts Back Benches, a political interview show on Prime. He is leaving RadioLive to take up the reins of Radio New Zealand’s¬†Sunday Morning¬†show, which he says is yet to have a start date.¬† Read more »

Someone at the NZ Herald has a sense of humour

Or is this a Herald Bomb they’ll be happy own up to?


Michelle Boag – potential Young Act nominee?

Poisonous Lying Scumbag

On Monday on Radio Live Wallace Chapman had Michelle Boag on the show and she took it upon herself to launch into a vitriolic (poisonous?) attack against me, ignoring what the law says and blathering on about fairness and balance and all sorts of other subjective crap. The discussion was about defamation and she was taking a high and mighty approach and defamed me in the process.

I decided to call in and did so whereby Michelle got all puss-faced…as she does often…and got upset that I had called her a “poisonous lying scumbag” in a a blog post.

Have a listen.

Read more »

Another email from Maurie Haddon asking me to kill myself

Maurie Haddon

Maurie Haddon is piece of work.

Not only does he say that if he won Lotto he would kill the Prime Minisiter but he is now  asking me to go and kill myself.

Name: maurie Haddon

Email:¬†[email protected]

Message: Haha Michelle Boag just on Radio Live said you are an ACC¬†beneficiary living with Daddy….you have it in for her cos you are a¬†nothing spewing out your jibes.¬† Read more »