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Couldn’t he just find a strong wind to piss into

Murray McCully is going all Neville Chamberlain again making a play to try and create peace in the Middle East.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully has given notice to the United Nations Security Council that New Zealand will begin work again on a resolution on the Middle East peace process.

Two years ago negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians were suspended.

In a hard-hitting speech in New York this morning, Mr McCully said that since then, violence had escalated, Israeli settlements had continued and trust between the two parties had been further eroded.

“And the council has been largely a spectator.”   Read more »

Josie Pagani has got it on dealing with Islam

Josie Pagani has four things we can do post Paris.

A couple of them are useful, others are wishful thinking, but at least she has shown an ability to step outside of liberal hand-wringing over upset feelings of “moderate” muslims.

While it is morally clear that we must stop ISIS, it is not obvious how. Here’s where we can start:

1. Step up air strikes against ISIS strongholds and increase no-fly zones so that moderate groups can better fight back themselves.

France has already stepped up its air campaign and bombed the ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria. It’s not clear that boots on the ground would be lawful. However if more attacks are planned, international law says a country can act in self-defence where an ‘instant’ and ‘overwhelming’ risk exists which gives a country no ‘moment of deliberation.’

What’s certain, is that air strikes will continue.

To anticipate those who say that would be a repeat of Iraq: all the outcomes are bad, but some are worse than others. Boots on the ground in Iraq was a disaster, so was the half-way house in Libya. The failure to intervene in Syria has been possibly the worst outcome of all. We must stop fighting the last war: The 2003 misjudgment over Iraq does not mean any intervention today against ISIS will also be a disaster.

Daesh needs to understand that if they come above ground they will be bombed and if they live in caves they will be bombed there too.    Read more »


Wait until they run out of oil money

The days of artificial borders drawn by pompous, idiot Poms are over in the Middle East.

A military solution is “impossible” in parts of the Middle East, US CIA chief John Brennan says.

Brennan argues that it was hard to picture effective central governments in some countries as they exist today.

He was joined by other security officials and industry experts when he spoke at an intelligence conference in Washington.

“When I look at Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen,” Brennan said, “it’s hard for me to envision a central government in those countries that’s going to be able to exert control or authority over the territory that was carved out post World War II.”

“A military solution is just impossible in any of these countries,” he added.   Read more »


I told you so

Photo-KAI PFAFFENBACH A security official of German rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) prevents refugees from disembarking at the main railway station in Frankfurt.

A security official of German rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) prevents refugees from disembarking at the main railway station in Frankfurt.

Germany is already paying the price of its compassion and empathy with out limits policy.Without consideration of the effect on the existing German population, its economy, its people, its housing and its workforce it already is at breaking point.

Watch the Media start turning on Germany now as it is forced to start imposing limits in a vain attempt to protect itself. Until now Germany has been held up as the shining light of compassion, taking country shoppers without limits. Anybody from anywhere has been promised free housing, food and welfare in Germany and unsurprisingly they have been unable to meet the overwhelming demand for such largesse.

Watch the country shoppers now turn on Germany and see how short lived the gratitude will be of those who made it inside. Yesterday I watched a video of a young Muslim couple with a child and one on the way showing a reporter around their free apartment inside Germany. They wanted a bigger one and did not like having to share a kitchen with the other occupants of the apartment block. The apartment was sunny and clean and they had plenty of food. Their entire life was funded by the German taxpayer and all they did was complain.They didn’t talk about looking for work or earning their own way. Their sole concern was getting as much as they could from Mother Germany.

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John Key should be going full Abbott not full retard

John Key needs to follow Tony Abbott’s lead when it comes to illegal immigration and so-called refugees.

Since being elected they have stopped the boats, not a single person has drowned or died and not a single illegal immigrant has made it ashore.

If only Europe had followed suit. Instead there is a call from the Media Party and the liberal elite to NOT do what Tony Abbott has done despite his actions being overwhelmingly successful.

Australia is the only country in the world to successfully tackle the problem of migrant boats. It does this by saying ‘no’ to irregular seafaring arrivals, while at the same time admitting genuine refugees through an orderly process of entry.

This, of course, has been enough to induce a bout of elbow-gripping hysteria at the New York Times, which has warned Europe not to adopt this policy.

In an editorial in Thursday’s edition under the headline ‘Australia’s Brutal Treatment of Migrants’ the newspaper made it clear that the one proven approach that can stop the tragedy of migrant drownings and put people smugglers out of business is the one that should not be followed.

‘Some European officials may be tempted to adopt the hard-line approach Australia has used to stem a similar tide of migrants. That would be unconscionable.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has overseen a ruthlessly effective effort to stop boats packed with migrants, many of them refugees, from reaching Australia’s shores. His policies have been inhumane, of dubious legality and strikingly at odds with the country’s tradition of welcoming people fleeing persecution and war.’

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Bro, I’m tellin ya, I’m tellin ya that all those refugees are peaceful and we should welcome them

Not so fast…ISIS promised that they would send a wave of ‘migrants’ as a ‘weapon’ against the West.

And so it has come to pass.

Pamela Geller explains:

While the media hand-wrings and wails about the poor migrants overwhelming Europe, it is a crisis, but not what the media would have you believe. The crisis is crushing — the scale of which is one not seen in Europe since the end of World War II.

Obama’s “Junior Varsity” team has overturned the order of the world. And it’s only just begun.

It’s all of a piece.

In February, the Islamic State threatened to send half a million Muslim migrants in a ‘psychological’ attack against the West.

February 2015: Transcripts of telephone intercepts published in Italy claim to provide evidence that ISIS is threatening to send 500,000 migrants simultaneously out to sea in hundreds of boats in a ‘psychological weapon’ against Europe if there is military intervention against them.    Read more »

This is how stupid McCully was in doing a deal with Iran

How stupid was Murray McCully in facilitating, owning – and worse – crowing about his involvement in doing a deal that will see Iran re-armed and fuelling hate in the Middle East?

This stupid.

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Dirty Deals Done with Sheep gets murkier and murkier

Murray McCully’s dodgy sheep deal is getting mucky. Now it turns out that not only was the Saudi businessman compensated but the sheep exported to Saudi on a Singapore Airlines flight were actually bought from the Saudi businessman in the first place, so he scored again.

Nearly 200 of the pregnant ewes flown to Saudi Arabia to stock an agri-business hub were bought by taxpayers from the same businessman the Government gave them to as part of a multi-million dollar deal.

A total of 900 pregnant awassi breed ewes were flown to Saudi Arabia for a “pilot research breeding programme” on a farm owned by Hamood Al Ali Al Khalaf in October 2014.

A spokeswoman for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise – one of the agencies involved in setting up the farm – said 195 were awassi ewes from Mathews Station in central Hawke’s Bay, which is owned by Awassi NZ.

The rest of the sheep were bought from private on-farm sales and through an auction system.

Brownrigg, as lead provider, was responsible for that, NZTE said.

Al Khalaf’s Awassi NZ Land Holdings company owns nearly a quarter – 24.9 per cent – of Brownrigg Agriculture Group.   Read more »

Dirty Deeds done with Sheep gets dirtier

Murray McCully’s dirty deeds done with sheep is getting dirtier.

The Green party is showing Labour how to run a good sting on a minister by drip feeding information.

Saudi businessmen who had been thwarted from exporting live sheep for slaughter to the Middle East had wanted to sue the Government for $20 to $30 million compensation, according to just released Cabinet papers.

But instead of being a “party to such discussions” the Government decided to spend at least $11.5 million on a Saudi agribusiness hub.

Until now the Government has said $7.5m had been recommended to spend, including $6m to establish an agribusiness hub and $1.5m on flying 900 awassi sheep for breeding to the Saudi farm of businessman Hmood Al Khalaf.

However according to a Cabinet paper released under the Official Information Act to Fairfax Media, Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Murray McCully recommended in February 2013 that a further $4m be spent on a “food security platform”.

McCully said that “Saudi parties” had wanted to seek compensation of between $20m and $30m from the Government because they could no longer export live sheep for slaughter from New Zealand to the Middle East.

But the opposing groups had negotiated the figure of $4m “which recognises the intellectual property which the Saudi investor brings to the platform, the services and in-market networks he will contribute, as well as the settlement of the long running dispute”.

An MFAT spokeswoman said to date $2.89m of the $6m for the agribusiness hub had been spent.  She said it was estimated that the Saudi partner, the Al Khalaf Group, had contributed around $80 million in land, labour, and finance towards the project.

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Forget about the sheep, be angry at McCully selling out our laws to the Saudis for $6 million

Some people really are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

They are all outraged because of some stupid sheep, when there are plenty more things about the whole shonky deal that they should be outraged over.

Taxpayers have been “kicked in the guts” by the Government after it was revealed a proposed rule about animal safeguards was deleted when requested by a Saudi businessman.

The story comes after ONE News previously revealed taxpayers gave the same Saudi businessman $6 million worth of farm equipment for his sheep breeding operation.

“Well, that’s done it for me. Have voted National since I was old enough to vote. Now that they’ve sold out to the Saudis and shown absolutely no regard for the lives of these animals, they’ve lost my vote,” Kim Wainscott posted on the ONE News Facebook page.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully wrote an undated letter to Hamood Al Ali Al Khalaf, which ONE News understands was written in March 2012, detailing just how far New Zealand would go to help him. Read more »