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Dirty Deals Done with Sheep gets murkier and murkier

Murray McCully’s dodgy sheep deal is getting mucky. Now it turns out that not only was the Saudi businessman compensated but the sheep exported to Saudi on a Singapore Airlines flight were actually bought from the Saudi businessman in the first place, so he scored again.

Nearly 200 of the pregnant ewes flown to Saudi Arabia to stock an agri-business hub were bought by taxpayers from the same businessman the Government gave them to as part of a multi-million dollar deal.

A total of 900 pregnant awassi breed ewes were flown to Saudi Arabia for a “pilot research breeding programme” on a farm owned by Hamood Al Ali Al Khalaf in October 2014.

A spokeswoman for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise – one of the agencies involved in setting up the farm – said 195 were awassi ewes from Mathews Station in central Hawke’s Bay, which is owned by Awassi NZ.

The rest of the sheep were bought from private on-farm sales and through an auction system.

Brownrigg, as lead provider, was responsible for that, NZTE said.

Al Khalaf’s Awassi NZ Land Holdings company owns nearly a quarter – 24.9 per cent – of Brownrigg Agriculture Group.   Read more »

Dirty Deeds done with Sheep gets dirtier

Murray McCully’s dirty deeds done with sheep is getting dirtier.

The Green party is showing Labour how to run a good sting on a minister by drip feeding information.

Saudi businessmen who had been thwarted from exporting live sheep for slaughter to the Middle East had wanted to sue the Government for $20 to $30 million compensation, according to just released Cabinet papers.

But instead of being a “party to such discussions” the Government decided to spend at least $11.5 million on a Saudi agribusiness hub.

Until now the Government has said $7.5m had been recommended to spend, including $6m to establish an agribusiness hub and $1.5m on flying 900 awassi sheep for breeding to the Saudi farm of businessman Hmood Al Khalaf.

However according to a Cabinet paper released under the Official Information Act to Fairfax Media, Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Murray McCully recommended in February 2013 that a further $4m be spent on a “food security platform”.

McCully said that “Saudi parties” had wanted to seek compensation of between $20m and $30m from the Government because they could no longer export live sheep for slaughter from New Zealand to the Middle East.

But the opposing groups had negotiated the figure of $4m “which recognises the intellectual property which the Saudi investor brings to the platform, the services and in-market networks he will contribute, as well as the settlement of the long running dispute”.

An MFAT spokeswoman said to date $2.89m of the $6m for the agribusiness hub had been spent.  She said it was estimated that the Saudi partner, the Al Khalaf Group, had contributed around $80 million in land, labour, and finance towards the project.

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Forget about the sheep, be angry at McCully selling out our laws to the Saudis for $6 million

Some people really are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

They are all outraged because of some stupid sheep, when there are plenty more things about the whole shonky deal that they should be outraged over.

Taxpayers have been “kicked in the guts” by the Government after it was revealed a proposed rule about animal safeguards was deleted when requested by a Saudi businessman.

The story comes after ONE News previously revealed taxpayers gave the same Saudi businessman $6 million worth of farm equipment for his sheep breeding operation.

“Well, that’s done it for me. Have voted National since I was old enough to vote. Now that they’ve sold out to the Saudis and shown absolutely no regard for the lives of these animals, they’ve lost my vote,” Kim Wainscott posted on the ONE News Facebook page.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully wrote an undated letter to Hamood Al Ali Al Khalaf, which ONE News understands was written in March 2012, detailing just how far New Zealand would go to help him. Read more »

Cunning Winston

Winston Peters is rat cunning.

There is plenty of mileage in his latest attack against a so-called refugee who fled a war torn country only to go back there for a fight and winding up dead, leaving us with 12 children’s hungry mouths to feed.

A New Zealand refugee with 24 children who was killed in Iraq has been accused of disrespecting his adopted country by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

Mr Peters also questioned the refugee status of Kadhem Chilab Abbas, from Napier, who died at the hands of Islamic State (Isis) forces on April 17 while fighting for a civilian army.

Mr Abbas left behind 24 children, 12 of them in New Zealand.

Mr Peters told reporters at Parliament this afternoon that the Iraqi-New Zealander was one out of tens of thousands of immigrants who had failed to respect New Zealand’s “way of life” after settling here.    Read more »

Oh no the horror, at least she won’t wear one in NZ

The media are hitting Bronagh Key this time.

She will apparently wear a head scarf on a visit to Saudi Arabia.

The women travelling on John Key’s trade mission to the Gulf will be expected to cover up in the style of Islam when they visit Saudi Arabia later today.

President Obama’s wife Michelle refused to don the garb when they visited the country recently, but John Key’s wife Bronagh will adhere to the rules.

Another woman on the mission, Lesley Kennedy from Maven International’s been travelling to the region for the past five years and says being a woman actually gives her a competitive advantage over men.

“I don’t feel discriminated against at all. The men here are incredibly respectful to me.

“I’ve never felt discriminated against. At all.” Read more »

Face of the day



Is today’s face of the day a proud Muslim Father of two daughters?
Nope, don’t be so arrogant as to impose your silly western, civilised views and culture on this follower of the religion of peace.

The important thing is that we must respect his culture and be tolerant of his ideology like all good, politically correct, liberal apologists.

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Understanding the evil of the left wing

Yesterday we saw the public representatives of the left-wing stand in parliament and show their unwillingness to help those in suffering. They should hold their heads in shame, but that is for the next post.

What you need to understand is what those public figures represent, in all its appalling clarity. These comments are from various left wing blogs, I read them so you didn’t have to.

Weka at The Standard:

If the choice is between supporting the US and a cafe terrorism once a decade, I think we should take the cafe.

So innocent victims of terrorism is ok with this person because at least we aren’t supporting the US.

Lynn Prentice, the world’s greatest sysop, now also the world’s greatest solver of Middle East conflict:

As it stands, I’m starting to think that it would be an interesting case for an old imperialistic solution. Let their stable neighbours (ie not Syria) partition it along more rational lines and occupy it under a UN protectorate for a decade or so to stabilize the society. Charge the cost and a large profit to the US and UK taxpayers who were stupid enough to cause the problem.

So which stable neighbours of Syria and Iraq are you suggesting Lynn? I can only think of one…Israel, yeah like that is going to happen.

Tiger Mountain at The Standard thinks it is all a plot manufactured by the US:

this has been a textbook example of “manufacturing consent” at the behest of 5 Eyes and Uncle Sam, from snooping law changes, front page/TV news leading with gruesome IS videos, increased passport sanctions, a visiting Iraqi politician, to even the Westfield mall video that has been around for some time apparently, surfacing in msm on the very day cabinet was firming up a position!

The answer is to not participate in or support imperialist wars. To put diplomatic pressure on via the Security Council and trading partners to not support IS in any shape or form. To run a truly independent foreign and trading policy. To lavish aid on the vulnerable including various stripes of Kurds.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Peter Greste Twitter

Photo: Peter Greste Twitter

Meditation Helped Me Survive An Egyptian Jail,

Says Al Jazeera’s Peter Greste

Peter .. Free in Cyprus! Feels sweet.

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Face of the day



cartoonist Mohammed Sabaaneh.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has appointed a team to investigate today’s face of the day, cartoonist Mohammed Sabaaneh. Despite being censored by his own Editors and being imprisoned in the past by Israel for five months because of  contact with a hostile organisation  in 2013 he still does not agree with freedom of expression. He argues that a cartoonist should not harm any religion.

He was against the re-publication by Western newspapers of Charlie Hebdo’s depictions of Mohammed. “Republishing them reactivates hatred and hostility. It’s provoking more hatred in the society, based on religion.”

Ironically however it was Sabaaneh’s cartoon of Mohammed that got him suspended from his job and under investigation.

He tells Ben Lynfield in Ramallah that he just wanted to make people think


It was meant to be a favourable image, designed to counter negative stereotypes of Islam in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

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Breaking the silence because history is repeating itself *( disturbing images )

Like most things in life we don’t know what we don’t know. If Main stream media do not bring it to our attention we can easily go through life unaware of atrocities and without the full picture of what is really going on in the world. A group called Rescue Christians is doing all they can to bring what is happening to the world’s attention but since the below article is from March last year and I haven’t seen it reported in the MSM any where, I think it is safe to assume that they are not succeeding. This is a disturbing story with disturbing images and links to videos so be prepared. History is repeating itself and the Media are missing in action. Just as the Holocaust was not given prominent coverage by newspapers, these systematic slaughter centres are also being ignored.

March 2014

We report this story because of the silence on the systematic killing of Christians, Shiite minorities and even Sunni Muslims in Syria who disagree with the Takfirist theology. The story is reminiscent of the initial reporting on the extermination of European Jewry and other minorities when little coverage was given to the truth in those days.

We predict that history will repeat itself in the case of Christians in Syria and Iraq.

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