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The misogyny of the left

The left wing likes to accuse the right of misogyny. As they sanctimoniously point their fingers they ignore the latent and often overt misogyny that exists in their own ranks.

Sure they hide behind quotas and other artifices but it is there. One of the worst exponents is Martyn Bradbury. Yesterday he attacked Josie Pagani for no reason other than he doesn’t like where her politics lies…it isn’t far enough left for his liking.

Josie Pagani is no blouse though and she strikes back against his tyranny.

It’s time for the tolerant, open and compassionate left to stand up to vilification and abuse when it is practised by sections of the left.

The left should not be defined by political aggression, intolerance and bullying; it should be defined by decency, inclusion, ideas and respect for people.

Exhibit A: Martyn Bradbury of the Daily Blog denounced ‘three broadcasters of the apocalypse’, after the announcement that Guyon Espiner will host Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report.  He called Guyon ‘a hard right neo-liberal white rich male acolyte’ – and me a ‘Fox News democrat’.

I’ve had enough of this. This is abuse substituting for argument. Anyway it is absurd to conflate Guyon Espiner, a journalist respected on all sides, with Paul Henry’s history of raving racism.

Unless abuse is confronted it begins to define others on the left.  Read more »

Former Green party candidate wants to execute female Young Nats

The Green party really needs to take ownership of Max Dillon Coyle’s continuous rants and tirades in social media. We have busted Max Dillon Coyle before for misleading the media…plus other indiscretions.

The Greens try to portray that they are reasonable nad ready for government. But it’s pretty obvious that Nasty Russel Norman’s influence in the Green Party is having a strong effect over the psyche of the Green Party members. No wonder David Hay is challenging him for the leadership.

In a thread on resident NZ First nut-job Curwen Rolinson’s Facebook page, Green Party candidate Max Dillion Coyle suggests that a few Young Nats girls should be “first up against the wall when the revolution comes”.   Read more »

The Huddle


I wason Larry Williams’ show The Huddle last night with Josie Pagani.

Our topics were:

  1. Jan Logie and her dodgy trip to Sri Lanka
  2. Latest polls
  3. Judge Peter Boshier believes there’s more misogyny around than we would know about, and uses the roast busters footage as an example.

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The Huddle tonight at 1740


I am on Larry Williams’ show The Huddle tonight with Josie Pagani.

Our topics are:

  1. Jan Logie and her dodgy trip to Sri Lanka
  2. Latest polls
  3. Judge Peter Boshier believes there’s more misogyny around than we would know about, and uses the roast busters footage as an example.

You can listen online via iHeartRadio or usual methods.

I will post the audio tomorrow morning as usual

Andrew Gall in trouble for his disgusting tweet

The other day I blogged about a disgusting tweet by a Department of Conservation employee about John Key’s daughter Stephanie, after Kim Dotcom started with all the creepiness.


I challenged Andrew Gall on Twitter about it and he justified his position. He first claimed that he was a follower of mine, I asked him about his disgusting attack on Stephanie Key, his reply and my final comment are below.

At least he can’t now deny his account was hacked. He admitted to sending the tweet by justifying it. However it now seems Andrew Gall is in a spot of bother now.  Read more »

Julia Gillard and misogyny

Julia Gillard has played the misogyny card several times, and once it even went viral.

I was reading a review of Gillard and her political abilities at The Telegraph and found this part amusing…mainly for Gillard’s sledging ability, rather than the substance of her accusation against Tony Abbott of misogyny:

In retrospect, what is surprising is that she took so long to speak up, for Gillard faced misogyny from 1998, when she was first elected to the federal parliament. A leading member of the opposition called her “deliberately barren” in 2007. Her strongest instinct, as I witnessed as her head of communications, was to refuse to let it get to her. At times she could even be funny about it: at the most recent press gallery ball, she said that it wasn’t the abuse that got to her, it was the illogicality. Those who greeted her with banners saying “ditch the witch” were the same people who talked about wanting her tied up and dumped in the sea. “Don’t they know you can’t drown a witch?’’ she asked.

Bloody good comeback.  Read more »

Since I’m supposed to be a misogynist, ctd

Via the tipline (NSFW language)

Bonus video:   Read more »

Since I’m supposed to be a misogynist

This one is for Tracey McLellan


What brought that on, you might think?  Read more »

Aussie Sheilas Should Stop having a Sook

There is a great deal of heat and smoke and allegations of misogyny being hurled around in Aussie politics, but they really need to take pause and stop having a sook, things aren’t as bad as they make out.

As debate rages over sexism and misogyny in Canberra and across the country, a global survey has found Australian women are the most economically empowered in the world.

The study says Australian women are the world’s most economically advanced in terms of access to education, market participation and anti-discrimination policies.

Despite Australia still failing to pay women salaries equal to men – average weekly earnings for women are 17 per cent less than men – the survey by international consulting and management firm Booz & Company found it topped a list of 128 countries in allowing women to play a role as economic agents in their social and political systems.

Australia was followed by three Scandinavian countries — Norway, Sweden and Finland. New Zealand was fifth.

At the bottom of the list were Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan and Chad.

Not much to complain about there, though I’m sure one of the Labour wimmin will find something to carp about.