Moira Coatsworth

What 22.5% means to Labour

Labour’s poll number of 22.5% means that there is a very real chance that Labour will not have any List MPs in parliament after the election.

Labour will almost certainly hold all its own seats, and looks likely to pick up Tamaki Makaurau, Napier, Te Tai Hauauru and Waimakariri. This would give them 27 Electorate MPs.

Percentage PV         MPs without wasted vote
20%                            24
21%                            25
22%                            26
23%                            28
24%                            29
25%                            30
26%                            31
27%                            32
28%                            34
29%                            35
30%                            36

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Phil Quin on fixing Labour

Phil Quin writes sensible stuff in the Herald yesterday.

Last week, I broke a cardinal rule and spent some time wading through left-wing blogs, as well as comment sections on more mainstream sites.

It is clear the small number of Labour, Green and Internet-Mana Party activists who populate these dusty corners of cyberspace have convinced themselves the media are systematically rallying behind John Key’s re-election and conspiring against the left.

I was unable to glean a coherent explanation as to why this might be, but my guess is that it has something to do with corporate interests and right-wing politicians uniting with a fierce determination to defend the prevailing political and socioeconomic orthodoxy that shapes New Zealand’s capitalist system and delivers its beneficiaries ever-expanding wealth, power and privilege.

This kind of reaction is neither strange nor unexpected, because Labour is losing by 30 points and performing as badly as any major New Zealand political party since Bill English’s hapless Nats of 2002.

Supporters and activists find it much easier to blame straw-men, presumably along with a mandatory 50 per cent of straw-women, than confront the painful truth that the political operation surrounding David Cunliffe is strategically misguided and tactically inept.

Proof points abound: the disastrous “manpology” to the Women’s Refuge gathering, the poorly managed Donghua Liu debacle, an ill-conceived skiing trip (which was less about its effect on public opinion than the message it sent candidates and volunteers), as well as any number of bungled policy introductions and unforced errors – from dead trees to slow trucks to resurrecting moa.

To my mind, the Cunliffe apology for being a man was by far the most damaging of these. According to a¬†Herald¬†poll, only 9 per cent of respondents thought the manpology was a smart move, and yet the overwhelming preponderance of leftist commentary insisted either that Cunliffe was right to say sorry for possessing external genitalia, or that the apology wasn’t a big deal.

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The Predictable Failure of David Cunliffe, Ctd

Cunliffe - Sh_t

The two most recent polls have shown what all of us known.

David Cunliffe has a poo fingered touch, everything he touches turns to poop.

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Why does Tim Barnett Burn Labour Party Donors?

Everyone knows Labour is flat broke and that Tim Barnett and Moira Coatsworth need a good kick in the pants for not getting money in.

They are responsible for fundraising, and they should tender their resignations immediately after the election for leaving the Labour Party flat broke. 

Sources inside Fraser House are saying that Tim Barnett is so bad at donor management that when New Zealand‚Äôs best political shakedown artist, Mike ‚ÄúFat Tony‚ÄĚ Williams arranged a meeting with a man who has given vast amounts of money to different Labour campaigns over the last twenty years, Tim didn‚Äôt even bother to turn up.

So the money is going on saving whales or some other hippy cause, not into Labour‚Äôs war chest. ¬† Read more »

Translating what politicans say

Andrea Vance has a handy list of translations of what politicians say.

If some wag could make this into a bingo card we could have a great deal of fun come the election debates.

“I’m focused on the issues that really matter to New Zealanders.”

This has two possible interpretations: “These questions are getting a bit sticky, I’m going for the moral high-ground.” Or, if a political rival is in trouble: “There’s no way I’m going to get caught out criticising political donations.”

“This is a distraction from the real issues . . . ‚Äė’

More of the same. Except when it’s happening to an opponent. Then it’s holding them to account.

Labour and David Cunliffe are the worst offenders at this. Almost always they are focussing on beltway issues…which is the next on the list.

“This is a Beltway issue.”

I know everyone is talking about this, but I’m going to annoy journalists by suggesting they are out of touch with ordinary folk.

Most journalists, particularly gallery journalists are actually out of touch. They live in the rarified atmosphere of Parliament, they eat, drink, socialise and some even root the politicians.

“I’m relatively relaxed about this . . .”

Because my chief of staff is working like billy-o to find an official we can pin the blame on.

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A word from the South, #TeamKey raiding in Labour heartland


Labour appear to be in trouble in South Auckland.

A reader emails:

National’s Mangere candidate Misa Fia Turner has¬†been working the Mangere markets every week¬†since she was selected at the end of May. Not sure the Nats have ever had someone like this before in Mangere.

Labour¬†and Su’a William Sio have never been the whole time we have been there.¬†A few of them¬†run a¬†stall right on the edge of the market¬†– you are not allowed political stalls inside. Not much good though¬†as nobody bothers to go outside the market to see them.

Anyway, the PM visited Mangere on Tuesday and met with 500 pacific leaders and church leaders. On Friday the following txt is sent to Labour candidates and activists:

“Good morning candidates and activist, we are gathering as many people to surround David Cunliffe at the markets¬†tomorrow¬†morning. we need to gather a ‘sea of red’ from¬†8am¬†at the Otara market and¬†10am¬†at Mangere. Spread the word”

Now it rained a lot this morning and DC was a no show to both while the Nats were out in force handing out flyers and balloons. Check out Fia’s Facebook page for some pics:

The Nats got absolutely soaked walking around the market and there is even a video of them dancing to keep warm.¬† In contrast a few of the candidates and activists that bothered to show for Labour were seen huddled around their stall. And as the Nats walked past Labour yelled out “Go Get Wet!”

Not sure why DC was a no show but I understand it was similar at Otara markets.

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Why is Labour so Rooted, Ctd

Yet another election and yet another Labour absolute shocker.

This was the party of H1, H2, Fat Tony and Cullen who were respected and feared for their formidable organisational ability.

Now they are run by a bunch of no hopers who couldn’t pull in a brothel.

One thing that always tells you that a Party is flat broke is when they say ‚Äúwe are going to do a lot of inter-personal contact‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúthis will be a grassroots campaign‚ÄĚ.

This is bullshit, and it is actually saying ‚ÄúWe are flat broke‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúOur fundraisers had tits for hands‚ÄĚ.¬† Read more »

Where are Labour’s Big Donations?

Labour are an embarrassment of a party, with a dud leader, dud policies and they are absolutely flat broke.

Moira Coatsworth said as much when she told the world that they weren’t going to campaign with billboards or signs, instead they were going to use social media, hashtags and some flash American software the Republican party uses.

Political parties cannot survive without money.

Labour has been a special kind of stupid in having a series of party people that have been dead set useless at fundraising. Chris Flatt, Andrew Little, Tim Barnett and Moira Coatsworth have left the party broke because they don’t raise any money.

Fundraising is the lifeblood of a political party.¬† Read more »

I wonder if Moira shudders every time Cunliffe attacks evil property developers

David Cunliffe and various other Labour spokes-people like to attack property developers and speculators. It is the rationale behind their capital gains tax proposals.

David Cunliffe in speech to Young Labour:

We have too many children who are getting sick because they live in cold, damp, cramped houses with black mould growing up the walls. Sometimes owned by speculators who just push the rent up while getting rich on tax-free capital gains.

David Parker on The Nation:

  • “You need to tax the speculators‚Ķ.capital gains tax
  • “Loan to valuation ratios would not be needed if they were taxing speculators and building affordable homes.”
  • “National Party, despite the fact that we had 40 percent house inflation, they‚Äôre not doing anything about it. Not taxing speculators…

I wonder though what evil property developers, Moira & Ian Coatesworth, think about that policy.

Moira Coatsworth and her husband Ian live just north of Thames on the Thames Coast. ¬†¬† Read more »

The Big Questions for the Labour Conference

Labour go to their conference over the weekend with piss poor poll numbers and a leader that is unable connect with the New Zealand public.

The big questions for the Labour conference should be around winning. Labour are supposed to be the natural party of government under MMP, yet they have only been in power for 9 out of the 18 years of MMP so far, and look like staying out of power again after the election.

The first and most important question is why is Labour broke? Sources inside Fraser House say that there are repeated acrimonious discussions about Labour‚Äôs lack of money, and the dead set useless pair of Coatsworth and Barnett hiding from their responsibilities. Political parties cannot survive without good fundraising, and if Coatsworth and Barnett can’t bring the cash in they need to resign.

The next most important question is who can raise money, and who will replace Coatsworth and Barnett? Mike ‚ÄúFat Tony‚ÄĚ Williams was a brilliant shakedown artist, and keep the Labour Party well funded for a long, long time. Will Labour be smart enough to bring Fat Tony back, or find a new Fat Tony? Whatever happens Coatsworth and Barnett have proven they can’t raise the money and this has consigned Labour to another election loss. ¬† Read more »