Name Suppression

BREAKING: NZ Blogger breaks name suppression on David Cunliffe’s lunch date

A blogger with strong links to Peter Dunne this afternoon has published full details of the “sex pest” referred to “NZ’s Rolf Harris”.

Of course, we can only report that name suppression has been broken – not who it is, what the details are, or where to find it.

I think this blogger is extremely brave to poke a stick at the law when $100,000 and/or a prison sentence of up to 6 months can be the result.



Please do not put anything in the comments that can even hint, suggest or otherwise lead to the identity of “NZ Rolf”, no hints as to what to search for, or what web sites to visit.  Doing so will see your ability to comment here permanently withdrawn.  Don’t be cute.  Really.  Just don’t.

SST not happy about David Cunliffe meeting with known sex pest

As reported by Newstalk ZB’s Barry Soper, David Cunliffe was briefed about the name suppressed sex pest prior to meeting him, and decided to go ahead with the lunch anyway.

This, after he apologised for all men to a womens’ conference on sexual violence.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust don’t like it much either.



“Man up and vow to change the nonsense NZ suppression laws Labour” challenges Ruth Money, Sensible Sentencing Spokesperson.

The NZ Herald reported this week that while on holiday in Queenstown last week David Cunliffe met “with a prominent New Zealander given name suppression on charges of performing an indecent act.” Read more »

BREAKING: Will Conservative Party name “NZ’s Rolf Harris” that David Cunliffe lunched with?


Please do not put anything in the comments that can even hint, suggest or otherwise lead to the identity of “NZ Rolf”, no hints as to what to search for, or what web sites to visit.  Doing so will see your ability to comment here permanently withdrawn

How we deal with sex offenders: compare and contrast

On the one hand we have a “NZs Rolf Harris” that has pleaded guilty to charges but nobody is legally allowed to tell anyone who he is.  We can’t see his photo.  We can’t talk about what business he runs now.  We can’t tell you what he used to do for a crust.  And we can’t even tell you all the other incidents of “Rolfing” he’s got up to because all of it would breach name suppression.

Compare that with this.

10298009A Hamilton man busted with more than 1000 child sex abuse and bestiality images and movies says he was addicted to them after getting depressed and losing his sex drive.

A veteran police officer described the images – that feature children as aged as young as two – as some of the worst he’s seen in his 37-year career.

Craig Owen John Wyber, 35, avoided a jail term after admitting 20 representative charges of possessing objectionable material and three charges of distributing objectionable material after being sentenced in the Hamilton District Court on Thursday. The charges carry a maximum jail sentences of five and 10 years’ respectively.

Judge Denise Clark said although the charges most commonly resulted in prison sentences, she was swayed by submissions from Wyber’s counsel Phil Morgan QC.

Morgan said his client had been getting treatment after voluntarily admitting himself to the Safe Network, an organisation that treats people with problematic sexual behaviours. Read more »

David Cunliffe didn’t know about the name suppressed sex offender

This article describes an offender that is currently enjoying name suppression – “Person F”.  Please skip to the end of this article to read what name suppression means in a practical sense, so you won’t get banned for breaking it “by accident”


Photo of Ariel Castro, not “Person F“.

Late yesterday, I revealed that David Cunliffe had a meeting with a name suppressed sexual offender.  Overnight he’s told the Herald he had no idea that the person he was seen with, had his photograph taken with, and has accepted a gift of a bottle of wine from was “that” person.  (What is it with Labour and wine?)

“That” person (Person F) being the one that had been in the news the week previously as having been successful at keeping his name suppression in place, in spite of the victim of the sexual abuse wanting it overturned.

How likely is it that David Cunliffe didn’t know about Person F?  Here are the possibilities as I see it:

  1. He knew, did it anyway
  2. He didn’t know, advisers didn’t know
  3. He didn’t know, advisers failed him
  4. He didn’t know, advisers back stabbed him
  5. David Cunliffe is so desperate to be liked and  no one wants to be seen with him so out of desperation he accepted an invitation to be seen with someone famous. And was tone deaf to any warnings.

Read more »

One of the problems: Our suppression laws

(Unless you have read the first and second posts in this three parter, you won’t have had the stage set for this final article.)

Rodney Hide’s article is mostly about name suppression, and how it doesn’t service justice

I have reluctantly concluded that New Zealand does suffer a rape culture.

It’s not an “all men are rapists” and “I am sorry for being a man” type of thing. Rather, it’s the way men can commit sex crimes and get away with it. The system works to protect the privileged and powerful.

My eyes were opened after my column last week. I had called on National MP Maggie Barry to use Parliamentary privilege to break the suppression order protecting a “prominent” New Zealander.

The police had charged him with “indecent assault” but the sex predator pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of “indecent act with intent to insult or offend”.

“Indecent assault” is a strike offence; it’s a serious charge.

Judge David Saunders discharged the sex attacker without conviction and gave him name suppression. We can’t report who he is. By way of explanation, the judge said the predator had “carried a bit of a cross” since the charges were laid.

You know Rodney, you and I are both itching to kick this sexual assaulting ratbag to touch.  But due to my (personally costly) hard work, the penalties for breaching suppression are no longer a maximum $1000 fine per incident.   It has increased to $100,000 – and that’s not something I can afford to do again to bring about change. Read more »

Ratbag Malaysian Diplomat can be named, Judge lifts name suppression

Finally we get some sensible decisions around this whole issue.

Now the suppression order has been lifted we can link to the story in Malaysia about the case.

The NZ Herald reports also:

The diplomat at the centre of an alleged sexual assault case can now be named after media organisations challenged a judge’s decision to grant permanent name suppression.

He is Mohammed Rizalman Bin Ismail and worked at the Malaysian High Commission in Wellington.

Ismail, who claimed diplomatic immunity, could not initially be identified because of a suppression order imposed by a Wellington District Court judge on May 30.

However, Malaysian media were now reporting the case, and its Foreign Affairs Ministry planned to hold a press conference about it today.

An urgent hearing to overturn the suppression ruling was held in the High Court at Wellington today, where the name suppression was overturned.   Read more »

A good judge refuses filthy sicko name suppression

Looks like we have a good judge, who is refusing a filthy sicko name suppression and given him until Monday to present good evidence as to why he shouldn’t be named.

Given what the judge has said so far I don’t like his chances.

A former professional at an Auckland firm is battling to keep his name secret after being sentenced for possessing and exporting objectionable images of children.

The man’s lawyer Guyon Foley applied for a permanent name suppression order, but this was turned down today by Judge Eddie Paul in the Auckland District Court.

“The public are entitled to know what this man has been doing on a computer, on the internet, in his home,” the judge said when he sentenced the man to 10 months’ home detention.

“Prohibiting publication, in my view, would do a major disservice to the children this man abused by viewing their images.”  Read more »

And of course she was registered



Bunny boiler teacher lady attacks new pregnant Mrs of her ex.   At least the name suppression has been dropped

A Whangarei school teacher is on trial … charged with assaulting her ex-husband’s pregnant partner.

Terynne Whitney Dunn, 28, has been charged with injuring with intent to injure and an alternative charge of assault with intent to injure.

The trial began at Whangarei District Court this morning before Judge Duncan Harvey and a jury of seven women and five men. Read more »

Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady has a win… for now

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

You may recall the Invercargill crazy cat lady with the “37″ cats…

The Invercargill woman charged with keeping too many cats on her city property is continuing the fight to keep her name secret.

After hearing submissions in the Invercargill District Court yesterday, Judge Michael Turner ruled the woman had not met the threshold required for continued name suppression and ordered it be lifted.

But through her counsel, Simon Claver, the woman immediately said she would appeal and Judge Turner ordered her name to remain suppressed until the appeal was heard.

So.. we still can’t know who she is? Read more »