Nanny State

You are a crap parent, and you should do something about it

Is there any place that nanny state won’t go to try and force the ferals, the gormless and the criminally stupid to do even the most basic things right?

It appears not.   Coming soon – nappies with instructions on how to improve your parenting.

Prompts could be printed on nappies in a bid to remind parents to talk to their babies more often under new proposals being discussed by a government-owned organisation.

The Behavioural Insights Team, also known as the ‘nudge unit’ are to consider the plan, which would see parenting tips written on nappies.

The idea was discussed during a recent meeting of the World Economic Forum in Dubai, which was attended by the team’s chief executive officer Dr David Halpern.

In a blog post he revealed how the idea was discussed in a meeting of the international council of behavioural policy makers, which talked about family ideas.

He wrote: ‘On parenting and families, probably the most left-field proposal was to prompt parents to talk to their kids by printing messages on nappies.’

Using legislation to force manufacturers to change their product to state the bleeding obvious has generally been driven by a litigious background such as exists in the United States  (“you never said not to set fire to my clothes while I was wearing them, so you are to blame”, etc), it opened the door for other busy bodies to consider products to be free billboards for their “messages for stupid people”.

Talk more to your baby.   What.  The.  Hell.   Read more »

Nanny State seeks to kill sugar thrills

Helen Clark got hurled out of Parliament for allowing her government to interfere too much in ordinary Kiwi lives. Things like trying to tell people what light-bulbs and shower-heads they were allowed to buy.

Kiwis just want to get on with their lives without being dictated to by nanny state zealots, desperate to push their agenda onto the populace.

So when the academic activists at Otago and Auckland Universities start calling for a 20% tax on cold tea and coffee, most people feel like telling them to take a long walk off a short pier.

But that’s exactly what the taxpayer funded troughers at FIZZ are calling for.

They’re now saying that cold tea and coffees are evil and part of the cause of obesity in New Zealand.

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Nanny State? More like more Herald bullsh*t

The NZ Herald has a nice little hit job on the government today accusing them of being nanny statist.

In many respect they may be right , but have a look at the list they have to justify their hit job:

National’s nanny moves

• Can’t buy beer and wine from dairies and convenience stores.
• Bars no longer allowed to advertise discounts over 25%.
• Can’t buy beer from bottle stores after 11pm and in bars after 4am.
• Minors need express consent from parents to drink.

• Plain packets for cigarettes (proposed).

• Speed tolerance cut to 4km/h.
• Breath-alcohol limit lowered.
• Mobile phone use banned in cars.

• Licence to hunt specific types of game animals.
• Snapper catch reduced (proposed).
• Fines for not fencing permanent paddling pools (proposed).

Health and welfare
• Raising age for child booster seats from 5 to 7.
• Harder to get cold medicine with pseudoephedrine.
• Beneficiaries’ non-school-age kids must be enrolled in early childhood education and doctor’s clinic.
• 16- and 17-year-old beneficiaries have an adult assigned to them who pays their bills and handles their money.  Read more »

Paddling Pool Police coming to a suburb near you

Sometimes you have to wonder about politicians allowing their officials to bring about stupid insane rules that are simply meddling in the peaceful enjoyment of ones own property. The Herald reports:

Parents with inflatable paddling pools could face $500 fines if they ignore council orders to fence them off or empty them after use under proposed rules to be unveiled today.

Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson will announce changes to the 1987 Fencing of Swimming Pools Act which, if passed next year, will introduce a new enforcement regime, including $500 fines for those who don’t fence off their pools properly.

The new law will mean any pool where the water is more than 30cm deep – even portable and inflatable – will need to be fenced off if they are left up permanently.

Under current laws, pools deeper than 40cm have to be fenced, but officials say the requirements have not been clear and are not happening in many cases.

The current laws are stupid and this is just allowing the creation of the Paddling Pool Police, jobsworths with clipboards. Instead of extending current laws we should be looking at abolishing them.  Read more »

WO scores Tony Ryall 3/10 for eradicating nanny state


Over the weekend John Key scored their efforts at eradicating the nanny state at 8/10, while Tracey Watkin’s gave them a 5/10.

Then, low and behold the weekend papers were full of efforts by Tony Ryall’s secret troughers, including Super Trougher Extraordinaire Boyd Swinburn (more on him later) and the Food Polices’ Louise Signal calling for over 200 kids to wear cameras to capture all the nasty evil pictures of foods and other products in shops.

These researchers troughers want to use kids so they can capture images of food porn that they are exposed to when they go to the supermarket with their mums. Then using some special (taxpayer funded) computer programme, these researchers will sit in a dark room at Otago University and perv over thousands and thousands of products lining the supermarket shelves.

Louise Signal is essentially using this public money to keep track of her own kids saying:

“As a parent myself, I’m very interested because parents aren’t with their older children all of the time, they don’t necessarily know where they go, and a lot of it slides under the radar anyway.”

No wonder the research isn’t going to be available for two years.   Read more »

The Fat Controller now the target for the Nanny State

For those readers who think that Auntie Helen’s PC antics departed when she went to trough at the UN, you’re going to have to think again.

It should come as no surprise that all those so-called public health troughers – the ones that have learnt lessons attacking fag companies and who are now moving on to attacking Big Food companies, are just at the tip of the iceberg of nanny state prohibitionists.

Last month I ran a series of posts ‘Back in ya Box” following some academic banging on about “the need to protect children” and pushing for for bans on advertising.  Read more »

Let’s not replace a Nanny State with a Police State

Here is another reader that thinks the media aren’t doing their job of protecting the public and are instead part of the problem.

In response to the false belief that the Government is attempting to advance through the media; that the public is not concerned regarding the GCSB changes, I have taken time to write of my concerns and the concerns of most people I talk to in the above attached PDF.

David [name withheld]




Such a radical change being promoted to every NZ citizen’s rights and freedoms deserves an
informed dialogue, and if we do indeed live in a democracy why are we being denied this basic right?

If you control the media narrative you influence people, GREATLY. Of course if you also control the money flow (FED, RB), then you are able to exert a great deal of influence and coercion over individuals or Governments as in the Fed’s case.

Who could not be concerned witnessing our elite military dragging terrorists from their beds during the Dotcom Raids? Objective‐ to inform Mr.Dotcom he was being charged with copyright infringements at the end of a boot. FBI present, authorised by our PM Mr. John Key.

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Wellington Thrives on Nanny State

via the tipline

John Key was right when he said Wellington was a dying place. It’s only chance of survival is keeping the thousands of bureaucrats ferreting away thinking up new ways to control people’s lives.

How surprised do you think I was when the tip line alerted me to a bunch to do-gooders, no doubt donkey deep in the trough attending a research symposium group hug in Wellington today – all feigning worry about fatties.

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Creating a nation of sooks


We are creating a nation of sooks where very soon w will have to send kids to school wrapped in bubblewrap.

A misguided health and safety culture is threatening to render children’s play meaningless, early childhood providers are to be warned.

The United Kingdom-based founder of Outdoor Play and Learning (Opal), Michael Follett, says a “policy of fear” has reshaped play to the extent that children are losing out on vital learning.

“You are taking away their ability to learn through primary, first-hand experience, which is how children actually learn.

“They need to fall over, they need to cut themselves, have bumps and bruises.

“If you over-protect, they don’t learn resilience.”

Life is full of knocks, bumps, grazes and falls. Best let kids experience that so they learn the ground is hard and corners are sharp.



Nanny of the month

Reason TV

June’s busybodies want to shield your eyes from bikinis and remind you that they’re not above ripping your garden out (even if you are complying with city codes).

But top dishonors go to the police chief who admitted on camera that his officers had “more important things to do,” but still championed a measure that fines folks for swearing in public.

Presenting’s Nanny of the Month for June 2012: Middleborough, Massachusetts Police Chief Bruce Gates!