Nasty Party

A Great Candidate for the Nasty Party

Labour’s Tukituki candidate is trying to curry favour with the Nasty faction of the Nasty party by attacking her opponent Craig Foss.

On education, rather than for having a gay ute.

Anna Lorck: Education makes me see red

WHEN a woman wears red something happens – she sparks interest.

And if there’s one thing that’s got me nearly as much attention as being Labour’s new Tukituki candidate, it’s been my red dress – people noticed.

“You’re the one in red” and just like that people start talking to me. We know it’s not the dress, because the conversation quickly changes to what they really want to know, for most they’re not into the politics, they want to find out what makes me tick, do I have heart and will she listen.

Yes a woman like me, who strives for more, with a busy family of five girls, who built a business and lives and breathes the heartland, what made you red enough to stand for Parliament?  Read more »

The lies and defamations of Clare Curran

Clare Curran has been busted in a lie and a defamation.

Back on the 4th and 5th of September she used parliamentary privilege to attack and defame a candidate for CEO of Maori Television. Many left-wing blogs and the media jumped on board.

There was a slight problem though…she was wrong…dead wrong.

The Speaker has released his findings that the the parliamentary record should now incorporate a statement from Paora Maxwell.

This is polite parliamentary speak which basically means Clare Curran lied and defamed a member of the public and used parliamentary privilege to do so, and how the record must be corrected by adding a personal statement from Paora Maxwell.  Read more »

The Nasty party is back, Andrew Little wishes Nat MP was assassinated

This Twitter exchange beggars belief.

Prompting this tweet from Lew:    Read more »

Wise advice for Cunliffe, doubt he will listen

I’ve listened to David Cunliffe all day trash talking John Key. Going on about pants around his ankles and getting his measure.

Whatever…very unbecoming behaviour for someone who pretends he will be Prime Minister.

Tim Watkin, hardly a fan of John Key, has some advice for David Cunliffe he would do well to listen to.

Judging by the two interviews I’ve heard today is on the right track – he’s looking at ease being authoritative and stressing the need for unity. Unity has to be the first job.

But he needs to stop talking as if he’s addressing the party faithful. The call for unity now is not so he can lead the party, but so that the party can lead the country. He needs to talk from the voters’ viewpoint and say he understands all New Zealanders won’t put up with squabbles. He also needs to wind down the John Key attacks.  Read more »

Soper calls Mallard’s stunt an own goal

Barry Soper, who views life through red tinted lenses, has described Mallard’s nasty little stunt yesterday as an ‘own goal’:

But it’s a party that can’t help tripping over itself as it did yesterday when Trevor Mallard flew into the bear pit, accusing the pedantic Nick Smith of bludging off the taxpayer after he tearfully relieved himself of his ministry last year when his Bronwyn Pullar conflict of interest became an embarrassment.

Of course he’s repented and is now back in the fold. Mallard claimed he’d stayed on in his taxpayer supplied ministerial home when he wasn’t entitled to.

Smith tells us he stayed on for a couple of weeks so that his kids could finish their school term which would seem reasonable in the circumstances.

But big Gezza Brownlee wasn’t going to let them get away with that. He ruffled Mallard’s feathers, saying what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.   Read more »

Nasty and Low, Mallard goes after families

With Labour leaderless it’s left to Trevor Mallard to go low.

What a total shambles they are.

He then followed up that performance with a press release demanding repayment.  Read more »

#Laboursgottalent already into the nasty

Didn’t take long, but to be expected from the Nasty Party.

Felix Marwick reports at NewstalkZB:

While the candidate list for the Labour Party leadership remains to be finalised, a full scale campaign’s already underway on social media.

Twitter accounts are already up and running – each staking a claim for the three main candidates, Grant Robertson, David Cunliffe, and Shane Jones.  Read more »

Sue Moroney MP turns Labour around in one fell swoop

With all the negativity flowing from and towards the New Zealand Labour Party, it’s good to see that some Labour MPs are able to celebrate New Zealand success stories.



Or not.

Not only does Sue put the boot into New Zealand ingenuity, NZ Exports and our Asian export partners, she also, in the same 13 carefully crafted words insulted everyone over 70 years of age for being technophobes.

Is anyone actually capable of something positive in the New Zealand Labour Party right now?

Or does it all come down to tearing down achievers and putting people into boxes?

(over the break, an image of the iRobi healtcare robot)

Read more »

Why is it that disaster brings out the worst in the Left?

nasty lefty




Why does Labour hate the Police so much?

There is a real meme building that Labour hates the police.

We have seen Trevor Mallard mounting attacks against a top cop, Mike Bush, where he disgraced himself and may well find himself before the Privileges Committee.

A reader also pointed out that during the Gang Insignia debate  Andrew Little made derogatroy comments, albeit obtusely, of the Police. What do you think?  Read more »