Nasty Party

Trevor Mallard reacts under pressure

As reported on Whaleoil, Chris Bishop is contesting Hutt South against Trevor Mallard and is doing so well that Trevor’s return to parliament next year is hardly a certainty.

A journo was rating various political figures’ Twitter habits and found that Bishop was one of the more entertaining, informing and effective communicators.

As part of that article, the journo reported Bishop’s tweet proving the NZ Labour party had petulantly blocked him, petulantly, from following their Twitter feed.

I know – it already sounds like lemon-sucking sore losers acting like kids. But, Trevor Mallard manages to up the ante:

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Political stereotypes

Tracy Watkins looks at political stereotypes:

Sue who? A tweet by a relatively unknown MP might have gone unnoticed by most people if it was not for one thing. It ticked all the boxes on Labour stereotypes. Sue Moroney tweeted a picture of the losing flag design flying outside an expensive looking house and commented: “Just “is you’re a flash bach owner doesn’t mean you get to decide our flag”.

Moroney’s opponents labelled it mean-spirited and nasty. But that was not what did the real damage. It’s what it supposedly said about Labour that will hurt the most – Nanny State, telling people what to think, anti-rich, anti-success. Take your pick.

The Nanny State label stuck when Labour was last in power and introduced a raft of changes, like the anti-smacking law. Five leaders later and Labour still can’t shake it off. The likelihood of it doing so is slim, for the simple reason that it’s not unique to New Zealand. Worldwide the “Nanny State” label is shorthand for parties of the Left. National, in Opposition, was quick to exploit those stereotypes by tagging things Labour did as either too “politically correct”, or Nanny State gone mad. It even appointed a spokesman for political correctness, to police the excesses.

Stereotypes abound about National as well, of course – the party of the rich, friends of big business, environmentally unfriendly, socially uncaring. Again, take your pick.

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Nasty party at it again

Sue Moroney epitomises the Nasty party.

She is just plain awful and the reason why National MPs want her to stand against them…so they can increase their majorities.

She has taken to Twitter to post a picture of some random person’s house flying the Lockwood flag and decided to attack them for it.

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Labour’s Candidate of Hate and Nasty

The Labour Party rightly has the reputation of being the Nasty Party, and no one more so than Tamati Coffey.

It can’t be long now before Andrew Little or Nigel Haworth realise the massive political liability they have on their hands.

Tamati is a train wreck. Hiding behind the title of ‘spokesperson’ he has none of the accountability, albeit minor, that comes with being an MP.

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Smug Aussie senator poured back in her bottle

Aussie Labor has its nasties just like New Zealand Labour, but watch the video above as Labor senator Katy Gallagher accused Communications Minister Mitch Fifield of ‘mansplaining’ to her. She got spanked for her smug arrogance.

A government minister has accused a Labor senator of hypocrisy after she claimed he was ‘mansplaining’ to her.

A standard parliamentary committee hearing erupted into a fiery exchange between Labor’s Katy Gallagher and Communications Minister Mitch Fifield on Thursday.

Senator Gallagher accused the minister of mansplaining to her in an answer about cabinet process on social services legislation.   Read more »

Andrew Little goes full retard on Twitter

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…politicians should not use Twitter…especially nasty politicians like Andrew Little who has gone full retard on Twitter attacking Phil Quin.

Andrew Little made claims regarding how Labour would handle the TPPA when it is signed…basically ignoring it and abrogating our obligations. Phil Quin called him out on Twitter for comments about China, which isn’t part of the TPPA, and Little reacted.

He is stating as a fact that signing up to the TPP prevents parties from restricting land sales to, among others, Americans, Australians and “the Chinese”.  He is simply wrong on the final count because China is not a signatory to the TPP.  In fact, the entire rationale behind the agreement is to provide a counterweight to Chinese economic power in the Asia Pacific region.  Unless by “the Chinese”, he is referring to ethnic Chinese citizens of Singapore or Malaysia, for example, he is talking nonsense – either from ignorance or cynicism, or a blend of both.

When I pointed this out on Twitter, Little responded with a series of abusive tweets.  Par for the course, I’m afraid. He’s a bit of a grumpy bum, let’s be honest.    Read more »

Green Party East Coast candidate goes super nasty in a Gisborne Herald article

The tears of impotent rage are still flowing from the Green Party after the voters gave them such a spanking Sue Bradford would also want to make it illegal.

When commenting in The Gisborne Herald about how the voters walked away from the left in droves on September 20, East Coast Green Party candidate Gavan McLean had this to say:

How do we explain the extraordinary lack of support for those who care? It’s not just the number of non-voters; not just the media, some almost falling over in their lean to the right; not just the demeaning circus of shouting matches called “debates”, or the subsequent navel-gazing “Who won?” editorials; not just National’s dishonesty and adoption of the rhetoric of altruism — of which more later; not just fear of disunity, within a party or a coalition of parties (a fear that is undemocratic in a mixed society).

On the face of it, the voters declared themselves callous and cowardly, which is how history will view this election. How can otherwise intelligent and caring people so thoroughly misrepresent themselves? Of course, many are complacent — life is good, she’ll be right — but the refusal to face the future or even fix immediate problems reflects not real contentment, but deep insecurity. This is a childish reaction, as in the childish song by Sia:

“I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist . . .

“But I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down, won’t open my eyes.”

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These people vote

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 6.23.50 pm

More nastiness from the left.

Until these people decide to act like proper citizens they need to be exposed for wishing death on people for the sole reason that they don’t agree with their political viewpoint.


More #VotePositive from the Nasty party

Stu Nash is usually a top bloke, but even he’s been infected by the nasty party.

First naming (and presumably trying to ‘shame’) a National Party volunteer, and then mocking the bloke’s car!

So much for being the party of the downtrodden.

votepositivefrom nash

Come on Nashy, you are better than that.

Don’t be like the rest of the nasty party. Go give the guy your apologies and show you are classy rather than class-less.


– Facebook



When are we going to call this for what it is?

Are the media willfully blind?  (Yes)



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