Nasty Party

So much for the “sledge pledge”, Clare Curran carries on with the Nasty party plan

David Cunliffe made a sledge pledge in line with his party’s “Vote Positive” slogan.

The Sledge Pledge has been ignored, in what can only be a slight against David Cunliffe’s leadership.

Yesterday it was Grant Robertson getting nasty on John Key.

And today it is Clare Curran proving Labour remains the Nasty Party.

It seems Labour leader David Cunliffe’s “sledge pledge”, in which he promised a “positive” election campaign, hasn’t got through to Dunedin South MP Clare Curran.

Curran has branded rival MPs nasty, homophobic and foul-mouthed in an interview with a student newspaper.

The article was published online on Sunday – as Cunliffe was delivering a keynote speech.

“This election campaign is not about dirty tricks or dodgy deals; smear campaigns and a personality cult,” Cunliffe told delegates, including Curran.

Later, he told reporters the public was fed up with political debate centred on personal attacks rather than policy.

“We want to run a clean, positive campaign.”   Read more »

Labour’s positive message didn’t even last a day

Labour promised a positive campaign:

David Cunliffe’s put his MPs on notice – no sledging of the opposition.

Labour’s leader’s to stay away from slinging personal dirt and run a positive campaign, targeting issues and policies.

David Cunliffe admits it won’t be easy for some veteran combatants like Trevor Mallard.

“It’s always a bit tempting in the parliamentary bear pit to respond and we will need to show some restraint and probably won’t be perfect.

David Cunliffe says the New Zealand public is frustrated by the theatrics during question time in Parliament and this is an attempt to improve the political tone.

That didn’t last long, less than a day.  Read more »

The nasty left, always rewriting history


What page doesn’t exist?


That was the Tamati Coffey tweet where he found it was lovely to talk about Tory scum.

Julie-Anne Genter Jan Logie wondered out loud who Bill English had to F%%% to get his 6th budget baby born.   At least she had the stones to let that Tweet stand.

But not Tamati Coffey – he’s going to try and pretend it never happened.   Read more »

Labour: Concerned about things that matter

Photo:  Rebecca from Langholm, West Auckland / via Twitter & Stuff

Photo: Rebecca from Laingholm, West Auckland / via Twitter & Stuff

While real people are having to deal with lack of heating, blocked roads and even personal injury, the Labour Party shows you how concerned they are about real people:   Read more »

John Armstrong on the Nasty party


Evil Kermit

John Armstrong comments about the Nasty party.

One of the first things the new MPs entering Parliament following September’s election will quickly learn is the necessity of growing a suit of armour, one preferably of tungsten-like durability.

Sooner or later, they will find themselves subject to verbal abuse. Some of it will be witty, a lot of it will be weak, most of it will be within the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

This year, however, has witnessed a departure from the norm. The day-to-day political banter has been infected by a sudden nastiness.

Twice in the past week, MPs have crossed the line between being tough and being outright distasteful. Read more »

Mortified on being busted more like

Apparently Nasty party MP Jan Logie is mortified over her nasty tweet about Bill English.

Mortified it got traction and turned out bigger than she thought it would more like.

Green MP Jan Logie says she is “mortified” by the fallout from a tweet she sent last week that prompted Finance Minister Bill English to brand her party “vindictive, [and] nasty”.

During the Budget debate on Thursday, Logie tweeted to her more than 1700 followers: “John key says Bill English has produced as many budgets as children.. Begs the question who he has f&%d to produce it. #nzbudget”.

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Green Taliban nastier than the Nasty Party

Trevor Mallard takes the Nasty party title seriously, but Jan Logie from the Green taliban is making a move to take over the role.

The Green party has a series of values that apparently are nothing more than words on a website, they clearly mean nothing to them…and certainly nothing at all to Jan Logie.

Number 6 on their list of values is:

Engage respectfully, without personal attacks

This is how Jan Logie lives up to that.

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Young Labour member abuses Act leader, calls him a Jew…coz you know Jews love money


This is what the young up and coming Labour party members have to say about people they disagree with…like the Act party who are proposing to add interest to student loans. For that they get called Jews, and attacked via Facebook.

Stupid bastards, they can fuck right off, as if my $14,000 loan for 1 year wasn’t enough, just slam some interest on there too, bloody top job. Jews

That was Alex Halliwell…he added;  Read more »

No evidence to support Labour’s dirty smear, Nasty party returns in force

Labour’s reputation for being the Nasty party was once again confirmed with Trevor Mallard nasty smear in parliament yesterday.

His leader has failed to back up the smear as well, taking the coward’s way out on breakfast television.

NBR reports:


Labour leader David Cunliffe has failed to produce any evidence to back the insinuation that Judith Collins’ family received $500,000 from Oravida.

Yesterday in Parliament, as Labour’s Grant Robertson was asking Ms Collins why she made alleged changes to her Beijing itinerary to favour Oravida over ministerial business, Trevor Mallard yelled “Half a million dollars to the family”.

Ms Collins —  whose husband David Wong-Tung is an Oravida director — objected to the comment, and Speaker David Carter ejected Mr Mallard from the debating chamber.

This morning on TV3′s Firstline, Mr Cunliffe was asked if Labour had any evidence to back the $500,000 claim.

“One of the rules of Privilege is that what’s said in the House stay in the House, so I can’t really comment on that,” the Labour leader replied.   Read more »

The nasty party makes a return and once again it is Darien in the thick of it

I wonder when MPs will learn that Twitter is not their friend.

Last election it was Trevor Mallard leading the Nasty party, ably assisted by Darien Fenton who set about insulting the Mad Butcher via Twitter.

Now Darien Fenton is back at it.

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